Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Cleansing

This time is as good as any, or perhaps it's high time, to let go of some old, moldy, dusty, worn out sweaters or other constructs. The cleansing is swift, extreme and thorough. Help is ever present, even if I push it far away, in a misguided attempt of maintaining some sort of sovereignty within myself. The net of illusions that I had bought into, created myself in part and maintained for many decades is crumbling. There is hope that it's not just another layer of the well known patterns and designs of old. It's a hope so deep, a yearning so strong that this last push is symbolic not only for my own personal development, but also for a greater purpose. The greater purpose bit may sound a bit strange here, but nothing I have ever done, worked through or accomplished, completed or initiated has ever been for myself alone. I cannot think it to be different at this place I am finding myself today. For sure, there is the "me" part that is also bound in this process, but I sense many present, I am not alone in this.

Like a tsunami, the waves of cleansing wash through me with all force. The patterns of bitterness, disappointment, missing out, self-defeat and disbelief, all borne in fear and no longer necessary for a new world, are being released among many others. Showers of unconditional love return back to me, fill the gaps, there is a wobbly sense of newness that I am finding myself in. I hesitate to fully embrace it, I am curious but wary at the same time. Most of all, I am weary and very tired of seeing the flaws and results that being human has produced in its wake. I ask for forgiveness for these flaws. I spread out my heart in full trust that I am already forgiven. I surrender to the gentle touch of angel wings, sent my way by angels on high. I hold no concept on how to be any longer. Love is all there is.

Monday, May 30, 2011

When the Heart Aches

These last few days had not brought any grief into my life, at least not personal grief. However, I've been transforming massive amounts of grief just in the past 48 - 72 hours. The general feel of this grief had been mainly that of feeling very alone on this planet. I think for many, the idea of soul mate connection is very dear to their hearts and if they do not find themselves in a loving relationship, this kind of grief can become very consuming. Clear down to the depression.

I continue to be assured by my helpers that we are indeed not alone, that each and every one of us has the opportunity to open their heart and feel another person to be part of themselves. This option is open and a good choice, if one isn't in a personal romantic relationship at this time. I am also shown that these massive amounts of grief are being transformed by those souls who have the capacity to do this. It is a service, to alleviate the Earth's ongoing transformational duties. For every soul who feels unexpected grief in their hearts and keeps the center of love nonetheless, Mother Earth does not have to transform that energy and can be busy with other things, important stuff, like her own increase in frequency with her massive body.

It is this great service of transforming these no longer needed energetic (emotional) exudations that bring some of us light workers to our knees. The heart aches, the body is tired and we are happy at the same time. It's quite strange really. In the awareness that it isn't our own "stuff" we just keep enduring it all and let our mechanisms take on however much we can and bring forth unconditional love and compassion out of the transformatory processes.

I would like to share a recipe. It is a homecooked "Parsley Wine" or "Heart Wine" as I translate it straight from German. This recipe is a tonic for the heart. It strengthens the physical heart and also the emotional heart and is most beneficial for this kind of job (or any other situation of grief).

I include this link with a recipe. It's easy to cook up and well worth the effort. Thanks to all who are right now also working on this very monumental task.

Parsley Wine, Recipe by Hildegard of Bingen

(This recipe is easily available in Germany, just google Herzwein/Petersilienwein Hildegard Von Bingen )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Letting Go of Control

The last week has been one big whirlwind of events for me. I have hardly had time to realize what is going on. This does have a purpose, for it gave me the experience that floating within the energetic events of these times is good enough. It has become very evident to me, that I do not need to know the origin, purpose and intent of every tiny energetic wobble occurring in my life. With the inability to focus on any one particular thing, I have been lead to let go of every shred of need for control that may still linger within my system. The wish to know "what on Earth is this, or that, what is going on" etc. is a form of wanting to grasp ahold of it, control it and possibly direct the energetic flow or align myself with it. I have seen that that is in stark contrast to the opportunities offered if I let go of control and step into the flow of  the Now. I can trust that everything, and I mean absolutely every little detail, is wonderfully and perfectly exactly what and where and how it is supposed to be.

Then, I sometimes wonder, and yes, I struggle with it a little bit at times, when to take action or when to allow. These concepts are both not experienced in the dualistic sense, but the understanding that sometimes, action is required, when other times allowing and letting go is on the menu.

I find that trying to decipher the intricacies of these moments, i.e. when to take action or leave things be, presents me with difficulties. The experiences of last week however showed me very clearly, that if I let go of the control over having to divine or decipher things, I will find myself presented with the solution in a very recognizable manner. Thus, without my active efforts, (I simply had no time to devote to that), I had been called to action and I had been asked to let things go. From moment to moment, I was able to listen to that inner impulse and react instantly and perfectly to what was before me. I found myself at times almost like wanting to "catch up", but I was unable to. There was a definite sense of loss of control, and I'm mighty glad that that has happened this way. Control was instilled in me with my mother's milk so to speak. It is very much part of the Germanic trait of my ancestry. To arrive at this place where control is not only unnecessary, but to be able to make the experience that although it is an eerie feeling of free fall, it is quite alright at the same time, was an eye opener. After all, the fact that I am able to write about it, shows me in no uncertain terms that I survived that free fall just fine.

Every day, more "events" are being talked about, celestial events, community events, Mayan calendar events, what have you. They are all attempts to get informed, to know what's going on, and to me they lead straight back into the place of ending up where I just had moved away from - a place of "being on top of things", a place of being in control over the events (even if this sense of control is not real and the feeling of actually being in control is just a delusion).

