Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Doing to Being

I'm sitting here, concentrating so very hard, trying to say something of value. Value is a fickle thing, for I do not know what would be valuable for anyone. Writing just to have written seems a bit pointless. Still, words are inside me and they somehow want to come out. To what end, I do not know. I have to walk through this in total blindness, but ultimately, so I have been told, everything boils down to oneself. Perhaps this is just a string of therapeutic blurbs that I send out into virtual space, for others to either read or delete. It is almost a question of "why am I here?" - It goes deep within me and in all love for myself and others, I cannot come up with a witty thing to say, nor with a wise one that hasn't already been said.

I decide instead to just flow with it, I decide that all I truly have to do is go about this as empty as I possibly can, for every time, I try to come up with a theory, it seems rather ridiculous and after all, most of the times, my theories for myself are but smoke and dreams. Then, I am facing again the task of letting everything go. They are all preconceived ideas. It looks like it is time for me to get spiritually naked so to speak in order to let that which wants to be here within me just be that which it is, without my conscious knowledge.

This, rather than setting myself a beacon that I follow, a hypothesis that I have to somehow prove to myself, I change course. I switch from my more comfortable spot of power (doing/masculine side) to the place of love (being/feminine side) and know intuitively that I will not let go of all power, for that I cannot do. My whole life, my essence brought the wind of power. It is now time evidently to let go, to surrender to embody love in addition to power. Its not all too foreign, but the passivity of it is quite unnerving for one as myself.

I wish to give expression to my wind of power by just running and dancing, it feels like it's time to celebrate - at the same time, I want to just curl up and go to sleep, join myself in my own dreams. This is quite a tension of opposites and I experience both simultaneously. No matter, I do understand by going about it just one step at a time, the correct step you know, yes the one that presents itself to me at any given moment. I am in this state of zen where it is ok not to take a step and it is also ok to potentially take a step. Words do fail me. I cannot truly explain how this experience of my essence plays out into my reality and that is alright as well.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Solfeggio Frequencies

As a musician and painter, I have come across a phenomenon. As a composer, I was always been left unsatisfied. I have created some music that others found beautiful. I found it beautiful too, but I knew full well, that what I had heard in my inner ear and what I was able to compose were not the same. It always left something of a bad taste, a sense of "lack" or "not quite". As a painter, I let inspiration flow through me and the results were paintings that felt real, they felt like they were truly a part of me, my essence and the results were very dear to my heart. Beauty, they say, is in the eye of the beholder and it is so. However, certain vibrations, certain frequencies affect us all in the very same manner.

I have since come across the Solfeggio frequencies, which are said to access, harmonize and heal DNA. I do not know if these claims are real. It doesn't matter to me. Here is what I see in my inner eye when the sensory crossover between ears and inner eyes happens, when I play the sounds from the youtube video below. I see an explosion of colors and shapes and as the sounds continue, I begin to see colored fractals. They wander, they move, from one to the next. It's quite beautiful really. Fractals, in my understanding, are what the fabric of life is all about. There is a sacred geometry to them and they are forever manifesting their pattern. It's ongoing, always in motion and never stagnant. It is that sensory crossover and the clearly noticeable changes in my energy fields and chakras when I hear the Solfeggio Frequencies that lead me to believe that there is something about them, that it is good to spend some time listening to them.

It is, so I believe, by natural Divine design, that these frequencies are separated by the number 111 from another. There are surely more sacred mathematics that can be derived from these numbers, but I will leave that to a nerdier brain than mine.

I only wish to share this because it has touched me deep inside. These notes, played in this way evoke a deep sense in me that I already know these frequencies. They are so intimately familiar and I have a deep sense of "home" when I listen to them. That is all I know at this time. I will endeavor to let the sounds do what they do within my system and see what comes of it. I don't endorse them just yet, because I have not enough experience with them, but to me, a song composed with those frequencies comes infinitely closer to what I hear from beyond the veil in ways of "celestial music" than anything that we can produce on the Western musical scale.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Signs you Have Ascended

1) Your heart no longer hurts when you encounter fear.

2) Pretty much everything that interests everyone you know bores you   unfathomably.

3) You look around and say, "What next?"

Shared with Love and Laughter from Archangel Michael

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mad World

Don't take this too seriously ! - Instead of writing a blog post today, I am skipping out to have a walk in the mix of Spring sunshine and scattered showers.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Impact of Realitites

Sometimes, a person will adjust their reality to make it cushier, to make it easier to bear. It so happens, that our minds are rather clever. They may suggest and make us believe things that aren't exactly true. I have done this numerous times and I see other people in my environment do this very thing. I think that this form of self-deception does not happen with the intent to harm anyone, rather it seems to be a mechanism of self-protection. Sometimes, the truth of our actions, deeds and intentions is too painful to embrace. Sometimes we want to believe ourselves to be better than how we have obviously behaved, thought or done. It is a natural mechanism that has pretty far reaching consequences however.

The truth has a signature that runs through every situation. It is an energy flow that can be perceived. When I recognize it for myself in a situation where I have created a deception for myself and projected that outward, I feel very compelled to just eat the humble pie and fess up to "duh! I've done this wrong, I can do better and I will endeavor when I get my very next chance." Such is the stumble, fall, get up and try again method of this Earthly experience - at least for me.

I have had the beautiful lesson to look at what happens when a deception, a delusion is perpetuated. The one who is trying to hide a misstep is creating this new reality that not in alignment with the truth of what actually happened. The person who has created that reality is trying to reinforce it by telling it over and over again. He or she is thus seeking the approval of those around him or her, in order to make the delusion real. I've pondered over what would happen, if this approval was not forthcoming any longer. If the person would still find approval elsewhere, he or she would undoubtedly slip away from my reality and keep on experiencing his own creation, continually reinforced by those who reinforce it. The imprint of that deception will be eventually accepted as "real" and anyone who challenges that will run against a brick wall.

