Thursday, March 31, 2011


It's been a really long stretch of exercising my patience. I have been waiting a very long time. The cocoon that was so visible, where people kept to themselves, where suspicion and fear won out over trust and love. That cocoon has kept people from recognizing each other on the soul level. The veil of forgetfulness that had such a Divine purpose in the old paradigm has thinned out a great deal. It's beginning to be quite see-through.

As I was walking along the river, my mind on its water and the waters in all things, it was very noticeable how people recognized each other, how the greeting was sincere. In that moment of walking past one another, time seemed to expand, the whole image of who that soul is was visible clearly while walking on that same path along the river. That expanded moment was all that needed to exist for a bit, there was no need to follow-up, there was no need to attach anything to that moment either. These were special little moments of absolute perfection, where the eye contact was made, the other's presence here on Earth honored and recognized and that was good enough to stand in it's own beauty.

After many of these brief encounters of recognition, the question came forth: "What do we have here?" and the answer was available right there as well: "Metamorphosis!"

It became clear in an instant that what I had witnessed today was the emergence of humanity in its new consciousness. Gone were the fear and suspicion, replaced by love and trust filled recognition of our true selves respectively. It is truly a form of metamorphosis that humanity is going through and the first ones are emerging now. It all culminated when at a grocery store after the walk, a clerk got a bar of chocolate and began offering it to everyone around. He was young, very handsome, tall, his eyes sparkled and his heart was wide open. He said very fittingly: "That's how I make friends - Hello Friends!" Some were happy to share in the offered chocolate, others were more reluctant, but their choice of "no thanks" was respected with a smile.
We all had a great time and left each other with the ease that only absence of fear and attachment can bring - we left with our hearts wide open. The unspoken understanding was, that should there be need, we will most certainly meet again.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Let the Water Speak

Citizens of Earth: March 31st, 12 NOON (your timezone). "The Water of Fukushima Nuclear Plant, we are sorry to make you suffer. Please forgive us. We thank you, and we love you." This is all it takes. Please say it aloud or in your mind 3 times as you put your hands together in a prayer position. Please offer your sincere prayer." -- Dr. Masaru Emoto

With a feeling that I have no news, that the main thing on the "to do list" has already been spread and linked through the various sharing platforms, all that remains is a bit of musing.

Dr. Masaru Emoto's calls himself a messenger of water and I believe that he is just that. His work is of immense value, for it shows visibly what influence our thoughts, emotions and energies have on water. So much on this planet contains water (perhaps that's why we're such an emotional bunch?). Dr. Emoto shows the key to healing of the whole biosphere, of all beings on it. It's a form of quantum healing. Everyone is capable of doing it. Of course it takes a desire to help, to be part of the change and a wee bit of time and focus. It is so simple, that we can decide to shrug it off. We can decide however to do the opposite, we can decide to take it seriously, to give it a shot, to do it even if there are no immediately verifiable results. We can trust that his work true and lend our power to the cause. We can decide to embrace the power our thoughts have and step consciously into the collective consciousness and affect a change for the better. We have that choice to make and to me it's a no-brainer.

Personally, I'm not a great follower of others or their causes. I have played the tune to my own dance for a long time, but when something as reasonable, as scientifically explainable and as effective as Dr. Emoto's call for a world wide healing prayer of water shows up on my horizon, I wholeheartedly join and give my thoughts, my energy, my heart to this cause.

In doing so, I experience gratitude. It is absolutely wonderful that I didn't have to "invent" this wheel. I am immensely grateful for Dr. Emoto that he took on the work, the discovery and provided visible proof and moreover, I find it so infinitely relaxing that I don't have to be a scientist to comprehend the beauty of healed water crystals compared to the image of diseased water.

With these words I would like to honor Dr. Emoto's work, his discoveries and at the same time I feel drawn to giving a pledge that I will be mindful of water whenever I see it in any form, I acknowledge water in the presence of every creature, not just in the drops of rain or the rivers, lakes and oceans. I will  lend my energy to sending it good thoughts, gratitude and unconditional love to water on a daily basis (there are plenty of encounters with water to last me a lifetime of this !) I pledge to go beyond the one time shot of an orchestrated event. I let this day of world wide prayer be but the beginning of a new way of looking at water, to a new way of thinking about it, to a new way of expressing love for all things, may the water in us all speak to the water everywhere, I know it does.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Understanding Unity

In my book, we've come into physical bodies in this time period to experience, to discern, to recognize this from that, by ways of polarity. Now, we're on our way out of polarity back to a way of understanding unity again. Some of us have not lost the connection and understanding of unity, but the polarity energies on Earth have this drive, that it makes us still look at things by comparing it to other things, it makes us look at states of consciousness and experiences very rightly so by showing us this and that. Eventually, the understanding dawns that it is really this AND that and that it's all the same, yet discernible still.

My mind has the ability to grasp bigger concepts. It has been trained from early on to accept the unseen, to bring in ways of lateral thinking that I do not even know if there is a label for it. There have been experiences of separation where my mind's gymnastics just would not fit into mainstream type of thinking. As a younger person, that was painful to experience, but today, I'm quite glad to have this funky way of processing things. One of my talents is to see the flaw in a concept. I've been termed pessimistic for it, even though that is not really my natural disposition. I've learned to keep the mentioning of the flaw largely to myself, for who wants to hear critique on everything? In relationships, I've struggled, for my drive to show the flaw that didn't need to be there in the first place was often not well received. I've found a profession, where this talent of noticing the flaw comes in very handy. I've learned patience, I've learned to sit and wait for others to see the individual flaws in their situations, for in my experience, my noticing of the flaw was just that - I had noticed, I had communicated it and I had no impact whatsoever by doing that. People in general want to make their own choices, have their own experience and so I've come to still notice the many flaws (my perception), but I've mainly stopped saying anything.

Today, I'm making a choice not to do that. Today, I'm pointing out towards what I perceive to be the squeeky wheel in the experience of ascension. It isn't really a flaw, the word flaw in and of itself gives a negative connotation. What I do perceive is that one tidbit, where the energy of striving for enlightenment and unity consciousness falters and reverts to the old pathways of thought and understanding, the old paradigm of duality.

My hope is that by describing what I see, I may contribute to greater understanding of this energy drive that envelops the whole of creation, this planet, all beings. There is this energy that seeks unity. It is in motion. It pulls, tugs and beckons us to follow it. If we sit still in meditation for a while, we can feel it, we can sense it in our mind, in our cells, in our heart. It is that which feels true. For each one of us, this thing this energetic pull, which feels true takes a different experience. It is individual. I cannot say that it is "this" - or "that". All I can say is, you will know how it feels to you when you experience it. The faculty of inner knowing is pronounced when you feel this energy.

If you now feel the need to communicate this, perhaps rejoice about it, perhaps wish to share the joy of it, then put out the intent to do so. If you however wish to teach it, you're about to hit that point where it all collapses back into the energies of old. This cannot be taught, it cannot be described properly, but what we can do is describe what it isn't.

If we are drawn to notice, take in and digest things happening in this world, political leaders flailing (when have they not flailed?), religions going haywire, groups of normally peaceful people quarreling, when you see people insisting that "this is what it is", then we know unity consciousness ISN'T that. For when we try to describe unity in words, we fall into polarity and polarity isn't unity. It's that simple. When we try to comprehend unity with our logical mind, we fail, for the logical mind, as lateral as it may function, still weighs up this or that and that is duality and not unity. The drive to share, to express, to discern, to find the right way, etc - all these are concepts of duality and not unity. When you hit upon the state of unity consciousness, there are no words left, there is understanding, but it isn't the mental kind alone. There is experience, but it isn't "this or that". In the state of unity, the understanding that each individual experiences exactly what is to be experienced in that moment of experience prevails and with that understanding, there is that sense of "everything is as it is supposed to be".

When we share in unity, we can share energetically, we can love unconditionally, the need for words ceases and the silence nourishes our natural state of being. Each time, I'm there, joy abounds. Each time I'm there, I know that the time of dualistic words is going to draw to a close soon. Each time I write, I do so with an infusion of my energy, my consciousness is embedded energetically in the words I write and I invite my readers to experience my words on more than the mental level. Mental comprehension is just one of the thresholds, one of the openings for understanding. It is by no means the end of understanding.

Monday, March 28, 2011


This morning, I awoke with grand ideas. I had it all mapped out. I knew what I was going to talk about on my blog. It was so clear and stood in the room, I could almost touch it. I was anxious to turn on my computer and start putting words to it. Alas, after 3 tries I had to give up. On the third try, I had written 3 paragraphs, tediously, it wasn't flowing at all, then my keyboard fell down and all windows disappeared and with it my 3 paragraphs. "3 strikes",  I thought and decided to call it for the moment. I put my focus and energy to other things. Things that I'm not so fond of doing, like grocery shopping, or changing the sheets on the beds, let's not even talk about the loads of laundry waiting to be folded and put away. I can always come up with yet another thing that could help procrastinate these little chores.The day unfolded quite nicely, shopping wasn't as bad an energy drain as it usually is. Perhaps the fact that I simply loved the people I was pushing my cart towards, or acknowledged the clerk's anger and frustration as part of me with a wave of unconditional love helped in not having to spend my energy separating myself from "them". I smiled a lot in the store today.

