Thursday, January 20, 2011

Code of Honor

In the life times of 3D experience it was somewhat ok to wildly, in full innocence (ignorance?) do stuff that would hurt others. The system of karma and re-incarnation allowed for correction where it was needed. Many directives, rules if you will, suggestions on how to live, were given to this world over the centuries. There are many books out there, old and new that still patiently hold pearls of wisdom and truths that are still valid now and possibly will never lose their validity. I am not one to like rules much. I don't play by rules that come from the outside. I do have some simple rules though by which I am trying to live my life and sometimes, I blatantly violate my own directives.

Whether or not you define or live your life by rules matters little to me as a person. However, I do have a dream that humanity at some point will be able to live by something that transcends the status of "rule" and becomes an implicit  "code of honor". I'm really preaching to the choir here a bit, and don't really want to re-invent the wheel. It may be that time is right to point out certain things, it may be that I just feel I personally need to remind myself of this code of honor that I wish everyone would adhere to.

It is quite simple. If I hold the awareness that all is ONE, I know with certainty, that what I do unto others, I do to myself. Now the difficulty comes in if I cannot honor and respect myself enough to care what I do to myself by doing to others. So it boils down to honoring and respecting my essence, my self. By doing so and by staying aware that I am part of all that is and all that is, is in fact affected by my every move, my every thought, the faintest ripple on my part will create a response in the ALL, then I can either become paralyzed and never do anything again, for fear of treading onto another being in a manner that isn't honorable and respectful, kind and benevolent, or I can seek for the one source of energy that can aid and guarantee honorable conduct.

There is but once source that I know of, which guarantees a conduct and interaction with any living thing and that is the essence of all creation, unconditional LOVE. It is my responsibility to tap into this essence, to feel it in my own form (body) to let it be the guide for my words, my deeds and my reactions to others. No amount of curiosity for a topic, confusion within me that would drive me to earnestly seek clarification, no matter what opinions and viewpoints of others trigger in me - my next step should always be guided by this energy of my own essence, my heart, love. Only then do I feel, will my interaction be pure, truthful in the best of intentions, it will carry that signature, even if the thoughts, the beliefs are not in harmony with other beliefs. That energy of love will emanate from my creations, thoughts, words spoken and written, from my deeds and reactions and even if that isn't enough, even if my delivery is as carefully placed as it possibly can be, I have to trust that my love that was the trigger and guidance for my expression will caress the ALL in honor and respect and thus reflect back to me in the same manner.

Imagine that we ARE all that already, always have been, always will be.


  1. Love it Alaniya, thanks for this, love Tara xox

  2. Hugs Tara :) you're most welcome here ....

  3. People often overlook the word 'love,' I find. They take it in a superficial way, and gloss over it. It's easy to do such a thing in today's environment of constant bombardment of stimulation, and not enough time to think/feel deeply. We are used to hearing about Jesus' love, your own True Love, the Summer of Love, Make Love Not War, Baby I Love You...till it becomes nearly meaningless (TV's The Bachelor has sunk 'love' to its most meaningless depths). But if we contemplate the actuality of love, as Alaniya has used the word here, the depth of the meaning, it becomes clear that love is affirmation. It is us understanding and employing the power of Yes: yes to life, yes to being, yes to care and honor. It's living in that ultimate affirmation. It almost defies words... but you get my drift!

  4. Thanks Myr, yes, the moment the words fail or become insignificant before the magnitude of the essence of who we truly are - that's when you know :)