There is a different possible outcome and that is, if that person is seeking approval from me, and I do not give it and keep that person in my heart with open acceptance that everyone is allowed their very own reality, be it truthful or not, instead of slipping away, there may be that one moment where a question comes my way. This is more likely to be a question of seeking approval in the form of: "I'm right, no ?", which creates the opening for me to speak up and share what I see to be the more truthful situation. I have to wait for this situation however, I have no right really, to dabble in another's reality - unless... yes, there is an exception. Unless the delusion, the perpetuated lie that has been accepted as a reality by the other, has a direct negative impact on my child. As a mother, I feel that I have not only the right, to bring truth to this issue if it affects my kid, but it is my irrevocable duty to stand up for my kid and help heal the situation, for by remaining silent, I would give silent approval for a lie to be accepted as real, with all the consequences involved. That to me would be like being the liar myself.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Blog post delete by author - quote to be published in a collection.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

How to Treat a Reality

It almost looks to be a natural consequence to the last two blog posts, that I feel the drive to share my experience how my perception of others' realities has changed. In the past, I would pay lip service, my mind had embraced the concept that everyone has their own reality. I was quite comfortable in this understanding but feel that after the blog post  "Unity Consciousness and Realities", I have gained a much deeper understanding what that really means to me. Furthermore, with this expansion in awareness, I am experiencing the ripple effect of what this state of consciousness at this moment shows me. This ripple effect goes quite deep.

Not only do I understand that everyone has their own reality in this new and more profound manner, I understand without even thinking about it, that by dismissing another's reality that has been shared openly and freely, I am trespassing. I am also trespassing, if I take on another's reality as mine. Furthermore, I am trespassing by trying to share my own reality in a manner that holds an expectation that others would take my view point. Even by blogging today, I realize and am fully aware and comfortable with the understanding, that although I am merely giving my drive for sharing my reality an avenue of expression, I hold no expectation on how it is received. There cannot be any expectation any longer, for I would then be trespassing. With trespassing, I mean stepping out of alignment with the Creator.

The new consciousness has such far reaching consequences that I am slowing way down with how I treat other peoples' sharing of their realities within myself. I cannot help but experience the desire, that eventually, everyone would come to this place of consciousness where trespassing on the fabric of realities becomes literally impossible anymore, but I am at the same time ok with the place where anyone's consciousness is.

One place where the sharing of realities shows clearly how boring things become if I deny my own individuality, my own reality. This place is called "consensus reality" ... I've been intuitively distancing myself from consensus reality, and share this reality only in some very basic ways with the consensus "out there". I have over time intuitively known not to follow the trends, but instead put my focus on sticking with my own heart, dance my own jig. I have experienced many sideways glances - well, yeah, attacks too and some things in between. No matter, my dance in my own reality is pretty strong and anchored. I did have huge lessons that taught me not to accept another's reality blindly. Those lessons were tough, but I am incredibly grateful for them, for they make so much sense today. The viewpoint I hold today is one that fits this experience, this epiphany so closely.

I have my reality, you have yours. Today, when I share mine, I have no expectations any longer. When you share yours, I will possibly share with you, but it will never become mine. However, and this I find to be the most important point of today's musings: I will not be able to violate the fabric of your reality any longer by imposing my reality onto yours, not even by comparing my reality with yours. Your reality is as sacred as mine. Your reality IS your essence, projected outward into the world of manifestation and to trample on that in any perceivable way is simply impossible anymore. In that same understanding, I still bravely share my reality, with those who wish to take a glimpse, because I perceive it to be my soul's nature to share and expand, to learn and discern, and with each sharing I offer an opportunity for anyone partaking in my sharing to honor and respect the fabric of my reality, and through that, honor the energy of my essence.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Shared Reality

On an ordinary day, my reality seems to unfold, open up to possibilities that I have learned not to control. In this flow there are moments of sheer joy. I find that when I am blessed with such moments, my soul has but one drive. It is not only adamant that I experience that joy to its fullest possible extent, it also seeks to share. It seems to me to be a very natural drive that is innate. As a soul exploring this physical reality, which is solely mine and doesn't find it's identical twin-reality anywhere, simply because there is none, I find that this drive for sharing the good (and the bad) moments is a natural thing to do for any soul.

Just recently, I have hit upon such a wonderful moment of joy, revelations came to me and I was able to share this with a friend who at the same time tapped into the energy of the revelation and applied the forthcoming knowledge to his reality. We both giggled like crazy, the joy of the moment made us jump for joy and holler, grin and hug. It wasn't just my moment, my reality, we were both in a state of shared reality. In that state, the joy was exponentially magnified and the truth of the moment seemed to be so very palpable and real for both of us. Clearly, it was like being in a shared state of a "high". Our energies had risen in frequency during that experience and we both knew that we were soaring in that moment.

The most interesting thing that I could take from this experience was that although we experienced and shared this one moment of shared reality, our own realities never ceased to exist. My reality was permeating the shared reality. We were so incredibly anchored in our own experience, yet at the same time experienced the unified experience. It is thus that I experienced both ends of the spectrum, the separation (individual reality) and the unity (shared reality). I am absolutely convinced that one is the prerequisite for the other. I maintain that without being firmly anchored and sovereign in my own experience, my own reality, I cannot step into a fully shared reality and experience unity that way.

In this whole experience of individual reality with simultaneous experience of the shared reality, the unity, I realize that the rush of joy may well be what souls are after with their drive to share their realities, it's just the attempt to make my reality your reality that carries the distortion. If we maintain our own realities steadfast and respect that individual reality of another, the shared reality will bring only the highest of good, be that a reality that brings forth joy, or one that brings with it sorrow. This is very much in line with a proverb I heard a lot when I was younger: "Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow."


Friday, April 22, 2011

Unity Consciousness and Realities

My musings on this Good Friday (it is a good Friday indeed), have been inspired by a renewed wave of youtube videos and various blog posts that try to tell me "the truth" or "the reality" of how disastrous everything is. My reaction to these bits of information is one of being irked. It doesn't sit well, it doesn't feel true at all to me this way and I am facing the problem of looking at these obviously plausible "truths" and have to ask myself why it irks me so.

