Monday, February 28, 2011

Dancing the Dance

For a few days, the energetic frequencies have propelled many of us into 5D experiences. We felt the oneness, our divinity, we felt and understood to a greater extent what the coming of the New Earth, the new paradigm will be like. We got incredibly beautiful glimpses and were able to take a ladle full of hope and excitement out of the 5D dish. Still, forces of polarity have not quite ceased to have an impact. It appears that on the tail end of such a swing into the 5D experience there is always the pull back that gives the 3D voices more weight again. Things are measured again one against the other, the old ideas of fear and thus needing protection are being discussed. It is with wonderment that I see this rising of the 3D wave come to "dictate" the energy of the day. It is obvious that in such an energy space, there are voices that want to free all areas, discuss everything, darkness alongside with light. in principle I am all for freedom of expression and unadulterated sharing of viewpoints. From a 5D point of view however, this energy that shows us the makings of the outgoing paradigm of 3D is something to be observed perhaps, acknowledged for its presence for certain, but is it to be taken seriously ? Do we really need to dive fully back into the 3D experience of duality?

I think the choice is there for anyone. It can be a choice to dive head first back into 3D concepts and explore them one more time, and then again. It is valid in and of itself. It is however nothing that should be decreed in any way shape or form as "THE" thing to do. Those who chose to dance one more round on 3D ground are very free to do so. At the same time, however, those who have tired of the dance and wish to sit out a round may do so as well. There cannot be any judgment one way or the other. We are many individual souls who jointly are on this journey and each path deviates slightly or a lot from that of another. It is in the diversity, in the myriad of experiences and choices that the One delights. We are allowed to play - and play we shall !

Personally, I've opted to stick to my point of perspective, to not be swept back into the 3D concepts of duality. I'm aware that many have chosen to dance to the songs of the third dimension and I observe them while they move along with the patterns of old. I am musing whether for some it may be a form of respect and honoring the old school grounds, just before we are going to move on to the new ones ? It could well be and if it is so, I bow to each soul who frolics thus.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have been asked at times whether I am addicted to these states that come to pass if I focus on the energies beyond the veil. Accusations have hit me where it was suggested that I am neglecting the physical plane.  It has been suggested that I am trying to avoid life here on Earth. I have seen these points of view as a perspective that was held by those who questioned my way of life. It is understandable that there are these points of view out there. It adds to the diversity and if I look very closely at the source of the questions that have been thrown at me, I see but a soul trying to understand. That is admirable and I find respect in my high heart for this. It can be honored as a seeker's quest.

There have been teachings in events like these where my innermost peace was shaken. I admit that my ego had a terrible time digesting that my very form of existence was questioned, judged and dismissed as "less than". For brief periods of time I even bought into believing these accusations and opinions of others. I tried on the cloak of "I'm doing it all wrong, I should live differently" and indeed this cloak effectively cloaked my light and dimmed it to intolerable levels. The teachings were invaluable. I have found myself to shake off cloak after cloak that I had thus tried on and freed myself from other's opinions of how to live my life. I've become quite practiced at this technique of throwing off my cloaks and have even (admittedly) gone beyond the point of balance, that I had closed myself off from even entertaining the possibilities of another's opinion. The journey took a number of decades and has been the one path that has lead me to the place of the high heart. I experience it to be a circular path, for  I have distinct memories of feeling exactly like this as a very young child. It does feel like my journey has come full circle.

In this high heart, there is one gem that I would like to share today. When I bring my consciousness to this energy plane and focus on the high heart chakra, I experience this gem. It is the necessity, the ability and the call to view everything in my life as sacred. My very breath, my physical temple, every interaction, every little thing created here on Earth and also beyond the veil. My experience of vastness of "home" and everything else that I haven't explicitly mentioned here as well. Everything is sacred. With the consciousness focusing on this sacredness, I experience the immediate connection with the highest attributes of character - respect, honor, integrity and a sense of reverence towards myself, all others, simply said: "towards all things". All these traits ultimately have unconditional love at their core. I find it very useful to live according to and experiencing this sense of sacredness towards everything, as it is a direct experience of our own divinity.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Paying Forward

I've wondered many times what it is that I could actively "do" for this new Earth that we are manifesting. I'm not the type to be drawn to revolutionary activities. There are those brave ones that have opted for an experience in the midst of demonstrations, peaceful, or in front of the wrong end of a weapon. Their outstanding courage that puts their very lives on the line is to be recognized and applauded. It is however not so that every single person has opted for that experience. I don't feel drawn to any form of protest, political or otherwise. I don't feel drawn to any form of open demonstration against something. It just simply has always held a repulsive sort of energy for me and I've gladly heeded the call to stay away from these activities. Yes, I've wondered too, whether it is just cowardice that kept me away from "causes" that I actually felt quite passionate about, but not to the point of actively participating in any sort of demonstration of my point of view. I've made peace within and know myself to be courageous in many other ways.

I've tried to investigate my equanimity when it comes to these "calls for action" and haven't really found any other answer than: "it's just not for me at this time". I've fared quite well and sailed smoothly through the many calls that landed on my doorstep through the decades. I have however had this slight nag inside that kept asking me: "what are you actively "doing" to help create a new world?". Always, my answer has been: "I'm steward of my children's life for a time and see to it that they keep on shining their essence through onto this plane of existence and are as free as humanly possibly to be in tune with their own paths." I felt that that was enough of a contribution and that nag had actually subsided. I've since had other thoughts. One of them is that I could do more. I could pay forward and thus create an influence in the makings of a new world for times yet to unfold.

This blogspot is one of those things. I do it freely, I do it consistently and I enjoy my contribution. That's all well and wonderful, however it's quite impersonal at times. I've yearned to pay something forward and be intimately involved and thus I have thought of this possibility:

Paying forward to younger people holds a potential that is immeasurable. Paying forward can be any good deed that we demonstrate towards a young person who will experience the impact of that which we pay forward. In turn, although we do not have control over it, we can be almost certain that our deed is going to be a seed in a young person's life that will blossom and find fertile soil for them to go out and pass it on to others, their children, their peers, anyone really. This paying forward can be anything that is of value. I find knowledge to be of tremendous value here. I also find that knowledge, which should be entirely free of charge, is being sold shamelessly at an incredibly huge, sometimes even unaffordable price. This price is a way to control who has access to the knowledge and with one "I can't afford this", a dream is thwarted and we're instantly back in the entanglements of 3D elitism.

Being past mid-life myself, I consider my knowledge about certain things to be well learned, grounded, experienced and deep. This knowledge is mine. It belongs to me, but it isn't mine alone - I have the responsibility to pass it on. Passing on knowledge is a very easy way to pay forward. It has to be absolutely free though. I am prepared to teach my profession to my "apprentice" like it were the "olden days". I am linking this way of teaching to the experiences I have from beyond the veil, where souls get to explore and learn whatever they enjoy at the pace that works for them and in the form that is comfortable to their nature and existing talents. I am as much a student in this as a a teacher. This is a true form of sharing a passion that will impact a young person with an experience on how to pay forward themselves when the time comes. This is a seed for creating a new world. This is not indoctrination of any kind, it is a heart centered, generous blending and sharing, an exchange of knowledge from the bearer to the receiver. It is how "schooling" ought to be done in my opinion and I am willing to spend my time and energy to pay forward this way. Money has absolutely nothing to do with it, doesn't even enter the picture and I feel that that is how it should be.