Later on, I had tackled the bedsheets and called it my mediation. (There is something about clean sheets, I tell you!) I was pondering what to speak of today and finally the picture became very clear. For years I had wondered about certain talents, that I knew I had, but had no clue as to how to be whole with them intact and useful. There was simply no space to apply some of the things I'm able to do - or so I thought. I have wondered for many years what was to become of me, what I was going to be and how I could best fulfill my mission here on Earth. Over time I have let go of the need to know more and more until I came to the point of being challenged to integrate each and every little talent that I knew I had. It was high time that I followed what was before me and integrated these bits and pieces to put the puzzle of "me" into place to see the whole picture emerge.

Had I not had this experience lately, that I had embraced myself, my talents, my "powers", all my bits and pieces, nice and not so nice?  I saw that that conscious integration has a very distinct effect on my everyday experience. Without pushing any of my talents, by just accepting that "this talent" is part of me, I've made the experience that I am now being asked if I know someone with this specific talent. All I can do is tell them: "I am fully capable of doing what you ask for." It felt so wonderful, that this talent that I have, but never "marketed", for it is not really a marketable talent, was all of a sudden desired, requested and accepted. Another little detail I had noticed is my ability to receive is growing too and it looks like this ability to receive goes right along with the exercise of embracing everything, of receiving everything (good or bad) into my heart.

As I have embraced my talents, my essence, my being more and more, as I love the totality of me, including the very angry clerk today, I see that my experience of my reality is adjusting, quietly, almost sneakily, but very efficiently nonetheless. All I had to do is meditate while changing the sheets, so that I could notice the change.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Letting Go by Integration

As we experience our own journeys, our own awakening, we may gravitate to those who are experiencing the same thing. It gives us comfort to know that we are not alone. It is a perfectly natural thing to gather one's energy and move toward a group, where things resonate. That motion, that move out of isolation and separation into the energy of a group is so natural to the soul energy, that we simply cannot do without. True, there have been hermit life styles which have brought great enlightenment to the individual and also the world, but sooner or later, as a human being, there is always that draw back "into the fold". We can sense that there is greater flow of energy when we are not alone. We can feel safe and supported and perceived burdens can be shared. Joy can be augmented by sharing as well. Yet, in that grouping, in that drawing towards each other in groups, there is the potential for identifying with one group, then coming to think that what that one group experiences is "THE" way to go about life, to go about awakening to the truths of the universe.

We can pay lip service and understand mentally, that this approach is flawed and furthers nothing more than the illusion of separation, but can we truly transcend our own group affinity in order to integrate the disillusionment and thus move out of a state of continued sense of separation into a state of greater unity until at some point, the illusion falls away altogether?

Since we have navigated in the physical experience of "this or that" we have grown very accustomed to perceiving things thus. This OR that. One way of healing this attachment to this or that, is to heal the seed of separation within. We can mentally embrace and even gain some understanding that it is not "this or that" but "this AND that", but can we truly claim, that every cell, every tiny particle of our bodies, our being, our consciousness has moved beyond the illusion of separation?

I am in doubt over how thoroughly this has been achieved at this point. I do not know. I doubt my own achievements on a daily basis. I feel the need to be certain. Yet, in my innermost sense, I understand that in letting go even of that need of certainty, I can relax into doing what lies before me. I can relax and understand that every single person is doing exactly what is before them, nothing more, nothing less. I can see, that for some this is very basic ground work, for others, it's soaring flight. There cannot be judgment, there can only be rejoicing in the perfection of everything that is as it is supposed to be.

We may get upset at the groups that call themselves names such as "illuminati", or "bankers", or "politicians" or "the elite" etc. We can really get riled up and draw up fear-filled conspiracies of the darkest sort. All this will only serve one purpose. To see whether we are still in the illusion of separation. If we perceive these other groups (and they can be just the group of neighbors partying loudly, drinking loads of beer and dancing to different music than what I would choose) as "outside" of ourselves then we can be certain that the attachment to viewing things in separation is alive and well. We can get upset over other groups, we can also just love other groups, in the sense that "if I send them love, they'll come to see the light". Well, even that good deed is one that will accentuate separation and give energy to that paradigm (an action which is of course allowed).

The letting go process is one of consciously letting go of any and all ideas of separation. This is achieved by integrating everything, every little detail into one's heart. We can condition ourselves to stop judging and find our minds to discern this from that, just as easily, perhaps without the biting judgment. In love, we discern, right? Yes, that's one step alright. Another step is to recognize, discern, yet integrate the totality of both sides into my heart. I can do this by loving these other groups, the "opposite" point of the pair unconditionally. I am that too. I am all that is. I am the good and the bad. I am this and that. There is no aversion against darkness, there is no desire for light. There is unconditional love (and I take it away from the term "light"). There is no love and light. There is only unconditional love and beware, for any predicted or desired outcome your spreading of unconditional love may have will render it conditional. It truly is the dance of letting go by integration - unconditionally, meaning there cannot be any condition on any outcome. I love thus, unconditionally, flying blindly, in full trust, trust in myself, for if I am all that is, all that is can come through me. All is One.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

To and Fro

I've been trying to get a feel for this day. It was difficult. A general sense of detachment was prevalent. Almost a bit like last year. The rest or the world, so it seemed to me, was busy doing their thing and I just could not engage. I just felt like it was some sort of different reality I'm in.

In the birthing process, there is this rhythm. There's the push and then a brief period where everything reverts seemingly backward. It's like the waves pulling out to sea, preparing for the next big one to hit the beach. I do believe what I've experienced today goes under that category of "pulling backwards". The experience of the old paradigm is so very far away and the experience of the new paradigm seems so disconnected, when just a few days ago, it felt like there was a broad bridge connecting the two. These are all just my very subjective experiences of today's energetic make up. I am not checking on any websites for "evidence" on purpose, for I have set out to just experience what I experience and write about it.

Through the pull-back phase, there's always a sense of unease for me. It was that way, when I gave birth to my own children. I did not particularly care for that phase, but I do sense it's validity in the bigger scheme of things. As with any natural birthing process, there's nothing that needs to be done other than to be alert, aware and relaxed in the to and fro of these energetic waves. Holding on to any state would just cost way too much energy and be counter productive, so I'll release any worries, surprises or feelings of attachment to how it should be, focus on my heart to stay in the now moment, yet again, being a buoy carried to and fro by the waves of New Earth's birth energies, yet centered within myself.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The Syncronicities within Now

Yesterday, I spoke of the "natural state of being". I still believe that aligning ourselves with our true essence will bring us into that space. Navigating the now may be a scary thing if we're used to making plans (How to make God laugh? - make a plan!), getting everything lined up perfectly, having control over our day. Yes, of course, that was all well and wonderful and it did help us out for decades, didn't it? How can we possibly begin to float, be in limbo, not have a plan? How can we experience the now and still do everything that we need to do?

The trick is to let go of any preconceived idea what this "need to do" thing is. For when we let go of the plan for today, we will know intuitively where we need to be and when. We will find that the universe too finds it important that the kids are showing up at their soccer practice or school or what have you. We will have had that intuition that nudges us to shout: "kids, get ready, we're going to...."

The universe finds it important that you make all your appointment, except those that are not really necessary for your further growth. Yes, I've missed appointments that I on hindsight, felt intuitively I didn't want to go to. In the past I had made myself go to such appointments and each and every time I would end up regretting it. Not that it would have been the end of the world to go there anyways, but it was most definitely not what I had hoped it would be and what I intuitively knew it would not be.

Being in the now puts us thus in contact with what needs to happen in our lives. Very automatically, very effortlessly. Not only do we get everything done, when we follow the first impulse to do something, in blind trust at first, and then in the trust of the seasoned traveler of the now, we also get things done that others need us to do - automatically, without having to be asked for it. Things get found, forwarded, situations become simple and flowing, the whole web of interconnectedness is vibrating harmoniously and in flux. Everything happens at the right time, with the right person, etc. To be part of such a symphony of life means to exclude notions of seeming control (were we really ever in control?).

There is a semblance of control that comes when we are in flux with what needs to happen for reality to unfold, not just for us, but all others with whom we are connected directly and ultimately with everyone else with whom we are connected as well of course, but may not even know how the interaction plays out. It is ok to trust that everything truly is as it is supposed to be. It is ok to be connected thus and to play one's very own instrument in the orchestra of life.

The (self-imposed)  burdens of having to hold tightly all the reigns in my life have lifted. It's a good place to be in the now, it's a wonderfully natural experience to witness the synchronicities of life light up like the lightshow accompanying the concert - quite a trip really.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Natural State of Being

So many voices have said the same thing over the past few thousand years. You just got to love yourself. Easily said, yet so difficult to accomplish, isn't it? Or is it?

I believe that we have received many conditioning instructions over the stretch of time we have incarnated in these physical bodies here on Earth. Among them are instructions to be humble and discrete and all that nice manner stuff etc. Frankly, I find that manners are well and wonderful, but they do keep us from the audacity to be bold enough to extend the love to our Selves. It is through self-love that we can enter a state of liberation that allows us to function compassionately within the societies that we call our own. Manners are then a matter of awakened consciousness and not "training".  Why, I ask myself, is it so difficult to reach this place of self-love? I would say we ALL are very loveable beings. What's so loveable about us, us humans who are doing such unloveable deeds at times? It is our essence, our souls that are made of unconditional love that are so infinitely loveable.