The content of the messages doesn't trigger my irk factor, it is more that they are seemingly being peddled with what appears to me to be an intent to inform me of "the reality". I have gone within and tried to find a place of peace with these bits of information. I have decided in the past that I can just not give them any time, not give them my energy. Still, they seem to pop up on my horizon and irk me. Hence, there is something for me to find. It is not a sense of personal "irking" that bothers me. It's deeper than that for me. It causes a stir in my innermost sense of who I am. Something says point blank: "this peddling and perpetuating of "realities" whether positive or negative, is "wrong". (wrong=feels out of alignment with the Divine)

As I move through my own process of seeking (my own) truth, I realize that unity consciousness is at stake here. I realize that unless I maintain that each and every person has their own personal reality, there cannot be peace in this war of realities we are currently in. Unless I extend the birthright to my own experience and thus my own reality, onto every single person on this planet (and beyond), I am participating in the war of realities and am not facilitating unity consciousness. Isn't it so, that the person who with all well-meaning intent shares their message of "this is the truth, this is THE reality and we need to be afraid of it" (thinking of messages shedding so called light onto the situation or radioactive fallout for instance ...but many others too) and with these messages tries to "warn" others is negating one very pivotal thing within themselves. For the sake of working through this to gain more clarity within myself, I dare suppose that they may personally be in a reality where fear is present. They are allowed that reality. It's fully theirs. Are they allowed to share that reality with others? Yes, of course they are, but wouldn't it be more truthful and more in alignment with themselves, if they shared these fear-mongering videos and messages with a true statement like: "I am afraid of this and I wish to share my fear of this".  If this were the case, the outpouring of love, light and compassion from their friends would be instant, I'm pretty sure of that. It would not only trigger a different response from others, but it would be fully respected as "their reality".

This respect and honoring of another's reality carries seemingly a sense of separation, after all, that would split us up into just under 7 billion realities. I have felt a distinct drive toward unity consciousness. In this drive, so I am shown, so I experience in my own reality, for me alone, in my very personal reality, (enough disclaimers?) I witness and experience on my inner movie screen the seeming explosion (of Divine Unity Consciousness) into the myriad of "little" personal realities.

In order to end the war on realities and bring about peace and unity, I respect and honor each and every fragment as part of the whole. Each and every different reality is an expression of each fragment of the Divine ONE. There may be realities that are similar to each other, but there cannot ever be two fully identical realities. The full understanding of this may not be possible for me while I am in this body, but to the extent I do understand this, it means one thing alone - the sooner I stop trying to make my reality that of the other(s), the closer I can get to unity consciousness, and thus experience unity consciousness (or as I term it: the return to the ONE). And this is just my reality.

At this point, please let me openly own that in the past I have clearly transgressed and tried to share my reality as if it were something other than a very personal thing. I shall henceforth pay very close attention to disengage from that desire to do more than just share my reality with others and take away any expectation what that sharing should provoke.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The more I speak in my blogs, the more I use words to describe things, the more I feel that there is not much to say after all. It is quite a joke really. In the beginning, I had thought to be in such a place where words will always be there for me, to share, describe, find release in my own web and fabrication of words. This weave is beautiful to me in its own right and I wish to embrace it with love, honor and respect. It is a creation. However, after months of daily blogs, I find this urge for silence sneak into my being. In my daily routine, I seek silence more than once. Most often, actually when I feel overwhelmed with the many frequencies that come toward me from other people. That's when my heart and mind become very silent.

I cannot truly say, that when this silence descends upon me, it is because I am trying to hide. It is more the very opposite that is the case. In this silence, I am bringing in as much of my essence as is humanly possible, without harming my physical temple. It is silence that is alive in vibration, expansive, yet nourishing my innermost places. Sometimes the silence feels like a blanket, thrown over me by a caring hand. Sometimes the silence is a space holder, so that another can have their full moment of interaction. Sometimes, the silence is just that, Divine Silence. It is a sense of stillness that at the same time encompasses everything there is. It is rich, whole and untouchable. I seek this kind of silence quite often, for in its fabric lies eternal truth for me, that is indescribable, at least  in words of the language we share.

What it takes for this silence to descend, is but a simple alignment of my heart and will with the heart and will of the Source. This is but a natural impulse, a centering in my high heart chakra, the base of this 5th dimensional experience and perception. In this silence, I see the fertile ground for things to come. In this silence, I see the compassionate burial ground for things that have already been and gone. In this silence, I experience the eternal now. In this silence, I AM.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

In Alignment with the Divine Plan

I've been pondering how humanity can begin and continue to navigate as one. At first, this seems to be pretty chaotic, imagine everyone just scrambling around for their place in the whole puzzle piece. Then, as I follow the energy of this eventually necessary societal shift into unity consciousness, it becomes very simple for me. At the level of Source, unity consciousness is already in existence. All we have to do is align ourselves with that.

There are currently many folks who are pretty much in a place where they do not wish to be. They are committed to a job they don't like, they come home from said job exhausted and feel drained. There is a reason for this and it hasn't only got to do with not liking the job in particular. The main reason for feeling drained and exhausted after a day's work, isn't that the job is especially hard physically either. I know of some people who sit at a desk day in and day out and after their 40+ hours per week, they are simply at the end of their energetic stamina. The two days on the weekend are most often not enough time to bring back one's energy to a satisfactory stamina level.

There is a reason for this. It is simply, that their job is not in alignment with their life mission, their purpose for being here. Wonderful people as they are, they are locked into a job that is probably far from the contracts they have made before coming here. Not being in alignment with the Creator's will and one's own Divine purpose has this draining effect. Exhaustion is often a clear indicator, a symptom for navigating one's life outside of the easy and always sustaining flow of energy. Contrary to that, when in full alignment with one's life purpose and therefore aligned with the Creator's plan, energy is available abundantly. Another "fringe benefit" would be joy and then the great main reason for getting into alignment with the Source would be the experience of bliss. Bliss is a sovereign right for each soul, as I am told.