Friday, February 25, 2011

The Gift of Alignment

One might wonder what on Earth is going on today. I have encountered numerous cases of anxiety, extreme irritation, reckless driving in dense traffic, confusion and "escaped" souls. People stumble through this day and it is clear that their essence is far, far away. Some feel like "not able to be here", others just noticed inexplicable bouts of anxiety, without knowing where from or what for. Some just couldn't stand their daily routines and others just plain forgot what they were supposed to do or get ready for.

I've navigated today, accompanied by a blinding headache that just would not go away. I'm not saying this to whine a bit, although I do feel a slight inclination to want to do this. I have instead pondered the issue and have been given this insight. The energies on the planet have shifted again. It is a huge gift that is now available and has obviously affected quite a few folks. It is the gift to learn or rather become aware of what we are really supposed to do there. A gift of energy that helps align us with our purpose in life.

I have seen both sides. I have volunteered at my kid's school and that was fun, but although it was a good thing to do, a very needed thing, it was allowed and all, but it wasn't in alignment with my task here and I could feel my unease and resistance towards doing that little job, that required literally only my presence and a wee bit of input. It was great to see the kids dive deeper into their creativity than I had the privilege to see before, but at the same time, I knew without a doubt that it was just a passing activity for me. Not that I wouldn't do it again, I don't mind helping out at that school, but from a greater perspective, it was not what I came here to do. In contrast to that, just a few hours later, I have had the absolute delight to take on a young student as my apprentice. Now that felt so right and absolutely purposeful, that the time with her flew and was spent with very deep and intense learning on both sides. I had looked forward to this first "lesson" and afterward felt energized instead of drained and can truly affirm that this is indeed why I came here, that encounter with her is meaningful and obviously preordained.

I have had such juxtapositions before where I could see clearly this is this and that is that -(now choose!) - This time, however, it was so much clearer and more drastic. It was simply unavoidable to see exactly what was what. I am grateful for this new energy, even though a lot of souls might have taken the opportunity to escape the physical plane for a few hours and give their incarnations a wee break, leaving them aimless, confused and unfocused for a bit. It's ok - eating root veggies might help get yourself back if that applied to you today.

I think this new gift of alignment with and greater awareness of our purpose in life is one that I must point out, as this is the time so that folks can seize the opportunity to readjust their life's path if they happen to find themselves "way off" - the energetically facilitated opportunity to do this is now.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Divine Perfection

Sometimes, there is a need for me to  take a step away from everything, to let things be as they are. I need to forgo my innate drive to see the flaw, to give a moment's time to beauty, just because. I use music and its resonance with my own energies, so that it brings my own essence to the fore, and my consciousness into the center of my higher self. The sweetness of the blissful sense of union will then bathe my entire being and let worries fade away. Everything is as it is supposed to be, in Divine Perfection.

Infinite Love and Compassion to all.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Working with the High Heart Chakra

I find that my journey loops around in exploratory fashion. It returns to one place again and again and today I wish to dedicate my words to this place. It is the place of the High Heart. It's quite an altruistic sort of place, the place of unconditional love. I experience this place as a plane of consciousness.  I can decide to sit in it and let its energy be my guide for the day. One day is about all I can handle, sometimes even just one hour that stretches into a whole day, by being a silly notion of Now. I don't want to know what I'll be doing next week. It kind of takes the surprises away.

The excitement that previously was primarily derived from extensively self-created personal dramas has fallen away more and more. I now laugh at the silliness of myself as soon as I realize how extremely complicated I create my life for myself and those around me. In those moments, I chuckle audibly and let go - let everything just slide off. Instead of any glorious (or not so glorious) plan, I turn to the one thing that will lead me back to the plane of consciousness where unconditional love for all that is, is the main energy/sensation. I turn to this chakra of mine which can be felt between the heart and the throat chakra. It has been termed the "High Heart" and I'm ok with that name. Just merely thinking of this place, this area between heart and throat brings my focus to this energy of unconditional love, of loving communication and love mixed in with the "higher will" of the One.

Once there, the sensation is one of returning home, being in synch with my actual essence, one of ultimate purpose for me and everything that I experience here on Earth gets softened around the edges. The understanding of connections as to why something is happening, or what my role is, in a "play" or a "scene" that I'm in, is enhanced and much easier to grasp. It helps a lot with understanding and thus in turn goes full circle and brings forth an enhanced, more conscious experience of unconditional, non-judgmental love.

I have since pondered what we could do to consciously bring ourselves to this plane and live more and more with an active, open and functioning High Heart Chakra. It's kind of a no-brainer. I have done chakra work for decades and I don't think the development, clearing, activation or what have you of your own personal High Heart Chakra is any different from "regular" Chakra work. There are colors, sound, geometric patterns and intentions involved in the process and I'm sure those who feel drawn to try out any kind of conscious work with the High Heart Chakra are versed enough already, they don't need detailed instructions. Do as you feel intuitively you need to do. Keep in mind to be gentle and never force any energetic opening of any kind in a Chakra. Love yourselves and be kind to your energies. The results will be immediate, the impact on the Whole guaranteed, as all is One.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Within myself I've come across a standard that I've held for years and strived for in my quest for personal development. As I've worked with this body that I have been granted and worked with the genetic make up it provided, worked through the generational patterns that were so incredibly destructive, I have come to realize that in part, this is a very important part of being in the physcial body.

This body comes with its cells, the DNA and everything in place. The family patterns that have been passed down for generations were after a while very visible to me. It served first for learning and understanding the shortcomings. Now I have yet a different viewpoint. I have struggled and worked very hard to overcome and change some very ingrained behaviors that were visible through the lines of my family tree. It is the overcoming of these patterns that bring a certain amount of genetic evolution to humanity. I see it today, as a combination of playground/stage upon which I could learn a number of very important lessons, yet at the same time, I also see the service I have been able to do for the genetic imprint of this family tree. I understand that my children, who were born with this and their father's genetic imprints can benefit from my work, because energetically seen, there is no timeline. Even my grandparents and parents who have passed a number of years back are still benefitting from my "work" on these genetic imprints. The whole of humanity has gotten a fraction healthier, (for all that it's worth), as I was able to transcend some family stimgas of alcoholism and cancer, both disease pictures that are no longer an option in this body, nor in the bodies of my children.

Furthermore, the primary obstacle to a peaceful life in this body was the imprint and outbursts of sudden fits of rage. I have suffered from this as have my mother, my siblings, my grandmother and presumably her ancestors as well. My older daughter carries that stigma as well, whereas my younger one does not. I know that by working through this very destructive pattern, my older daughter has not had to express this stigma near as often as when she was younger and I wasn't quite done with my tasks of transformation.

