Thursday, June 30, 2011

Energy Surges

Incredible surges of energy have accompanied me this week. Before I knew it, I had in the beginning possibly taken in more power than I can handle safely. There was a bit of a spill over effect and it took a while to find my center again. Focusing on Love and the Marriage of Love and Power was very helpful for the re-centering process and the alignment with this new energy gift.

Still, today, as it did the past few days, my cells are at a new perpetual hum. It's another energy frequency increase for sure, as I navigate it, I let it happen. I feel encouraged by it's power, I feel the potential of what it will allow for. It's strong, possibly the strongest surge that I've experienced in the past 2 years. It appears that Mother Earth and my body temple are ready to harbor higher energetic frequencies again and again. I try and be patient with myself in this new adjustment period. I let myself off the hook and pamper myself a little bit here and there, wherever I can. I find that drinking lots of fluids and eating lightly helps. Sleep is a different matter altogether. I feel exhausted, but am hard at work in my dream time. So I get up seemingly exhausted still, or again. Yet I have ample energy to do everything that needs done. It is only a matter of getting into the flow of the energetic gift that is being bestowed to the Earth at this time. Getting into harmonious flux with the energy pathways is a wonderful experience. It's a dance that I can highly recommend.

When in meditation, the coursing of the higher frequencies through my energy pathways (meridians) becomes very palpable. I feel the tingling, the buzzing everywhere, but I welcome it as being the beginning of a new phase, yet another phase as it seems. Without knowing what it has in store for me and mankind, I greet it with readiness and a sense of surrender, so that I may begin to unravel and enjoy the gifts it is going to bring.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Following the Ebb and Flow

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Transcending the World of Separation

Although there are signs that humanity is beginning to move into a greater understanding of what a heart based society is, there are still remnants of the old paradigm that are visible everywhere I look. It is in this time of transition where another great lesson lurks for me. I've always had the drive to move along, to race through the ascension process and simply just go home - well, if not home, then somewhere, where things are more like home anyways.

In this "race" that I ran against my own inner clock, things began in quite a linear fashion and have since branched out in star formation. The point of perspective has shifted from one point along a line into a bird's eye view that sort of looks on the totality of my star, and thus I am able to see more than one point of experience simultaneously. I've also fallen into the illusion that the old ways have to give way to the new ways. In a certain manner of looking at things, that may be perceived that way, but in this illusion, I've also fallen to the belief that one thing has to go before the next thing arrives.

Today, I'm looking closely at that illusion, because it does not hold true under scrutiny, for how can I, from the point of view of non-separation and unity, disregard the existence of the world of separation? I simply am not able. It exists, there will always be those operating and learning within it. I may not always be seeing those who are there, but that's ok too. The difficulties lie in the interaction between these two sets of paradigms and I've so far only come across one key to make things a bit easier.

As I continue on my own journey, It appears that I am expecting of myself to master this bit as well. I have found a key in self-acceptance, for as long as I do not accept every tiny little bit within myself, I still refuse to experience myself as a being centered in unity. As long as there are still things on my experiential radar that I push away, I know that I am not accepting fully. I still give myself less of the respect I deserve. This does not mean that I cannot disagree or have an opinion that differs from that of another. This merely means that my opinion is not more right or more wrong than anyone else's. This acceptance has nothing to do with flopping over and allowing the world to trample me down. This form of acceptance means that I allow my opinion to be just that, mine and in turn, I respectfully allow anyone else's opinion to be just that - their opinion. The idea of right and wrong is thus being transcended.

If I manage to accept myself fully, and I do mean fully in all aspects, even the fact that I too have played in the 3rd dimension and viewed this existence from the point of view of separation at some point, I will then naturally experience a reality in which I am accepted and respected. This acceptance and respect will take on forms of unity, for to fully accept oneself means to unify stray bits and pieces that are still floating around in one's system. The moment I integrate thus the existence and full activity of the 3rd dimension, that will not just wink out of existence but merely perhaps one day out of my personal field of experience, I will thus not draw that 3rd dimensional concepts of separation into my reality over and over again, as I have so far, because of my aversion towards it, the way I invite anything else into my reality that I still have an aversion towards and haven't integrated yet. Thus I yield, I surrender. The one thing I've tried to "get away" from (the world of separation), is as much part of me, as the worlds of lesser density that seem to feel so much easier to live in for me.

Monday, June 27, 2011


By fully accepting oneself in all aspects of expression, human and otherwise, an energy field of peace is created within which the experience of life unfolds ever more beautifully. (The Elohim)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Crumbling School System

In my place of inner knowing, I have an understanding. This understanding tells me that as we move out of the density that brings the experience of polarity (3D), into a more unity based experience (5D), we also, by proxy, move a step closer to "home". Home to me is the totality of the realms beyond the veil of forgetfulness that has cloaked the Earth and its inhabitants so successfully, that the experience of polarity and separation became "real". We really believed it and therefore experienced all the teachings it had to offer in a manner that is indelible from the Cosmic mind. The memories of the myriad of Earth experiences have enriched the One in so many ways that all I can sense from that enrichment in return is an enormous wave of gratitude coming from the center of the Universe. This wave of Divine gratitude goes to each and every spark who was brave enough to ever set foot into this density.