There are ways to reach a place of activating the High Heart to experience true unconditional love, away from any condition, purpose, intent or desire - there are these souls who come in cuddly, cute infant bodies you know, they are so easily loved. The wee ones, yes the babies (of all species) have this uncanny knack of opening our high hearts and love them no matter how loud their cry or soiled their diaper. Other things make us love unconditionally too. Encountering soul-mates, or soul-companions or members of our soul groups for sure will trigger this uncanny emotion of "just love". All we have to do is pay attention to when this sensation pops up. We can also remember when it did pop up some time in the past and go back in time to re-experience that rush. Then, (I dare you to try it) experience that love for yourself - give it to your soul, to your physical body, to the lower self, to every little bit that is YOU. Just because - You deserve it - Period.

If you exercise and practice this state of self-love, more and more (make sure it's not attached to any condition or desired outcome - remember, "just because").... it becomes the natural state of being. In this natural state of being, something rather natural happens. The experience of passing time falls away - which means nothing other than that you've found the NOW. To top that, you're most certainly "Here", wherever that is. To be in this state of unconditional love, here and now is exactly our natural state of being and we don't really have to practice that at all. We just have to remember how it feels and how to get there should we (by silly chance ?) have found ourselves to be not exactly there.

From this focal point, this natural state of being, there is no halting the wave of love, there is not dimming the light that we are.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Brighter World

Post deleted by author - Quote to be published in a collection.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Moving On

It's a day of reflection here. Letting the last year run review. It's been a full solar cycle since my last big "event" in my life and I see that I've navigated everything that came after pretty well. Yet, the grief over having to let go of some things a year ago is hanging in the air. I let it be there, it's all allowed.

At the same time, breathing in wonderfully mellow Spring air, seeing the blossoms out on the trees and the daffodils in full bloom, there's a sense of needing to move on. There are things unsaid, there are things not truly integrated, but I realize there will always be these loose ends, some here, some there. I treat myself with kindness if I let it be as it wants to unfold. It is kindness still, that I give myself, if I nudge myself to move on, however. It's no use to dwell on the things that were relevant a year ago. The time is now and in this now, there is nothing that needs to be done about the past.

Still, I acknowledge these faint stirrings from the past. They want to show me that it was an important time. I acknowledge that it was so and move back into the fold of the now, where I have in my High Heart created my new base. That base is where I can feel myself fully, in all that I am. That base is where I have anchored the energies of my Higher Self and from that base, I will navigate through the experience of group consciousness into unity consciousness, as it unfolds for me on my own path.

With this intent, I feel the remnants of the memories fade away, These memories, that have shown themselves like smoky wisps of energy tendrils, seductively trying to see whether I would go and dwell in their fold, and by doing so, I'd be pulling myself out of my High Heart into the experience of the realities of old. This time, however, I'm moving on in full acceptance of all that was, of all that is, of all that will be.

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Next Octave - Die nächste Oktave

In a very organic way, things have developed for me and I have been approached by my dear friends of more than 20 years, Petra Meier and Joseph M. Clearwater of the Music-Drugstore. We have found a way to bring a communication to those interested that goes beyond the mere written/read word. The communication forms of the 5th dimension do go beyond the linear language and I see this collaboration of word and sound as a baby step towards these new forms of communication. Joseph's music is very much in tune and enhances the vibratory frequency of the topic covered which in turn enhances comprehension, intent and absorption of the offered sharing. Besides, Joseph's sound-weaves are one of a kind and amazingly beautiful anyways. I do recommend taking advantage of the music download to try out this step into a more complete form of communication.

"The Next Octave" with music download


Auf sehr natürliche Art und Weise haben sich die Dinge hier entwickelt und ich wurde von meinen langjährigen Freunden in Deutschland, Petra Meier und Joseph M. Clearwater von der Musik-Apotheke angesprochen. Es wurde klar, dass eine Zusammenarbeit anstand welche mehr als nur das geschriebene/gelesene Wort als Kommunikationsform anbietet. Die Kommunikationsformen der 5. Dimension werden über die lineare Sprache hinwegreichen und ich sehe diese Zusammenarbeit von Wort und Ton als kleiner Schritt in diese Richtung. Die Musikkompositionen von Joseph sind schwingungsmässig angepasst an das Thema welches im Artikel beschrieben wird, was das Verständnis und die Integration des Themas fördert. Ausserdem sind seine vielseitigen Klang-Gewebe ohnehin einmalig und wunderschön. Ich empfehle den Musikdownload zur Erfahrung einer kompletteren Kommunikationsform.

Artikel "Die nächste Oktave" mit Musikdownload

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Direction of Cure Towards Unity Consciousness

In Homeopathy, we recognize Hering's Law of Direction of Cure as follows: (Source: )

Hering's Law of Cure:

The 5 directions that Dr. Hering observed were that cure occurred from above, downwards; within, outwards; center to periphery; from more important to less important organs, in the chronologically reverse order of disease development (Appendix 1).
A Law speaks of a recurrent pattern that exists in Nature. With a thorough conceptual understanding of these patterns and conditions necessary to fulfill or violate them, one uses the law with hindsight in the various clinical decisions of remedy choice or change, as well as posology. Often this is not a conscious application, but an intuitive guide after achieving adequate conceptual training of the patterns of cure, supported by clinical experience. And we must ever remember that Law does not recognize exceptions.


At the base of my understanding for the development of the ascension process lies this law of cure. The world has for whatever reason propelled itself into an imbalanced state of duality, away from the balanced state of unity. In this field the delusion of separation was one of the symptoms of this imbalance. Now, the times herald that we are moving back to a state of balance (unity) and the question arises: "What will it look like, what will happen?"

I do not know the details nor can I give a direct final answer to these questions, but I can assume that this natural law of cure applies here as well as anywhere in nature and I will be curious to see if it holds true. There have been certain patterns that have been noticed, that instead of unity consciousness, there seems to be a formation of group consciousness. In our desire to see immediate results of unity, we may be disappointed to see this development, but if we look at this development through the lens of "symptoms disappearing in reverse order of their appearance" it may just be so that in the beginning before the world as we know it had reached the climax of deepest duality and delusion of separation, there was the pristine state of unity, which possibly (supported by today's occurrence of group consciousness) began it's "descent" into the delusion of separation by moving from unity consciousness into group consciousness to arrive finally at the point of individual consciousness. As people move through their own processes of ascension, they may find themselves able to relate/resonate with certain groups but not others. I see this as a natural progression (reverse order) back to the state of unity consciousness.

Why then, I ask myself, are there so many different ideas as to how this ascension will unfold? I have a theory about this and that is that souls have entered this Earthly experience at different stages. Their first Earth experience may have been at the level of unity consciousness and they have come back to Earth over and over again throughout the ages to experience it all. For them, this view of reverse order of symptoms may work like a charm, for in their essence there lies the memory of the various steps (symptoms) that occurred while the Earth dove deeper and deeper into the delusion of separation. Others may have joined the ride at different stages and stuck with it from there on out. The would mean their individual memories in their essence does not hold every symptom that appeared and thus, there may be bewilderment if an "old symptom" appears that they have not experienced coming in. Thus, many different views and expectations of how the return to balance, to unity consciousness will unfold.

I am trained to be one thing as a homeopath and that is an "unprejudiced observer". In that light, I believe it to be possibly the easiest way to see it all unfold and while doing so, learning or refreshing our memory of how it was on the way into the delusion of separation. This observation ought to happen without a preconceived idea, the same way a homeopath would observe the patient's symptoms reappear briefly and then disappear in reverse order, fully knowing that he/she is on his way to cure (balance) and in that knowledge there is peace and the ability to be patient.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Eternal Grace

I see humanity as a huge community of souls who have come to learn and develop. There is no doubt in my heart that there are souls in different stages of development. This has been termed "soul age" in some places. I do not fully agree with that, since time is non-existent where souls reside. However,  the descriptive term of "stage of development" fits what I am able to see better than "age".

There is absolutely no judgment in where a soul's development is at. There is an incredible amount of patience and compassion that floods through me, when I see souls who are so utterly curious and bent on learning that they challenge everything left and right. I have memories of having been that zealous myself and it is all allowed. The learning environment of the physical experience in a dense body on Earth is considered one of the "toughest" possibilities for learning, but ultimately, I perceive the rewards and satisfaction that can come from this type of learning.

It pains me to see that responses other than patience and compassion towards younger souls, who just want to know, can be seen, but then I have patience and compassion for those responses as well, as I too have reacted that way, even in this life. What does it mean when a soul who is in a very early stage of development seems to challenge everything that is known, tried and true to those of a later stage of development? In my view, it means that they are hungry, very very hungry to learn more, as quickly as possible, however sometimes lacking the attention span or ability to absorb fully that which they seek to learn so earnestly.

