Monday, December 3, 2012

A Joyride

By paying attention to your emotional state and seeking methods and ways to think of something that makes you feel happy and by doing so taking focus away from the energetic grids and constructs that pertain to your personal human belief system, you invite vibrational alignment with your source. 

The experience of life on Earth then shifts from a sense of it happening to you while you are powerless and immersed within it, to understanding, that it is a mere reflection of who you are. In fact, it already is that – a reflection of who you are, of your thoughts and beliefs and emotions. The so-called negative emotions just signal that what you experience and see is the reflection of the beliefs you hold and the positive emotions signal that you are experiencing and seeing a reflection of your own source. 

The choice what you wish to experience and see is always yours. To me it  takes the form of a joyride, a prospect filled with exhilarating joy to align and see and experience the source through my human eyes and body, reflected back at me through my earthly experiences.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sovereign Existence as Creator Beings

We experience something at any moment in our lives. This can be something new or the same old stuff that we have experienced day in and day out for all our years. We are here to experience our reality. From the moment of the first breath as a newborn, we begin our physical experience. We are the creators of our own individual realities

Each one of us has surely had the feeling or experience before, that someone else has done something to us, or that there were circumstances that were simply against us. Humans are very practiced at complaining. Yes, we are really very accomplished in that regard. Almost daily, we manage to complain about this or that. Very often, we complain about other people. Just look at the arena of politics for example, there is so much that we can complain or whine about. That’s alright! All this is, is an experience of powerlessness. In and of itself, this is not a bad experience. No experience is a bad experience actually. In each experience lies the seed for another experience, perhaps even an experience that is completely opposite the one we have just experienced.

With thoughts that arise from the contemplation of our experience of powerlessness, we create the basis for the next experience of powerlessness. It happens very fast. We are also very practiced at creating a new experience based on the one we have just experienced. We do that with almost every experience automatically. It is because of this cycling, that we experience most things to come at us from outside. It is this type of perception, which keeps us from true conscious creatorship. Each time, we decide that our experience has come from outside, we give away our power to the circumstances, or to other people. We may of course operate this way. It is absolutely allowed to do that. Nobody will ever be punished for this. The Universe will very patiently bring us the repeated experience of powerlessness. In this manner, we travel the same cycle over and over again and do not create much of anything new.

A truly conscious creator will create new things and experiences. A creator who stands in his/her power will not create experiences of powerlessness. A true creator will take full responsibility for his/her creation at any time. He/she will stand at the center of their  own creation and will see without the slightest doubt each and every detail, from the smallest to the largest, as a result of his/her own creative forces. To accept the full responsibility for one’s own creation means nothing other than to consistently cease to blame others or complain about anything. The whining is done. Only when we are able to recognize everything to the last detail as the result of our own creation,  can we step into the place of sole creator of our own reality. In that place, we stand in our full power and can begin to see our creations with spectacular clarity. Furthermore, such creations will match that which we actually desire to experience.  

At the point where we are ready to take full responsibility, we can exit the cyclic re-creation of that which already has been experienced and enter our rightful place of powerful sole creators of our own reality. This sovereignty brings us into the full alignment with our source. From this place of alignment and clarity, we step out of the unconscious floating among the masses into the conscious existence of a responsible and accomplished creator being. 


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alignment with All-That-Is

We may be tempted to keep looking through the lens of what we were used to and keep seeing our world and environment as we have before. We may be tempted to keep saying that there is a positive way and a negative way. We may wish to teach our children only one way, the one we have undoubtedly identified as the good way, the way everyone should go. The way children should be taught. God forbid we teach them wrongly.

The inherent flaw in this kind of old patterned thinking lies in the simple fact that since everything is pure positive energy, this kind of polar thinking just does not compute. Through the understanding that everything, every atom, every vibration, every particle, everything physical and everything non-physical is pure positive energy it becomes very clear that there isn't one way that we need to go. There isn't a certain way we have to teach our children (aside from the fact that our children do not need taught at all, as they come into this world far closer to the leading edge than we are.).

