Friday, March 18, 2011

Community Living in the 5th Dimension - A Vision

I have held this vision inside me for a great number of years. I have waited to feel the urge to share it. Today, this urge has arrived. I would like to share my vision of Community Living in the 5th Dimension. The soil of new creation is very fertile during these days. Amidst news of destruction and despair, of danger and fear, I feel that the days hold this fertile energy as well. The energy of new beginnings.

How long it will be before this vision, or one similar to it will manifest, I do not know. I have struggled with my desire to live like this immediately. I have transcended that desire, given any outcome or sense of timing over to the great "ALL". It is not my personal decision as to when this will manifest, nor whether it will manifest at all, or in this form. It is however a vision that I was unable to forget and I uphold its energy literally as a continuous knowledge in my heart, hence hopefully being part of it's creation. The vision isn't detailed out into the little details of "how is this going to work". That I feel may be another's strength or field of action. What I can share however is an image, an overview of how people can and hopefully will live harmoniously and peacefully together.

Community Living in the 5th Dimension

I envision great hubs of community centers, where people gather peacefully to bring in their share, their talent, their purpose. There is no greater value attributed to one field of occupation as opposed to another. Each person is valued for their compassionate sharing and free giving of their contribution. To give a contribution is innate, an absolutely integral part of each person's consciousness. Giving and sharing is done with a sense of gratitude and at the same time, receiving the gifts and things, ideas and artful contributions is considered an equally important act. Everything is received with a sense of honor and respect. This response to the gift given installs the further desire to share more and every person has their own sense of wanting to explore their specific talents more and more. Thus a peaceful, non-competitive energy of evolutionary processes unfolds from moment to moment.

People treat each other with a whole lot of humor. Any tension, which does ensue at times, is taken to the level of teasing and laughter. There is plenty of time for shared activities, playful recreation and also silent withdrawal, for each person to do as works for them, at the moment the call for a "break" is felt. This "call" isn't overseen by anyone. Pure consciousness alone is the inner guide as to what to contribute, how, when and how often etc. Consciousness alone is the inner guide in moments of disagreement, dispute and government of one's own impulses. There are those who contribute their gift of mediation, counseling and healing, their talents can be sought out freely should the situation call for such help. Nobody is alienated just because they experience a difficult moment. The undertone of this community is love, compassion, free sharing and full acceptance and continuous awareness of the thought form that all is one.

Living quarters are shared by groups, almost in a tribal fashion. It is just that these "tribes" are groups whose energies vibrate harmoniously with each other, they are not all the same, but they resonate.  Guidance in form of Councils is available and the Council members are those who have the aptitude for it. To be on a Council is considered a service for the greater good, not a position of power. Food, water, any resources, planning and creation of anything is shared freely. There is no shortcomings, for if there is not enough of one thing, the call goes out, information is shared and whoever feels the call resonate within will gladly respond and provide. Every moment is lived thus in the basic principle of honoring oneself, one's talents, one's abilities, by giving and receiving that which nourishes, provides, which soothes and completes.

There are more aspects to this vision, but I feel the call to stop now and let this bit be absorbed, visualized and thus (hopefully) be created in a moment to come.


  1. Dear Alaniya,
    I share your vision. I too have held it for years. I know that souls of like vibration will be drawn to our community. My 3 young adult children and I are holding it in our hearts. We feel it is to manifest soon as I can feel the web of it vibrating. There will be many spread across the land and we will share ideas with one another. I tap into the feeling of it, the joy I feel waking up with my beloved next to me, the beauty of the flowers in the garden, the children at play...I do not know the hows/wheres/ whens as yet but I can feel it moving closer or me aligning with it. Thank you for sharing your vision. My blog talks of some of it also:

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thanks for your comment. I appreciate hearing of others sharing the core message of this vision. I too can hardly wait, but at last the time we came to witness is at hand now. I'll check out your blog too, thanks for the link.