Since we are still in the grasp of the concepts of duality, there is an ever present possibility of being misunderstood. Stages of soul development can be recognized but should never be the basis for judgment. One would not judge a preschooler compared to a college student (or the other way around).  It's not a comparison that should be made in a judgmental way. If anything, to me, the image of a group of preschoolers is infinitely more charming than a group of college students - they are just utterly cute! In that light, I wish to applaud all the very courageous souls who are currently in their early stages of development. Hug them with huge angel-wings and unconditional love. Reassure them that everything will be alright, even if it does not look that way at times and let them know that they are never alone and that nothing will be expected of them that they cannot do or know just yet - such is the eternal grace of the Source.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Community Living in the 5th Dimension - A Vision

I have held this vision inside me for a great number of years. I have waited to feel the urge to share it. Today, this urge has arrived. I would like to share my vision of Community Living in the 5th Dimension. The soil of new creation is very fertile during these days. Amidst news of destruction and despair, of danger and fear, I feel that the days hold this fertile energy as well. The energy of new beginnings.

How long it will be before this vision, or one similar to it will manifest, I do not know. I have struggled with my desire to live like this immediately. I have transcended that desire, given any outcome or sense of timing over to the great "ALL". It is not my personal decision as to when this will manifest, nor whether it will manifest at all, or in this form. It is however a vision that I was unable to forget and I uphold its energy literally as a continuous knowledge in my heart, hence hopefully being part of it's creation. The vision isn't detailed out into the little details of "how is this going to work". That I feel may be another's strength or field of action. What I can share however is an image, an overview of how people can and hopefully will live harmoniously and peacefully together.

Community Living in the 5th Dimension

I envision great hubs of community centers, where people gather peacefully to bring in their share, their talent, their purpose. There is no greater value attributed to one field of occupation as opposed to another. Each person is valued for their compassionate sharing and free giving of their contribution. To give a contribution is innate, an absolutely integral part of each person's consciousness. Giving and sharing is done with a sense of gratitude and at the same time, receiving the gifts and things, ideas and artful contributions is considered an equally important act. Everything is received with a sense of honor and respect. This response to the gift given installs the further desire to share more and every person has their own sense of wanting to explore their specific talents more and more. Thus a peaceful, non-competitive energy of evolutionary processes unfolds from moment to moment.

People treat each other with a whole lot of humor. Any tension, which does ensue at times, is taken to the level of teasing and laughter. There is plenty of time for shared activities, playful recreation and also silent withdrawal, for each person to do as works for them, at the moment the call for a "break" is felt. This "call" isn't overseen by anyone. Pure consciousness alone is the inner guide as to what to contribute, how, when and how often etc. Consciousness alone is the inner guide in moments of disagreement, dispute and government of one's own impulses. There are those who contribute their gift of mediation, counseling and healing, their talents can be sought out freely should the situation call for such help. Nobody is alienated just because they experience a difficult moment. The undertone of this community is love, compassion, free sharing and full acceptance and continuous awareness of the thought form that all is one.

Living quarters are shared by groups, almost in a tribal fashion. It is just that these "tribes" are groups whose energies vibrate harmoniously with each other, they are not all the same, but they resonate.  Guidance in form of Councils is available and the Council members are those who have the aptitude for it. To be on a Council is considered a service for the greater good, not a position of power. Food, water, any resources, planning and creation of anything is shared freely. There is no shortcomings, for if there is not enough of one thing, the call goes out, information is shared and whoever feels the call resonate within will gladly respond and provide. Every moment is lived thus in the basic principle of honoring oneself, one's talents, one's abilities, by giving and receiving that which nourishes, provides, which soothes and completes.

There are more aspects to this vision, but I feel the call to stop now and let this bit be absorbed, visualized and thus (hopefully) be created in a moment to come.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Love Thy Enemy (unconditionally)

Fear drives people to many actions that are seemingly irrational. One thing that has come into my field of experience is that when fear dims one's light, the light of someone centered in love may become too strong for them to feel comfortable in that environment. One possible reaction of the fearful person would be to create a diversion, to go on the attack. To start silly arguments, to begin wrapping the person centered in love into a story, a drama that will bring their energy frequency to a lower vibration, one that is easier to "bear" by the person who has not transcended irrational fear yet.

In the past, I felt drawn to protecting myself in incidents when I was encountering such behavior. I've created shields, I've recited mantras, I've listened to spiritual music, I've added another hour of meditation, just not to "lose" my focus, my center. I was wobbly in my resolve to say the least. Duality caused me to experience this flux from "in the love" and "back out of the love". Today, I know that those attempts were quite admiral, for I understood on some level, that I needed to stay in my center, needed to be steadfast with what I felt was "right" for me. I now understand however, that these attempts all belong into the paradigm of duality. With one swoop, by stepping out of duality, one gathers the simple truth that there is no real enemy. The true meaning of unity or "all is one" begins to enter consciousness and with it comes automatically unconditional love and compassion.

If we are facing stories like "the Illuminati have attacked Japan by means of earthquake", it may trigger fear. Frankly, I don't even find it important to know whether that story is true or false, it matters very little. If we are listening to news casting that is less than factual and plays dramatically to increase fear in peoples hearts, we have what is perceived as the "other side" by those residing in duality consciousness, that is trying to dim the increasing light that has erupted from so many hearts simultaneously and which has and continues to be poured out to Japan and the entire world. Understanding the duality paradigm, it is absolutely natural to see a counter-reaction to this amount of sudden light spread all over the globe and it shouldn't surprise us at all.

I've pondered this phenomenon and wondered how to go about it. I've come to this conclusion: Anyone can say whatever they wish. Any news story can try to elicit as much fear in people as it wants to. Every drama can erupt around me, in order to try to tell me I'm wrong, they're right. It's ok, really it is. I can love each and every one of the individuals who bring us these stories, I can love every one who is an "illuminati" or any other denomination that is associated with "the dark side". I can love everything, each atom of this creation (even the split atoms in the reactors) UNCONDITIONALLY, which means I am detaching completely from any condition of my action of loving. There is no more sense of "if I love the world, I will get rid of fear". There is only one condition I give myself to act upon and that is to drop any and all expectation of outcome, effectiveness, affect etc my love has on anything. This has to be absolute. In that I will just be here, continue to be a beacon of love, do what is before me because if it is before me, I have what it takes to deal with it, and most of all, completely trust the source of this unconditional love.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Keep Up the Good Work

There's a phenomenon that I encounter not only when it comes to "light working", but also my "other job" as a homeopath. It's an expectation of "miracles" to be the result of  this work.

I'm pretty sure it's a memory from beyond the veil that has lent itself as an imprint to say: "if you're doing something alternative, different from mainstream, it has to be perfect, it has to be that overwhelmingly visible and recognizable instant miracle." Yes, things are quite instant on the other side and so has been my inner make up. Is it truly ok, that the results from our work in Japan are (appearing to be) less than a miracle? (is it truly less than a miracle?)

Well, who's to decide what a miracle is and who's to measure our work? It is literally immeasurable with the current scientific methods/instruments and therefore it cannot be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt to even have a slight influence on the outcome in the events in Japan. Considering my state of weariness, which borders at times on energetic exhaustion, I have to say, something IS going on. I'm expending, stretching and using energy at a rate like I've never done before in this life. Seems like all that I've done before was a walk in the park. Kids' play! Now, however, there is a sense to be put to the test. I'm in this, I'm exactly in the right place at the right time doing the right thing. There is an incredible sense of appropriateness with it all. Yet, the influence the light work in Japan has, is not going to be measured and mentioned only among us "crazies" who work this way.

I'm going to be bold and put it out there - an assumption really, but based on what I see and feel from Japan -  I believe our incessant work in holding the light, pouring out compassion and love to the people who are suffering is making a tremendous difference. The one measurable thing is the radioactive fallout from the nuclear power plant. Energetically I've seen that many souls are helping this situation and the bravery of the plant workers who work around the clock physically there, exposing themselves to incredible threats, is simply outstanding. The various jobs aren't done yet and we can't really say whether or not there are going to be worse outcomes still. Fact is, despite the looming threat, radioactive fallout has been relatively minimal considering what it could have been. It's ultimately a combination of all things that bring about a final result, but to think that the light work had no influence whatsoever is unfathomable for me.

True light houses that we are, we keep shining the light, despite lack of recognition, praise or acknowledgment of the impact our work has on this situation. We may endure overt questioning of this and most definitely silent or outspoken disbelief. That is all incredibly unimportant. It isn't about proving what we do, it's about doing what we do and ever consciously so. In that light I wish to greet all who are part of the "light team", hard at work, day and night, transforming grief of the people who are suffering by crying their tears, transforming fear into love, keeping the reactors contained as tightly as possible and spreading the energy of hope and faith throughout. Keep up the good work!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

From Fear to Love

Fear and love are polar opposites. In the understanding of the physical law of "Action and Reaction are Equal and Opposite", the action of going into fear will at some point bring about a reaction of equal strength into the opposite direction, towards love.

This is the time where the opportunity is here for many more to reach that point of love by being pushed into a state of fear first. It is not the only way, but it is a way and I wish to support all those who have chosen this way. May the momentous energies of the recent events have an impact that will forever change the point of perspective from which life is experienced.

Therefore, the fear that is palpable in my geographic area and perhaps in many more places is not something to push away, I embrace its presence as the incredible catalyst for many to reach the place of love and unity in their hearts.