Still, energies on this earth are still pushing us to experience the contrast of the polarity, the contrast of good vs. bad. Other than being patient that this is just the way it is, I have nothing else to offer. I cannot speak against the trend that there has been an uprising of newly awakened people proclaiming this way (their way?) to be the right way. In the daily onslaught of political debates, where I cannot see anything wrong with any human being in the first place, it becomes a bit more difficult for me to remain centered in my being. I do this by simply not taking a side, by simply accepting the unfolding of everything as it is. This brings peace for sure, yet there is the internet. There's my blog. I have for many days and weeks not posted anything new. Mainly because acceptance is not really conducive to bringing about a specified opinion in either direction and isn't that what we are all doing in the first place? Standing our ground and deciding what is right for us, and some of us feel the need to talk about it. To applaud all those who think alike, to guide all the erring ones to find the (their) right path?

The more I ponder this interesting dynamic, the more I realize that at the bottom of any opinion that either emphasizes the good or harps against the bad (or vice versa) lies nothing other than judgment. Some may call it discernment, others their right of speech and others still will call it God given and therefore inherently true. It matters very little what we call it - in either case, at the bottom of it, we find judgment. We decide that judging is the way to go and we can have that experience but it will never bring peace into our hearts. It cannot, for peace lies in vibrational alignment. That at the core is the alignment with the very nature and energy pattern of the universe. In this "true" alignment everything expands, becomes very vast and allows every little thing to exist. It does exist anyways!

With this allowing, I feel a veil of silence descend upon me. There's nothing left to say in that moment of alignment. There's nothing that is wrong, nothing that is right, there is nothing that needs changed and there's nothing to work for. It is complete trust and the release of all that is to be as it is anyways. This little exercise holds the potential for such tremendous relief that I need to watch it and refrain from suggesting to anyone to try it out. When you stumble upon such a desire to figure this out, you will find the answer all by yourself and that will be your answer all to yourself and have no bearing on anyone else - such is the sweetness of alignment with the nature of All-that-is.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Broader Perspective

It is the human perspective that wants to divide and distinguish. It is the broader perspective that distinguishes without division. (The Elohim)

(A full chapter on this topic in "Life on the Leading Edge" is available through

Friday, July 6, 2012

The Gift of Love

The very idea that unconditional love needs to be channeled through one's heart, given specifically to any one person, directed, shaped, fashioned or anyhow else altered, indicates that love is misunderstood and rendered conditional.

Unconditional love, the essence of all that is is perfect in and of itself. It needs nothing, it does not belong anywhere, it is a flow, a stream of energy that will be directed by the laws of the universe and find attraction where unconditional acceptance and non-judgment is practiced.

To experience this kind of love means clear understanding that all is in perfection and nothing needs healed, nothing needs altered, nothing needs changed. Only few allow the full flow of this vast energy through their human expression, but each day, each moment, the opportunity is given for any one being to find a way to tap into this flow. The journey for each human being from allowing a trickle to full flow of unconditional love is personal, untouchable and sacred, it is best left to develop on its own.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Full Acceptance of What Is

It is a step outside the perception of linearity to fully accept and appreciate the current experience of now. By gaining the perspective that this current now experience is as much a valid and perfect creation of your reality as any of your many experiences, you will be able to treasure it much easier and hopefully cherish it as much as the one that will flow into your experience as your new manifestation. The current now deserves the honor, respect and recognition of being the birthplace of the new now and all subsequent nows.  (The Elohim)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

True Abundance

Yes, the notion of need vanishes once the source energy of my inner being flows through me. I logically offer thoughts like "I don't need anything" as a result of this revelation - and I have, for a while now. There's a little snag here however that I'd like to explain. The words "I don't need anything" contain an energy signature, a vibration of: "don't bring anything to me please - it's not needed". And thus, the Universe presented me exactly with what I was thinking of. The more hidden thing is that I didn't feel any lack, I  couldn't pinpoint the "flaw" that lay inherently in these thought constructs. Therefore, it simply became part of my makeup and the resulting life experience was one where the outflow worked really well, but the inflow of abundance was but a trickle.