I am not certain if I have transformed every last thread of this stigma, but the bulk is done, as peace has come to my life and that of my kids. In it all lies the beauty and importance of incarnating in the physcial form. To me it looks as if I have glimpsed a fraction of the Creator's plan for humanity. The joy of having contributed to this little bit of the great plan is immeasurable. The accomplishment is real.

In the light of this, I would like to bring the attention to a belief that I have encountered many times and over which I have always sort of "cringed" when I heard it, because in the end it fosters judgment and that in and of itself is the primary cause for destruction of peace. It is the belief that an enlightened soul is this pristine being, who will not step a toe out of line, ever!

I disagree with this picture. I disagree, for it does not resonate with my innermost senses. It doesn't resonate for 2 main reasons. First of all, it places the attaining of enlightenment to such a high standard that it seems pointless to even try to get there, or if we still find the drive in us to try to get there, there's almost certainly the guarantee, that we will keep doubting our own accomplishments and developments and therefore diminish our own light. Second of all, this kind of belief brings sainthood to some and judges others who do not appear "saintly", despite their high levels of consciousness, which may just as well be... enlightenment - "if only, they wouldn't fall from the grace now and then."

Well, I dare say, an enlightened being who has offered to volunteer for an incarnation will most likely chose a perfect body, perfect in the sense that it will bring challenges, as well as serve exactly for the right kind of scenarios that will in turn serve the greater picture. It could well be, that that body is of a family line with incredibly difficult to overcome obstacles, yet that soul has taken on the task to help transform and bring light to some pretty dense body types. Is that person less enlightened than the hermit, who meditates in his cave for years and is observed and revered as a saint or sage?  Is that person less of a saint, because sometimes the genetic material of the form he or she has chosen "trips them up"? - I think not. I have come to believe differently. I have come to believe in the "humanitarian approach" to those souls. I still think that when we see the light in someone's eyes, it's a better guide for "recognition of character" than any behaviors a person displays. We can look towards behaviors to observe whether a  person relentlessly strives for bettering themselves, struggling, falling on their nose, yet with all faith getting back up to try again, that is a true mark of an enlightened soul, or one that is nearly there at least.

Enlightenment doesn't mean it's time to rest, be revered and glorified.(Least of all it means that it's time to get "full of oneself"). Most enlightened souls try to stay away from that sort of thing and appear very humble.

This is but my viewpoint. Ultimately, I feel it is important not to judge the "age" or "stage" of a soul's development, but focus on one's own life, one's own path and journey towards ever greater awareness and never actively diminish one's own light and beauty. It's the journey that counts, not the destination.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Call for Unity

There are many calls for Unity. That's amazing. It's really great, it's the right direction for sure. However, in my experience, there are some misperceptions concerning what that really means. Of course, every person has the freedom to find out for themselves, so I'm going to offer my viewpoint only for pondering. Do stay critical, discernment is very important for your individual path.

I hear a lot of the "coming together of peoples" in the context of the cries for unity. Of course, I am not against people coming together and working towards a common interest or goal. Co-operation is a very important feature if we are going to create a different world. However, is this the unity that we are to strive for?.

The next point could be that yes, we are all one. Yes, we are all of the One Source, the Creator of all things. We are linked, our energies can blend and dance, we are one huge big unit. That is the core of what I see unity to be at. Yet, it doesn't mean that we all of a sudden have to continuously dance and interact with each other in that intimate fashion of blending our energies in order to consciously be that unit. It is quite alright, in my book, to keep a distance, to pick and chose with whom we would like to blend, for at the same time of essentially being one, we are very much individualized.

The sensation of oneness goes beyond people. We are equally one with everything in nature, everything created here on Earth and elsewhere. The sensation of unity can be experienced out in nature, in states of initial bliss, but there are people, there have always been some of us, who actually interact, move and live active productive lives, whilst having this sensation continuously. That I feel is the unity we are supposedly moving towards. Once this sensation is felt on an ongoing basis, be it with people, plants, animals, the sky, the oceans - what have you, once this sensation becomes so common place, we can be alone on a mountaintop and still be consciously in a state of unity. Unity for me does not mean I have to share my space physically with everyone at once. That would simply overwhelm me and feel very uncomfortable. I shy away from things that feel that uncomfortable, yet follow my inner call towards unity in my very own individual fashion.

The experience of unity in the sense that I have described brings a myriad of changes in understanding the interconnectedness of all that is and also propels one into a place of change in behavior whilst in physical form. Doing certain things simply becomes unfathomable, like violence or bringing harm to another. If that happens still, the remorse is immediate and the need to make amends instant.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's Complicated ?

In the human experience, I find myself pondering deeper questions a lot. I would have (possibly did) made a great philosopher back in ancient Greece. As always, I'm deeply engulfed in the experience of the projection of my consciousness fibers to different dimension, where information is available to answer the questions that trigger my curiosity. It matters very little what they were, they mainly pertained to my personal development. The actual point why I am talking about this, is that I've had a really good laugh at my own silliness.

There was a little bit of pride of having accomplished the feat of "going out and seeking" and actually returning with some bits of information that fit my own puzzle. So I shared it with a good friend of mine. I lamented a bit too. I felt like I wanted to shout my findings out to the world at large, but at the same time, my wisdom took over and I realized that my information was rather personal, pertaining to my own reality. Therefore, sharing it openly would most certainly result in consequences that I could almost foresee and most certainly guess at.
Needless to say, what I saw would happen with this information was enough for me to back off with my enthusiasm. It takes wisdom to know what to say when and how to communicate with a diverse group of people.

Yes, I had lamented a bit over the fact that I could not just go out and spread my "bit of news". That it was really wiser to keep it private. My friend, who always seems to really know what to say at any given time (gratitude for friends like this!), asked me a simple question: "why do you cause your own suffering?" I realized immediately what was meant. It wasn't that I couldn't speak of what had moved me today. It was that I had pondered the makings of things in a way that had complicated the whole issue at hand (considerably so). I heard what my friend wanted to say to me. "Why do you have to be so complicated?" - It was indeed so, that complicating things would bring about a sense of accomplishment, once I had figured out my own riddles. However, strictly speaking, my riddle wasn't really necessary. All it ever boils down to, in any circumstance is that ALL is love.

Although I could feel my friend's concern and hear the truth that sounded through the question, I had the immediate answer. I make things complicated, so that it contrasts with the simple truth of life in general.I complicate things, because I'm perhaps a bit bored at times. I get to play like that, because there is free will choice, but ultimately, I have to remind myself that everything is in fact really simple. Love is all there is, Love is all that matters.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Body Temple

I find myself challenged by an issue that has been very difficult for me to integrate during my almost half a century in this physical form here. I've been pondering the ways I've taken my physical body for granted. Well, I can even say, I've disregarded its importance and demanded so much of it. It has served me pretty well until this point, despite the lack of respect I have been giving it. The way I'm "wired" is that I always strive to take each lesson bravely head on so to speak, the moment I'm realizing something that needs adjusted. My view of my physical body most definitely needs adjusted. I've got decades of pretty blatant emotional abuse and other kinds of neglect that I have given it to make up for. It's not a pretty memory, that I have felt at the very young age of 2 1/2 years, that by cracking open a thermometer and swallowing the mercury, I could "escape" this prison, as I called it for so many years (secretly to myself and sometimes openly to others).