As the Earth and all upon her move closer and closer to the threshold of the next dimension (some have already crossed that threshold and have anchored their energies into the 5th dimension), it becomes clear that the teaching approaches also need to change. The outcry (at least here in the USA) goes from one school district to another. Mainly, it's focused around budget shortfalls. It's focused around having to adjust (cut) the curriculum and (drastically increase) class-sizes to cut cost. It's focused around closing whole schools as well as letting teachers go (sacking them), just because they haven't been teachers for longer than their (burnt out ?) colleagues, some of whom would have loved to be able to retire... The school system is on the brink of falling apart. The kids blatantly question the hierarchical structures and rightfully so in my opinion. As we approach the next dimension, these old paradigms will crumble more and more and the idea of learning and teaching will renew as well. I am confident that everything will unfold as it must by reaching a breaking point Many hands are still trying to hold on to the old. They will do this until they cannot do so any longer and the system will collapse altogether. This will bring space so that new ideas can begin to take hold.

Well, these "new ideas" aren't all that new. We don't really have to reinvent the wheel. In the realms beyond the veil, there is a "school system" that is fully functioning. I see that its closest already manifested system has been brought to Earth by Dr. Maria Montessori. I dare speculate, she was inspired by the realms beyond the veil, although she could not possibly have declared this at the time of her "discovery" or shall we say inspiration.

The schooling system that exists in the schools for souls of different awareness and growth levels beyond the veil is quite easy to grasp. Souls come together in groups. Not every soul is at the exact same learning level, but the gaps between the learning levels isn't too great either. Those souls who are a bit more advanced help the souls who have not yet grasped the topic and thus reaffirm their mastery of topics that have already been learned. Those a bit less advanced are inspired by those who are a bit more advanced and an exchange of different learning topics is ensured this way. There are teachers, but they stay on the sidelines so to speak, only stepping in when it has to be. The structure in those learning groups is pretty free flowing and only adjusted to ensure less distraction and more learning when necessary. Since on the other side of the veil, the notion of time is non-existent, there is no need to have grasped a certain topic and mastered it within a set "time frame". Most of all, there is ample space for joyous play and free exploration of whatever the souls feel drawn to. The "graduation" from one learning level to the next isn't set in a time frame either, but soul groups love to stick together and therefore often move from one level to the next as a group as well. Nobody is ever alone in their learning, unless they choose to seek solitude for a while. Mutual respect and non-judgment is a given. Competition is only played at and never serious. Learning becomes a playful joyous event and something the souls want to have "more of" automatically. It is never a chore, nor is any of the topics studied a "waste" or "unnecessary". Creativity and free flowing inspiration, as well as healthy self-assessment is a clear result of this schooling system.

As I said, I see that what I know of the schooling of souls beyond the veil has already been integrated in the philosophy of Maria Montessori and the wheel really doesn't need to be reinvented. I could see that the somewhat strict adherence to the Montessori philosophy can hinder the natural development of a school system, so I don't think it should be static, the way it has been. Instead, by applying the main philosophy of Montessori (child centered learning) to the whole system, it could result in a more flexible, growing and evolving school system and improve where there is need for adjustment to the ever changing student bodies.

Teaching in the 3D hierarchical manner is on it's way out - teachers can learn from their students as much as the students can learn from their teachers. By empowering the students to be all they can be and by allowing them to follow their passions in life, teachers may find themselves baffled over and over again at the immense amount of creativity that comes from the "youngens". To lock that sort of inspiration down will become an impossible thing to do if a teacher has decided to base their life experience on the heart (love), rather than the head (fear based control). Rather than pushing students through a school-factory where everyone has to learn the same thing at the same time, at the same speed, they can witness that what may look like chaos in the beginning will form into a well organized grouping of individual talents, specializations and tasks will distribute easily, following the natural flow. No more disgruntled schoolkids would possibly be one of the first measurable results. Another result will be the new creative ways in which the students of old will enter the "adult world" and create new ways of conducting business and services for the well-being of the greater communities, as I believe the children who are at school today come with missions that we grown-ups cannot even fathom. The greatest contribution a teacher can make to the evolution of humanity is not to stifle these kids' passions.

I know that as we approach the areas beyond the veil on the Earth's journey to the 5th Dimension, these naturally set up learning environments will be emerging more and more, as they are already a reality and in place in the dimensions we are about to enter.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Great Teacher

A great teacher will bring a student to the brink of a threshold that he can manage and then honor the student enough to step aside and become invisible, so that the student can master his own steps. Only then will the teacher join the student again -  in celebration. (Unknown)

Friday, June 24, 2011


I have to admit, I'm not beyond enjoying compliments. Today, I've been given what I could classify most likely to be the greatest compliment of this life time. I've been called "authentic". That word hit home so deeply, that tears welled up. The gratitude I experience of having had an interaction with another person who found it fitting to make me such a compliment is incredible. Being authentic, that's what I strive for with every breath. There are so many things that I could do, so many games I could participate in, yet I choose not to. I choose to be different, or only be  a part of something when it really feels alright within me. I have given my intuition and my soul more pull than I have given any group or single person. True, there have been times, when I did try to run with a pack or so, just to get a sense of belonging. Each and every time, such an attempt has ended in my going my own way again. Today, I know that I'm not made for those pack or herd scenarios. Today, I save myself the trouble by staying authentic, by simply being me. By living such an authentic life style, I attribute quite a bit of value to the authenticity of every other person I come in contact with.

What does being authentic mean to me in the deepest sense? I see in this the full acceptance of who I truly am. I see it as never trying to be like someone other than myself. I see it as always staying true to my innermost guidance, my innermost wisdom and understanding. That does not mean that I'm not open to new ideas. On the contrary, I'm very open to them, but it does mean that I don't follow anyone or anything, no new fad, teacher, trend. It means that I follow my own heart and am content and happy to be who I am. I am happy with the mission I have chosen for this life, even if my contributions are more behind the scenes. I am content and absolutely overjoyed to give of myself, my understanding, my wisdom that I have gained over the eons and I am also eternally grateful to have understood that the exciting tasks are for those who truly call themselves Earthlings. Why would I need to take those away ? Just to "be someone" ? It is alright, each and every person has their niche, their talents and they are lined up with Divine perfection to allow for the myriad of different expressions, jobs, missions and contributions. More and more I relish the energy that comes from diversity. This feeling of embracing it all brings a state of non-judgment and acceptance of the whole puzzle. Whether all the puzzle pieces are already fitted to show the full picture or whether they are still scattered about waiting to be placed, matters very little to me.