Today, I choose to smile, to take one moment at the time, the Now moment preferably. I let the prophesies, dates and forecasts flow through me unhindered. They do not interest me any longer. I do this consciously with the only thought in mind that being in control is not real, the need for control is not real. The only thing I can be in control of is my heart. It is the center of love, unconditional love that is. This I have control over - or in the words of a source of eternal wisdom: "Love is the key to all portals, it is the answer to all questions - be the horizon of your own heart!"

Saturday, May 28, 2011

When Dimensions Meet

A missed opportunity, or so it seemed. An encounter with a person who claimed to be my friend years ago, but had literally pushed me out of her life by being extremely rude. So I met her again today. The rudeness had taken unexpected levels. The levels of fear and insecurity that gave rise to the unprovoked rudeness of simply holding a conversation with the person I was with and blatantly ignoring me while hanging into our space to carry on a meaningless shallow conversation, must have been extremely high. I sat in my place, smiling, beaming unconditional love, for what other energy than that of compassion can reside in my heart at the face of such enormous pain. Pain so great that it is not even felt as pain and would most certainly be denied if put on the spot.

It is all ok, for everything always is. My levels of engagement with the situation were minimal. There are no more points of susceptibility in my personal energy grids and gratitude fills my heart, for years prior to this moment, I would have still felt hurt by being slighted that blatantly. It only speaks for the consciousness level of the soul that has decided to express herself thus. It is with patience and a little bit of sorrow that I see her pop into my reality and leave that place to go where her reality is, I wonder if she even noticed that I was there, or whether my energy levels caused me to be phased in a different frequency from her. In this case, what I perceived as rudeness  may not have been that at all.

In fact, I have heard of this happening before. This would mean that what I perceived to be lack of common decorum, may only have been a lack of perception of my presence.  As I write this, I am wondering further, whether this is just a wee glimpse as to how it will be when 3rd and 5th dimensional experiences meet (or rather shoot off next to each other, without tangibly noticing each other's presence fully...)

It remains to be seen if such instances will happen more often and if I can call it a pattern then. Until then, I understand that only compassion and unconditional love are to flow from my heart towards this friend of old, nothing more and by all means, nothing less.

Friday, May 27, 2011

States of Clarity

Blog post deleted - quote to be published in a collection.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Unity Consciousness Applied

New ideas on how to understand human interactions, especially in group settings are triggering my inspirational juices. From a point of view of unity, of oneness, one thing becomes very clear to me. There is responsibility involved in the experience of my reality. Even if there are seemingly other people's realities that begin meshing with mine, as it would be in a group setting. In the understanding of the old paradigm, it would be a viewpoint of separation. Everyone has their own reality and perhaps there is a shared reality. The thing is, with everyone having their own reality, that bit still exists and is true for me, as I have no intention to carving out a different rule for myself alone. If I have my own reality, so does everyone else.

In unity consciousness, my own experience, my own reality is my own responsibility and there is no doubt in my mind that this includes everyone else who is part of that reality. The moment I experience the reality, all "players" in it become my own responsibility. They are after all a part of myself, ultimately, they are a part of me as they have always been, but I can see and experience the oneness with them very instantly if they are part of my actual experience. That is the tangible point for me. That is where I begin exploring and attempt to fully live unity consciousness.

While experiencing a group setting, there are many dynamics happening all at once. The main dynamic is one of mirroring, closely followed by projections, (seemingly) coming from the other people involved. One could argue at this point, that this is "their stuff" or at the very least "their reality" and has nothing to do with mine. Well I don't think that that holds up with my understanding of things. From the point of view, these other realities, these mirrors that reflect my own nature back towards me and even the images/experiences that are being projected energetically onto my person are my very own responsibility.

The mirrors are an easily understandable concept. The whole group dynamic, or individual interactions are a reflection of my innermost state. The more peaceful I am, the more peaceful the group dynamic will be. I was able to observe a group that was made up of the very same people. I saw this group with different appointed leaders and it was very clear, that the ensuing peace or agitation within this group was directly reflecting the leader's inner state of calmness or in one case more aggressive nature. I saw that it is a leader's responsibility and also opportunity to affect the group experience directly, by monitoring and altering/adjusting his or her innermost state.

Projections are a different sort of animal, but ultimately still my own reality, for if I invite projections that means that they can happen. That means there is a bit inside of myself that also allows for that image to be imprinted onto me, whether I am conscious of this or not. The projections allow us, like the mirrors, to see what it is that makes the totality of who we are. The group members are just the little fractions of us. I only feel gratitude for all the "players" in my reality to give of their time and energy to show me "me". Also, I feel the responsibility that I free up their time and energy so that they don't have to show me so hard and all the time. This, I can achieve with ever present vigilance about what it actually is that I am being shown, what it is that I am responding to, having aversion towards etc. Any emotional ripple the group dynamic has on me is showing me my own point of resonance with absolute accuracy.

Bottom line is, I have an opportunity each and every time there is an interaction with another, or a group, to detect more and more who I really am, what it is that still needs cleared and by clearing myself more and more, I give the group members more freedom to be who they really are, rather than having them spend their time reflecting and projecting. The joy that can result from this kind of applied unity consciousness is just around the corner.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Migraines in Young Teens

In my capacity as mother and homeopath, I have come across quite a few "diagnoses" of migraine in teenagers. The patients are in the range from 13 - 15 years old. Age 14 is part of the 7 year cycles of maturing that humans go through. In all cases that I have observed, there was nothing wrong with the eyes. The diagnosis is apparently based on a description of what the headaches feel like.

