Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A New Chapter

Faithfully, "Epiphanies" has remained here in the blogosphere of this virtual world and will remain here still. Alas a new chapter has begun for me and I have moved my musings to another site:

                              Life on the Leading Edge

There I will feature the most fitting gems out of "Epiphanies" as well as new thoughts and findings as I continue my journey. It would be my great pleasure to inspire and engage on the new venue.

My heart is filled with appreciation for all who have stopped by here at "Epiphanies" and perhaps one or the other has been inspired by some of my musings.


Monday, May 27, 2013

Life on the Leading Edge - Free Chapter

Amazon will let you peek into chapter 1. I find that deeper inside my book you will find more depth and therefore, I will share a free chapter:



“To trust unconditionally in the forces that created everything is to invite unconditional love into your heart.”

Very often, we may feel like these lonesome warriors on our spiritual paths. Sure, we got the books, we learned to meditate, we know so much already, yet there are days when things just don’t come easy, or so it seems. There are days when doubt creeps in. I am pretty certain that anyone who focuses on their spiritual development encounters doubt at one point or another. It does not matter what we doubt, who we doubt or if we know that we doubt. The sense of uncertainty and the faltering energetic pattern that I could best describe as wavering and collapsing onto itself, seems to be at the core of the pattern that we call “doubt”. Undoubtedly (pun intended) that state is one of misalignment. Doubt tells us one thing and one thing only. It only tells us that we have slipped a bit farther away from our align­ment with source and that is that. The big hype about doubt is just that – it is nothing more than a wee call from our source to find the emotion that hangs on the other end of the polarity stick. In my book that would be trust.

Given, trust is not the easiest place to reach when you are sitting up to your nose in doubt. Doubt is such a disempowering emotion that it can be very difficult to find a way out. One day, I found myself doubting the universe at large (I never do things on a small scale). I was engulfed by this doubting emotion and could not find my way back into a better place. I shook my fist to the heavens; I cried, I kicked. If I remember correctly I may have even cussed and screamed – yes, I am pretty sure that’s how it went. I did all my resisting until I was fully exhausted. Source always knows when you are ready to hear and so in my exhaustion, when I had no more fight in me, when I finally let things be, just because there was nothing I could do (or so I thought), I heard a tiny voice in my inner ear. It whispered to me, “Why don’t you doubt your doubt?”

Instantly, everything looked possible again and I had to laugh so hard. Life was simple – again. Over time, I have found so many simple solutions to the complicated knotted up situations I had created, that this one was just too good not to share with others. Since then, this one sentence has quite possibly helped a fair amount of my friends through their tough doubting spots.

Perhaps it was just the laughter, which had catapulted me out of my self-inflicted mess. Be it as it may, I was able to find better thoughts, and I was able to see some light at the end of my self-created tunnel. I found that only universal forces could come up with such a simple logic that works and almost instantly, I found myself again aligned and trusting. Trust that all is as it is supposed to be and is unfolding in absolute perfection, has become a mantra and I nurse it. I take care of trust as if it were a tender plant. I don’t take trust for granted. I feel appreciation for my ability to trust again and again in the source of all that is. It is not just trust that unfolds in this approach, but one can also find the energies of grace and mercy in such an experience. To me, appreciation, trust, grace, and mercy are shades close to the energy of unconditional love, which is the fabric of everything that is.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Life on the Leading Edge

My book is now available also through Amazon in the US, UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

If you feel drawn to read my book and like it, please take the time to write a positive review. My book has a life of its own that I trust completely. I cherish the thought that you may be part of its journey in a meaningful way.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life on the Leading Edge - A Traveling Companion

For a while now, my writing efforts have not found their way onto this page. Instead, a different venue was more appropriate. There are a number of blog posts on "Epiphanies, Experiences and Viewpoints" that have no text anymore. These were some of the quotes that were inspired from my Higher Self and I have gone on a journey to collect them and illustrate the meaning they had for me and my journey in a collection. This collection is now available here:

I am very thrilled to announce the launch of my first book. In just a few days it will also be available through Amazon in the US and Europe (links will follow). Signed copies will be available in Eugene, OR after May 6th through Quantum Perceptions LLC. 