To be recognized as "authentic" has to mean that the compliment giver is also authentic, for it takes one to know one!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Many Paths to Enlightenment

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Business Ideas

I've been approached to give my opinion about a grand business idea. I've read the concept and have to say that it is probably (still) going to work and even bring in a lot of money. Is that the reason to try to actually bring it into manifestation ? I am squirming inside and the conflict is one of a peculiar nature. On one hand, I could even personally be part of this business venture and get a share of the income, however, I just can't make myself go there. There is something so desperately 3D about the idea that I just can't be part of it. I feel a bit like an arrogant fool to let an "opportunity" slide, yet I know it's the right thing to do. (An opportunity for what really?)

Actually, this decision wasn't hard at all, for when my intuition cries out the way it did, it's really easy for me to let things go before I've wasted my time and energy to find out the hard way that it's not for me. However, it brings up the question of what kind of business ideas are going to resonate harmoniously within the 5-D paradigm?

Although I have some training in the fields of business administration and even marketing, I've never really taken to being very active in that area. Somehow, the old way of thinking business, profit etc, has just lost its appeal. Sure, everyone needs to be able to maintain an adequate lifestyle. I'm all for that. I've made my peace with money to the degree that I feel it is a tool, an important tool (still) for survival. Yet, the question remains.

"What kind of business interaction or venture would work in the 5D paradigm?"

It is clear to me that the ventures should be in the form of non-hierarchical all encompassing, integrating framework. The hierarchical structures that I even see within the well meaning lightworking websites, who call for uniting and co-creating the planetary shift etc (for example),  are drawn up with "leaders" at the top and "underlings" who need to "sign up" to be "part of it". What I see in it is that it's a 3D concept to ring in the 5D paradigm - how is that ever going to really work? It's illogical to think that it would work,  for it draws on the energies of old and thus manifests along those lines (in 3D style).

At the core of the new energies we can assume to find love and compassion for fellow man. It's the heart based society that will bring about interactions that ensure above all else the well being of all involved, including Mother Earth who is recognized as a sentient being,  even in business. There cannot be structures any longer that are based on class-systems, hierarchies or uneven spread of monetary wealth. I understand that I cannot bring about the full blown image of how it's going to be, but what I do see is that if a "new" venture looks very much like that which we have seen for the past century(ies) then it's most certainly a 3D concept and will only manifest within that paradigm.

In order to transcend these memories and ways of old of how business is conducted, a group of people who have anchored into the 5th dimension will have to join together and bring about new ideas on how to set up business ventures that will bring about peace, prosperity and joyous fulfillment of everyone involved - equally. I admit that I'm a bit out of touch with that business subject, so it may well be that there are already business ventures popping up that are based on the framework of the 5th dimension. The far reaching influences a business has on people and the environment are what needs to be looked at and concepts need to be flexible enough to be adjustable to follow, as we learn about and experience the new ideas and energetic flows of the 5th dimension that will come in more and more as we continue on the Earth's ascension path.

It's exciting to be alive now, to witness the new ideas take hold and new ways of working together form.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Transformation Work

I can relate very much to voices that cry out and say the energies are very dense and heavy right now. It feels that way to many. Wherever we find ourselves, in whatever "hellish pit of darkness" that may be, we can always cry out for help, snap our fingers and plead, pray and carry on, or we can step into the mastery of who we truly are and realize that we find ourselves in the denser areas at times, because a light is needed, desperately needed. If that light wasn't there, if these dense fabrications of fear and darkness were not shone upon and transmuted, how could we call ourselves light workers? It is time to give a hearty laugh, to accept the compliment that our helpers give us by staying silent even when we cry out for help. It is the compliment of having been recognized as a master of the light who is fully capable to shine on his/her own.

The choice is an easy one to make at this conjuncture. We can either keep putting our true nature out of the picture or we can embrace it and step fully into it, with all that this entails. The commitment to the light, the commitment to be here now, during this time of transformation on Earth is an admirable one. It brings a whole lot of responsibility and we have the choice to stand tall in this commitment, doing that which is before us without comparison to that which is before any fellow light worker. We can embrace this commitment, the responsibility and accept the work that we have come to perform in the precise manner in which it gets performed by us. In this surrender to the nature of our essence (light), we can let go of any and all resistance that tries to keep us small in our shoes, tries to still make us believe that we are victims of the denser energies. Truth is, we are a far cry from being victims. "What good would a light tower be in a place of light ?" (paraphrased - source: Kryon) It is precisely in the density of the places of darkness that our power of love and light is so fittingly suitable to bring about the transformation we have come to experience, witness and be a distinct part of.

If you find yourself in the heavier energies, in the density, confronted with fears, terror even, anxiety, worry, violence etc, you can therefore derive that you have a place there, a real job to do.
There are Archangels incarnated currently and in their human form, they go through this sort of thing not only for their own personal journey, but also to facilitate this kind of lightwork on a greater scale. I understand that with them setting the precedence, they are paving the way so that it will be much easier for the legions of lightworkers to follow suit. Eternal gratitude to all involved in this great plan.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Being While Doing

More and more I find myself in a place of non-linearity. It is not only the continued experience of the now, but also an experience of a sense of weightlessness, where the mind has nothing to do. Just the simple act of writing, to come up with words to describe this experience is now almost a chore.