These headaches are a feeling of painful pressure, sometimes behind the eyes, sometimes on the top of the head. Other affected areas are the neck (exit point of the third eye chakra), as well as the temples and forehead. Often time there is great drowsiness, inability to think clearly and nausea associated with these headaches, along with oversensitivity to the environment and heightened irritability. They can come on seemingly at random and the patients cannot seem to link them to a specific situation or event.

As an empathic energy-reader, a bodyworker and a homeopath I can see that the headaches I have seen are very physically real. The patients actually feel very much in pain. Painkillers work some of the time, but often not at all or only partially. In some cases I was able to help with a very simple suggestion. I told the patients to allow that which is pushing in to come in. I had some brave patients who did that and openly relaxed and voiced intent to open their crown chakra. Almost instantly, their pain levels went down and in some cases, the pain subsided altogether.

Here is the best explanation/theory I can come up with. The energies on the planet are increasing in frequency. Extra sensory abilities are enhanced in many people, especially those kids with the DNA structures of the Indigo groups. These young kids are torn between closing off their extra sensory abilities so that they can fit into their school systems and letting nature/energy take it's natural course. In all the cases I have seen, there has been a conscious or subconscious command to shut down the crown and third eye chakras. This has caused the energies that wanted to be processed by these chakras to be dammed and cause an incredible amount of pressure. The simple intention voiced to allow these extra-sensory perceptions like telepathy and clairvoyance to occur naturally, will begin to reinstate the natural flow of energy. These children are fully equipped to deal with their gifts, but our school systems and/or upbringing is such that these gifts are shunned, shut down or flat out denied. The energies they attract are however in line with their talents.

It is my hope that this information brings peace and painless extra-sensory experiences to these very talented kids.


Disclaimer: I am not a medical doctor, and as such I am not able to diagnose any illness. If headaches persist despite the best efforts to allow energy flow to occur naturally, please do see your MD or pediatrician. (or your Naturopath, Homeopath or Acupuncturist, Eye doctor ...etc....). Not all cases of headaches/migraines are a stopped flow of energy through shutting down a chakra. Common sense prevails.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Dooms Day Scenarios

I've held back, many many days. I didn't make public what my heart shouted at me every time I opened yet another youtube video telling the world how bad it all is. I have maintained an atmosphere of peace and love, at least in my own little world. It is possible to experience peace and calm amidst dooms day prophecies, amidst dire warnings of the bad things out there. So what if Gaia stretches her limbs, so what if she shakes, even so what if she shakes hard and many many brave people have to go through disasters. I sound callous, I know this. No disrespect is intended for anyone who is personally affected by any of Earth's physical symptoms. I send my utmost respect, I experience the hardships in my heart, right along with you. I extend my love, the light of truth and healing over all areas continuously and I will not stop. I do not see myself separate from this.

At the same time, I cannot buy into any of these dooms day scenarios. They are an attachment to the world of polarity, the world of good and bad. They take that attachment, that love of the dooms day scenario and create fear. I understand that that too is in perfect alignment with everything and it is perfect. Yet, I feel the weight of each person who wakes up and lands in fear first. I share that with all others as well. I share the fear of the awakening to "hey, wake up - something bad is going down" and I want to smooth these ripples. I cannot, I am not allowed to do this. As with birthing contractions, these points of fear serve a very important purpose. This kind of "fear mongering" will awaken more and more people to what is going on and many will say: "I do not wish to live in this fear, show me something better, show me love instead". Such intentions of the heart are what it takes to propel individuals onto their own path of ascension. So for every dooms day video out there, for every light worker that posts them, I bow down before you, I acknowledge the courage you have to spread "bad news". It is such a powerful tool, yet know that eventually, there has to be a point, a moment in time when it enough is enough even for the use of this powerful tool. There will be that point, when globally, dooms day scenarios are just not something worth watching anymore. I long for that moment, I really do.

Monday, May 23, 2011

The Art of Knitting

Well, I've been given certain gifts. One of course, would be the gift of gab. I just seem to always have to attempt to put things into words. Another gift is the understanding or the art of knitting. I'm taking this as a metaphor, since actual knitting has been taught in home-ed classes at the time, back in Switzerland and many girls were way better than I at this patience fostering pass-time. However, these early explorations into the world of knitting have given me something to compare my spiritual development with. To me, for quite a while now, dealing with energies, putting up grids and the like, has always carried the connotation of "knitting". Isn't it so very similar to any creation? There is a base material, then some skill and tools and an item is created.

I've created many items from energies. I've created and manifested whole worlds, internal worlds that is. Belief systems that suited me perfectly well. Some of them were "en vogue", others were just my own creations. Some of them, I was so fond of, that I kept bringing them with me from incarnation to incarnation. A while back I've come past one of those "old sweaters". Let me tell you, that thing is at least 2000 Earth years old and I've shlepped it from life time to life time... Talking attachment!!... It served me well in my beliefs of the time. It took on the role of keeping me "in line" as to "never again do this"... you know that kind of self-imposed sweater-wearing.

As I have grown over this life time, it appears that today, this sweater is no longer fitting me. It actually hurts my heart to wear it. It really doesn't feel that comfortable anymore. Besides, fashion from 2000 years ago ? Really?.... scratchy wool that was too!!