The difficulty seems to be to find one's own personal alignment with the greater plan. There are so many limitations that this society on Earth has put into place, all boiling down to the limitations of money it seems. I am very intrigued by the call of the free world charter for a new society that would function without money. ( For this to work and everyone become the valued contributor to their community that they are meant to be, there is that very important alignment with the greater (Divine) plan that needs to happen. For if every person is truly vibrating in full alignment with their potentials and the contracts for learning and experiencing, there will be a harmoniously functioning society unfolding before our very eyes.

For quite some people, getting into alignment that way is a foreign concept. However, it does make sense that one should do exactly that activity where the heart leaps for joy and with it contribute to the common greater good. Out of the 3D corners, I can hear a whole lot of of "ifs, and buts" where there needn't be any.

It is but a first easy step to go to one's heart and acknowledge that there is such a thing as one's own personal "job", one's own personal "destiny" or "calling" here on Earth. Even if we do not fully know what that calling looks like, we can open our heart and intend that we get onto the path to finding just that. Then, all that we need to do is follow our internal GPS (intuition) and do that which is before us, one step at a time. If we keep our eyes open so that we can enter a state of wondrous discovery. I do acknowledge that currently, the paradigm is one where we have to earn a living still, but we can prepare for a society with unity consciousness already now. I am certain that if we ask our higher selves today, we will get more and more into that place of alignment and know what it is we came here to do - after all, isn't the Creator's response to being in alignment, yeah you know, "bliss", enough incentive to give it a shot?

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

When will I be able to fly?

When will I be able to fly? - That question has been brought to me by a very honest and sincere seeker. It was asked in jest - well, partial jest at least. As I reflect on the essence of this question, I experience the decades of personal growth work I have behind me. I experience the many voices that I have heard of people who are well and busy on their own journeys towards the higher frequencies. Yes, the many skills we dream of today, that are hampered because of the density of this 3-dimensional experience will become available. It is the fabric of gravity, that is the glue for the 3-dimensional realities. The 3D-frequencies bring a density level that is responsible for the solid world we experience. Once in 5D, we will experience everything a bit differently. Things will change, the nature of reality will change as we change our perceptions. So, when will we be able to fly? (levitate, use telekinesis etc. ?) - It will become possible as soon as the Earth has reached a higher frequency that will grant a less strong gravitational field and the solid things become more permeable, as their frequencies too are higher.

This is how my support crew from beyond the veil has explained it to me. With this information comes a very endearing reminder that answers the initial question of "When will I be able to fly?" - it comes in the form of a counter-question:  "Why don't you decide to enjoy a walk in nature instead, while you still can?" - What is meant, (that was shown to me in images) was that yes, the Earth is well under way towards a higher frequency and things will change, we have but a short time left to enjoy the world of the 3rd dimension. Perception will change for good and experiences will gain the flavor of "remember when?"... It is with great love and compassion that my support team guides me and shows me that there is no better time than the now and that during this now, I better enjoy what I can of the 3rd dimensional world, for it soon won't be this way any longer.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Appointment with Destiny

I'm in this one place and I understand that I am exactly where I need to be and there is no need for me to change my location or line of work. In my little place however, I continue to hear of stories. Others bring them to me. In those stories things begin to stir. People begin following an inner call. There are those who sell everything that would keep them in a place and move on, following their hearts. They are such brave souls, for they do not really know or see the exact plan, yet their resolve to follow Spirit's voice which is speaking to them in every encounter, everything they observe, is what moves them along their set path to do exactly what they came here to do at this time.

There are other ways the web, the contracts, are calling folks. There may be that offer for unusual help with a problem or explanations for their projects, that may seem out of the ordinary. There are impromptu meetings with people who are seemingly unmeetable, but will recognize the other instantly. These meetings, these offers of the unusual etc. are pivotal. They are the catalyst for growth and awakening. Amazing messages are being passed along, just enough to break the last barriers. These things, all of them, be it the inner call or an outward synchronistic event, they are indeed appointments with destiny.

It is time to follow one's own heart, get on the journey to answer the individual calls that lead to the type of service, work and joy we are meant to experience here. Everyone has the chance to have an appointment with destiny. Everyone has the free will to say yes or no, when they do have that appointment. If one appointment gets missed, there is a safety net and the window of opportunity will present itself again. Not forever, again and again, but at least 3 times in my experience. There are these safe guards in place, for at the time of making a contract we do know that there is an element of uncertainty, due to free will choice.

Those who openly accept what their appointment with destiny shows them, brings them, triggers for them, will awaken to the new frequencies and follow their path in ever growing consciousness. Thus they can follow what is before them, one step at a time, for in the new paradigm, linear time is replaced by a sequence of moments, time becomes irrelevant. The navigation tool for this journey has always been the heart, it will always be the heart. Thus, the heart (the high heart really) becomes the base for every one of our decisions, for every single step we take and that way, we end up doing exactly what we are supposed to do. As more and more people have their appointment with destiny, or had it a while back, have said "yes" to the awakening, more and more the web can become what it has always been, a fully functioning interlinked net of congruent opportunity and creation. The wondrous mechanism for free flow, for effortless growing, learning and joy.

There is nothing more satisfying than the full awareness that one's place in big web is in exactly the right spot. The extra joy comes from seeing the workings of it, from understanding how things unfolded in absolute, divine perfection to be what they are today. To see that seeming moments of hardship were exactly what was needed to bring a soul to the place they are in this very moment.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Medicine of the Horse - Arvel Bird

Through the voice and music of Arvel Bird, I would like to share a message that is very dear to my own heart.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Sovereign Right

"Every soul can reclaim their sovereign right for wholeness at any point"
(AA Michael)

Friday, April 15, 2011

Reality - Revisited

The creation of reality, one's own experience is intrinsically linked to one's own belief systems, as well as the thought patterns. It is possibly for that reason, that the old wisdom traditions advise to still the mind. With a stilled mind, control over one's emotions by means of  integration of the emotional ups and downs without having the mind join the dance is much easier. Thus the experience of one's reality becomes much calmer, more understandable by unprejudiced observation and in turn, the observation of the outside reflection of one's inner nature becomes a lot easier to read.