When I'm interacting with other human beings, I can sense more than I intellectually know what the conversation is all about. I used to follow others' thoughts in a logical fashion. Sometimes, to the dismay of my conversation partners, I would finish their sentences. I am aware that this drive of mine isn't all that pleasant for the other, but I was never quite able to let it go - until now, I see that it has vanished on its own. There is simply no more expectations as to what the thought patterns of others might turn out to become. I am wondering, whether I just have reached a state of not giving a hoot anymore, but that isn't really the truth for me. I find myself listening more than I have ever before and it is a comfortable place to be. There is less and less to say, I have a distinct feeling that I've said it all. This feeling goes so very much against my Gemini-nature, that I am wondering whether this is just another side-effect of being immersed in the 5D experience, rather than a personal development alone. I cannot say for sure that it is so, but somehow, I don't really mind if it is, nor do I mind if it is not. There is a sense of equanimity that prevails and permeates every moment of my day. There are no significant "ups" nor "downs", things just are and I just am and the world just is.

As I go about my days' work, I believe I am experiencing deeper and deeper levels of this state of being while doing and I don't think I mind one bit.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Recognizing the True Potential

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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Muddy Waters

In my dream last night, I was standing before an old crone, a sacred Wise One. I had prior to that searched through my attic for some pair of boots that could be used for something particular. Although I don't keep boots in my attic, I couldn't help noticing while I dreamed that there was a lot less stuff in that attic space, that I had let go of many things that weren't mine. I was pleased to notice this and stood then before that crone. I had only one question for her: "After having worked through everything, after having dealt with all the baggage, how can we expect to continue relating to our "opponents" of old, after having seen so much muddy water flowing under the bridge?" The crone smiled and said: "When it is all forgiven, it becomes nil."


I do not know how to wipe memories. I do not know how to continue engaging freely with a person, even if a slate has been wiped clean. I do not know if there is even such a thing as a clean slate. I know however, that in order to not perceive muddy waters that have flown under the bridge, forgiveness has to be complete and everlasting, eternal so to speak. I think as always, when things are not easy to comprehend, when the initial drive is to push something far from me, I fare way better at understanding, when I give in and integrate, when I decide to embrace and draw the very thing towards my heart, rather than pushing it away. Can I truly love myself with the memories of those muddy waters? Can I truly be free of the impact they had? - I trust that in bringing everything in, I will stand a greater chance of finding out, other than when I engage in the opposite behavior of trying to get rid of them. After all, the memories, the experiences of old, aren't they just the stepping stones that made me who I am today?

To all those muddy waters of the past, I am but clay to you, I celebrate your existence and thank you for how you have shaped and formed me on my journey here on Earth.

Friday, June 17, 2011

In Limbo

The sense of limbo is extreme today. The last few days have been so very busy that I have not even had a moment to really think about anything. I am busy still, wrapping up as much garden work as I can muster, for the sunshine is fierce and the dirt is drying out rapidly. I have this sense of limbo, there is the promise of a new beginning, yet I hold not even the faintest idea as to what this new thing is all about. I experience impatience, I am done waiting, at least that's how it feels today. Where's the action?

With the impatience due to not knowing where to look for that new beginning, I reflect on where I have seen signs of the new. Beautifully and synchronistically it has announced itself in my extended family with the birth of a healthy baby boy yesterday. The lunar eclipse has wiped out old emotional ties that are no longer needed, yet new ones haven't formed as of yet. I see separation in some family branches. I see some genetic material being thrown up into the awareness of some very young people. They are strong and worthy of the task that will lead to transformation of those patterns that are visible so distinctly in some family lines. In that point where all that is left is the observation of whatever goes on around me, where no real action is coming forth, other than some errands, tasks and everyday stuff, I settle myself into the place of limbo and explore it for a bit. My personality has a hard time with the idea of limbo, but I find some shreds of innate calm and what could perhaps even be perceived as laziness. They help me enter this place of "limbo" and feel at ease.

As I settle myself through a thought impulse into the place of limbo, that place where the old is done and the new hasn't shown itself yet, I find a deep source of trust. It is the trust that whispers to me that everything is alright. This space of "limbo" is a sense of staying very deeply connected with the now moment and it has a rhythm to it, that I would not have noticed, had I not decided to surrender to this state fully. This rhythm, so I find out is very similar to a steady breathing pattern. It is calming and reassuring. It may just be one of the coolest spots I've had the courage to explore and I'm mighty glad to have surrendered to the inevitable, the place that already IS and needs no old nor new through which to define itself.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Unconditional Trust

We approach imperturbably the 5th Dimension. Mother Earth is in the process of ascension and is birthing herself into this new energetic frequency. We have the absolute luck to be incarnated into a body during these days here on Earth. Be that as witnesses, as midwives, as observers and as carriers of joy. The divine celebration to honor Gaia when she anchors fully into the 5th dimension is yet to come, but I do have a feeling that it is going to be incredibly beautiful.

We have the task to remember our abilities as co-creators. Many among us are already actively and consciously creating certain things in their lives. Many however still experience some difficulties with this process. There are clear “instructions” on how to let creations manifest, however, many of these “instructions” are based on bringing something that already exists into one’s life by means of a “wish”. That works. For many, that works really well actually.  It does not have anything to do with creation however. This process of wishing is merely the sideways shifting of something from point A to point B, by means of the law of attraction. For me, this has not much to do with the act of co-creation. I even go as far as to call it “theft”, but it isn’t all that important.