After thinking this through, I've come to realize, that true abundance, the true flow of source energy through me morphs into a state of "becoming" that flow, becoming abundance and the resulting picture changed quite a bit. The more I aligned with the newer thoughts of abundance, flow, ease and source energy, the more offers I got for things, services, help, kind words etc. Some of these offers are still utterly strange to me, because there had not been any wish, want or desire for any of it. I paid attention to the strangeness of the unfolding events and found that it triggered a clearer understanding of what's going on.

In an experience of true full flow of abundance (i.e. source energy), absolutely anything can present itself in my reality. The absolute pinnacle of feeling this abundance is to stand before a buffet of things, flowing towards me. A steady and ongoing flow and to have the freedom to pick and choose on a daily whim which things I wish to accept and actually receive. There is no need, it isn't a need based sort of concept. However, within this absence of need, the flow of general abundance cannot help itself but bring any and all possibilities to my awareness (to the extent that I allow them in).

Standing presented thus with a pretty spectacular buffet of a vast variety of abundance, I feel like a kid in a toy store with no concept of cost. It feels so utterly natural, so pure, so real and so true that I am seeking the emotional confirmation of my thoughts here - yes, there's bliss in my heart, my inner being agrees. This is the making of absolute true abundance - I become the flow, I AM the flow, the flow is me and it becomes my reality.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Notion of Need

Whilst basking in the aligned full flow of your Source energy, there is no notion of need any longer. (The Elohim)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Human Nature

There is no human nature to overcome. Instead I can choose to embrace it with the adoring smile from my broader, non-physical perspective. Embracing my human nature means to me that I'm letting go of the struggle against what I had perceived to me endless limitations. Through this releasing I feel myself becoming free from any sense of limitation altogether, just because I cease to interpret being in human form to be synonymous with limitation. I can choose my thoughts, I can therefore choose how I feel about anything, even about how I want to feel about being human. From that broader perspective, from the perspective of my Source, I am in full alignment with who I really am and as Source flows through me unhindered (until the next welcome experience of unwanted contrast that is) , there cannot possibly be any perceptions of flaw or  limitation.

With these thoughts, I chuckle and remember all the self-inflicted, self-created dramas and hang-ups that I had so eagerly experienced in order to grow and my heart fills with appreciation for all my co-creators along the way. The "good ones" and even more so the "bad ones", for they were the pivotal catalysts for my enormous expansion, an evolutionary process that is ever ongoing. The more I allow that expansion to be my reality, the more I allow that which is to really physically be, the better I feel and feeling good is my first and foremost concern - one conscious thought at a time.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Source is Consciousness

 All that is around you, is in you. Every person you interact with will reflect that which is within you. Every experience you make is your very own creation. There are no exceptions for anyone. The fairness lies in the fact that this is part of the Universal laws which are in place for everyone and everything that exists. From the smallest particle to the clumps of cells you call your bodies, to the planets spinning in your solar system, to the galaxies of this universe and beyond. All has been preceded by focused thought.

It is consciousness that is life giving, the greater the awareness of an individual, the more freely the energy that we call "Source" can flow. Source is consciousness, Source is life. Source is all that is, and that includes you. (The Elohim)

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Flow of Abundance

The energy of abundance is the natural flow of source energy. It is available to everyone and everything without external limitations. There are many emotions and beliefs that can cut one off from this flow of source energy. As an example, any type of fear is a counter current to this flow which will result in a diminished experience of abundance.  (The Elohim)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You're Simply the Best (better than all the rest)

It may be of interest to embrace the simple fact that your inner being adores you so much, loves you unconditionally and supports you as its very own personal champion. Always, without fail and ever more. Yes, in the "eyes" of your source, you are simply the best, (better than all the rest). Just one little thing - each and every non-physical being, who has sent a part out to be in a human body thinks of their physical human that way. So when feelings start showing up, when you feel that you're just so much better, know that you are - you are in the eyes of your source and that is nothing other than that lovely, heartwarming, expansive feeling of touching upon your source's frequency. Nothing to worry about, nothing to prove to others, nothing to shout out about - yes, you are simply the very best and when you feel this way, you feel the connection - it's natural, just bask in it. No need for competition under these circumstances, is there?

