Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Can Have Everything

"I can have everything!" Equipped with that promise a whole bunch of sparks of the creator that in and of themselves cannot possibly be anything other than creators themselves, have ventured into the lower densities of Earth and other worlds offering similarly dense vibrational experiences.

There is truth in that statement: "I can have everything!" The vibration of that statement is so very powerful because it immediately connects us with our innermost essence, purpose, nature. We are indeed limitless creators and as such, that promise of absolute abundance in all things, energetic or dense matter, abundance in all experiences that we can possibly imagine and wish for, resonates harmoniously with our core. In the reverberations of these words, we are in full alignment with who we all are, each in their own unique individual flavor of creatorship that is.

I encourage every reader to let the words of that statement resonate within their hearts to try for themselves whether or not this feels good. Check, whether or not your heart will soar at the vibrational recognition of your true innermost nature. I am also quite certain that most people carry conditioning statements that try to reign in such preposterous exuberance. They are statements like: "don't be so greedy" or "only some people can have it all, you're not one of them" ."yourstatementhere"..(I cannot possibly imagine the wealth of limiting statements all people have created or adopted for yourselves). They will pop up at the same time that you bathe yourself in the harmonious energetic flow of "I can have everything" and will most likely try to reassert their place in your experience, for there they have sat for all these years (lifetimes). It is then your personal choice, whether you wish to continue to hold on to such limiting flawed beliefs that may not even be your own creations or whether you are ready to let those go as a thing of the past.

Letting go of flawed beliefs is quite easy - just acknowledge that up until now you have held the flawed belief, but it no longer serves you and therefore you release it into the universe, where its energy will find a place that suits it better than your newly found vibration of alignment with your innermost being.

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