What is real co-creation ? Doesn’t it have to do with things like “oneness with the Creator of all things, in order to bring something entirely NEW into being? Literally out of “Thin Air”? Yes, I think so! Just that “Thin Air” isn’t all that thin. The way I view all of creation, every manifestation is made of one energy, the energy of unconditional love.  There are inexhaustible amounts of unconditional love. This unconditional love is the substance that we call prana and breathe in with our air. It is the building block of any and all creation. From this point of view, everything is becoming a lot simpler.  We have the building block and we are conscious of it. We know that we are not sole creators, but co-creators. I ask myself here what else is needed to bring a creation into being?

The answer to this question comes from my heart. It whispers thus: “Unconditional Trust!” At this point, I am reminded of the number 3 once more.

1=Connection and oneness with the Creator
2=Unconditional Love
3=Unconditional Trust

This, so it seems, are the 3 requirements that a co-creator needs to bring to the act of creation.
They are in essence not that different from each other – for all 3 of them, the energy of the Heart is necessary, hence everything is reduced back to the number One.

Every thought wishes to manifest itself. It is therefore very important to learn to still the mind. With less background noise in the mind, a thought comes into being a lot clearer.  The strength of a clear thought combined with the energy of the Heart, the conscious state of unity with the Creator and coupled with unconditional trust towards the whole process will express itself in the manifestation of the creation.

Many folks have dealt with their hearts for quite some time now. The conscious state of unity with the Creator has been practiced. The unconditional trust however, hasn’t popped up all that often.

For me, it is like the crowing of the act of creation. Without this blind, unconditional trust, nothing will come to fruition. Every interruption of the energetic flow of creation, be it through doubts or even seemingly harmless curiosity (I wonder if it will really work!) has the strength to let the whole creation efforts fizzle away. Or perhaps, the manifestation will not happen in its entirety, or not reach the dimension of physical matter.  In order to reach this state of unconditional trust, a state of absolute freedom from any desire to control the creation process in any way shape or form is necessary. This feeling isn’t one of detachment or even contempt. This feeling is one of absolute trust in the co-creator abilities of our partner, the Source of All That Is.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Proud Parent

After a whole day of being there for others, I resist the urge to flake out on my blog. The school year is over. My 8th grader graduated with all sorts of awards including a Presidential one. She's been on "Honor Roll" all year and we didn't even  know it. Blame me, for I have not grown up in this country. The awards, academic excellence aside, I have an incredibly mature, focused, beautiful, loving indigo daughter who will make her way in the world, by dancing to her own music and following her very own path at any time. It is with love, gratitude and full respect that I express today how incredibly proud I am of her tenaciousness, beauty, generosity, will power and .open heart. Who says we can't vicariously live through our kids??

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Welcoming Changes

After many nights of dreaming and working within dream time on some private projects, I have made the experience that every morning, my first thought is one of gratitude. This feeling has become the base note of my life. This is a drastic change from worry, scrambling, kicking and screaming and finding this incarnation rather tedious to say the least. This base note of gratitude that sounds upon awakening to every new day, is not a gratitude for anything in particular. It isn't overwhelmingly strong either. It just is. It's there, and I see it extend to every situation that I experience. It has become the first response to everything.

There is that slow poke driver, with the very identifiable car and special license plates on his route to work, again in front of me - not irritating me any longer, but I recognize how he is contributing selflessly to my need for more patience and I am thankful. There are the street workers, tearing up yet another section of the road I won't be traveling during Summer break - it wasn't their idea to start before school is out, I silently greet them in my heart with a smile, for their job is a dangerous one at times and in Fall I will love the smoother ride. And so it goes, things that I had experienced as obstacles in the past, now shine in a whole new light. It is a good way to start my days and I have noticed that I'm beginning to see things that I would not have had the frame of mind to observe before.

This new way of experiencing my world is possibly what has been termed "stop and smell the roses". I understand that the opportunity to step into this point of perception has always been there from the moment I have set foot onto this Earth. It is however with gratitude rather than regret, that I am just happy that has happened to me now as opposed to before. I don't question it's timing at all.

I don't exactly stop (to smell the roses), but with a different point of perspective, my experience of life most certainly has changed and suddenly so. The beauty of it is that I did not have to do anything in particular to reach this place other than to remain steadfast in my heart, no matter how many fear-based bits of information and worrisome situations have presented themselves to me. I have stubbornly held on to love and expansion of my heart as a base for my new life and I see the results of this change in attitude everywhere. Most notably in how I perceive myself.

Monday, June 13, 2011

The Deepest Silence.

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Accepting Diversity

(There are times, when mincing words is something that can bring clarity and taking the opportunity to explain one's own understanding of certain words can bring about the literary manifestation of a whole viewpoint altogether. I am grateful for the discussion I had on a different website, for it allowed me to bounce off my understanding off that of another which had that result. My expression of my viewpoint would not have manifested like this, had I not engaged in the discussion. The paradox of the situation was that discussing the words "judgment" vs. "discernment" was a great way to clarify my own understanding of the meaning of these words and learn that another understands these words differently, while at the same time maintaining within myself that the actual content of the discussion was a moot point, was pivotal for my own experience.)