I invite comments onto my Facebook Author page . It would be lovely to get a wide distribution and spread with many "Likes". 

Off I go, there's work to be done - the translation of Life on the Leading Edge into German is well under way, as is a new sci-fi novel ... stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Relationship Affected by Ascension (addendum)

Every single day since the initial post entitled "Relationships Affected by Ascension" has been posted here, I have had visitors from all over the world finding it through their Google searches.
Somehow, I seem to sense that, although my post may be very well received, there is a sense of wanting to learn more. It is obvious that relationships are quite possibly the one thing we all either struggle with, find perplexing, or at the very least keep seeking.

From my point of view, being in relationship with others is not only necessary, desired, wanted, but clearly, inevitable. Most people fret over the deeper, more meaningful relationships (if they don't go the way they wish). Romantic relationships may be the winners when it comes to how deeply a relationship affects us. I think I could browse for days among the libraries or bookstores for books giving advice, depicting relationships, or simply drawing from the drama that can be had when we go through relationships. The material available would fill many storage facilities for sure.

I have said it before and will admit this freely to the public at large. I have no stellar track record when it comes to peaceful, functioning and healthy relationships. Really, I don't. I've left a trail of destruction in my wake and have cried many tears along the way. One thing my journey through my own relationships has shown me, is the realization that the most important relationship I need to tend to is the one with my (higher) self.

No matter how I improve on my interpersonal skills, if my relationship within me isn't what I want a relationship to be, I will not be able to have a romantic relationship that brings me what I most desire. There are ways to tend to one's own inner relationship that range from meditation to self-talk. In addition, I have found one tool that has worked miracles and kept me going. It is humor. Most people live with the tendency to take everything way to seriously. I have learned to laugh about myself. I have learned to poke fun at the not-so-wanted scenarios I create from time to time. I laugh at the drama that unfolds before me and own that I am the common denominator in all of it. I focus on being easy with myself. I let myself off the hook a lot and when I can't, I even take a time out from myself for a while and focus on other things that please me.

True, love is important in anyone's life. Usually, we look at others to buck our current of self-deprecation and hope that they love us despite of it. There are some lovely souls who see beyond the energy patterns of our not-so-loving beliefs we hold for ourselves. Praised be those who manage to keep their eyes on our source alone and love us through it all. However, ultimately, it is imperative in my eyes to learn to love, laugh, and live happily within ourselves, even if we find ourselves without a romantic partner at times. Whatever else comes our way in ways of (romantic) relationships after that will surely be very pleasing.


Read more on Human Relationships and different perspectives on how to improve them.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Now?

Have you noticed how time has sped up yet again? Have you noticed that some days flow in absolute perfection, whereas others are seemingly made of contracting energy, drawing everything back onto one point? I have had these experiences and mused over how to navigate through these energetic currents. I was wondering about the cause of these energetic fluctuations and found an answer that resonated within me. Apparently this is a phase of active magnetic pole reversal. This shift isn't going to happen in a few days. It takes years to complete. It has been going on for about a decade already. It seems to me that these past few weeks have shown these energetic, magnetic changes strongly.

When I think of a magnet, when I think of positive and negative poles of a magnet and I think of how these poles are in the process of swapping places, it becomes clear to me, that in order to swim with the currents, so to speak, we are called to apply a different focus on our daily lives as well.

In general, the action journey has been the modus operandi here on Earth for the past 26'000 years at least. We make things happen. We are warriors, fighting for whatever we believe in - or are we? The action journey is clearly powered by the masculine/yang energies. The opposite pole to that would be the feminine/yin energies. Of course, it's never exclusively all masculine or all feminine. I'm well aware that we apply a mix of these polar opposites in our daily lives and sometimes we actually manage an even distribution of them and those are the glorious days of balance.

Since we are mostly very aware of how to live from the point of the masculine perspective, I believe we have the opportunity to go through a pole reversal individually within our own energy systems. The return to the feminine principle may turn out to be what we are called to do in order to manage the energetic currents that be.