I have so often marveled at the souls who could inhabit their body and revere them, clothe them in finery, embellish their bodies, make them pretty, feed them good food (well that part I do understand somewhat), nourish their appearance and most of all honor and cherish their physical "temples" in a way that I simply could not understand nor fathom to ever come close to accomplishing myself.

I always demanded of this body that it would not hurt me unduly, heal itself pretty quickly and most of all just do it's job of being a necessary "tool" for a life time of learning and serving. I have a long history of not being able to fully bring my essence into this body and hence run into corners, bang myself black and blue and get irritated at my clumsiness of course. I have always felt I wanted to shed it as soon as I was possibly allowed to do that without letting it and the learning opportunities it facilitates "go to waste".

I must admit that I have been very callous when it comes to this physical body. I have had phases when I have downright expressed hatred for it, was never really happy with it's size and shape, have treated it as if it was an enemy. I most definitely felt it was a less than adequate expression of my essence. This body of mine has suffered at my hand and at my emotional distrust towards the earthly experience. I have regret over my behavior which is quite selfish and immature and feel the need to atone.

I am aware that the "forgiving" years of my life for physical repair are over. Things will still repair, but as the cellular structure ages, I have more and more work to do to maintain this form in "shape". It is high time that I give it more care, better reverence and most of all the love it deserves. It took the time it did, before I could make this realization. Nobody will scold me over my blatant expressions of disrespect for my body-temple but me. I have recognized my errand ways and I will shift gears and embark on the rather strange (for me) journey of becoming friends with this physical expression of mine. For better or worse, I feel it's high time to integrate this bit, before time runs out...

Off I go, I've got some pampering to do ...

Friday, February 18, 2011

Homage to a Friend

Tapping into souls, who want nothing more than to bring their full "glory" and understanding of their unity with all that is into the physical frame of the body in order to shine their light as brightly as possible, I cannot help but find a number of "hooks" that keep taxing those soul's perseverance fiercely at times.

It makes me wonder how come there are still other souls out there, who have embarked on their journey, have navigated it with amazing courage, unconditional love and eternal service to the One. Yet when it comes to bringing their "spiritual" energy fully into the realm of physicality, they cannot, they still divide. They have the full understanding that all is one. They bring extensive experience and understanding of the makings of the spiritual realms and they interact with their guides just fine. Yet, there is a part in them, that denies them the "admission" that they indeed are this incredibly bright light. This beacon of unconditional love that has nothing but the urge to spread everywhere, unconditionally, selflessly and just because.

I have found a conditioning that says: "well, I'm here now, on Earth, in a physical body and that's where my focus is. I cannot make myself addicted to the wonderful experiences beyond the veil, hence, they will have to wait until I return there after death."

Although free will choice is at the very core of this experience here, there are fibers inside of myself which want to break free, go rogue and shout out at such obvious self-imposed limitations. How can one truly ascend and bring in higher frequencies if the attachment is thus to the realm of 3D ? I have searched for answers regarding this and can only come up with one scenario that resonates with me. (I'm sure there's some I haven't thought of too, so there's absolutely more answers to this than what I've come up with.)

What does resonate with me is that a number of these very old souls are very much geared to help younger souls along. Especially those who have decided that they will remain in a 3D experience. It appears that these old souls have put blocks in place that they will not venture beyond, even though it would normally be very easy for them to live very differently. With these blocks in place, they will prevent themselves from being pulled into the blissfully joyous journey of ascension and they will remain in the 3D experience. My heart fills with eternal gratitude for these very brave and selfless souls who have decided to forgo the spectacular events of ascension and remain to lend a helping hand to the very young who are not ready to ascend. I bow down, with understanding and respect. I want to bring honor to those brave souls who have come to tend to those who need some teachers still.

In particular, I want to bring this understanding to my own self, who is confronted with the situation of the crossroads, where one of my dearest friends will most likely remain in 3D, whereas my path takes me onward. My heart is overflowing with recognition for her abilities as a teacher, as a healer, as a modern shaman who is engaged in a community of souls who will benefit immensely from her wisdom and knowledge. Her groundedness in the physical plane is a beautiful thing that I've never quite understood, but am in awe over. To her goes my homage today, may her path bring her the joy she deserves. May she realize that despite remaining in a 3D environment, her soul is one of the brightest lights I have had the pleasure to call my friend. We have danced together, cried together, had our share of disagreements and even fights, yet I remember the recognition we both experienced that first day, so many years ago, when we first met. I do not know how we will journey on from here, but I know that everything is in perfect alignment for each one of us. We've worked hard and laughed until we cried. My wish is that we may each see and fully recognize the reflection of our own beauty in the mirror that we keep presenting to each other at every encounter.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


A phenomenon that I've experienced in line with the continued thinning of the veil is that folks are beginning to see some of their lesson-contracts they have set up with other souls prior to being born in this life time. They march courageously through their end of the "deal" and are then feeling the strong urge to deliver their end of the "bargain" to the other soul involved. Sometimes such contracts get now dealt with swiftly, cleanly and learning is to be had at speeds that were unfathomable just a few years ago.

In yet another scenario, two souls may have developed according to their individual paths with full satisfactory results, yet have still a contract open, which they have not yet "tackled". It may well be that one is aware of this contract whereas the other refuses to look in that direction. This on it's own probably happens more often than not. It's ok, it's how it works here on Earth. Free will after all, right?

Well, with the thinning of the veil, there may be folks who are so keenly aware of the content of such contracts and when it gets blocked or refused by the other soul, then the frustration is but the beginning. I would say, the sensation such a situation brings is keen, deepset grief over the (perceived)  loss of a lesson. (whether it is an irrevocable loss or not). The sense of failing to help another soul fulfill a contract that was agreed upon is really quite a devastating emotion. One could reason very deeply about how free will choice is prime directive and so it is. One could also try to convince oneself that we are not responsible for this refusal to partake in this contract at this time. However, the higher self bringing in the soul's knowledge into keen awareness knows full well that it IS responsible no matter what. A contract is a contract and there will be a repeat if it's not fulfilled this life time, unless both parties decide to void the contract and dance with other partners in a future life time.

There is but one thing anyone can actively do in such a situation, next to having upheld their own part of the contract and that is to focus on the good bits of the other person. Focus on their divine nature, their innate perfection. It eases the pain somewhat, even though the sense of loss and profound sadness that goes along with a "lost opportunity" in this life time is something that just needs felt and experienced.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Going out on a limb today - here's what I've been observing around me:

It seems to me as if everything is on "speed dial" right now. Patterns and lessons that have been contracted out have popped back into my field of vision. There are things that aren't resolved and there is a certain urgency that drives these topics into the awareness. I am not sure if this is just something that happens to me personally, or whether it is a sign of the "times" we are in right now.