Monday, March 14, 2011

We Are the Ones we Have Been Waiting For

"We are the ones we've been waiting for!"

This slogan has circulated quite a while back. I find it very fitting today in the light of the recent disasters. There has been prophesy that earthquakes, volcano eruptions, storms, cyclones etc are going to hit the world. We look around and see that indeed "the end times" have begun. (In no way shape or form do I hold the idea that it is the end of the world, but merely an end of a cycle (of development)).

The time that we have opted to be incarnated in is here. I have waited for a very long time myself, wondering when my actual assignment, you know the one I had prepared myself for, for so long. I have wished for this day when my assignment would "kick in" and I would feel the "call of duty" or better yet, the "call of purpose". It is here - now. This is the time I've come to witness and work in, in my line of work. In my way - and I see that many others have gotten their "notice of deployment" as well. The reason why this call to do my duty has resonated within me right now is that my abilities, my line of work beyond the veil, is indeed exactly what is needed at this very moment. Translated into the greater perspective, I would say, whatever we are facing, whatever the people of the world are going through, they are going through it because they have what it takes to get through it.

A fine example was the incredible energy outpouring of Australians and New Zealanders, supported by those in other parts of the globe, who felt drawn to help out even if they did not reside in those geographic areas, when the Queensland floods hit and a cyclone threatened major destruction to top it off. The projected path  of the cyclone was altered. That, so I fully believe, was the action of many light workers who worked from their own homes, by energetically lending their light and their love for humanity and Mother Earth created the necessary electro-magnetic forces to work the "miracle", which isn't really a total miracle if one has the scientific knowledge to explain it all.

In the same manner, with all due respect and not to minimize the actual suffering in Japan,  the people of Japan are equipped, prepared and capable of handling this latest disaster in admirable fashion. Again, the outpouring of light (electro-magnetic energy) from lightworkers around the globe is assisting and stabilizing, creating a field of strength, a sense of brotherhood and healing for the people in the affected areas. Furthermore, in line with the paradigm that thoughts do indeed create realities, those drawn to work energetically are creating a reality that is for the highest good of all involved. Humans are empathic creatures. We are all interconnected. These selfless efforts "behind the scenes" without the glory of being recognized individually, will have a positive effect. It isn't going to be "business as usual" afterwards. Profound changes can come from times like these and I believe that everything is exactly how it is supposed to be, to give us the opportunity to truly be the ones we've been waiting for.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Short Hop

Blog post deleted by author - You can find it published in Life on the Leading Edge - A Traveling Companion,  available at

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Group Consciousness in the Story of Duality

During my experiences and lessons learned, my frolicking and enjoyment on Earth, I've been facing a sense of unease that has accompanied me all my life. It is the unease to navigate within matter. It is the unease to possess material things. The unease when encountering the world's most prevalent societal beliefs of greed and materialism.

Oh, there's no denying it, I've enjoyed material things. I've bought stuff and I've enjoyed some of the fun things money can buy. It has never truly been something that manifested very easily in my life, the set up for this incarnation was pre-ordained and I am most grateful for having had the opportunities I had to live a wonderful life until now. There are no complaints. Yet, the unease is still there. If something is with me for most of my life, I've got to figure out what that is. Such are the resonances within myself. After some pondering and deep meditations I've come to receive the following information, a story that is of course colored by my own consciousness and conditioning. (Please take only what resonates and leave the rest)

At the beginning of the descent into the experience of duality (most likely quite a long time ago!), There was a split up. I am being shown the symbols of the sun and the symbol of the moon. There is a sensation of a divine decision that has been made at that moment and the two groups that I sense to be brotherhoods, split up after having worked together in harmony and unity before. At the moment of split up into two, the group of the sun decided to put emphasis on the material things, the building of things, the understanding and manipulation of that which matter is made of. The group of the moon decided to keep their emphasis on the matters of spirit. Thus these two groups focused on what they had chosen to focus on. Over time, both went deeper and deeper into their chosen focus and created an ever deeper sense of separation, of duality. At the peak of this sense of separation and duality, there were horrible clashes, wars, fights, as sun fought moon and moon fought sun. Slowly, again over long periods of time, souls incarnated time and time again, some with the inclination of the group of the sun and the others with the inclination of the group of the moon. Energy, when a peak is reached, will turn around and move into the opposite direction as is described in Sir Newton's 3rd law: Action and Reaction are Equal and Opposite. And based on this natural law, at the peak and depth of the experience of duality, the long, drawn out journey away from the experience of separation towards unity began. The myriad of experiences along the way served as gifts for the whole of Creation and bring an even greater understanding of itself.

This story hasn't played out fully yet, as we are still incarnating with our affinity to either of the two groups. It is in this group consciousness that we have experienced our lives, some on one side, some on the other, all within the divine plan. Excitement is in my heart to know that humanity, all souls present today are in the last steps away from separation towards unity. The understanding I have reached through this story, this metaphor, is that when we feel the resonance, the affinity, either to the material side of things, building things etc, or the more spiritual side of things, that it is the resonance with the brotherhood we belong to. In order to reach this place of unity that we have in our blueprint, it is indeed time now to bring into our hearts the understanding that "the other side" is equally part of us. That once we have worked in harmonious unity and that the dive into duality was but the playing out of a creative divine idea.

We speak of "there is no separation" and that is true. In actuality there is no separation. Yet, this affinity with the group consciousness is there and it needs transcended for the truth in the word to become the experience within, to then manifest as an experience without.

I have pondered on how to bring about this experience of unity within, of how to relish and divinely embrace matter and material things as much as the spiritual things, as my personal affinity lies with the brotherhood of the moon. It is a sense of "fear of corruption" that lies at the base of my unease with the material world. In my heart of hearts I know without a doubt that nothing, and I mean absolutely nothing will ever corrupt me. My foundation in the spiritual side is as strong as it has ever been. I do not even feel this fear to be real, yet it has been shown to me and I can sense the unease still when it comes to "making money" or "trying to move within the physical world of matter", the world of energy being much more accessible for me. This "fear of corruption", so I sense, is nothing other than the experience of the group consciousness of the brotherhood of the moon. (I do not know nor understand from this point of view, what could be at the base of the group consciousness of the brotherhood of the sun - that is for others to tell - it is but a guess, but it could be the very same sense of "fear of corruption"). Since we have entered this last phase, moving ever faster away from the concepts and experience of duality towards the experience of unity, I believe it to be time to remember the harmonious unity with the brotherhood of the sun. To hold that balance and unity in our hearts, as real and whole. To achieve that I refrain from going about it from through a concept of duality, duality by pushing away the brotherhood of the moon now and declaring my affinity to the brotherhood of the sun to "balance out the opposites".

Instead, I feel very distinctly, that I am to embark to consciously embrace, love and accept the brotherhood of the sun into my heart, hold both sun and moon in my heart as a whole, neither carrying more importance than the other. Thus I have the option to experience both brotherhoods and their group consciousness as balanced (yin/yang) feminine (moon) and masculine (sun) energies in my heart and personal consciousness.
By doing so, I balance out both attributes and create the experience of unity. In this unity, there is no corruption of either side. There is no fear, there is only celebration of a journey coming to its close.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Honoring Mother Earth and Japan

Sparked by the news of the massive earthquake and tsunami in Japan, I have taken my meditation to Mother Earth. The overwhelming sense was one of: "Everything is in Divine Order". I have sat in meditation quite a long time, it's balmy outside, the blossoms on the trees have emerged and the birds were giving their song. In this calm setting, I realized very soon, that in my meditation, I was linked not only with Mother Earth and all of nature, but also with a great number of awakened souls who have joined energetically to bring balance and light to this dramatic event today. It was easy to add my own light to the existing wave of light that embraces and surrounds the whole globe.

At the same time, the individual tragedies of today's shift are touching my heart. I have an overwhelming wish to hold all of them in my heart, with unconditional love. There is no expectation whatsoever in this love, not even one of "be well". It is the moment, when honor and respect for those who are in midst of the chaos overrides any and all purpose, desire or expectation for a specific outcome. To tap into this vast energy of explicitly unconditional love that has no purpose, no plan, no direction is a form of healing for each individual as well as the planet. The sense of unity and unconditionality can then create the basis for the emergence of a new paradigm of thought and the creation of a new reality that is based upon this new paradigm. Disasters can divide us or bring us closer together. I choose freely, I choose to I follow my heart into states of permanent unity, the natural state of my being.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Symphony of Ascension

With the latest news of the influences of the Solar flares, the magnetic storms and the massive fish deaths in California and Western Australia, I would like to express what the responses are that come from my heart.

It's pouring at the moment. Although for the State of Oregon in March, that's not unusual. It pours a lot. When I write "pour", I actually mean torrential downpours. It has been raining very hard during the night and the water keeps on pounding down. Big drops, very wet, lots of water. It feels different to me than in past years, where Winter/Spring rains might have poured down seemingly similar. There is an energetic quality to this rain that I can only describe as "it rains with a vengeance".