Until recently, the experience of my own reality has been linked to a sense of "space", a field of experiences. This perception has slowly changed and morphed into an understanding that I don't have to push something that is undesirable to me out of my reality. I have exercised shifting my focus seemingly sideways and have stepped into an experience where certain perhaps undesirable things are not part of my personal experience any longer, they just fade away.

In this sense, I have for example been fully aware of some undesirable things that happen collectively on the planet, but I have no personal experience of it, because I do, after the acknowledgment of the "facts" not dwell on the issue. This refusal to dwell on an issue, like for example radiation fallout, means for me not to keep reading about it. It means a steadfast refusal to keep wondering about whether or not the Pacific Northwest is going to become affected by radioactivity. It means not to allow fear, nor reports of ever worsening conditions to enter my consciousness. If they do enter my consciousness anyways, there is a very elegant means of allowing them to pass through my system unhindered and let them flow away gently. I do this with the conviction and reminder that it is enough to be aware, that there is a problem with radiation in Japan, but it does not have to persist or dominate my consciousness.

The repeated reports of how bad it is, serve no other purpose than to bring many peoples' attention and energetic focus on how bad it really is, the "reality" of the disaster. This sort of attention will undoubtedly create just that very sort of reality. I stay away from doing that. I am responsible for my part in the co-creation of this world and I choose not to bring radioactive fallout into that reality. I am doing my part. I do this part in full awareness that there has been the disaster and that in Japan, things are less than rosy. I do Japan a much greater favor though by actively creating a better world by bringing my focus into a place where I visualize a better, more harmonious outcome. I am continuing to shine the light of unconditional love and compassion on the affected area and I am dreaming up this new world and during my contemplation, I have found that the waves of fear create the very difficulties that are happening.

There are still voices that blame this or that for the disaster. These voices seem to come in waves, when one wave is done with the fear mongering, the next one is insisting that we focus on how bad things are, by telling us the "reality".  This is exactly in line with actively being part of creating a reality. I perceive that the many people's thoughts and feelings about the disaster that are geared towards the negative pole of the options for the outcome by being "real" are in fact lending their energy to the actual creation of the continued difficulties. It's a choice to become responsible and get a really good check on one's mind, fears, be selective what information is being read. I am most certainly not sticking my head in the sand, for I am aware of the initial disaster. However, it is in our power to create a different outcome.

In this push to take personal responsibility for my thoughts, my emotions around this difficult topic, I realized that my reality can shift into one where the disaster may have occurred but the outcome is a different one. I can do that and experience in my personal reality that there is no radioactive fallout. I am free of fear of this potential hazard. In this realization lies another kernel of truth for me. That field of my own personal reality is not a field outside of myself. It is my own essence that is the fabric of my creation. I AM my own reality. This revelation firms up my conviction that I hold sole responsibility for my own reality, my creation, my experience, for it is my energy alone that I am experiencing. It thus solidifies this most certainly as my personal truth, but I do also believe that I may just have stumbled over a Universal truth here.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Just an Incredible Playground

I perceive the current energies to be those of the lull before the next wave of light. It offers great fertile soil for integration of the new things that came with the last wave. In this integration, there are not many new dramatic discoveries for me. It's more like some puzzle pieces that have floated slightly above the fuller picture have gently settled into their place and I get quiet, wondrous moments of "ahhhh" as I watch the new picture that unfolds on my inner landscape.

One of these puzzle pieces is that as with the drive for unity in people, communities, there is also the need to understand other bits and pieces to be in an already established spot of unity. For unity is the natural state of being for all things, beings, etc - all is energy, and all is one. We can come to this conclusion over and over again, yet from my angle, I see that although we may grant this state of unity to sentient beings, it goes further. It encompasses objects, solid things that are deemed inanimate. They are indeed all animated, made from the same energy base, vital force, than anything else. For me that is the thread that runs through the whole of this Creation, it's visible in the air, in the lattice work of crystals and the fractals found in nature everywhere. It's made of the same substance - all of it.

Furthermore, the sound that comes from a certain object, it's frequency, is in a state of unity with every other sound, (frequency) existing. This view has such far reaching consequences, that I am mighty glad not to inhabit a body with a scientific mind. It is an artist's prerogative to dream, to depart from the solid, visible, palpable "reality" that the rational mind allows. It is the freedom to go to places where science shies away from. I treasure this freedom, for it truly brings the most incredible playground into my life, any time I like to go have a spin on it.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Fabric of Expectations

Ever found yourself struggling to reach your own expectations? Well, I have! Quite often actually. I'm possibly the toughest taskmaster I've ever let into my life. The expectations I have for me are by far greater than any that may come apparently from the outside, although in a reflection of my own inner landscape, my outer experience is often one that speaks of great difficulties in things that should in all reality come a lot easier. All my responsibility, there is no denying that. However, no matter how often I return to the script and take responsibility for my experienced reality, that sense of never being quite there, quite good enough etc, looms and casts its shadow over a varied range of situations.

I've taken a closer look at this and found one thing that is common to most of my experiences that I find so hard. It is a stance within me, one that sets the bar so very high. These are my own expectations. These are the various voices who egg me on to do better still, to reach farther and to jump higher. It's stressful to have these taskmasters and I am so very weary of this construct. Obviously weary enough to go about dismantling it, in order to figure out what it all is.