Friday, April 27, 2012

The Joy of Art

Art unseen is so pretty much the saddest thing I can imagine. There are so many of my paintings just leaning against the studio wall, waiting for a set of eyes or two to fall on them - I've compiled a selection of my contemporary art collection in a youtube video. Don't hesitate to share the link around. Who knows, it may bring joy to a number of viewers. Every moment of happiness, no matter how it is reached is a good moment, a moment where the heart sings, a moment where our physical self aligns with our non-physical self and through that alignment increases the vibrational frequency.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ornery Little Buggers

Ahhh how I've come to relish in the beautiful triggers that come my way in my experience. These ornery little buggers in my field, who challenge my perceptions and present me with downright elaborate plays of non-compliance and irkdom. They are so ornery, they just insist on remaining in their experience as they have laid it out and guess what - no matter how much i try, they just don't budge!.... Dear oh dear!

It is of course their good right to insist on their way of experiencing their day, moment, life. None of my beeswax really. Yet - what are they doing in my experience then? - Of course, I've attracted their ornery presence, it cannot be otherwise. They have lent their views and irksome input to satisfy this law of attraction and all is in perfect order. But then again - what is their purpose other than being attracted by my matrix of thoughts and emotions? This question really got me to ponder and I've not stopped pondering until it hit me.

The flood of appreciation that has reached me the moment I realized that their contrast is just simply in my experience to point out my thought patterns and also to highlight and enhance the beauty of my own life. Of course, they haven't planned on doing that, on the contrary, sometimes, I cannot help but imagine that they're out to get me, them ornery ones in my experiences.... Well, they're not really out to get me. I breathe easy and simply look at the contrast experience that has been so elaborately unfolded before my eyes and in that contemplation, the enhancement of the good things that I can be grateful for is so overwhelming that it catapults me straight into alignment with who I am.

I would like to take this moment to express my eternal gratitude to ALL the ornery ones in my life, who have steadfast provided me with contrast that so highlights all the good in my life. Your work is flawless, your contribution to the beauty of my experience is priceless, my heart expands in waves upon waves of gratitude for the ornery ones in my past and also present and those who are yet going to enter my field of experience. May your service to me (and others) be praised forever more.
And so it is !

Friday, February 17, 2012

(Hu)Man's Fascination with the Contrast

In my imagination, we(humankind) have been at this "Creation through Contrast - Business" for a few eons now. Polarity and density levels in the 3rd dimension are the tool through which we are guaranteed ever more ideas on what to do next, on how not to be bored, on how to grow and expand through the wishes of our hearts, which instantly come true in the non-physical realms.

I would call this way of fishing for more and more ideas quite ingenious. Being immersed in the physical reality myself, I have of course not always the advantage of the broader perspective of my non-physical self, but ever so often, I come quite close and get glimpses of what this drama here on Earth is all about.

I have a very logical mind, even if I busy myself with the energetic (perhaps foo-foo) things in life more than the actual matter bits, but there is one thing that I've practiced so very often, that is yet so illogical to continue doing and that is the fascination with the contrast. Just the other day, while driving past a car accident, I realized anew that the traffic jam wasn't due to the collision per se, it was due instead to  each and every car slowing down and the folks driving most certainly got a good look at the scene of the accident (me included)...

The fascination with the contrast is visible and hits me on a daily basis and by writing this blog, I realize that I'm utterly fascinated with this fascination with the contrast, which for me in turn IS contrast, i.e. the opposite of that which I know to be true from the broader perspective from my higher self. Duh - caught in the very act that I'm so frustrated with (chuckles). Even though I am bound in the same games as everyone else, I just don't quite understand that fascination that drives us to share mainly bad news, to alert each other of the ills of the world. I don't understand why logic doesn't take over and thought patterns can still wreck havoc with this planet.  And in that sentiment, I admit, I've stepped fully out of the alignment with who I truly am and I've every so slyly bought into the contrast program - The good part is, that with my disgruntled discontent over this fascination with the contrast, I've shot rockets of desire for this to change into the non-physical plane and I've instantly grown and expanded. Truly, I ought to be grateful now for that silly contrast that I've experienced.