To top it off, I've experienced dizzy spells, difficulty remaining in the physical form, nausea and blinding headaches have registered on my "how am I doing"-meter - on and off. There is nothing wrong, I am not ill, it doesn't feel like a virus. The cells in my body are hit by new energy frequencies and are adjusting to these new energies. That's all. The Earth is in full blown work-out - around the globe, yet inside my heart there is a very calm place. This is what we have come to witness, this is the time we have been preparing for. There is no fear in that place in my heart. There is only love as I experience my energies, yes, those energies that are beyond the bit that is holding focus on this physcial body of mine. These energies, that essence of mine is busy, very busy. I get glimpses of that busy work it is doing. It has to do with holding a space, with creating balance within that space. It is in fact focused on the area where I reside. This is the reason why I am here. It isn't any of the other things that keep me living in the place where I live. Those are but the "garnish" on my plate.

I hold this space with eternal love. Love for a place where I have not been rooted in since childhood. Love for a place, seemingly at random, but when I look close, it's because I vibrate with it at a harmonious frequency (I resonate with it). There is love for the job, because I know (well my essence knows) how to do it. I do not have to sit and meditate, I fully trust that my essence is doing what it came to do. All is in perfect order. Everything is as it is supposed to be. This feeling is one of extreme peace and purposefulness at the same time. The lower self and the mind are quiet. They know (by now) that the goings on are way bigger than they can fathom. They are happy not to get too involved with the myriad of details. The mind plays a bit now and then, most of all when it catches a glimpse or two of the happenings "behind the scene".

I am quite certain that I am not alone in this kind of work. It involves the crystal grid of higher consciousness. It involves the magnetic grid of the Earth and it involves the weaving and knitting, directing and anchoring of these energies. Those of us who are doing this kind of work may not necessarily have an affinity to sacred geometry, quantum physics or anything fancy like that. It may instead be an ability to perceive energy, or simply an ability to crochet or knit (I'm not kidding), or perhaps the innate understanding of how to combine substances to create something that will nourish and feed another (yes cooking !)  and others yet, may experience their talents here as a sense of artful understanding of sound and color. What I'm trying to convey here is, the talents these workers have on the physical plane may not seem to be directly relevant to what the mind perceives this work behind the scenes would require. I find it best to rest in the knowledge that if this is your job, then your essence knows exactly what needs to be done and most likely has been doing it for a bunch of decades already.

There is nothing to fear, the teams are at work, each being doing exactly what its talent is, where its love creates the greatest good, thus bringing its contribution to the whole. There is no bit of work that is more important than the other. This great symphony of ascension could not be played if any one instrument wasn't playing its (necessary) tune.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Navigating by Resonance

Different frequencies of energy vibrations make up this world, all matter, all spirit, everything in between. Within all these frequencies, we live resonating with some things and not with others. For me it is the single most important feature to trying to understand the makings of what I perceive. In this form of thinking, there is no judgment. It's merely energy that I'm dealing with, in any case, in any situation. Resonance (defined as: In close or harmonious correspondence) is the marker, the guide so to speak.

On a daily basis, we are inundated, in correspondence, (harmoniously or not) with countless frequencies. It can get quite overwhelming once an awareness has been reached where these energies can be sensed as sensations or heard, or visually perceived. There is a need to focus and tune into some energies whilst blending out others. The physical brain is fully capable of doing that, but it does take some practice. Navigating within the seas of energies becomes an exercise in focus, focusing into a place by intent and then holding the focus there for the moment as it is wished or deemed necessary, then bringing the focus back into the energetic vibration of oneself.

Although we can argue that energy just is and all frequencies as well, there are instances where our own frequency just does not harmonize with that of another. That's allowed as well. It is what I call a "dissonance". It is possibly the one factor that makes some people like certain types of music, whereas others close their ears and quickly turn off that sound (if that's possible). The same goes for the fact that we do not feel particularly drawn to everybody in the same fashion. There are what is perceived in the physical realm "likes and dislikes". I prefer to term it "harmonious or less harmonious - to downright disharmonious frequencies meeting up".

As souls, we move in groups, incarnated and beyond the veil. This, so my suspicion, has also to do with the fact that we gravitate towards that which resonates. Often times, I read things that resonate strongly, or not at all. This I can experience in the sensation of "being drawn" to a topic, or a sense of "slight aversion". As I have worked with this resonance thing quite a bit, I've identified the energetic movement that lies behind these sensations and for me it's literally a sense of "being pulled towards or pushed away from". This sensation is  palpable. I have also made the experience that my own energy frequency draws others to me or pushes others away. I therefore assume, based on this repeated observation, that that which I draw to me is in resonance with my own frequency.

If I do not like that which I draw towards myself, I have an option to change my frequency. I can raise my vibration by deciding to experience love and gratitude, by exercising compassion and non-judgment towards others. I can do that by initiating positive emotions, by listening to suitable music, by observing beauty in art and nature and many other ways. By focusing on increasing the frequency I carry in such a manner, I will not risk attracting beings or energies that are in total disharmony.

Should energies of beings or things approach that are in dissonance with mine, I see it as my right to gently, but firmly set a boundary, remove myself from that connection and focus on my own energy frequency again. If I am deciding to focus on these dissonant energies, as I am sometimes drawn to, there may be the simple job of adding my unconditional love to a being or situation, which will change that frequency for a time. Usually, there is either a steadying of the increased frequency that can be witnessed, or the person/entity/being moves on to continue to play in their own vibrational frequency, which is equally not judged, only observed.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Just a Point of Perception

I'm extremely certain that everyone's experience of the 5D reality is different from mine. All I have to share is how I perceive it to be. Do I know for certain if this is the 5th dimension I'm experiencing? No, I don't know for certain, it could be anything. I have written in the language of the categories that are "en vogue" and that we have seemingly agreed upon, 3rd dimension, 4th dimension, 5th dimension - etc. To me these are but markers along the way, something that helps me differentiate one state from another. I have used these terms however without really being sure what they denote for others. I have used them to label my own states of experience which I do not even know whether they are indeed 3rd or 5th dimension.... or any other number for that matter.

I see this as an accepted/acceptable "flaw" in giving accounts of one's experiences which are so subjective, so volatile. There is no proof that my experience is really that which I say. I have to trust that for one or the other, it will resonate. If it doesn't, well, that's most certainly ok too.

Until age 14 I have lived in a "fantasy world". A world where communication with other realms was an everyday occurrence. I've bumped into very dense, physical walls, doorways, fell over many thresholds in our home, got more cuts and bruises than I care to admit. I have bad vision this life time, mainly because I have looked within and not without. The world around me was very blurry for a long time, until only at age 10, it was spotted that I needed glasses to "correct" my vision. That's all well and wonderful. I do remember that sense of wonder when I realized that one could actually make out single blades of grass from a distance - something that was entirely new for me. I was awestruck!

The world I had within was one of full denial of certain things that were happening in that "outside" world that was only now and then popping into my view and experience. It was as if they didn't really happen. That "real" world was the dream for me. I am pretty certain, a psychologist would find a diagnosis for me, along the lines of dissociation perhaps. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that I remember distinctly a sensation of timelessness, an expansion of NOW. I remember contact with beings beyond the veil, I remember and still am capable of viewing any life time that mattered or was directly related to an experience I had in this life time. It was so natural that it came as a great shock to learn that I was different that way.

Many of my ESP "talents" were very much alive in that "fantasy world" of mine. (They never totally vanished).
The rude awakening came at age 14 when I was thrust into "reality" and I began to live the 3D way. I have dived totally into that frequency for a number of years before clambering back out of it again. That was my journey to acquire enough knowledge to be able to tell the difference of experience.

Today, my life is a bit of a "fantasy world" still - or again. I live in the now. I continuously forget what was just a short while ago, unless i consciously focus on whatever I need to "remember". I live in the flow of what is before me, it works very well and I'm rarely (if ever) late to any of my "appointments". I simply know when to be where and am usually there without stress. What appears to an outsider a life that resembles "reality" only at the fringes, to me is very much MY reality and it looks not much different from the reality I was living in as a child.

My point of perception has its center in the now, it's not a linear sort of perception that has a continuum in time. It is more of a zoom-in/zoom-out sort of perception, I zoom into a place where I wish to focus, gather or experience what is there and then zoom back out into my point of residence. This goes 360° circular and if I look closely, it's spherical in shape, so it's got depth as well, i can go up down in any angle, left right, round and round. I am not even certain if a sphere is not too much limitation on this "image" which is just a guideline that comes to mind trying to describe this experience.

The center point where I experience my "residence" to be is my High Heart. While I reside here, I still perceive duality at play, but I do not engage in it as often as I used to whilst doing the teeter-totter experiencing of my reality (in 3D/4D). I perceive this duality, but I see also the interconnectedness of the pair. I see this as a specific energy"line" or signature. I am not caught on one end or the other any longer, I observe both sides at the same time. I also do not feel balancing of one side needs tampering with the other - all that is needed is to uphold balance from the heart, flowing out to either side at the same time. The whole idea of dual concepts are still understandable from this point of perception, they do get registered, yet they get understood as being what they are - concepts of duality. The understanding of this is a mere registering of a fact. There is no judgment about it.