Expectations - hmmm...ok - I'm following this energy to its base and very quickly find its source. There is a great fear of failure. It's just simply not an option to fail in my life. I've failed alright, in various instances, but I have come out of each one of those seeming failures with the resolve (yeah, alright...the expectation) to do better next time. In and of itself, this inner drive for improvement isn't all bad. I've learned and kept going out of situations where I've seen others linger for years unable to dig themselves out. I've been congratulated on this tendency - it has been called courage, strength, tenacity, and so forth. Today, I want to call it by it's real name. It's called fear of failure - nothing more, nothing less.

It is no question that a state of fear will pull one out of a state of love. That we found out a while ago. It is but a wee step to see what the energetic fabric of an expectation does to the state of unconditional love - well, I find that it puts very quickly and irrevocably a condition on my love and the state of unconditional love dissipates just as quickly and just as irrevocably for as long as the expectation is in my system. An expectation carries also the energy of an assumption. It is the assumption that I am truly the maker and shaker of my own success and that I can navigate outside of unconditional love and make things happen. Well, I can make things happen, I'm allowed to shift, dance, change, frolic for as long as I like - all under the energetic mantle of expectation, but I am then by proxy not in a state of unconditional love and therefore have cut myself off that flow from the Creator, even if that cutting off is just a wee little bit, and I know in my mind that I am loved like every other spark, beyond measure - I cannot truly feel it, for as long as I hold an expectation.

In Buddhist tradition, this expectation would possibly be called an attachment. An attachment to a projected/desired outcome. The tricky part is, that even if I let go of one expectation, say the one to keep growing and changing better and better, I am tempted to replace it with the expectation to let go of expectations...quicker - better...smoother etc.... Oh, that's quite a wicked cycle, isn't it?

A state of unconditional love cannot be achieved - it can only be surrendered into. The art of letting go, into the place of unconditional love is therefore possibly one of the more important acts of self-love on this ever winding road of self-discovery.

I'm on it, but I now let go of any expectations as to when I will be "getting it" bear with me!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Society has defined human interaction in very set ways. There are moral and societal rules when it comes to friendship, romantic relationships and any other human interaction. I've always felt that some of those rules are not in harmony with how I perceive my own relationships with others to go. It seems that a different set of "rules" apply - the rule of affinity, most certainly plays a great role in this for me.

Lately however, my slightly different ways of living, experiencing and enjoying human interactions seem to become ever so clear. The one thing that pops out is that the groups of souls whom I call friends are closer to me than I had experienced before. Not only do I experience these friends as friends, but more as (soul)family, as an integral part of who I am. It matters very little anymore what they do or how they behave, the high heart based life style only sees the soul energy to be of importance and recognizes the ties very clearly. At the same time, I experience these ties to carry an energy that is very freeing. In the intensifying of this experience of the friendship connections, there is also the opposite phenomenon. I am not in the least tempted to form attachments, the way I have experienced before.

I am still a good friend, at least I get that feedback, yet the freedom that is in my heart over clearly having found a group of souls that resonates with me so harmoniously, is an emotion that wants to grow, wants to be put out there, shared. In this sharing, every single one of my friends resides in my heart yet is wonderfully free to be who they are, no matter where their journey may lead. There is but joy and recognition, there is harmony and excitement and a sense of wonder over how far I have traveled before I was able to re-unite with them in this way. I am eternally grateful for my soul-family.

Monday, April 11, 2011


It's just a feeling, but it surely has me in a grip that demands the utmost vigilance for me to stay in the now, centered and balanced. It is during the times of the lull, when the energies pull back, before the next wave that I feel this feeling. Everything seems to crawl under my skin. I get irritated at seemingly nothing. Things proceed way too slowly for me and in that sensation, everything is cumbersome, dense and I have a very hard time waiting, yet again, for the next wave.

It is my choice how I navigate the lull-times. It is my choice whether I let this sensation dictate how I act in the world. It is my choice, whether I heed the good advice of "patience, my dear"! I cannot say that patience is an innate quality of mine. It's definitely one of the harder lessons for me. It just doesn't seem to come naturally, yet when I struggle with the seeming stagnation of the flow, I find myself often back at this place where patience is needed.

There is power in a word and I can invoke this power by saying this word. Its energy will come forth as I speak it out loud and give it power through my breath. It is then an easy step into this energy field and I tend to absorb as much of it as I can comfortably hold. I use the word PATIENCE today, for it seems to balance out that irritation, that sense of wanting to move on and brings me back into the place of equanimity, the now,  where everything is as it is supposed to be and all is in Divine order.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Healing a Situation at its Core

(A hypothesis)

From a 5D point of perception, I experience the possibility of transcending of time and space. Based on that experience, I am able to take a situation in my reality today and follow its signature through time and space to arrive at the point where it originated. Understanding my essence to have existed prior to this incarnation and having had incarnations throughout the ages that from the point of perception beyond the veil are all happening now and are as easily accessible as jumping to a scene on a DVD, I also understand that I am responsible for today's events that originated way before I was born. There is no more excuse for me to claim: "that was before my time".

In that sense, I understand that this responsibility for today's events that have their root in the past is one that I have the ability to heal and through the awareness of that ability, I choose to take on the job of doing just that. I can take a situation that touches me today and shine the light of truth, unconditional love onto the situation today. I can observe that this exercise offers the viewing of the energetic signature that links the events today with their point of origin in the past. I can coat it all in unconditional love and add the ho'oponopono prayer of "Forgive me, I am sorry, I love you, Thank you, thank you, thank you" to the mix. I do have to mean it though.

Then, I can observe how the healing of the core unfolds and ripples through time and space into the events of today. I may not see the effects of this healing work in this lifetime, but I understand that this hypothesis I am talking about  may be true, even if it is not scientifically proven (yet). I understand that by clearing and healing  situation at its core, I am consciously creating something new.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

And So it Is

To all the Divine sparks, working, growing, playing, experiencing in all the infinite constellations and possibilities, my message to you is one of eternal love. You are all loved beyond measure, there is nobody other than yourself who will assess where you stand at any given time. We observe, we love and support and it is the yearning of the Father, the Creator, our Source, that every spark on any of the many paths know deep within, to find that flame in their heart, that flame that brings comfort, peace and understanding that we are all One, we are all Love and so it is.    (Archangel Michael)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Let the Water Speak - Lass das Wasser sprechen

My friend Joseph M. Clearwater has created music to go along with the prayers and meditations for and with water. I would like to point you in the direction of the free download:

Music: Let the Water Speak


Zur Unterstützung von Gebeten und Meditationen für und mit dem Wasser hat Joseph M. Clearwater wunderbare Musik komponiert.