I feel it is a tremendous opportunity to embrace certain processes once and for all and heed the call of urgency. The energies are such, that simple recognition of the contract's "matrix" is all that is needed for the solving of the pattern. It's enough to just simply recognize what the learning is about. It almost feels as if there's no more time to walk through elaborate learning and integrating steps bit by bit. It's like an offer of "freebies" that says: "just identify the problem, it's  going to resolve on its own". Of course I do not know for certain whether this is so, but it seems to me that the energies are such, that old belief systems are being challenged once and for all and need to be adjusted to the new paradigm quickly in order for people to be ready for the next energetic blast/shift.

There is no need to panic though. I see that these simple recognition moments, the moment of epiphany will set everything in motion for the learning process to happen spontaneously almost subconsciously and clear out the last remnants of what needs solved before leaving this 3D experience.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Embody the One on Earth...

What does it mean to embody the One here on Earth? Well, we've got a body. Good! Great start!  We're experiencing (have experienced many times over) the physical realities, the polarity, the sense of separation, the linearity of time and the binary processing of good and evil. (etc).

Amongst the myriad of different "plays" we are allowed to enact, in my experience, everything is geared towards one thing. The re-integration of the ultimate truth. Where there is separation, ther must be unity, such are the universal laws of polarity. Some sages are sages because they embody something that we intuitively feel the need to "have" as well. They embody that glow of sweet, tender love. They embody a light that is coupled with wisdom. They embody, carry within and shine it without, a sense of peace, unity, calmness and humility. Their egos, we can muse, are "conquered" - (we never really get rid of them in my opinion). They are inspiring us to reach for the seemingly unattainable "something".

What we may even see, is that this "something" that the sages of this day and of time past carry, is indeed the embodiment of the One. Is it that they "channel" the One? In a way, they surely do, but I do believe it goes a step further. They "are" the One manifest in a body. Of course, to embody the whole glory of the One would possibly fry the human cellular structure with its intensity, but these sages seem to have an "in" to embodying bits of the One here on Earth.

We can further muse what it would take to reach that place, they so effortlessly hold ! I tend to have this idea to boil everything down to its essence, so in my speculation, in order to truly embody the One, we'd have to have an ingrained understanding and firm belief (which in turn will create the reality we experience), that the One isn't something outside of ourselves. We, along with all other sparks/souls here on Earth and everywhere else ARE the totality of the One, there is no separation, there is nothing to reach for outside of ourselves.

This may not be news for you, but have you truly grasped the implications of such a belief ? Do you truly hold this belief, steadfast in your heart and soul? Is going "home" still a linear journey? Is "ascension" or "path to enlightenment" something outside of yourself, a goal you have set yourself to reach? These are some of the questions a seeker would possibly ponder in depth. It isn't up to me to answer them for you, if you feel a resonance, I wish everyone a wonderful time of loving discovery.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The only Thing that Matters....

The only thing that matters is to embody the One here on Earth.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Our Light and Glory

Have you seen someone you admired lately ? Have you seen in his or her eyes a special light that touched your heart in a peculiar way?. Have you found yourself attracted to people that have seemed "above your league" just a while back? Have you found them to be friendly, open and accepting of your company ?

It may just well be, that the lifts of energetic vibration that have flooded the planet in waves ever increasing in intensity and speed, have lifted your energy to a vibratory fequency that you didn't inhabit when you first were born here this life time. I would say, it not only may be that way, but almost certainly it is that way. These changes in frequency were rough for some, smoother for others, but ultimately, I feel there is a greater number of people here now who have all pretty much settled into a very nice frequency. We may make new friends that way, or we may (sadly enough) walk away from those that we have called friends for a long time. It is all part of this journey.

What I feel I wish to point out today, is that it may still take that "aha" moment, where you actually realize what frequency you reside in and who all are your peers. This serves only for one thing and that is to accept your new vibration for yourself. It is not meant as a suggestion to begin comparing or using observations of vibration and frequencies as a tool for judgment. Far from it. What I am trying to convey is that in order to fully integrate the new frequencies, we must accept and integrate that we have reached these levels as well. For many, the blockages towards further ascension and enlightenment (which only means that we get a clearer image of who we actually are) lie in the simple fact, that their belief systems haven't totally switched over to be in synch with the truth of their energetic frequency. There are people who step thus onto their own toes and stumble along the path, when it would absolutely not be necessary to experience hardship.

For all this time we've worked with our lower selves, the ego. We've found ways to acknowledge it's existence but not give it the reigns for this incarnation any longer. We've humbled ourselves down - sometimes too far down. There are adjustments that sometimes are needed in this regard, to be fully in balance of where we reside energetically. It is quite ok, for those who have a tendency to humble themselves down too much to let go of that a little and look into the mirror that our surroundings present us with. There we can see very clearly where we are and what beauty resides in our heart. It is very important in my opinion that we embrace the gifts of these mirrors, accept them at face value and integrate our experience of ourselves as beautiful beings. This will increase the capacity for self-love and only then will we be able to bring free flowing unconditional love and compassion to those around us. It is quite OK to embrace our own beauty, capacity for love, our light and glory, so that we may shine truthfully in accordance with the newly gained energetic frequencies.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Observe the Changes

In the light of the gifts we have been receiving lately, in the form of cleansings and boosts of energy, it is not surprising that there are still remnants of the 3D paradigm that rear up their heads, trying to create momentum, pulling back into the direction of the old ways of fear, division, separation. The aim of these voices that keep popping up is often disguised as "well meant warnings" and the like. I am compelled today to put out a call of encouragement. Hold steadfast in what you know to be true in the light of unconditional love, light and unity. Whatever these voices try to do, do not allow it to become personal. Many may feel that they are being tested, but in fact, it is not a test at all. It is these old energies waning. The levels of fear in the world has lessened. In everyday life I see more and more kids walking to school again. It is as if an energetic "ban" has been lifted in our neighborhoods. The fear of something bad happening to our kids has subsided, we can breathe again. Likewise, I see messages of actions of outstanding courage that come from the level of "the people". It is indeed a waning of the energy of fear everywhere.

The recommendation I have today is to observe where fear used to be present, but is no more, or very much less so at this time. Take these observations as your guide to solidify the reality of a new world, where fear has no room, because the light and love is ever present. Make it so in your daily lives, for if we now give in to the "warnings" that pop up here and there, we give the power away again to those who feed off the fear energy. The energetic food source (fear) is getting less and less prevalent and thus available on Earth and that alone is the best strategy to move into a different level of existence, where those feeding on fear are not able to manifest and exist. Do recognize that these changes are in fact visible today and take heart by what you observe. Remain steadfast in your dream of unconditional love, compassion, unity and peace - and so it will come to pass fully.

