Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

Today, I'm tempted to just write: "Happy Halloween !" I'm entirely too busy crafting costumes to write anything of value, but I have the faint suspicion that I'm not gonig to get off the hook that easy.

Being Swiss, I'm too far removed from the Halloween craze, but ultimately, I know my kids just want to have fun and get lots of candy. I am not going to ponder any deeper notion than this today, others can do that. I do however feel a topic coming on and it's one of JOY !

If you are trick-or-treating with your kids tonight, you can derive joy by watching their happy faces. If you give out candy, you can derive joy by watching their happy faces ! - If you wish, you can decide to be susceptible to their joy and trust me, it may be contagious. I am one of the greatest organized-holiday-grinches but I try real hard to catch at least that glimpse of joy from their joy. So if you aren't deliriously happy today that Winter is upon us, you can possibly be at least grinning inwardly in the glow of the joy these little monsters bring to your doorstep.

Happy Halloween Everyone !

Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Gift from Venus

I have written about a lot of things already. It's quite random, but in line with coincidence (i.e. directed by the unified field of consciousness) I realize that most of my posts are timely and "just right". I do get feedback about this curious little fact as well. Believe me, if I say that none of my topics are planned, none of the timing is worked out by my lower self.

This instills a great trust in the correctness of what is going on in this blogging process and hence I am trusting that which comes through today, as regards its timeliness and pertinence of content.

This weekend a lot of energetic influence from Venus is hitting Earth directly. Perhaps you have already emarked since the beginning of this week to reconnect with loves that you thought were lost in the depths of the past. Perhaps you have had an experience that instilled fear and reminded you that to say "I love you" before leaving your loved ones is a good idea. Perhaps you just found yourself in a soft glow of universal love for a bit now. Or, perhaps, (and there are many more possible scenarios) you find yourself lonely, abandoned and lacking that content, warm, cozy feeling in your heart we call love.

There is one sort of love that connects us all - no, in fact, it IS what we ARE - as a whole. Even in our little parts, we are love, the same way that a drop of water is the same as the whole body of water. This energy of universal consciousness that IS all that IS is in fact love. How can we possibly allow the thought and belief that we as individuals may even be part of the greater one, but not made of the very same stuff ? It simply makes no logical sense. So for me it holds true that if I love that greater one (whichever name you prefer to use for it), then you have to love yourself by proxy, for you are exactly made of the same stuff !

How come, self-love or the lack of ability to embrace that love for oneself whilst we fully feel the love for the greater whole is so rampant here on earth? It is at the core of things possibly the most important feature that we should be learning ! How to love oneself !...

There are many wisdom traditions that speak of the very same thing. It's not news, yet we have this tendency to forget, or at least at times disallow the love for ourselves. How can we reside in a more constant flow and awareness of this love ? There are tons of methods out there and no, I'm not proposing any of them nor am I endorsing a particular one - It's an individual journey for each one of you out there and it's most definitely not my job to suggest how you get there. All I am saying is: "You have a heart - use it!"

Use it for you the same as you would for whom you genuinely love. If you don't know how to use it, then intend to use it and things will ensue that bring forth the issues you need to look at in order for this natural state of self-love to kick back in. Yes I am saying "kick back in" because once, as a kid - we knew how !...(sound familiar ...the child thing?) It's a natural state of being, the awareness of love for the whole goes hand in hand with the awareness of love for oneself, for other creatures in our lives, the respect for others that ensues when we manage to find that state is easy and natural.

This weekend, the energies of Venus do facilitate this opening or widening of the heart's capacity to embrace this very important point. So with this I ask each of you to take your imagination and seek out the center of your chests - the heart center (chakra) - from there, feel ...feel deeply .... feel the energy that is naturally in that energetic center. Once you feel that energy, fill every cell of your body with this energy of love - you deserve it, for I am certain, most cells feel rather starved just about now. If this feels as good as a hot shower on a cold rainy day, then do it often - as often as you like, for truly, we have deprived ourselves of this love for so long, it's time to soak it all in again!

Friday, October 29, 2010


I would like to speak of "authenticity" today. What is authenticity and what implications does it have in my daily life? When am I truly authentic and when am I somewhat "fake", i.e. when am I removed from true authenticity?

