Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Complicated ?

In the human experience, I find myself pondering deeper questions a lot. I would have (possibly did) made a great philosopher back in ancient Greece. As always, I'm deeply engulfed in the experience of the projection of my consciousness fibers to different dimension, where information is available to answer the questions that trigger my curiosity. It matters very little what they were, they mainly pertained to my personal development. The actual point why I am talking about this, is that I've had a really good laugh at my own silliness.

There was a little bit of pride of having accomplished the feat of "going out and seeking" and actually returning with some bits of information that fit my own puzzle. So I shared it with a good friend of mine. I lamented a bit too. I felt like I wanted to shout my findings out to the world at large, but at the same time, my wisdom took over and I realized that my information was rather personal, pertaining to my own reality. Therefore, sharing it openly would most certainly result in consequences that I could almost foresee and most certainly guess at.
Needless to say, what I saw would happen with this information was enough for me to back off with my enthusiasm. It takes wisdom to know what to say when and how to communicate with a diverse group of people.

Yes, I had lamented a bit over the fact that I could not just go out and spread my "bit of news". That it was really wiser to keep it private. My friend, who always seems to really know what to say at any given time (gratitude for friends like this!), asked me a simple question: "why do you cause your own suffering?" I realized immediately what was meant. It wasn't that I couldn't speak of what had moved me today. It was that I had pondered the makings of things in a way that had complicated the whole issue at hand (considerably so). I heard what my friend wanted to say to me. "Why do you have to be so complicated?" - It was indeed so, that complicating things would bring about a sense of accomplishment, once I had figured out my own riddles. However, strictly speaking, my riddle wasn't really necessary. All it ever boils down to, in any circumstance is that ALL is love.

Although I could feel my friend's concern and hear the truth that sounded through the question, I had the immediate answer. I make things complicated, so that it contrasts with the simple truth of life in general.I complicate things, because I'm perhaps a bit bored at times. I get to play like that, because there is free will choice, but ultimately, I have to remind myself that everything is in fact really simple. Love is all there is, Love is all that matters.


  1. Great blog! :)
    "Love is all there is, Love is all that matters."
    That about sums it up, doesn't it. :)

    Love, Light and Joy!

  2. I think that all of us, like you, who can access information from other dimensions, could see this as a lesson when we want to share things that may not go down too well with some. The thing is Alaniya, if you are speaking about sharing on the computer, then there could be problems for some who still see that as ego. For us, it is perfectly normal and natural, like cleaning one's teeth. But, to those who can't do those things, jealousy and all of those emotions creep in causing disharmony. Best to share with close friends of like-minds. thanks for the reminder, love Tara xox

  3. Infinite Love to you both :)
    It is indeed one of the hardest things to discern when to say what and to whom, but if love is the guide, then it becomes very clear how some things can represent a burden or simply will be misunderstood, misconstrued etc. As I keep writing my blogs, it is beginning to feel like the development of an artform :)