Friday, February 11, 2011

The Last of Karma

It appears that some folks are experiencing heavy duty clearings these days. It seems fitting, for we are in the later rounds of "quickening" of the ascension process. Old baggage needs to be released in order to move forward, onward, upward. This seems like it's not much of an opportunity. Who really needs to have more things to work through, more lessons to learn, more hardship to endure, more physical discomfort or disease? Well, it's apparently the quickest and easiest way to move through remnants of karma.

If during these beginning months of 2011 you've been facing some really hard times, it could be you're in the very last throes of clean-up in your personal system. If you have nothing that still needs to be worked through, it should be an easy ride - enjoy ! However, be aware, that you may be called upon to share your wisdom, your knowledge, power and step up to the plate to lend a hand for those who still need to do their last bit of work.

I believe, those who have contracted to ascend along with the planet, will do so with no karma left over. I have seen cases in my practice, where years, no, decades, of suffering that hasn't gone away, all of a sudden is cleared. I do not believe that it is solely my skills as a healer. I think it has to do with the energies around us being very benign and geared to facilitate the clearings. The really good news is, whatever is left over on your plate of "to-do's" it can be cleared very quickly and will stay cleared. In many instances, I was given the information that ALL karma has been set to zero through one clearing or another. That is very good news indeed and I encourage you to intend for all karma to clear if ascension is in your blueprint. Things will be set in motion for freedom from karma to ensue. It's like a "free-for-all-karma-cleansing"-opportunity that is being offered at this time. It may be a rocky sort of experience for a short while, but cleansing is thorough, complete with all bells and whistles and won't take much of your time. Everything is accelerated and if you haven't done so until now, I would say, now's the time to really Spring clean your system - on all levels.

Help is available in many places, open up to receive help and ask for help and help will be given, swiftly and immediately with great positive effect. The joy that this time brings is immense and I sense the eagerness of helpers beyond the veil, as well as those who are embodied, who are ready, more than ready even, to lend a hand.

It's truly time to let go of pride, old attachments and the need to do everything on your own. It's time to reach out, help each other and clear what is perhaps still in the way. I can already sense the big sigh of relief when so much karma will be eliminated world wide. Things are moving swiftly, accurately and to the benefit of the whole. Indeed a great reason to experience the joy in the process(es).

In that light, I feel indeed drawn to lend a helping hand, I offer healing energies to be sent to those who ask for my help specifically, via email including a short description of their main complaint as well as their name and photograph.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

From Linear to Quantum

Our minds are well trained, we have navigated 3D on it's way out to this day. We've been bound by the laws of physics and those of the universe. Our mental capacity to take in this world's experiences is individual for each person. Most of us have accepted the inevitable conditioning of the linear mind - the timeline of thinking processes that logic from one point to the next one after the other. It has been fun to do it this way, but its' powers are beginning to wane.

More and more often I find myself in situations with questions so nagging that the linear thinking process just doesn't bring me any logically derived answers. This is where "thinking outside the box" may come in, but even that I'm afraid is a process that after the initial jump out of the box will continue inevitably in a linear fashion, as it tries to find solutions for problems (opportunities) at hand.

A new way of processing information is required. The binary computerization of information in our minds just isn't going to help us out if we fully want to experience the higher dimensions. True, some do not feel like they wish to explore 5D for example, or any other dimension besides 3D. However, energy frequencies have lifted the vibrations on the planet and thus within many human beings to a point where there is a noticeable "flaw" if one is trying to perceive the higher dimension and process that information in the fashion of 3D. It simply results in major loss of information and experiences can thus not be integrated to their fullest extent.

So we've run through a time span of learning to move outside of quantum processing of information, approximately around age 7, when the mental faculties become more and more linear.  This process allows an incarnation to "land" fully and be successful in the 3D environment. It is natural and entirely in line with the experience on Earth. We've bought for a number of years (decades, centuries...) into the inevitability of this linear thinking process until we have come to seek spiritually. At that point, every good spiritual teacher would have probably suggested that you "still the mind". Well, I do agree with that wholeheartedly, for if linear processing cannot be avoided, at least it could be calmed down and stilled. What that practice as left us with is the continued ability to process the information from the higher dimensions through other avenues, our emotional and spiritual bodies.  Mostly, still linear in certain ways.

The energies are gearing up, 2011 is giving us hardly a break from one wave of energy to the next. That's great. We can still rely on our stilled minds and process our experiences the way we have learned. It works. It's like an old computer however. At some point, the desire to upgrade the system may come up. I have no clear undisputed knowledge of how this should come to manifest, but I do get glimpses, which I will try to put into linear language.

If upgrade for processing the experiences in the higher dimensions is on your "to-do-list", then I would imagine that the mind, which has so willingly allowed that it be stilled, could be trained to move from linear processing to quantum processing. What I mean with this is that the processing becomes so much more refined. It will take into account the smallest particles of experience and energy and process it's interaction with every other minute particle. This increases the amount of information that we would consciously process considerably. The main part of the shift in thinking would be to think not in a fashion that is dictated by passing time, but to process the incoming information simultaneously. To be aware of more than one thing at any given time, to see their energetic interaction, their cause and effect as well as (at least some) possibilities of outcome. Our brains are fully capable to access that kind of processing. In fact, unconsciously it already does, as it regulates the myriad of processes our physical bodies go through every day.

Ascension is about becoming conscious. I feel that we are just at the very first thresholds that lead us to embrace the concept of our minds/brains functioning differently from when we were in 3D frequency. Evidently, I do not have all answers, as to how this will unfold. This is but a preview, something that I will hopefully talk about more as my own process in this regard reveals. I am however very excited over the possibilities of quantum processing abilities of our brains and hope to share more soon.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A little Lesson

As I am struggling to get some words to flow into today's blog post, I have to admit that this 4th try is going to be a wee confession. I have committed to blog on a daily basis and lo and behold I shall come through with my promise to myself. A little lesson has crept into this day (next to the big one involving money and plumbers). I have been very busy, true, and I have accomplished quite a bit today. Yet, "the blog" is still unwritten.

The little lesson today is quite simple. There is no real burning topic that I feel the wish to talk about - and that is OK! I am not witty enough to come up with something "just because" and since I have found that beautiful space of now, where plans matter little and energy that is in the now dictates the flow of my day, I have to go all the way and heed this flow. The message it gives me today, and it may be only so that I can integrate this little lesson now,  is: "Today, I have nothing much to say." It is ok, not to have a big topic to discuss. It is ok, to not blog at all, well, sort of. So today, dear readers, I wish you a pleasant experince of your own now, as I sign off to indulge in the rest that is so well deserved after an extremely busy day - alas - without having blogged about any grand topics.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A simple Story

My navigation brought me to a very old story. As so many stories that make up part of our history, or define a place as a religious teaching, this story is universal however. It can be stretched to fit it's meaning clearly and precisely. The details can be modified to fit today's timeline and our "modern" circumstances, without losing the teaching in the story. Songs have been sung to address this, I'm not the first person (evidently) and will hopefully not be the last to bring this story back from the dusty pages of old tomes. I will not re-write this story, I will not alter this story, for in and of itself it is perfect. It has endured thousands of years, yet it's message is as burning as ever.