"I have heard of "knowledge is power", but I do not subscribe to it in a mental fashion. For me, the greatest power of all lies in the embracing of one's own Divinity, which leads away from subjugation, by the means of inner freedom. There is nobody who can take the sovereignty of my own heart and the understanding, feeling and spiritual identification with my actual Soul essence. The beauty of this is, that this sort of side-stepping by not playing along with anyone's games any longer, by stepping into one's own truth, heart and love-ability, brings not only compassion for everyone else, but also the understanding that there is not only ONE way of understanding knowledge and with this latter understanding, when it is fully integrated, the generosity of letting things be as they are and understanding that there is a divine order that keeps everything in place just fine brings peace to one's heart, one's hearth and through that to one's community, and so the ripples can flow further out. I don't believe that through conflict or abolishing this or that, through declarations of right and wrong, humanity stands a chance to bring about a loving and peaceful way of communicating and co-existing. From my point of view, it takes a more expansive stance, where everything is allowed and one's own behavior and decorum manifests automatically from one's peaceful heart. I see no need at all for revolution, rebellion or any other forced way of imposing anything onto another, be it ever so ingenious or "right" in the eyes of those who disseminate it. To push something away in order to make room for something else can only bring the energy of separation. To include something alongside with something new will allow for greater experience, diversity and peace."

Peace be!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Expression of the Heart

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Friday, June 10, 2011

Lightworking !

Over and over I come across accounts of the very simple fact, that when one is joyous, loving, considerate, grateful, happy or just plain upbeat, it doesn't take very long before the immediate environment begins to respond to such energy patterns. (I have tried this out myself and can only attest to it.) These energy patterns will then bounce back and before we know it, there are reports of "OMG, I've been called beautiful for the first time in my life!" or similar.

What took months, years or even longer to manifest a while back is now manifesting almost instantaneously. This is good news for those of us who like to move and shake things and make a real difference, for this gives us an incredible amount of power. If we manage to turn a blind eye to the things that irk us so , just for a wee while, just to try this out. If we manage to find in our heart that place, where things are happy, or at the very least acceptable. If we find just one or two things in our lives that we are grateful for. Then we begin to shine a light into the fabric of our realities. With this slender beam of light, we can then begin to melt away the greater things that feel like huge burdens, until our experience of our realities changes and reflects that light.

This small personal effort can snowball then into a big boulder that plunges into a still lake. The ripples that flow out from such an act are visible, tangible and real. It lies in the individual power of each and every one of us to give it a shot and make our own reality one that is light filled, even if it starts out with a small light dot in the seeming darkness of the current experience. We can let this light that we started with one positive, heartfelt thought, grow. Once it begins to shine, it grows every day on its own, just because light has a quality that will always drive it outward and its inherent purpose is to expand without limits. What begins as a small seemingly meaningless positive thought will end up as floodlights in our lives. Now that's what I call Lightworking!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Today, I'm dedicating my morning to my back yard. The months of rain have finally given way to beautiful blue skies and sunshine. The ground is beginning to dry out enough so that the cleaning up process from the winter growth is becoming less of a mud fest. I just came in to get a drink of fresh water when I realized that I am vibrating at an extremely high rate.

No, it's not that I'm out of breath from hard weeding work, it's an energy charge that I have evidently received by connecting very intimately (yes, fresh soil clings to my hands!) with Mother Earth. I had not realized this while in the process of weeding, but now, in my wee break, I'm rejoicing in recognition that Gaia too has raised her frequency tremendously since I last had dug into the ground. It is with extreme joy in my heart that I will go back out now and resume the work, that isn't really work, but one on one communion with nature. All sounds but those of Mother Earth subside and I do not hear the sound of lawnmowers and other equipment that is buzzing throughout the neighborhood. (Hearing it only during my break now).

All there is, is the sense of oneness that guides my hands and shows me what to do next.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A Blanket of Love

Greetings to all who find these words. It is with great anticipation that we witness and aid this process of birthing into the higher frequencies. The throes of this birthing process manifest every moment. They vary greatly from natural and man made disasters on Earth to personal struggles. Each and every wave of new birthing energy is prepared and triggered by solar activity. Some have their attention on that activity, whereas others bring the attention to the actual birthing pains, monitoring the emotions of fear.

This has been called "the last stand of duality". In fact, the thought processes of the 3rd dimension will not go away at all. They will remain as the Earth continues her journey towards the 5th dimension. What changes is the way, the thought processes of duality are perceived from the 5th dimensional understanding. What has been looked at by many as a struggle against the evils of the 3rd dimension is in fact nothing other than a birthing process from the womb of safety and security of the encompassing darkness into the bright light of the higher dimensions.

It may sound strange to call the 3rd dimension safe and secure, as it unfolds and manifests with such violence on all levels. Know this, the greater the violence, the dangers, the fears etc, the greater the potential for peace, safety, love etc. The Earth experience is a very emotional experience. For many, identifying with emotions has been the modus operandi here. With the move from the lower frequencies to the higher ones, there is a lessening of this experience of emotionality. However, to move away from emotionality does not mean to move away from love. In fact, it means the very opposite. It means that when the center of the experience becomes love, the many emotional tugs and pulls are eased greatly. They are currently still perceivable, but in the higher dimension, it will not be so any longer.

We hear many cries based in fear that want to nail down how it is going to be in the new dimension. The truth is, we do not know how it is going to be.  Dear ones, we do not know what choices you will ultimately make to create your new experience - that book has not been written yet at this point. There are projections, possibilities, yes, infinite possibilities and all have been lived already, yet honing into the timeline of Earth at this moment, that book becomes empty again, leaving but the promise of the infinite possibilities. It is at that point, that we wish to remind you that in order to write your story into that book, you are asked to make choices. For each choice, you are asked to take responsibility, for in the higher dimensions, more is asked of you than in the lower frequencies. The graduation from one dimension into the next is however a very joyous event. Do remember all that you have learned so far, and bring every little experience into the mix, for no-one and no-thing needs to be left out. No experience is wrong, all experiences are exactly what they are supposed to be. Trust in this and bravely continue on your current experience.