For a good number of years, I've put that old sweater into a secret drawer - you know that one way low down that nobody opens for long stretches of time. Indeed, that sweater had almost been forgotten, stowed away like this. Ever so often, I would take a peak at it, but quickly stow it away again. It worked that way for me.

The beauty of knitting is the option to unravel a knitted creation and end up with the initial yarn again. Since everything created is made from unconditional love, I am able to consciously unravel this old unsightly, itchy, painful sweater and end up with the initial yarn (unconditional love). Thus I just pull out this sweater and after wearing it for a brief moment, one last time, I know that its moment has come to surrender to the unraveling. I pull on the thread and see it unravel before my inner eyes. As I am doing that, I am showered with the unconditional love, the base energy of all creation. I am soaking up all this unconditional love energy with all my energy bodies, my physical cells and expand. After all, the initial energy was mine in the first place. There are a number of beings I feel the need to ask for forgiveness. So I do that. All is well, the sweater is no more, all wounds and scratched open places, all the imprints and ripples it had caused can now be healed for real.

Please Forgive me - I am Sorry - I Love You - Thank You - Thank You - Thank You!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Path of Learning

"One who finds neither joy nor amusement in study is not yet on the path of learning, but is still working to clear the path." (Joseph of Arimathea)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thy Will

This "Thy Will" (be done) thing is a chunk that keeps popping up in my life sporadically. I've incorporated the perspective that "Thy" is also "My", in the sense that I am everything already. There's nothing I have to bow down to, or worship. There's no religion or specific path that I have to follow other than my very own. I know of the heart, the love and also the balancing of the two aspects, the masculine and the feminine (power and love). It's all very clear, yet today, I woke up feeling imprisoned. It was like an energetic cage had been put over my body. I couldn't expand the way I normally do.

A first thought came unbidden, it was a flicker of fear: "did I fall back out of the higher dimensions of existence ?" I laugh now at the silliness of such thinking, but it was a very distinct fear and only after a bit did it dawn on me, that by this fear impulse I was opening the door for my next step, that I had obviously not done yet. I had been focusing so much on 5D and upper dimensions. I had forgotten, simply disregarded a simple truth. By "leaving" 3D and "stepping into" 5D and higher dimensions, I had created within me the idea of linearity and separation. I understand that that's allowed, but ultimately an illusion. My perspective from where I normally reside makes me laugh at myself so very hard. I had really created a 3D pitfall by not wanting to be in 3D any longer. By creating that thought construct, I had created the idea of separation and thus had put at least one foot into 3D. Today, being fully aware of this tendency of wanting to leave, i.e. having/holding aversion to the 3D world, I strive for the full 5D+ understanding of unity (and that includes ALL dimensions).

I understood that this cage, this energetic cube I found myself in, is indeed not a cage, it's the "app" for freedom (yeah, there's an app for that!). This energetic cube is but an app, a tool, which allows me to maintain my energy frequency and still fully interact with the denser realities of the third dimension. Effortlessly, without having to fear losing my vibrational frequency. That energetic cube is something like a "translator" of energies, something that facilitates interaction. With this "app", I am able to navigate and manifest my 5D ideas in the 3D world. For unity consciousness is not the exploration of one dimension and the aversion against another. It is the comprehensive navigation of all dimensional frequencies that my body can manage. This freedom is releasing the fear I felt this morning and I laugh out loud at my own silliness of having held a belief of separation between dimensions. All is one, any idea of separation is but a 3D construct, the effective and very responsive illusion, that finds manifestation in this physical plane here on Earth.

I also understand that in alignment with Thy Will, these learning steps are forthcoming in divine alignment, divine timing. The ideological corrections can be made effortlessly and all is well. Further steps along the journey's path are most definitely going to come. In this mindset of unity consciousness, Thy Will be done with every single step. It feels wonderful to be back in alignment.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It's All About Rapture

Oh my thoughts on the Rapture... well as always, I didn't pay much attention to the "world out there", almost blissfully existing in my very own bubble. I didn't know it was time yet to go rapt.... or to go for a bike ride to go observe the great event *chuckle....

One thing I can say, I've seen a very dear soul awaken to love. The release of the 3D fears and old thinking patterns are ongoing and I've been sitting and absorbing what I can. It's been the greatest test of all tests for me, I've been called on heavily with this service. Maintaining not only my own frequency, but keeping that of a whole household in balance. It felt a bit like accompanying the detox of a person coming off drugs to me. All the "demons" had lined up and reared their ugly heads. Insisting that love indeed is the place where everything disintegrates into seeming nothingness, but in fact I know that the manifestations of the lower vibration just are not able to exist in the higher frequencies. It's seemingly a struggle to maintain the higher frequencies, but in reality, I don't find it to be that difficult. A bit of stubbornness and the understanding that everything IS already made from particles of unconditional love helps that transformation process along quite easily.

To be part of this transition, to be at the side of this soul who has decided to step into the love is an honor and on some level a joy, that is comparable perhaps with being present at a birth. It is exhausting to be the only support this soul has on the Earthly plane, but it is in fact very rewarding as well, as I am able to witness her journey every step of the way in the highest speed imaginable. Now there's rapture for you!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's a Glorious Celebration, because...