You may remember this story, it may be what's been on your mind lately, or if not, you can google this story (gratitude goes again to the vastness of the internet). I will not link a google search, there are many versions, pick one you feel drawn to.

It would possibly be wise not to take on another's interpretation of that story, but to let it seep deep within the confines of your own essence. I do believe that there are many layers of teachings in this story and it would be wise to dig deep, until all lightbulbs go off and the trumpets sound in celebration. Let it reverberate in your energy bodies and let the truth speak for itself. We have been given these gifts, these triggers that lead us to where we need to go. All I am called to do here is bring a reminder, one for myself and one for my readers.

The story I am talking about is the story of the Golden Calf from the Old Testament. (Exodus).

Monday, February 7, 2011

Moving towards Unity

It seems to me that everything is on "hold". I am strangely unable to get anything done in the way I had thought I would, but it's not a bad feeling. I would say today, it's best if I don't start any new projects. The energy that makes this day such a quiet one may not be my own, it's always a bit difficult to discern. It is however most definitely affecting my day. I'm fully embracing this sense of stagnation and know that within a few days, the next wave of energy will arrive and bring a bunch of new gifts. If I take a peek at these gifts that are lined up, I see the potential that we are going to see ever more clearly who we are. It is rather important to integrate this gift, for if we remain out of balance with the understanding of who we are individually, the process of unity will not be able to unfold as neatly as it could.

What does that mean to bring our understanding in balance? Well, we are many things, we have had many roles we could identify with. We can play with archetypes, pretend to be something we're not or have never been and still gain understanding of who our essence is. To gain understanding of self is in my opinion the main factor, why small(er) children often love to play pretend and dress up. It is but to find out who they are, what they resonate with, what they love to embody. It is much the same as we revisit this very pivotal lesson of "Who am I?". What is the signature of our essence like? This is a very individiual question, it's a question that is very central to the processes of ascension, yet it is one that only few have managed to integrate in a balanced fashion. Often, there is a bit too much of either side, be it  "not worthy to be this or that", or on the other side, "way better than ...". Both sensations are a marker of being out of balance. Being in balance would bring that quiet, calm, innate understanding, a sense of equanimity and acceptance of the totality of possibilities that we have embodied, experienced, played with and integrated through the life times. That totality IS. At it's center is love, yes the fabric we all are made of is unconditional love and that's a very beautiful fabric.

There are approaches that only speak of the love and those are very valid approaches. It is however, as playful as anything else and most importantly totally allowed to approach this question of "who am I?" from a myriad of different angles and that in and of itself adds to the totality of who we are as a unit. The striving for unity can hence happen in equally many ways.

However, it is my understanding that we will merge into the energy of unity much easier if we have a balanced understanding of who we are individually. In this unity we will then not loose the knowledge of that balanced understanding of who we are. We will be able to hold that focus if we wish and experience that at the same time. Unity will not require of us to give up that understanding, on the contrary, unity will mean there are just more souls, who have gained the understanding of who they are to celebrate that understanding with.

Sunday, February 6, 2011


There are dreamers in this world. There have been dreamers for eons and dreamers have been belittled very often by the "realists", by the "revolutionaries", by the "traditionalists" even. There are many more factions or groups of experiences here on Earth and the diversity is the joy and beauty of the world of form. My thoughts today go to shed light on to what it means to be a dreamer.

Dreamers have a very important task that is not really understood by those who are not involved in dreaming. I am of course not talking about the nightly dreaming every human being experiences on and off, or even frequently. I am talking of the daydreamers. These are the souls who have come to bring their essence into the world of form to bring about new ideas, to bring about the framework of possibility. That framework will then be picked up by the "inventors", or "revolutionaries" etc. and put into manifestation. Often times, in the 3D fashion, more value is given to those in the groups that manifest things, bring it into visible form. I challenge these judgments, for they are but an expression of ignorance.

Without dreamers, this world could not evolve. Without dreamers there would be no framework available for the makers and shakers of this world to manifest the ideas the dreamers dream into existence. This world has given credit to some famous dreamers, ideologists, thinkers, artists  etc. Yet it has belittled the really crazy people, you know those like you and I, who dare put the blinders up to avoid the "reality" that is already manifest. Those who dare live in a "fantasy world", where peace, health, beauty, harmony and unity is already a fact. Those of us who are dreamers know exactly who they are. They know of the struggle, the energy it takes to be steadfast, if not stubborn in refusing meddling or even getting informed of the politics, the current wars, the atrocities committed to other human beings. It is not that we ignore those things completely, our hearts do bleed and pour out compassion and love to those areas. We do not dwell on that however, we give it no energy other than the love and compassion. We don't get angry about these things, we don't feel the need to protest, we dont' feel the call to march or shout. We simply remain in our different dream, in order to dream up a new Earth, a new world that is based on different principles than the one we currently live in.

Respect goes to all different groups, for all task forces that have incarnated at this time. There cannot be any peace as long as judgment keeps creeping in. There cannot be any judgment if one understands the greater picture to the degree that there has to be a dream first, there has to be a framework available for the doers, the "active manifesters", those in the action packed task forces. My respect goes out to ALL groups, for if one group doesn't do it's job fully, the next cannot perform at their highest level either. It is time to once and for all stop judging each other, for nobody knows whether the person they are talking to is truly a dreamer, or a protester, a revolutionary, a politician, a steward of the Earth, a simple but important messenger, a watcher or any other of the assignments that can be had here. Because we do not consciously know what task another is performing, it is better to stick to one's own task and stop looking elsewhere for confirmation, for approval, for in all this lies only one potential, denial of one's own power, deviation from one's own task and judgment which only bring ripples of disharmony and discord and makes the job at hand a whole lot harder.

So let's all include the dreamers as a fully acknowledged task force here on Earth - they've been with us, there have been many, some very famous and some absolutely unknown and under the radar. In honor of one of the most famous ones, I urge today stop judging and  -- Imagine! --   (Thanks John for your tireless work and huge legacy).

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Middle East

My read on the situation in Egypt and the Middle East in general is that we are witnessing a mass awakening of epic proportions. The unrest that manifests as a result of it, is understandable, if we remember our own awakening processes over the last few months, years, even decades. What we were able to integrate little by little, the frustrations we experienced in small doses are manifesting in those areas of mass awakening on a much larger scale compressed in a very short time frame, thus making the process ever more intense.

Indeed I am not even looking at the details of the unrest. It is the energetic signature that I am reading here. I do not claim to be right, I bring this knowledge so we can embrace this new group of awakened folks and hold them in our energetic embrace, with full understanding and compassion.

To enable anyone who feels drawn to helping the people in the Middle East ease the journey, a net, a sub-grid of the crystal grid around the planet has been manifested over their geographic area. Lightworkers are invited to visualize this net which is located a bit closer to the planetary surface than the crystal grid, as if it were a grid-like dome, anchored at various points on the periphery of the geographic area that is currently experiencing this awakening.