Know that you are loved and protected as you have always been. Know that brothers and sisters from higher dimensions, some of which are also at the very same time incarnated in an earthly body, are tirelessly active as midwives for this monumental birthing occasion. Know this with certainty in your hearts, for at times, when you get tired, you may have to draw from this certainty in order to carry on. To each in their own way, each in their own fashion, each within their own timing. We bring angelic energy from on high to blanket all of humanity, all of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms in an enormous, powerful, wave of eternal love. We bow down to each spark individually, recognizing, enjoying and cherishing each contribution.

(The Elohim)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Communication Across the Dimensions

Ascension into a higher frequency, the shift of dimensions, all that is happening. There is a mix now of people who reside mainly in the 3rd dimension, whereas some have anchored fully into the 5th dimension. Some souls are multi-dimensional beings, incarnated in physical bodies, yet leaving them behind at will, when traveling past the 5th dimension. This scenario is bringing currently incredible amounts of diversity to the planet and all as it is supposed to be. There is no judgment as to when a soul decides to move into a different dimension or which dimension they end up calling their own.

With this increase in diversity, there is also an increase in communication diversity. I am tempted at first to see it as a problem that needs to be solved, for a lot of potential conflict comes from misunderstanding the person who is having something to say. Sharing is becoming difficult at best. This does not have to be a problem however, for all those who have experienced 3D and have consciously moved and anchored into 5D have a responsibility. I look at it as if I was traveling. If I have lived in a country for quite some time, I am familiar with the native language. I have immersed myself into that language and most of the times, can call it my own. If I travel to a different country, things are new, languages are often different, even if it is the same language, there are different meanings to the same words. This is how I view the language of the 5th dimension to be. It has to be different than that of the 3rd dimension, for one's point of view has changed dramatically. The words that were brought along from the 3rd dimension are now used for a 5D experience that has passed through the filters that are in place in the 5th dimension. It is absolutely logical that anyone who hasn't visited that country/region (5D) yet, is often at a loss and cannot fully comprehend what a person talking from that angle is really saying. The frustration is equally there for the person who gets misunderstood.

Most often, the words are all in the same language, they sound like something one should comprehend, then they get passed through the filters that are in place for the 3rd dimension and the message delivered from the 5th dimension becomes extremely distorted. Misunderstandings are common place. Arguments then ensue and most of the time, both parties are correct, each from their own point of perspective.

A while back, it was easy to switch dimensions and bring one's energy to the vibrational levels that were normal in 3D. Now, it seems more and more difficult to toggle back and forth. After fully anchoring into 5D, it becomes impossible to fully step into 3D for any length of time without feeling the physical discomfort of the density in 3D. Communication happens always as a mirror of one's perception. For me, it is obvious that the person who has experienced 3D and 5D is more responsible than the person who has only experienced 3D. For one who has experienced both 3D and 5D, it is a good idea to train in the discipline of remembering how things looked in 3D and to put those filters into place when communicating with a person in 3D. This can be viewed as if one is speaking a different dialect of one's own language. It would really be nice to see communication across the dimensions become easier and to see conflict and misunderstandings diminish rapidly.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Limitless Abundance Part IV - An Invocation

An incredible energy of wanting to move forward has been with me ever since I have been able to "wrap up" my latest manifestation. That last piece was a piece of heavy duty work. I admit that there may have been a possibility to make it all easier on myself and all involved, but in the end, everything unfolded with uncanny precision, timing and ease. It took as long as it did, because I hadn't understood some of the manifesting details ahead of time. I have marched through my lessons and transformed that which was still hindering. It was fun and ultimately, all I remember is the joy of the result.

With this joy, I feel like a child having come off a carnival ride going "again, again!"... of course I don't want that very same identical ride again, but some other "manifestation" project. I know now to bring the thought form that unite to my projects, rather than those that separate. In this frame of mind, I'm choosing it to be something where I can be of service to the whole of mankind, (no fear of thinking big here!) something where I can help the Earth ascend. Yes, something where I can learn my own little bit as well and most of all, something, that has been bugging me for a long time.

In a manner true to the energies symbolized by the sign of Aries, I come from a place of want. It is more than want though, for that want was initially born in the sign of Pisces with the understanding and intuitive knowing of how things really are. I let Aries do its thing with the wanting, that's alright, that gives me the energies of "getup and go", the "umph" to get things rolling, to state my wish.

I had pondered a while on what I really want and one thing came into focus. I do truly want abundance. Abundance can come in monetary form, with its challenges and hang ups that I can already foresee. Abundance comes in many other forms too. I pondered a bit deeper and tried to bring the base feeling into my conscious awareness. What is it that I really want ? It wasn't necessarily a certain number of $ in my bank account, although that has crossed my mind. On a deeper level, it was more the sense of not having to worry about a thing. The reassuring feeling that I can "afford" or give myself whatever my heart desires. In this wish lies an understanding that on the other side of the veil, this is already so. There are no limitations other than those we impose on ourselves.

Ultimately, I'm understanding that I wish to be free from limitations - any and all limitations. I trust myself to be anchored in the high heart and flow along nicely with the Universe's plan for me, so that I can now embark on the path towards achieving this wish. I understand that beyond the veil, it already is a reality. I understand furthermore that exactly this sentiment of freedom from any limitations is what I have been missing here on Earth, that perceived want of limitlessness and freedom has been my bane. It has been the catalyst for countless moments of "homesickness", moments of feeling eternally "flawed" in this human form. I understand that with these imaginary limitations that "are real here on Earth" I bought into the understanding of the collective, the 3D paradigm of duality and suffering.

