Thursday, October 14, 2010

Questions - anyone?

It seems to me that many sources speak of change, of "the consciousness shift". I have heard reference to the 10/10/10 date and indeed, my  post "It's a Tall Order" came into this blog that day (unplanned, I swear!) - I try not to pay too much attention to dates, as some of them are hypes, they are just simply "man-made". I don't even want to dwell on the 10/10/10, but as it is a coincidence, I cannot totally dismiss it.

Rather than focusing on the actual numbers (i'm a language person and not too focused on numbers), I would like to look at the "mood" out there in the world. Is there really a change in sight? Another very often proclaimed date pops into my mind, it's the ominous 12/21/2012  number combination, (21.12.2010 for Europeans), yes the "end" of the Mayan calendar. I'm no expert on Mayan culture, but again coincidences need to be noticed and observed.

It seems to me that all around me there are messages that talk of the "needed change", "needed shift" or something of that nature. If the end of the Mayan calendar is indeed the potential (or planned ?) beginning of the shift in mass consciousness, we have about 2 years and 2 months to get there. Not a very long time, but certainly doable. It must be doable, for currently, the push of the Universe does feel very much like "hey, get going, you gotta be on your way now..." to me.

Questions rise out of this assumption: "on my way to where?" - "and then what?" - "what is required of me?" are just a few of the many that I could dream up. I'm sure you may have one or the other as well. Feel free to write comments or ask your question in this thread, or email me if you feel more private about it.

There is a saying that denotes: "if you are able to formulate the question, you already have the answer inside you" That's why questions are so important in my opinion. Ideally, as a group of people contributing to mass consciousness (which we most certainly are, either on one end of the belief system or the other), I feel that asking questions (even if we only ask them of ourselves) is an absolute must. For without questions, there will be no answers. Without questions, there will be no new ideas that could lead to answers. Without questions, we will feed on the known, on the boring, on the dysfunctional stuff. That's the stuff i'm trying to outlive, trying to change, trying to overcome. It feels like I'm in midst of this sea of common belief systems (current mass consciousness) trying to climb out of it into a new, more exciting version of common belief.

I'm "realistic" enough to know that my own ideas of this new consciousness are not going to be "IT" - again, i'm not here to preach, nor to suggest what that new consciousness should look like, I'm just finding myself over and over again in the position to shout from the rooftops: Go to your hearts, seek the experience of the 5th dimension (as explained in previous posts) and then decide what mass consciousness should look like. In the grander scheme of things, I'm but a quiet little bird who has begun it's song, but If i dont' say what I have to say, I'm going to choke on it one day.


  1. What is going on with the stars? It is like they are going out one by one. The Sun I know there is a problem and the moon has shrunk a great deal. Is this the effect from merging with the Milkyway or more on a spiritual level or dimentional.

  2. I have not had that same perception, but then I haven't been out stargazing lately. One thing I know is that as we change our own frequency and points of perception, the reality we perceive changes as well. Keep me posted on your perceptions about this? Interesting ! I'll go do some stargazing when we have a clear night sky and comment again :)