Musik: Lass das Wasser sprechen

Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Same Goal

What if all factions on Earth are working and have been working for the very same goal since the beginning of time?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ascension and Enlightenment

Ascension and enlightenment have often been seen as descriptive terms of this thing that's happening right now. These words have at times been used indiscriminately and have been interchanged randomly. In my understanding, from my point of view, they describe two different things that are in interaction with each other, but are not identical. If a person was reaching enlightenment whilst in the paradigm of duality he or she was also ascending, by proxy so to speak. Their vibratory frequency would increase because of their endeavors, their seeking that culminated in finally reaching enlightenment. So in my understanding, if a person reaches enlightenment, they ascend (increase their frequency). However, the reverse is not necessarily true.

Today we see, feel and learn through the myths and prophecies that the frequency of our biosphere is increasing in speed. The Earth is playing a new tune, that is called ascension. People living on Earth can hold their own lower 3D frequency, or decide to move along with the Earth's ascension process and increase their own frequency in their own personal process of ascension. This is a wonderful thing and will bring new ways of perceiving the world around us. It does however not mean, that automatically everyone who has increased their frequency is now all of a sudden becoming enlightened.

What I can see is that the one thing that keeps humans from being enlightened in the first place is the veil of forgetfulness. With the increase in frequency, this veil's density is decreasing, thus it becomes more and more permeable. The veil therefore doesn't cover up who we are as tightly as it used to and we are more able to remember. This thinner, more permeable veil in the higher frequencies will thus facilitate the quest for enlightenment for any true seeker considerably, and we may find waves of people entering the state of enlightenment in the new, less dense, ascended world. That means that enlightenment is just easier to come by while we live within higher frequencies, but it is also still allowed to choose not to seek enlightenment after we have reached the next dimension. It is possible to live with adjusted "ascended" energy vibrations, experience states oneness and have greater consciousness because of the higher frequencies, yet still remain largely unaware of our true nature, i.e. be unenlightened and that too is in perfect Divine order.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Doing while Being

Not for the first time am I noticing that every application of power really runs a risk. There's that walk on the tight rope, that need to tread lightly, not to force issues, for when I think on that situation that is in my mind that would require my action, I do not know all the details. Too many people are involved making the decisions I have no control over. I've pretty much done everything in my power to facilitate the outcome that I feel is the best one. I have held the space of unconditional love, the light of truth and continue to do so. I do not know whether that outcome that I am holding in my heart as my wish is in true alignment with what the Universe wants of me and my loved ones. I do not know whether that outcome that I think may be the best one is truly the best possible outcome for all people involved in this lesson. I have no idea!

It is the act of humbling myself down to the place where I accept that I do not know. I accept that the moment I stick even the slightest bit of my toe out into the future in order to project an outcome, I am leaving the now and therefore I leave the intuitive universal flow and I begin trying to manage, manipulate and power through what is before me in ways that may potentially wreck more havoc than if I sat still and did nothing at all. Yet the drive to do something, just something! is so strong.

I can do something, but it isn't in the form of application of solar plexus based power. I have to recognize that my drive, my inner need to do something is borne out of fear. The doubt that everything is as it is supposed to be, so unlike the ideal situation where I can recognize this fact clearly. This doubt is that form of fear that is linked to the future, the outcome, the possible (perceived) "failure" or different outcome from what I deem to be the best outcome. This doubt is what is at the core of my unrest and it keeps pulling me out from my center. I contemplate this doubt and realize in a flash, that at it's polar opposite it is called faith. If I want the energy of faith to enter my consciousness, my heart, I have to accept the doubt which out of old habit, I have pushed away from me, didn't want to feel that silly doubt. I make a conscious effort to embrace that doubt and am rewarded with a flood of faith. The polarities are not that far apart anymore it seems. I allow doubt to be there, opposite the faith in the Universe's wisdom. With that little adjustment, I can find my way back into this place of now, where I am alert, fearless, worry free and a clear receptor for the intuition that will guide my next step in the process of "taking action to work a miracle". Only when I am in this place of clarity will I be able to know what lies before me, what needs to be done. Only then do I surrender to my inner guidance where I know when it is time to DO something and by doing only when I'm moved to doing something, I am then in a state of Doing while Being (centered).

Monday, April 4, 2011

Working Miracles

"How to make God laugh? - Make a plan!"
It is along that line that some plans seem to manifest not quite how we perceive and map them out in the beginning. There is the intent, there is the odds and then there's the action that should propel one towards the planned goal. Oops - then there's timing too and then there's this odd thing that is called "lessons".

Situations like these try our patience at the very least and we have a choice as to how to navigate them. We can chose to believe that "everything went wrong", just because things didn't pan out as we had originally planned and throw in the towel and perhaps be mad about how unfair life is.That is one possible reaction. We do have other choices though and one of them is to surrender to the process that usually hasn't quite unfolded at the first sign of "results",  even if it looks at times very painfully like things have gone astray. Only hindsight will give us an accurate perception. So all that's left is to stay centered in the base of our new reality, the High Heart Chakra. There we can see the situation as it is. We then have options, we can fold and give up and just surrender to whatever it is that unfolds and live the path of non-attachment to the outcome with a sense of equanimity, or we can take a more proactive stance and still work out our miracle.

Working a miracle is not going to be like putting my will into a situation and power my way through it so that I end up with the result that I wanted in the first place. Working a true miracle would be to shine my light of truth onto the situation that hasn't panned out yet as I had wished, without conditions. This I can do in the full understanding that this light of truth will shift things around, just like in one of those number puzzles where you slide the little number squares around to make room for another one to come in between.