No longer do I feel the need to play along with those rules. Defying Earth rules seems to be the sense of rebellion I have brought along with me from the start. It is this defiance that has come to the fore with all it's might. I understand that I could not fully make it disappear, for today its moment has come. It is now as active as ever. I don't want to play within the rules of old. I want to bring my birth right of limitlessness into this reality. I want that with all my heart. It seems to me that it has been waiting for me to catch up to this moment for it to trigger with such intensity that I have no other choice than to voice this heartfelt intention:

"I am now open to fully experience the birthright of effortless, limitless abundance in the physical form, as I am already accustomed to do in the higher realms when not embodied. I am open to set this manifestation into motion as of this moment. I am open to do and be what it takes to manifest this wish!"

(and with a chuckle I realize that I may have just embarked on the ride of my life!)

Saturday, June 4, 2011


Birth families are a strange thing to me. Mine was the vessel for the basis for my experiences and set me up with Divine perfection with all the quirks, "flaws", hiccup and that familiar sort of jazz. Going over my 7-year cycles yesterday, I see today that with the precision of a clockwork, I had lost various family members at these pivotal times of transition between one cycle and the next.

Today, it is with great love and understanding that I let the last family member from my original birth family go. I release her to the freedom of holding no emotional family ties with me any longer. She may not know this, I will not say it to her, but in my heart I understand that she has chosen a path that is not congruent with mine.

True, there may be times when we meet again, share civil niceties, and truer still, our soul connection remains. Perhaps we will choose to express it during another life time, at another moment, in other bodies, perhaps even on other worlds. It is all unfolding with absolute precision and I enter this new 7-year cycle entirely without ties to my old birth family. The moment is filled with some sadness and at the same time, it is extremely freeing. It is wonderful in it's own way to let go of this last tie with the understanding that the deepest love is the one that releases another person peacefully to their own destiny. I let go and send a wave of unconditional love to the very best sister I could have ever wished for.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Seven Times Seven

My life has run in 7-year cycles. I understand that that type of cycle is quite common. Today, I'm wrapping up my 7th cycle and it feels quite special to me. I am filled with the understanding of the abundance of the endless stream of gifts that have come my way. Gifts in form of challenges, gifts in form of sweetness and most of all, gifts in the form of ever growing awareness. It is with this understanding that I have only one thing on my mind and I want to dedicate this whole day to it. With every breath, I take, I exhale my deepest sense of gratitude.

Gratitude goes out to all those souls who played their part and created the most perfect challenges in my life, that propelled me into ever expanding consciousness. Gratitude goes out to all those souls who stood by me, relentless, faithful, loyal (you know who you are!) through my many dramas, my moments when I raised my fist towards the heavens and also the moments when we giggled, celebrated, partied and just had plain ol' fun! (you too know who you are!)

Gratitude goes out to all the unseen helpers, the angels, guides and Masters who have been there with me, embodied and in Spirit, as an integral part of my life, ever patient, in service of the One. You have done a tremendous job with one such as myself and always kept me on the straight and narrow when it came to staying true to my path.

With this gratitude I include the fact that I am alive during these exciting times, the greatest gift of all it seems. Just to be here, to enjoy life, just to witness it all. It's is an incredible blessing and I hope to do it justice. With this joy that springs forth from the deep sense of gratitude, I honor this last day of this 7th 7-year cycle of mine and with it I honor these past 49 years for every little bit I was blessed to experience and understand. Tomorrow, the beginning of my 8th 7-year cycle, will bring in the celebration of the big 5-0 and I am feeling very content and overjoyed to have arrived at this place in perfect health, sanity and an open heart. Cheers!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Talking about Divine Truth - A Way to Peace

For a long time, the drive for understanding and thirst for knowledge have been the base of my journey. The search for the light that I knew I was from the moment I had cognitive abilities of a "self" has not been elusive, it has been there all along, but I just wanted to understand it all. I had thus embarked on extremely creative mental constructs in order to explore it all in detail. It is quite funny when I look back and see what all I did, what mental acrobatics I performed in order to grasp things that are not really graspable with this brain of ours. I chuckle and compassionately yield. I yield with the wisdom of the traveler who has "been there and done that". I understand that certain things are inexplicable in this world's language patterns. Anyone who has tried will grin and have a story to tell, how they have given forfeit. It is simply not conveyable what I experience as "Divine Truth". I don't mean to embark on a trail of further mental gymnastics. I don't mean to tread on the beaten path of Love and Light, that for some has become just lip service oh so similar to the tried and true ways of the old religions' structure and paradigm. .

The dilemma I am facing is that the experience of the Divine Truths is a very personal thing. Nobody can really describe it in detail or with accuracy. I have tried to do this with trusted friends and found myself stammering, uttering peculiar nonsense and finally giving up with a joyous laugh at my clumsy attempts. In this experience of giving up lies a key however. I experience it as a surrender to the unspeakable, the Nameless. In this surrender lies a sweetness that has a beauty of its own. In this sweetness, I experience among other things trust, receiving, falling into the flow of the One ever more completely. I see that in this surrender lies the acknowledgment that there are parts of me that are inexplicable in this limiting paradigm of duality. In this surrender lies the acceptance of all these parts and that fills me with a sense of peace that is again indescribable. I may still write of things, as I see them. I may still attempt to bring as much of what I call Divinity into this realm, for by doing this, I do what I set out to do before coming here. However, I do so now with greater ease and joy than before, as I understand that my words are just descriptions, just a verbal painting, a piece of art that cannot be judged in its essence. Peace be!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Center of Unconditional Love

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