....last night, two more souls felt their fears peak to the point that they voiced intent to step out of fear into love. Their ascension process has begun in earnest with incredible speed. It is an amazing feeling to welcome them in the higher frequencies and see their souls shine through their eyes with renewed strength. Blessings and congratulations to them for their outstanding courage. May the integration of the higher vibrations into their physical selves go smoothly and easily.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Learning to Become Simple

I have been re-reading "The Way of the Essenes" by Anne and Daniel Meurois-Givaudan. It is a delightful book. There are many truths written out for anyone who is ready to recognize them in their own life. This is one of those books that are best bought and re-read ever so often. I have read it in German and am now reading it in English. Both versions are translations. The original was written in French.

I quote a small section that has resonated so very strongly with me today:

"...  Abolish all barriers, for they subject you for a while to techniques and to time itself. Learn simply to ask, without worrying about the answer, for the answer is always the same: Yes. The force of my Father is unconditionally yours, as it is anyone's. ..."

Frankly, the human mind (at least mine) has a tendency to make things more complicated than they need to be. Overthinking a situation seems to be stimulating to me, like a cup of coffee. I am reminded through books, events and other things in my life to become more and more simple. To focus clearly and find succinct thought patterns. For me this simplification of my thoughtforms becomes an exercise in humility. It is like blessing an end of bread and a hunk of cheese with just as much fervor than I would bless a gourmet meal. Both have their place, but I feel more and more that simplicity is where it's at for me, in many ways, in almost all areas of life. Simple, straightforward, trustworthy and cherished - like the breath I wake up to every morning - it is just there, simple, straightforward, I can trust it completely and lately, I've learned to cherish it as well.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Blog post deleted by author - quote to be published in a collection.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Enlightenment is...

Enlightenment Is Knowing...

...that there are sheep.
...that there are wolves.
...that there are sheep in wolves' clothing.
...that there are wolves in sheep's clothing.
...that sheep and wolves are both Divine.

-AA Michael

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Birthing into a New Paradigm

It is a distinct memory that I had today. I do not know how relevant it is to blog about it, but I do see parallels between my memory and what may be going on in the lives of many souls at this point. I say "may" because I cannot really say it is in fact what it reminds me of. The memory I had was of the two birthing experiences I have lived through this life time. In both instances, a few days, even a week or more prior to the actual birthing process, I felt like being pregnant was just the worst thing in the world. I remember distinctly this feeling of how awful it is to be pregnant, huge belly, frequent pit stops, all that jazz. I was so totally and utterly done with being pregnant that I was yearning for the contractions to begin. No birthing pain could be strong enough for me to want to shy away from the next unavoidable step of giving birth to my child. Although both births were in no way shape or form comparable, they had their own unique rhythms and intensity levels, I distinctly remember that the time shortly before it all began, was exactly the same. It was such a distinct feeling and I believe I am not the only mom who ever felt like this.

I understand this sensation of "I am done" to be very useful in the process of letting go. The grumpiness that I felt inside, the irritability, yes even the feelings of anger that bubbled up within me all geared me towards the inevitable grandiose moment of birthing my child. I felt these emotions and sensations to be very organic and natural, even though they had nothing to do with the joyous anticipation of becoming a mother. They set the stage for easy parting. They set the stage for an easy transition from one state of existence into another. It was easy to let go of that baby and I was yearning to give birth to it.

In that same fashion, so it seems, I see people really getting fed up, angry, irritable with the paradigm of duality. They seem to be in exactly this stage where after a bit, letting go and birthing into the new paradigm of unity is possible. When enough is enough and your sense inside is one of "I'm just DONE!" then possibly, it may not be very long before you step into the new frequencies of the 5th dimension, birthing yourself into a new paradigm.

Saturday, May 14, 2011


After toggling between dimensions, seemingly at random for a number of years before locking into the perspective of the 5th dimension, I've experienced the 3rd dimensional realities almost as a dream state, parallel to my own reality. It was tangible, I was able to navigate within it, but most things in that reality, that dimension felt more like memories from the "olden days". Some are most certainly pleasurable, with others I am glad that I am able to see through their illusion of the one side of the teeter totter, by understanding that the other side, its opposite polarity is equally present at the same moment I encounter one end.

However, there is what I perceive to be something that i could describe as a "gap". This gap between realities (in my very own private perception) seems to widen. More and more, my own heart based experience of life does not fit into the fear based life experiences of old. They are still there, I am quite happy that I encounter these manifestations, for they still serve a purpose, if nothing else, the one of facilitating discernment. I am aware that the fear based manifestations of the 3rd dimension are just as allowed as the heart based manifestations of the 5th. Both are equally allowed. I have worked through the attachment that my experience has to be the one that counts. I have let go of the points of resonance within my heart that want to tell me that something is wrong, or anything of the sort. All is allowed, all is perceived as part of me, hence aversion has found no longer the hold in my heart the way it used to. I am filled with gratitude that this is so. Life has become so very simple.

By embodying that heart based reality every moment of every day anew, In my reality, I create consciously the ripples that flow out in circles with my heart as center point. They are ripples of love, gratitude, peace and harmony. They are ripples of oneness and ripples of the I AM Presence, embodied to the best of my abilities in my physical body. These are the ripples that emanate thus from my heart and they do flow into all directions. I am not aware at what point they decide to reflect their energy back towards me so that I can experience them in my reality, but I know with innate certainty, that they are doing that, whether I pay attention to what is reflected back at me or not. Such is my understanding of the laws of the Universe applied and experienced here on the planet Earth. Such is my understanding of what I sense to be true. It's not a truth that is touchable by another's opinion. It's not my own opinion either. It is more that sense of expansion and absoluteness that is inherent in its vibratory frequency, a sense that no matter what occurs, no matter what I think, what I hold dear, it just IS and will always BE the way it has been set up by the One.