I realize that instead of shouting out my discontent over the contrast, I can choose to see the value in the contrast, however, I don't wish to dwell on contrast too long, I most of all don't want to get stuck in the wheel of re-creating that which I've identified to be contrast. Instead, it remains my (logical) choice to move back into the NOW - where I've already created a world without such strong attachment and fascination with contrast - where peace and thoughts that make me feel good abound.

As I voice this intention, I can feel the expansion in my heart, my emotional response that tells me that I've reached a place of comfort, of alignment with the expansion that I've created just a little bit ago. Peace is flooding through me in the knowing that it is my choice alone what I decide do with my experiences of contrast, that nobody is doing anything to me, that no government, no politician, no authority figure or anyone at all can directly create my experience. It is absolutely clear that I'm most certainly the only one creating that which I am experiencing. Also, in this point of broader perspective, I realize without a doubt, that even contrast is positive, as everything in this Universe is positive and good. In this point of alignment, it is so very easy to make peace and I fully expect that this peace has an effect on the whole of creation - one day, somewhere....and since it is my own creation, I can confidently say: "And so it is!"

Friday, February 3, 2012

Here and Now

Most people experience the "moment" of here and now to be that which they declare as their experience of the present, their reality. True here and now however is found in the perfect alignment with our non-physical self, there where all our creations have already been made. Stepping into this alignment, into the energy flux of well being, feeling the creations born from our desires to be real, even if they are not yet manifested in the physical, that is where "here and now" is. Our reality that we call "the present" is  not the here and now, it can easily be labelled "the past" or the "Over there and Back when", for it is indeed a different vibrational frequency than the actual "Here and Now".

Sunday, January 22, 2012

When The Heart Sings

When the heart sings, you know without a doubt that you have stepped into vibrational alignment with your source energy (your higher self). There is only one goal in life and that is to reach these levels of joy and live them to the fullest. Everything else you may wish for is automatically born from this state of joy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

There is Only One Way....

There is only one way - yours, yours, yours, and yours and yours and yours etc.... (The Elohim)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Can Have Everything

"I can have everything!" Equipped with that promise a whole bunch of sparks of the creator that in and of themselves cannot possibly be anything other than creators themselves, have ventured into the lower densities of Earth and other worlds offering similarly dense vibrational experiences.

There is truth in that statement: "I can have everything!" The vibration of that statement is so very powerful because it immediately connects us with our innermost essence, purpose, nature. We are indeed limitless creators and as such, that promise of absolute abundance in all things, energetic or dense matter, abundance in all experiences that we can possibly imagine and wish for, resonates harmoniously with our core. In the reverberations of these words, we are in full alignment with who we all are, each in their own unique individual flavor of creatorship that is.

I encourage every reader to let the words of that statement resonate within their hearts to try for themselves whether or not this feels good. Check, whether or not your heart will soar at the vibrational recognition of your true innermost nature. I am also quite certain that most people carry conditioning statements that try to reign in such preposterous exuberance. They are statements like: "don't be so greedy" or "only some people can have it all, you're not one of them" ."yourstatementhere"..(I cannot possibly imagine the wealth of limiting statements all people have created or adopted for yourselves). They will pop up at the same time that you bathe yourself in the harmonious energetic flow of "I can have everything" and will most likely try to reassert their place in your experience, for there they have sat for all these years (lifetimes). It is then your personal choice, whether you wish to continue to hold on to such limiting flawed beliefs that may not even be your own creations or whether you are ready to let those go as a thing of the past.

Letting go of flawed beliefs is quite easy - just acknowledge that up until now you have held the flawed belief, but it no longer serves you and therefore you release it into the universe, where its energy will find a place that suits it better than your newly found vibration of alignment with your innermost being.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Brilliance of Life

The newness of every moment is the brilliance of life itself ! (The Elohim)