This is but a glimpse of how I perceive my world. There is so much more, but I cannot detail it all out in just one blog post. If this is indeed living in 5D, I do not really know and frankly, it doesn't really matter what number is attributed to this point of perception and since coming from the experience of duality, a lower number has the connotation of "less than" and a higher number carries the energy of "more" or "better" - I would like to totally disengage from even guessing what number my dimension carries. It's my personal dimension, I'm sure there's others who have similar experiences, it's not better, not more special, not more noteworthy than any other experience. My motivation for sharing it is merely to add to the diversity of all that is.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Not Everything is Mine

While journeying along on my own path, I've come to a place where an epiphany hit me hard. I am writing this up, as many have found to resonate with my blogs in a syncronistic way. This indicates to me that there are those out there, who are journeying a similar path perhaps, or are passing through a similar vibratory frequency than I am. That's as always beyond any form of judgment. It is just a matter of energy vibration, geometric pattern that are similar, or perhaps a sound, a melody that harmonizes with what I am perceiving, or "where I'm at". Let's really take this out of the 3D paradigm of comparison, competition, right or wrong etc.

I've noticed that until very recently, I've taken things that I have perceived personal. To me, perceiving more and more in a very conscious manner meant being more and more vigilant. There could be something out there that I'm witnessing, experiencing, being triggered by that needs my attention, that needs cleansing etc. Those of you who resonate with my words are most likely the sort who has worked very hard on personal development. The culmination of this is the remembering of who we are, the re-connection with the divine state of love, self-love. In this culmination however is also that gem, the realization that not everything that I have felt is mine. There are emotions, sensations really that I have taken on as "mine" that emanate from the Source of all things. One of them, and that's what I'm trying to share here, is the realization that the Source of all that is experiences the sensation of "lack of love", "lack of recognition by the many sparks that they too are love" so to speak. The Source is not really pained by it, but I do experience this in this body as a form of yearning to reach the recognition, which in this body translates to a sense of "homesickness". A sense of "lacking the essence in order to feel well, or complete". I have translated this feeling of mine into "this is my inability to cope being on the planet", or worse yet sometimes into feelings of low self-esteem/lack of self-love in the sense of "I'm not good enough the way I am".These responses of mine have accompanied me all my life.

I have long since coped with those emotional responses, dealt with them, but never quite found the one key that freed me from their persistent nag. I've searched far and wide and cleared up all the bits that were mine. I can say this in retrospect, because the remnant of all those feelings and emotional responses that just wouldn't clear out, has fallen away instantaneously the moment I have realized that they are not really mine and have let go of trying to integrate them into my personal systems.

By proxy, they are still mine, but not in origin. They are the Source's compassion, yearning and sense of wanting it all to come together again. (Words are really very hard here and I'm sure I'm not quite hitting the mark). I had been experiencing the energy of the source and it had been my primary drive to develop and grow. It was a key in my life to have this drive, it was meant to be and I experienced having this drive as very helpful. I wouldn't change a thing. Timing is always perfect and I now enjoy the immense sense of resolve, relief and relaxation that comes with associating that which isn't mine personally with it's true source.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Lesson of Self-Love

Self-love, yes, that's really where it's at, isn't it? - How can we learn to love ourselves? - No, I'm not going to give a tutorial. I think it's actually an individual process, the journey that we are all on, whether we go straight into the direction of self-love or the opposite direction is of little consequence in the long run. All I am able to do is share my personal experience that I have so far.

What happens when we consciously strive to attain a greater understanding of self-love,  is that our reality, our experiences around us will gear up and show us on every twist and turn of our journey what we need to see. Sometimes this is in form of someone giving us kudos. In that instance, we have a choice to accept that kudos gracefully or to deny it. Depending on what we chose, we will then encounter another little prod from the universe, usually in the form of another human being, who will show us just how lovable we actually are. It is up to each individual to embrace each bit of self-loving energy. Then it needs to be integrated and maintained. We cannot hope to accept a compliment graciously and then forget about it until we hear the next compliment, each little gift that comes our way builds on top of the last and I believe that it is up to each person to keep integrating these tokens of truth.

Another way of learning self-love is to encounter a person whom we see as being "light-filled", or just simply "beautiful and shining". It is these shining qualities that attract us like moths to the light. When we accept these qualities, that shining light and the unconditional love they emanate, we are in fact accepting that quality within ourselves, for they are but mirrors for us.

Beyond simple acceptance, I have experienced two different reactions to such a mirror. One of them is to deny that this person's light is truly as bright as I have initially seen. The other one is to feel threatened by it. Both reactions suggest and emphasize that my light is smaller than that of the person who has shown me that kind of mirror and in both instances, whether I just simply deny their light, or ask them: (or myself quietly within) "Who do you think you are?? (To shine that brightly and know that you do ?"). In both examples I am denying their light within and dim my own light by proxy, for I have either ignored or shattered the mirror.

By doing that, without fail, I have denied or ignored the light of "All that Is" and am no step closer to self-love than I was before the encounter. Luckily enough, the set-up of learning is such that we get as many tries as we need to finally grow in our own understanding and awareness to more and more fully embrace the light that we are, beaming it out into the world, becoming a mirror as well, to all other lights who have come to seek the skill of self-love.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Blind Man and the Elephant

In my experience, successful, respectful and fluid communication between the 3rd dimension and the 5th is one of the most difficult things to achieve. The language we use is still rooted and firmly anchored in the 3rd dimension. That dimension thus has a bit of weight on things, it has dibs so to speak.

It is in my opinion the job of those anchored freshly in the 5th dimension to go the distance, to walk the extra mile in order to ensure good communication. In most cases, where there is no discussion or heated comparison of "right and wrong", things work out just fine. Those who reside newly in the 5th dimension will still remember the workings of the 3rd and I believe it is imperative that they do not forget what point of perception they held just a few (days, weeks) years ago.

An extraordinary amount of love and compassion is forthcoming in the 5th dimension. In part, so I am guessing, to bridge these difficulties in communication. Most frequently, I have experienced that in failed communication attempts, there is a sensation of "who do you think you are, talking to me like this" on the 3D end, whereas at the same time, the person in the 5th dimension is trying to show a glimpse of the new paradigm, the new point of perception, which feels so good to them, so loving and unifying. In the 5th dimension, all ideas of "I am right and you are wrong" are gone. They simply do not play a part any longer.

Sharing comes from the heart and is meant as a loving extension, a dance perhaps. There is no attachment, whether the shared information is "accepted as truth", or "the reality". There is only a wee yearning that some glimpses of eternal truth be seen organically, naturally and that I believe is very much in line with the state of oneness of all beings.

Never will a communication from the 5th dimension be based on the motivation of: "I'll show you!" - or as I said: "I am right and you are wrong"! I say this with full conviction, for in the 3rd dimensional paradigm, we have all experienced this ego based point of view. The thing is, in the 5th dimension, this ego-based point of view is no longer the focus. The focus has shifted to a heart based point of view of the higher self and thus these ego-based concepts aren't in focus.

I find that the experiences in the 5th dimension are best described in the 5-dimensional languages of art - music, dance, paintings, etc. The art of storytelling is also able to describe a landscape that speaks from the heart.
I am no great story teller, therefore I would like to share a story written by someone else:

The Blind Men and the Elephant

A number of disciples went to the Buddha and said, "Sir, there are living here in Savatthi many wandering hermits and scholars who indulge in constant dispute, some saying that the world is infinite and eternal and others that it is finite and not eternal, some saying that the soul dies with the body and others that it lives on forever, and so forth. What, Sir, would you say concerning them?"
The Buddha answered, "Once upon a time there was a certain raja who called to his servant and said, 'Come, good fellow, go and gather together in one place all the men of Savatthi who were born blind... and show them an elephant.' 'Very good, sire,' replied the servant, and he did as he was told. He said to the blind men assembled there, 'Here is an elephant,' and to one man he presented the head of the elephant, to another its ears, to another a tusk, to another the trunk, the foot, back, tail, and tuft of the tail, saying to each one that that was the elephant.
"When the blind men had felt the elephant, the raja went to each of them and said to each, 'Well, blind man, have you seen the elephant? Tell me, what sort of thing is an elephant?'
"Thereupon the men who were presented with the head answered, 'Sire, an elephant is like a pot.' And the men who had observed the ear replied, 'An elephant is like a winnowing basket.' Those who had been presented with a tusk said it was a ploughshare. Those who knew only the trunk said it was a plough; others said the body was a grainery; the foot, a pillar; the back, a mortar; the tail, a pestle, the tuft of the tail, a brush.
"Then they began to quarrel, shouting, 'Yes it is!' 'No, it is not!' 'An elephant is not that!' 'Yes, it's like that!' and so on, till they came to blows over the matter.
"Brethren, the raja was delighted with the scene.
"Just so are these preachers and scholars holding various views blind and unseeing.... In their ignorance they are by nature quarrelsome, wrangling, and disputatious, each maintaining reality is thus and thus."
Then the Exalted One rendered this meaning by uttering this verse of uplift,
    O how they cling and wrangle, some who claim
    For preacher and monk the honored name!
    For, quarreling, each to his view they cling.
    Such folk see only one side of a thing.
Jainism and Buddhism. Udana 68-69:
Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant


Friday, March 4, 2011

Epiphanies, Experiences and Viewpoints

Light is a wondrous thing. Light as in opposition to darkness can be viewed between the energies of day and night. The names of light and darkness as I understand them, have been attributed to things that are experienced as "good and evil". While in the 3D paradigm, I have understood some beings to be "of the light" and others "of the darkness". I have experienced this in the true fashion of duality. There have been dark people, and there have been light people. The motives of the "dark" ones were not very altruistic and mostly self-serving, often violent and without regard to others. Mainly, they had to do with power, sometimes it was just to wreck havoc for sheer purpose of getting enjoyment out of the resulting chaos. The "light" ones in turn, had almost saint like qualities as I had perceived it. They were doing good, being led by compassion and selfless love.