There is a great deal of surrender involved in sensing this kind of truth within. It is also an energetic signature that can be sent out onto any situation that is in need of truth, for it will bring truth, peaceful solution and to my infinite pleasure, it will bring about the cessation of argument, conflict and duality.

All that is left for me in this state of experiencing my reality is to either consciously create what my heart deems worthy of creation, or to allow the reflection of that which has rippled out from my own center to create a reality filled with beauty, synchronicity and serendipity which is so easily traveled. With this ease, I experience closer and closer what I had invoked with my intention of "Easy" and I also experience that I have way more time enjoying ease, rather than experiencing hardship. As a next step, I hone myself into ever growing awareness of what my reality offers to me, so that I can flow along harmoniously in its beautiful dance.

Friday, May 13, 2011

The Unicorn Quiz

Q:        What color are they ?
A:         Pink !!!

Q:       What do they dance on ?
A:        Rainbows !!!

Q:        Use one word to describe the texture of their coat?
A:         SMILES !!!

Pink, fluffy Unicorns Dancing on Rainbows

The "I AM Presence"

(blogger was down 5/12 - here's my blog for Thursday, 5/12/11 )

In my mind there is the concept of a pure heart, the high heart, that it is crystal clear and does not have any point where anything could stick to it, it would not reflect anything back other than pure, unconditional love, unaltered in frequency, straight from the Source. While sensing ease when I think on this concept, it is possible that the third dimensional thought concepts keep bringing in linearity into this thought construct, trying to establish how pure anyone’s high heart actually is. Whether it needs purified etc. Although these thought processes are very familiar to me, having navigated in duality for a while now, I know that in order to comprehend the initial concept of the pure heart, I need to take a deep breath and step outside of duality, for there is no high heart anywhere that isn’t pure – it’s that simple.

I also know that by stepping into this energy of the pure high heart, all duality concepts cease their hold on an experience. The duality concepts are still there, visible, notably so, one just does not play with them or identify with them any longer. Instead, by being who one truly is, standing in the presence of the true essence of the Higher Self, an alignment with the One, the Source of all things is experienced and one becomes a conduit for its core energy, unconditional love.

In this state, which I like to call a state of Unity Consciousness, there is no more worry, no fear or pain. In this state, all that will reflect back is that which emanates from that person, which is the energy that is best described as the “I AM Presence” – The energy of Divine Unconditional Love.

We can spin that thought and contemplate about what all could be reflected thus and what may be the result of such a reflection. Whether such speculation is indicated or not, I don’t know. What I am most interested in, is actually doing it, actually being a conduit of unconditional love and ultimately all I know at this point is: Power has found Love, united they shine.

Gratitude for Duality

blogger has lost my post of 5/11/11.. here it is again:

I've been feeling like practicing, multiple times a day. I practice getting back into the state where my heart becomes more and more pure, clear as a crystal as I like to visualize the center of my high heart; where my intent is in alignment with the One and the focus of my experience is outside of duality concepts. In this state I find that reading things that have been written from the point of view of duality is becoming increasingly difficult. It is hard to digest the "fodder". At the same time, writing is becoming more difficult for me as well. I feel myself dropping out of the state of oneness just a tad, in order to even look at the state of oneness and describe how I'm experiencing difficulties in finding something to talk about.

This leads me straight into the energy of gratitude and appreciation of this life time where I began in the the 1960s, seemingly tossed rather aimlessly into the density of the third dimension. I feel the flood of gratitude wash through me in appreciation of the beautiful concepts of duality. How they have so wonderfully given me many dramas to experience. How I have first engaged in one extreme and then swung back to the other - no matter what topic I was exploring at any given moment.

The drive to leave duality, to find the alignment with oneness has propelled me onward on my own journey to seek and never stop seeking, until I reach the place where I can rest. Indeed, oneness is a very calm, restful and peaceful place for me, but in order to convey this experience in the written word, I do have to tap into duality, just a little bit. So far, the point where I feel myself utterly balanced has not allowed me any sharing through this blog. I feel that there are new ways of communication that will develop, the need for something new will be the drive to go exploring and finally end in discovery of the new, more fitting ways, where I can remain in the state of oneness and still express myself suitably.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No Others

Blog post deleted by author - quote to be published in a collection.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ordering Pizza

Getting your wish is as easy as ordering Pizza. Frankly, we've been told to focus really hard on any wish I might have, to imagine the outcome, visualize etc, then eventually, months down the road, perhaps, or perhaps not, the manifestation of our wish would ensue.

This past week has shown me in many examples that getting our wish is as easy as ordering Pizza! - All that is needed is to put out the wish - once - you don't order multiple Pizza's for yourself and bug the waiter, the pizzaiolo with repeated orders of the same thing either! Then in the same manner as we sit on a chair and know full well that it will hold our weight just fine, and with the same implicit understanding that in a very short time the waiter will bring our Pizza, we can sit and hold the frequency of gratitude. (I have to give my ever busy mind something to conjure, so I let it be gratitude with every breath I take) - just that, not gratitude for this or that, least of all gratitude for my wish that will come true... none of that, I have to rest easy in the understanding that the waiter WILL bring that Pizza.