I am filled with gratitude that working miracles is that easy. A difficult situation can be resolved that way without having to do anything other than shine that light of truth onto it. It is the very same action as sending unconditional love to another being, or to the water etc. It is that very same energy that will bring the truth to a situation and let it unfold exactly for the highest good for all involved. Be this a situation that is of minor impact on the whole of mankind or the world, or one of greater influence. It matters very little, every difficult situation can benefit from that gentle adjustment that can occur if it is bathed in the light of truth, the unconditional love.

If a situation is bathed in that light, nothing that isn't in harmonious alignment with the universe and all of creation will be able to remain in place. There is no need to point fingers, there is no need to take direct action, there is no need to be the one who does the shuffling of the number tiles on our puzzle. If one is in such a state of surrender to the will of the One, there is only one remaining answer: "Everything is in Divine Order" - the miracle will be visible later.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hubs and Travelers - A Vision

Another tidbit out of my greater vision for life in the 5th dimension has pushed onto my radar of awareness. As I focus on the sense of need for people to be in the right place, to move where they are needed to play out their roles for this journey in greater perfection, I have looked at a way in which such travel could be made very easy.

When the basic needs are met, people can focus on their spiritual development. If humanity is expanding their consciousness into their personal understanding of spirituality, certain acts will become unfathomable and the world will become a safer place. The problem lies therein that a lot of people are still struggling to meet their basic needs for survival. This is the clue for the downward spiral away from spiritual understanding and spirit based living. The opposite is true as well and held ready in the form of potential.

In my vision, this migration of people into the geographic place where they need to be, that "walkabout",  is supported by the community hubs in a very simple fashion. The communities are fully able to support a traveler for a short amount of time with sustenance, safety and shelter. These very basic needs can be met by the community. The traveler thus carefree will tap into his heart and know that there is a skill that he/she has to create a balance, just something that helps the community in turn, be it information from the place he came from, or a skill that would satisfy one of the needs in the community, or it could be just another pair of hands that helps out wherever there is need.

Such hubs, such communities would work by the recognition of soul groups and thus gather and draw those who belong together, or who complement each other in harmonious ways. This may be for long term or for shorter periods of time. Freedom would lie in the fact that nobody is obligated to "stick it out", everyone is allowed to go where their heart draws them, where their guidance and intuition places them.

Some may stay their whole life in the same community and others may roam. Others still may stay for a long time, then find a different hub and stay there for a long time. There is no judgment, no need to define this, as each person has their own inner navigation system, to be exactly in the right place at the right time for the right duration, creating balance within the community by bringing their skill to the mix.

The bottom line of this concept, this glimpse into the future is one that can be summed up as follows:

Everyone has a skill (or two or three...) that is worth sharing. Everyone has the ability to sense whether he/she is in the right place and more pronounced, everyone has the ability to sense whether he/she is not exactly where he/she needs to be and feels the pull/push/draw to change that. This is the individual navigation system that has a purpose. The more we get in touch with our higher selves, the more this sense of needing to be somewhere else, or if you're in the right place, a sense of "this is where I need to be" will be prevalent.
The very same inner sense of our navigation system will pipe up in our intuition if we're not doing what we're supposed to be doing. If we're not in harmony with our "duty call", or simply if that which we are currently doing isn't conducive for maximum learning. To navigate thus requires a good portion of trust in the Universe and in oneself. The moment you follow that navigation system on your life's path however, the state of joy that ensues is well worth it.

On the other side, giving shelter, sharing food and amenities with friends who have embarked on such a path may be the beginning of the implementation of such a vision for the future. Begin with friends, people you trust, see it unfold and recognize that you're "in training" as hosts, in training to receive what said friends have to give on their way through your own hub, your very own little community. Not only will this kind of hospitality open your heart and that of your friends, it will spread the energy of this kind of life style of being in the now, in the flow of unconditional love and set a precedent for what can possibly evolve to the greater vision from the babysteps, the mini-version of the greater concept.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Replenish your Energy

Blog post deleted by author - quote to be published in a collection.

Friday, April 1, 2011

The Air we Breathe

The true meaning of unity isn't just unity consciousness with all of our own kind. To me it goes far deeper than that. It is the consciousness that permeates everything simultaneously and understands or perceives at least a fraction of how everything is linked together, how things work in harmony like an orchestra playing it's symphony.

It is in this sense that healing for the whole of this biosphere cannot happen simply by hoping to step into unity consicousness of humanity. That is by definition already only a group consciousness. The greater levels of this is when birds, bees, trees, animals, waterways etc etc all are part of our consciousness.

I was in such a state of unity consciousness when I leaned against an old tree and picked up a conversation with it. It told me that the trees this year will have a whole lot of work to do. They have put on their costume, their leaves very early this Spring, at least in my geographic area and this very old tree told me in no uncertain terms, that all trees growing on Earth are gearing up to cleanse the air. It is a big project, it is carried to the tree group consciousness on the energetic frequency of the Earth itself. The tree I spoke with told me that they would like to get as much assistance and love energy as possible. This can happen through the element water, that is one way, but also simply through the air. The trees are very much linked with the physical bodies of the air breathing creatures on this planet. Both are necessary, as our breathing cycles complement each other. In this intimate interaction, we humans cannot think ourselves to exist outside of the existence of trees and other plants that are part of the oxygen - carbon dioxide cycle.

As we have seen the water carry through its element the gratitude, love and heart felt vibes to all waters of this Earth, the same effect can be achieved with every other element as well. There are many wisdom traditions that use the breath or breath work consciously. There are folks who may be drawn to the pranayama practices and then there are others who aren't drawn to a specific practice at all. It takes but a wee intent to breathe in sustenance and survival from the air and breathe out gratitude and love. The tree I spoke with showed me that this cycle can offer much more than mere survival of the physical bodies. It can be consciously used to help clean the biosphere and the time to do this is now.