This is my own personal experience from years ago, whilst, like everyone else around me, living in the dense frequencies of the 3rd dimension. It was normal to perceive things this way, perceive people this way. There were the good people and the bad people. I had my own share of being afraid of the bad ones and grateful for the good ones. Trickier still was the experience of those who appeared good, but had selfish motivations and ended up being less than good. (always viewed through the lens of 3D).

One of the blessings of the increase in frequency and the understanding of polarity I have learned since then, lies in the acceptance that there are neither good nor bad people. There are beings, yes. Some are still motivated by selfish desires and could still be called "evil" or "bad". But in essence, they hold the very same potential of light than do the good people hold potential for darkness. Darkness and Light are the very same energy, just one is found on one end of the spectrum, the other on the other end of the spectrum. Today, I experience darkness and light as different frequencies of energy vibration. Like the colors of the rainbow, so I perceive light and darkness as just being different perceivable frequencies of the very same essence (souls).

In the new paradigm of the 5th dimension, there simply isn't any judgment left between one or the other point of frequency. There is however still the observation of what is what and there is no harm in naming one's observation as best as it can be named. It is understandable that these observations, at times are understood in a way that they weren't meant. I have to trust though that all who visit my blog do so on their own volition and know that it is only about "Epiphanies, Experiences and Viewpoints" - to be specific, my very own, personal epiphanies, experiences and viewpoints.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Need to be Heard

Everybody wants to be heard. I would think that the desire to be heard is probably the most common reason why people engage in dramatic behaviors. They can get really loud, very intense and most certainly pretty visible. Most likely their drama is about a topic that has nothing at all to do with their innermost feeling of wanting to be heard/seen, yet the dramatic behaviors do draw attention and fulfill this desire, albeit only partially, as the actual reason for wanting to be heard may lie somewhere else.

I see drama as a pretty desperate way of getting attention. Upon musing why drama exists, I would like to come clean. I've lived in this life with a strong predisposition for drama, stemming from my personality. I've worked very hard at overcoming the need to express myself dramatically, especially in a negative manner. The gift of this work lies not in being entirely drama free - I am admittedly not! The gift lies in having intimate knowledge of the feelings around the need for drama, it's workings and the draw that exists when drama calls. I do not only hold this knowledge, I have immense compassion for anyone who sits in a place, in a body with a personality where drama is prevalent. It's not an easy road. However, it's a road that has many gifts hidden along the way, once a drama queen (king) embarks on it with the sincere desire to seek a way out of the compulsive need to "do drama".

To a dramatic person, drama isn't feeling very dramatic - it's just their "feelings". Truth is, it isn't their real feelings at all. The drama is a way to actually hide deeper emotions that would be difficult to deal with. The way I have experienced drama is that it is similar to anger or violence, in a sense, it's used as a cover up of feelings of vulnerability, low self-esteem or similar imbalances.

One way out of drama, into the place of authenticity and balance is to first recognize and fully embrace the facts of "Yes, I am doing drama - on and off, or even during greater bits of my time here on Earth. Once this "admission" of the facts has been accepted, the next step would be to focus on gratitude. There are countless things a person can feel grateful for. I like to be thankful for little things, before embarking on the tougher ones like "I'm grateful for my life in this body". Gratitude is an emotion that can be conjured easily (I'm grateful to see flowers emerge again and show me that it is Spring time" for example) and it carries a very soothing, healing sort of energy that can bring in higher vibrations and connect an individual with their true essence, which is unconditional love.

This  focus on gratitude is a simple tool, quite undramatic really (not that appealing to dramatic people), but drama is a strong force, so this tool needs to be applied regularly and for a prolonged amount of time in order to bring a different life experience and thus slowly allow a different perspective which in turn will, once it sets in more fully, bring about a different reality. To overcome the need for drama does not mean that a person will completely be free of the "talent" for drama, but perhaps this talent can then find a more suitable expression, perhaps in the areas of art, instead of running rampant, ruining relationships, making reasonable communication near impossible and never filling the heart with the one thing a dramatic person truly wants - the feeling of being heard (seen) and loved for who they truly are.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Answer is Already There.

A young man (14) has asked this question:  "Why are we born?" Considering the source of this question, I find it  is one of purity. I sense that he has a very good heart, keen intellect and a desire to learn. Given this purity, I cannot just say: "we are born to learn", although that may be the pat answer for our human existence. Learning, if it isn't the primary goal or motivator for taking human form, is most definitely an invaluable side effect.

It is said that whoever can ask a question, carries the answer already within. It is this sort of question that drives a soul onto a spiritual quest. Most likely, this quest will lead one to the inevitable further questions, to which all answers are already available. There  are so many different humans, in a body, having been born here that I cannot truly say: "this is why we are born". The motivators, the triggers to start a new life are as varied as there are different soul sparks. It isn't hence an easy question to answer, as there are many possible answers.

What I can answer though is, as I stated above, every answer is already present, if the question can be formulated in one's mind, we also carry within the answer to our question. This is the answer to the question - this is the answer to any question that may ever come up. The answer is already there. Now where would that answer be? Where is "there"? That too is different for every individual. Some sense it in their gut, others hear it through their inner hearing, there are many ways to perceive the answer that is already there. It's possibly one of the reasons why we are born, in and of itself ! To be challenged to find that (those) answer(s) within. There is no place "out there" that could know the answer to our innermost personal questions. There can be guides along the way, most certainly. There are guides that prod and push us along our path when we get complacent enough to stagnate.

I have come up with a variety of answers to the very same question this young man asked me, but I am very hesitant to suggest my answers would match his. I don't think they would. Perhaps they might in the very core boil down to something that we have in common. But even that isn't a certainty. One thing is very certain though. For someone this young to ponder such a deep question is a sign of a very awake, curious soul. If this young man continues to ask the pertinent questions during his life, he will no doubt stay true to the path his soul has chosen for this life time. I wish him well on his very own journey - may joy, surprises and epiphanies be plentiful and answers reveal themselves in divine timing.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Staying in the Love

The mind is a funny thing. Depending on the influences of whatever energies we are surrounded by, it interprets and throws up dramatic scenarios. It makes us believe that we're not ready for what is to come. It wrecks such havoc at times, that we create new realities on the spot. It tells us that we need to keep an open mind, to take it all in, to see all angles and although I find that admirable and rather generous of our "minds", I see that it is but a ruse. There are a number of emotional reactions that ensue when the mind does it's tricks. It can be exhilarating, ego-stroking, a sense of intellectual brilliance, it can also be the opposite, states of fear, paranoia and deep insecurity. Frankly, everything in between these two extremes can be felt as well.

It isn't by accident that the wisdom traditions of old have told us for millennia now to "still the mind". Yes, we ought to really sit down and still that mind of ours by now. In my experience, the mind is but a tool, just like the ego is but a tool, the personality is but a tool. Even the emotions are but tools, as is the physical body a tool to experience and live through this physical existence. All tools are necessary, or they wouldn't have been part of the Divine plan. All tools can be honored and respected. But to see them as anything other than tools is to miss out on a really simple truth. It is our ability to love and stay in the heart that is the experience of our true selves. Yes, it has gotten a few labels "Higher Self", "Divine Self" - etc. It's in the heart that our essence resides and speakers of eternal truths and wisdom traditions have always come back to this simple fact - "The Heart is where it's at." They have used many images to impart this message. They have given this simplicity labels, stories and names and they are all equally valid, for they allow the focus on our own ability to love.

When we are able to receive and give love, unconditionally (really! NO strings attached, NO expectations for anything to result from this loving), then we are exactly where we need to be. We are then outside of the reaches of the mind, which creates fear most often. We are then in synch with who we truly are and to each person, this experience is personal, individual. It cannot truly be named or explained, least of all compared. One can know this experience freely, spontaneously and repeatedly, as often as one chooses. It is in fact a conscious choice to reside in that space, that gets you there. It isn't a "foreign" place. We've come with it and it's ours to claim.

Once there, things become very quiet, simple, yet expansive. The need for many mind based acrobatics just falls away. That doesn't mean we will dismiss our brilliant minds - no, not at all. It means we will use our minds to figure out things, yet reside in our heart when it comes to actually doing the things we do or while interacting with others.

The energies of these last few days has propelled many minds into what feels like "overdrive" for me. Hypothesis have popped up, doomsday scenarios are being thrown about. We are "warned" to do this, to get ready for that, we are admonished to keep an open mind, to keep studying everything etc. I see that there are many minds out there, reeling with the increase in energy, trying to keep control over this increase in frequency. The key is to surrender that control to the heart. The heart has a way to "control" things without controlling. Naturally, easily and beautifully. All we have to do is trust the process and stay "in the Love".