Minds are funny things, when ordering Pizza, we can observe sometimes that the waiter will first serve a soda at a different table, then a coffee somewhere else and then finally swing over to our table and put down that nummy Pizza. Also, isn't it so that we sometimes look at the door to the kitchen in the restaurant and wait for our Pizza to magically emerge in the hands of our waiter, just to be surprised while staring at that door, that the waiter took a different route and the Pizza arrives from that corner behind us, to the left. (yeah sort of like "from out in left field"...).

I mean to say with this that any redoubling of our efforts to get our wish is but a manifestation of our doubts that the wish will come true effortlessly, easy breezy, "magically" - most often in a wholly different way than we were able to imagine. The time between wishing and manifesting is very short nowadays, it really spurs me on to embrace this whole "wishing business" in a more trusting manner, with full knowledge in my heart that this is how the universe has always worked, just a lot slower due to the density of Earth's vibration and now that the vibrations are speeding up, manifestation is speeding up as well. Things indeed are changing rapidly.

Sunday, May 8, 2011


How fleeting it is - Mother's day is today. I hear of a new baby born to a "first-time" mother on this glorious day. It is a beautiful event. Yet it is also just a fleeting moment. A moment where we realize how important it is to honor others, especially those who have given many years of their lives to play the role of mother. The word "play" is not meant in a disrespectful way, rather my perspective from the other side of the veil, where we are just souls, groups of souls giving this experience on Earth here our efforts and playing out the roles in perfect harmony and alignment of the learning contracts. The plays of families keep unfolding, visible in the same stories that have been told over and over again. Yet still, the nurturing image of a mother is most likely one of the most treasured "roles" we can assume. (No matter if we are in a male or female body!).

I had understood as a very young person that mothering wasn't in store for myself. Whole new contracts were drawn up, when my hormonally driven urge to become a mother and the overwhelming desire to have my own babies took over. I let go of all my convictions, all my understanding that I had as a younger person and my wish was finally granted - twice over.

It is with a sense of utter privilege that I have taken on this role and given life to two beautiful children. I understand that my chart, my destiny and all my tools were geared to a child free lifetime, but I took on the challenge of having ill fitting tools in my arsenal and became a mother nonetheless. The greatest joy, the greatest sense of responsibility, the greatest honor has been bestowed upon me 14 plus years ago, when I held my first baby in my arms. Every mother's day, I pause for a brief moment and give thanks that the Universe, and all guides and teachers, masters and angels in charge on the other side had the compassion to grant me this wish. Ill-equipped as I am, I'm treasuring these moments of motherhood above all else in my life.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Purity of Heart

Blog post deleted by author - quote to be published in a collection.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Love and Power - Liebe und Macht

The Birth of Wisdom

When Love regards Power
And Power regards Love

And they look upon each other, embrace, and together say,
"I AM no longer afraid."

Then the Two become One, and unto the One a Child is Born.

- AA Michael

The Music Drugstore - Music Download 

Die Geburt der Weisheit

Wenn die Liebe die Macht achtet
und die Macht die Liebe achtet

Wenn sie sich gegenseitig betrachten, sich umarmen und gemeinsam sagen:
"ICH BIN und habe keine Angst mehr".

Dann werden die zwei Eins und aus der Einheit wird ein Kind geboren.

- Erzengel Michael

Die Musik Apotheke -  Musikdownload

Shared with love and compassion by AA Michael, Joseph M. Clearwater and Alaniya

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Intriguing Arrangments of the Universe

"The Universe will arrange itself exactly according to your beliefs !"

I saw this once as a bumper sticker on a car in town. It has struck me then as a simple truth and since yesterday, when I decided for a new format - you know, the Easy one, I've realized just how true this statement is. It's easy to grasp a concept. It's easy to give it a shot. It's easy even to re-think and shape my beliefs and patterns in a new manner - it's still easy to remember to do it, yes it's even easy to repeat the process numerous times. It's all really easy. I am reminded so often by the song Easy by the Commodores, which seems to play an awful lot on our oldies station lately. This hit from my younger years fills me with that "Easy like Sunday morning" - groove every time.

I was in all easiness not prepared for how often, since my decision to ride on life's highway in the easy lane, I was going to have to repeat my restructuring of my thinking habits. Quite impressive how deep seated my insistence is to have a struggle, to work hard and to have to earn my laurels. The process is ongoing as I easily remind myself over and over again, gently realizing that it takes but a new thought, I suppose this hygiene of my thinking habits is not that world shattering, but to me it has never been this illustrated and clear with immediate manifestations in my reality. I see exactly whether I've dawdled over to the old highway lane or whether I'm happily zooming along in the new one. It's just wondrous how clear it all has become. I chuckle at myself, how hard it was in the earlier days of my life - both experiences, of course reflecting nothing other than my inner landscape. In both experiences, the Universe exactly arranging itself according to my beliefs.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Audacity of Easy

I have this crab apple tree in my front yard - it has produced a myriad of flowers this year. The branches are loaded. It is the epitome of abundance. I see this tree every day and stand by it. It is truly the manifestation of easy goodness. It got me thinking that if I see nature unfold with such ease, such natural grace and produce such unlimited abundance, why is it that I still have areas where I experience myself to be struggling.