All beings in this area are strongly affected and not everyone is used to such a significant lift in energetic frequency. The visualized dome can hold energies of all frequencies and is meant as a tool for those lightworkers who do have the desire and are drawn to help in that area. This tool can be used intuitively. There are no direct instructions, but I have seen that working with this sub-grid involves all different color frequencies, depending on the situation's needs. It therefore makes sense to let the process of assistance unfold individually, with full knowledge that the compassion and unconditional love focused on the Middle East at this time will result in the dome's response in amplifying our efforts and thus will most likely result in images for the lightworkers that will make the helping experience very focused and efficient.

I imagine that not every single lightworker has a desire to be intimately involved in helping that area out with their well intended focus and love. Therefore, it may be advisable for those who do not feel drawn to it to know that there are plenty of lightworkers at work already and if you're not one of them, that's fine, your work/job may be in a different area altogether. Those needed now will most certainly feel the distinct call to take action one way or another. Working with this sub-grid/dome is not a requirement, it's just an offering to facilitate and amplify the balancing efforts.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Lull

The intensity of the energies of the last few days has peaked and in the culmination I am experiencing the lull that follows the wave patterns. On "lull days" it feels like there isn't much to "report" or talk about. It is as if all of a sudden, the path that seemed clearly "outlined" and flagged even lit up has disappeared or at least given way to a vast field of energy that emanates equanimity. It is difficult to describe such states, as they are nothing  and everything at the same time. I sense the potential for creation that they hold, yet know that it's just not the right moment to try to hook into any spot on that energetic plane. It's quiet and after having been very busy for a few days, after having experienced huge spikes of intensity in energy, challenges and triumphs, it does feel a bit like anti-climax, yet not in a sense of "let down". The well deserved energies of triumph still smile at me, even though the "rush" is over.

I wonder at times what to do on days like these. There are still many things on the ever popular "to-do-list", but the motivation just isn't there. I realize that since I'm in the Now, it matters very little whether or not I am making myself do anything in particular. It is with this freedom that I choose to just enjoy the lull for what it is, stop trying to change it's energetic gift of peace and repose. It is indeed alright to muse, to listen to music, to enjoy the current ongoing Spring weather in this State, where I feel very much at home today.

The more I contemplate this lull-day, I realize that it is the moment of opportunity to set the stage for how I will ride, navigate and experience the next wave that will most certainly follow the lull. During these lull-moments I am given the opportunity to sow the seeds. I have to muse on this a little bit, for it hasn't been this clear to me until this very moment.

What does it mean to sow the seeds for how I am to experience the next wave ? What are my choices ? The sense I am getting is that the more peaceful I can flow with this expansive state of "lull" inbetween the waves that are inevitable and part of the energetic ebb and flow, the more peaceful will my experience be when the next wave comes flowing in. It is my chance to prepare myself. It is my chance to set the stage. I can stress out on this lull day, because there is so much to do, or I can live and enjoy it in peace, harmony, with lots of good laughs and not a care in the world. That is my choice for today and when the next wave comes, I feel I will be ready to have a blast !

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Challenged !

I'm often trying to be in snych with "what's up in the air" and today I have had enough feedback personally and from others that the topic at hand seems to be very clear to me. I would go as far as to say, the energies these past few days have been gearing up to send one simple message to many folks, including myself. It is time to step into our personal power. This means that we have gifts and talents we came with, we have nourished, developed and grown with and through those gifts. They have shaped our lives and have in some instances dictated the direction of parts or even our entire journey. The energies of ascension have, in waves, shaken us to the core, built us up, rattled our game until the demons crawled out of the closet. Our bodies have sweated, gotten ill, tingled in every cell and coughed up that which we couldn't name. We've slept, fasted, drank plenty of fluids, written blogs and hoped for someone to understand what we were going through and at times we still are doing that as we continue to adjust to ever increasing vibrations.

We are now, in various degrees, being presented with challenges. The healers among us may see cases that question their way of healing and require a whole new approach. The stewards of Mother Earth may watch with a sense of dread the storms, floods, cyclones and blizzards as they gear up to come ravage certain areas of the globe and some people just take on the challenge of dealing with personal issues they have avoided for a long time. We all keep doing what's before us, but these past days, the challenges have unhinged some of us a little bit.

I dare say, we have these challenges in our lives, because we are now fully capable of dealing with them. We have honed our gifts and talents enough and are asked to use them fully. We are asked to get really practical, even if our gift seems small to us, it isn't. Even if it is "only" a free flowing open heart with which we can direct unconditional love to different parts of the world, if that is our task, so be it, we are now called to take it on the way it presents itself to each individual.

It is time to fully accept our roles, our talents and gifts and DO whatever is before us and do it to the best of our ability with absolute devotion to the task we feel is ours. Without judgment towards any of our fellow humans, who are possibly (most likely) holding different tasks and are performing those the best way they know how. In accepting these challenges, I see the gift of many folks stepping into their own power and owning it - it feels like a time for initiation or a coming of age to me. I applaud each and every one who fully embraces their own light in that fashion, stops making excuses, stops doubting themselves and boldly keeps on traveling along their path.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


With the latest energy shifts comes a gift. This gift is in form of altered (mainly expanded) perception. Each person will experience this gift in a different way. It's quite individual and not to be compared (let's practice that new paradigm and stop comparing, shall we?) The form this gift takes for each individual is not a measure of "how far they've come" nor "how enlightened they are" or anything of the sort. The avenues this new ability takes is individual because each spark here on Earth has A) a different task or lesson plan than any other, even if there are similarities, and B) a different set of talents that are needed for that individual contract for this life time. Hence, it is absolutely senseless to compare one human being or their experience to another in a judgmental manner.

The gift of expanded ways of perception can take thus many forms. I can only speak for me, there may be similarities within your experience, but I believe the joy lies where we begin to realize that things are definitely changing, our abilities are adjusting to the energies and functions of the new paradigm and that in and of itself is a glorious thing. My abilities have always been very different from most people I've met, but for me too, there have been changes. I'm perceiving my own "shortcomings" much clearer. I see connections from one thing to their point of origin much clearer than I have in the past, when I had to intuitively "guess" at times and I have a very strong sense of who I am in my own essence now. These changes from how I perceived myself and my environment before have allowed me to tackle new tasks that I could not have taken on prior to this gift, or would only have done when my physical body was asleep. I'm becoming much more aware of what's going on in dream time, whether I am awake or asleep. It is truly a sense of being multidimensional, typing away here on my very physical computer, yet at the same time knowing of the tasks I am simultaneously performing on different planes of consciousness and existence. That perception is there, even if I do not fully comprehend (yet) their magnitude or the intricate makings of them in detail.

I do observe these changes and welcome them. To me it is as if the physical world is finally a place where I can feel more and more at ease, but I'm sure others may have different sensations around this. With these new abilities and expanded perceptions comes a greater, more expansive sense of responsibility. I navigate this by staying in my high heart energy, where I do let unconditional love be the guide as to how to react (if at all) to what I perceive in this fresh, new manner.