In my understanding, the feminine principle, which has been associated with "love" (as opposed to "power" for the masculine principle) draws its power from the non-action of yielding, of allowing that which is to be as it is. There are of course many more qualities we can attribute to the feminine principle, but I want to focus on what I believe to be an initial step towards embracing more of it in our lives. The idea of this yielding energy is to steer away from the flawed belief that wants to tell us that we get more of the unwanted things in life if we allow them. However, based on energetic patterning and principles, the more we give energy (thought, focus, emotion) to something, the more we draw that very thing into our experiences. When we learn to yield, to allow, to be ok with things as they are, we stop the fight. When we stop the fight, we stop being resistant to our own energy flow. We can then realize that the fight has only been going on within ourselves in the first place. When we stop the fight, we turn away from that which we do not want and therefore stop giving it our energy, our attention. When we do that, the unwanted will perhaps not vanish over night (I'm pretty sure it doesn't), but we can side-step out of the engagement that has existed before and it will become less prominent in our lives and affect us a great deal less than before.

I am not proposing that we all now drop all action and become passive. What I am saying is, that in order to navigate the magnetic pole reversal's energetic demands upon our human existence, we are being pressed by these intense energy currents into reversing our own inner energetic poles from mainly masculine towards more of the feminine, so that at the balance point between the two opposites, the life journey will be first an inner, emotional journey, with inspired action at the intuitively perceived right (for the individual) time.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Resolving Remnants of Resistance

Ever so often, I find myself resisting. It's human nature still to push against that which is experienced as unpleasant, in an attempt to make it go away. We are all pushers to a certain degree. I count myself easily belonging to the league of the mighty pushers actually.

After many attempts of pushing away the unwanted stuff, I have to admit that no matter how strongly I have pushed against the unwanted, I have not managed to make it go away. I haven't managed to fully forget either. Even the greatest and most noble attempts of living in a sense of active forgiveness have only produced mediocre results. I found that even in the best efforts given, there comes that moment where the old, unwanted moment, the old memory or what have you, pops back up to grin at you with that wicked smile. It's just not gone altogether. 

When something is attempted a number of times in various ways and it does not produce the wanted result, it is time to shift. I have a tendency to shift 180° and try out the opposite of what I have been doing. It seems to be my nature. Hence, I've gone all out and decided that that which I have been trying to forget, get rid off, or simply deny, is a part of me. It's an experience that has caused me to be the me I am today. It's an integral part of me that I had been trying to push away just because it was unpleasant. It goes without saying that pushing away a part of who I am, just isn't going to work. 

Instead, I'm finding it rather easy to view the unpleasant events as something that needs to be integrated, embraced, allowed to exist within the totality of who I have become because of it. This thought relaxes me deeply. I yield, I allow, I embrace, I accept and I become whole through it. The cramping energy of wanting something to go away can relax along with my embrace and I feel myself expand to become that which I already am. I become that which I have previously allowed plus that which I have erroneously tried to do away with. Through this act of allowing, I release remnants of resistance and embrace myself in the totality of who I am - I touch upon my true self and that always feels good.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creative Masterpieces of Limitation

Not long ago, I was pondering the nature of creativity. I ran through a whole number of different points of perspective until I found one that strongly resonated with me:

It is indeed a creative masterpiece to bring about the complete illusion of limitation, while in truth being in essence limitless, infinite consciousness. The greater the experience of limitation, so I found, the more ingenious the application of creative powers. Those who find their way back from limitations into the unending freedom of their true nature of limitlessness are those who have indeed found a way to truly savor the game of life.

Abundance is a law of nature. It is the normal state of affairs. When we allow ourselves to take the focus away from our self-created illusions of limitation (oh it feels so very real at times, doesn't it?) and turn it instead towards the true unlimited nature of our being, we will (so logic has it) turn things around and experience a normal state of abundance instead.

Truth be told however, sometimes, I admit, I think that I am almost a bit enamored with my ingenious self-created illusions, even if they are experienced as limitations here on Earth (or perhaps rather because they are...)