These struggles aren't very dire, but nevertheless, they are there and the pattern that something has to be hard earned, or worked for with "blood and sweat" seems to still have a hold within me. My heart, my high heart, they speak of something else though. These points of myself promise things to be easy. They give me the vision of how abundance and freedom are birth rights right along with wholeness, oneness. It is in this understanding that I wish to navigate the continuation of my journey. It is ok in my system that I change course, away from struggle and that I bring the audacity of easy to the fore. Sometimes, changes like these happen automatically, sometimes there is a small ritual that wishes to be carried out.

Today, as I look back through the twists and turns of my life up until now, I see that many of my struggles have held absolute gems of learning, gems of growth. I know myself enough to also know that those struggles were probably necessary for me to push me into some of the lessons that I would have otherwise neglected or not learned. It is ok, that struggling was a pattern that my parents and grandparents and possibly their parents etc. had embraced as a way of life. After all, on my father's side my ancestors were serfs. It is ok, that for a time I've experienced my life through that lens of struggling and hard work. I thank the pattern of struggle, hard work and hardship for that which it gave me - one way of experiencing life. I thank it and realize that its time has come to yield. I let myself be filled with the audacity of easy and let this pattern drift away, float on the wind and let the universe recycle its energy as it sees fit.

I turn my attention again to the ease and abundance of my tree,  I cannot help but feel the joy of "easy", the lightness of this new filter that I feel is so much more in alignment with the Divine. The time for struggling is over. A new era of "easy" has begun for me and I step into it with a grin spreading on my face and I feel it's feathery lightness caress my heart.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

We are all One

We are all One.

No, seriously, we are really just One Being.

Not a metaphor, I truly mean this quite literally.

One. Uno. Eins. 

Everything is One.

There is only One. 

One is all there is.

For realsy.

Of course, everyOne is free to believe otherwise for as long as they wish.  

However, no amount of denying will ultimately undo this Truth that All is One.

Isn't that spectacular?

There is only One True Miracle...Existence.  

Enjoy the Gift of Life, for All Life proclaims the Glory of the One.  

- AA Michael 

(note: It is not widely circulated that Michael frequently enjoys expressing himself in as few words as possible)

Monday, May 2, 2011

Good ol' Speculation

Certain "political" information has hit the news channels world wide. We have a choice to join the energies in different ways. We can be upset, we can grieve over the death of so many that apparently were caused by one person and his organization. We have the choice to call the charade for what it is, we can get upset about the obvious untruths that are being disseminated, the lies we have been "fed". We can cry out and show everyone "proof" of just how wrong the information is. Or - we can step into our 5D consciousness and smile. In the understanding that the new dimension's frequency holds, we can see that it matters very little what the news casters more or less eloquently cast at us. For me, I see that it is an energy that just simply does not mesh with mine, when I am holding the energy frequency of the 5th dimension; these energetic frequencies just simply shoot past one another untouched.

I sit back and observe the various reactions and each and every one is valid in its own beautifully creative manifestation. Each and every reaction is true in its own right. In my reality there is absolutely no need for the ensuing speculation of which reaction would be the "right one" or anything of the sort. They just are reactions and that's that. Does it matter to me whether this one individual even existed? Whether he got brought to "justice" or died years ago? Whether he is still alive? - No it does not. The fear that has been caused in this individual's name for years has been harvested and perpetuated world wide. That fear was and still is an opportunity to be a catalyst for people to find their way into love. When enough find their truth to reside in the energetic frequency of love (well, love married with power that is ;) ...) ... then the bullies will move on, fade away, or simply not exist or be visible in that new frequency. There really is nothing to fear, not even misinformation. With our hearts aligned to the energy frequency of the 5th dimension, truth has its own ring and is very easily recognized. Speculation will be a passtime that remains within the frequency of the 3rd dimension and that is OK that way as well.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Marriage of Love and Power

Ultimately, love is all there is - I have heard it, I have said it. I have believed it. I have not embodied it consciously in an ongoing flow or stream yet. Also, having a clear predisposition to the masculine energy of power in this lifetime, I can say, that I have embodied power on an ongoing basis. I have also built up incredible safeguards to keep myself from following the untempered power's drive to go out and wreck havoc, just for power sake. I do not see power as a negatively charged energy. I just feel its drive. It just is, it really can't help itself being that which it is.

I have given this energy my body to live through it. It is with great discipline that I have created and maintained my safeguards. I have put wardens on duty, that alert me with fear impulses not to do certain things and to refrain from doing harm to anyone. I cannot say, that I have never caused harm. I have owned my stuff and made amends. I have worked through the disasters that I have left in my wake and I have forgiven myself to a large extent. I have through this journey come to love the energy of power, for it has that quality of making me feel very alive.

Power, within me, fears love. Love is that one energy that I have invited in only temporarily and "when needed". It came unfailingly each and every time to me. In my innermost system, the understanding is fully embedded that love is, where it's at. So far. - As I continue on my own journey of discovery, I see clearly, that not love alone, but the marriage of love and power brings that which I seek - Wisdom. Power alone, untempered, admittedly isn't a suitable tool. However, on its polar opposite, neither is love alone, for it creates the fear of getting hurt, the very opposite of what power creates within me, namely the fear of hurting others. Both types of fear dissolve the moment Love is consciously invited in the body with the intent to have love and power unite within.

In that place, Wisdom is born. The need for anyone else to play the opposite part to fill that which might still remain unfulfilled within me falls away. I become whole and calm all by myself. The world of my experience expands gently with a sense of utter safety and comfort. From this perspective, I fully understand that love is not all there is, power is there as well and only the marriage of the two give me that comfort of: All is well !