Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Notion of Need

Whilst basking in the aligned full flow of your Source energy, there is no notion of need any longer. (The Elohim)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Human Nature

There is no human nature to overcome. Instead I can choose to embrace it with the adoring smile from my broader, non-physical perspective. Embracing my human nature means to me that I'm letting go of the struggle against what I had perceived to me endless limitations. Through this releasing I feel myself becoming free from any sense of limitation altogether, just because I cease to interpret being in human form to be synonymous with limitation. I can choose my thoughts, I can therefore choose how I feel about anything, even about how I want to feel about being human. From that broader perspective, from the perspective of my Source, I am in full alignment with who I really am and as Source flows through me unhindered (until the next welcome experience of unwanted contrast that is) , there cannot possibly be any perceptions of flaw or  limitation.

With these thoughts, I chuckle and remember all the self-inflicted, self-created dramas and hang-ups that I had so eagerly experienced in order to grow and my heart fills with appreciation for all my co-creators along the way. The "good ones" and even more so the "bad ones", for they were the pivotal catalysts for my enormous expansion, an evolutionary process that is ever ongoing. The more I allow that expansion to be my reality, the more I allow that which is to really physically be, the better I feel and feeling good is my first and foremost concern - one conscious thought at a time.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Source is Consciousness

 All that is around you, is in you. Every person you interact with will reflect that which is within you. Every experience you make is your very own creation. There are no exceptions for anyone. The fairness lies in the fact that this is part of the Universal laws which are in place for everyone and everything that exists. From the smallest particle to the clumps of cells you call your bodies, to the planets spinning in your solar system, to the galaxies of this universe and beyond. All has been preceded by focused thought.

It is consciousness that is life giving, the greater the awareness of an individual, the more freely the energy that we call "Source" can flow. Source is consciousness, Source is life. Source is all that is, and that includes you. (The Elohim)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Flow of Abundance

The energy of abundance is the natural flow of source energy. It is available to everyone and everything without external limitations. There are many emotions and beliefs that can cut one off from this flow of source energy. As an example, any type of fear is a counter current to this flow which will result in a diminished experience of abundance.  (The Elohim)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You're Simply the Best (better than all the rest)

It may be of interest to embrace the simple fact that your inner being adores you so much, loves you unconditionally and supports you as its very own personal champion. Always, without fail and ever more. Yes, in the "eyes" of your source, you are simply the best, (better than all the rest). Just one little thing - each and every non-physical being, who has sent a part out to be in a human body thinks of their physical human that way. So when feelings start showing up, when you feel that you're just so much better, know that you are - you are in the eyes of your source and that is nothing other than that lovely, heartwarming, expansive feeling of touching upon your source's frequency. Nothing to worry about, nothing to prove to others, nothing to shout out about - yes, you are simply the very best and when you feel this way, you feel the connection - it's natural, just bask in it. No need for competition under these circumstances, is there?