 A synonym of authenticity is genuineness. To be genuine. It's polar opposite would be counterfeit or imitative. Now that's a good word for me - imitative. I believe I have spent many years in this world imitating what others did, just to fit in. I have taken my time to get up the nerve to be bold enough to be who I truly am and even that may not always be in absolute alignment with my true essence, but reflect a daily "state" or "level" of authenticity, which can vary.

What does it mean to be in absolute alignment with my true essence? It's easy to spew words, it's rather more difficult to get an inner sense as to what they mean for each person. I can only divulge what it means for me, how it feels inside, not to suggest that it should feel like this for anyone else, but perhaps there are similarities ? For me, being in absolute alignment with my true essence means that I feel myself expand. The "thing" I call "I" being my energy, my essence at its center. With this expansion, I feel burdens and beliefs fall away, I see clarity come in as I experience a myriad of things all at once and have learned not to dabble in trying to understand what I see, for that brings the sensation of expansion to a halt, because I focus on something in particular. If I keep focusing on my essence, on that center point, which by the way is located in my heart area on my physical body, I can keep the exansion up for quite a long time. I have tried to do housework in that state and had to realize that I better not do that, nor operate any kind of heavy machinery ! This state is not really conducive for worldly things, it is a state of spirituality, of authenticity as to my inner nature. I do somewhat lose identification with my phyiscal body and faculties.

There are many states in between the physical identification and that of absolute authenticity. I am not suggesting that one goes about physical life and every day tasks in this expanded state. However, what I am suggesting is that the information, the certainty that we may glean of who we truly are, that this certainty of our absolute authenticity remains. With this certainty, we can channel our authentic self into the physical body, we can bring this awareness into how we execute our daily tasks. We can navigate emotional upsets by touching upon this certainty. Of course there's polarity here, so we will waver - but if we practice the meditative (centering) state and have awareness of who we are, how big and all knowing we truly are, then more mundane things will hardly cause the ripples they have caused in the past.

With the full awareness of our authentic selves comes the awareness of "all is one". It cannot be otherwise, for in the sense of expansion, one can observe how the parts become whole again (like water droplets forming a puddle). To fully understand that oneness with our physical mental capacity is at this time not easily possible, but what we can take from this is the awareness that on some level, we truly are but one energy - all of us humans, all of the animals, the minerals, the plants, all of the planets, all of the galaxies, the universes and all of creation. With this awareness we instantly fall into a place of heartfelt compassion and humility. The process of gaining the awareness of our authenticity brings so much more, it brings instant connection to our mission in life, it brings absolute certainty of our path, it brings understanding of greater plans and connections of why certain people do certain things.

Most of all, it brings peace.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Million Miles Beyond

Recently, a dear friend of mine said: "You're a million miles beyond me spiritually!"

That statement left me stunned at first, then it made me think about what she could have meant. I can only guess at the true feeling or sensation that made her write this statement. In my speculation, i believe it could have been a sensation of "being less than" or "not good enough", one of "incapable", of "there's a lot of road ahead of me". The sensation of "a million miles behind"  is a given, for it is the polar opposite of her statement.

In my perception, there is no place of  "million miles behind" nor "beyond",  spiritually or otherwise. We are one and as a unified consciousness there is no real separation, let alone notions of "beyond" or "behind". Those notions are illusions. Still, her statement, her feeling, her assessment in and of itself remains valid, for it is her point of perspective and as such is to be respected. However, I cannot embrace this point of perspective to make it mine. True, I have the advantage, that I do recall feeling that very same feeling, sensing that I was "behind". In the past, I have even joined apprenticeships and the likes where "spiritual progress"  was measured in "stages", activated through so called "energetic transmissions" and all that jazz. (how silly really!). The wisdom tradition that worked like that was earth based and it turned out that I learned that no human being can decide what kind of "transmission" is due for anyone, nor the exact time when it is "due". I question whether there is even a need for a "transmission" or any other kind of initiation altogether. I've experienced that the spirit world itself just activates when one is ready - things just naturally fall into place. There is no measurement needed. True, milestones along the way to spiritual enlightenment (as in spritual awareness) do happen. They are these moments of epiphanies, where everything just changes and a new direction is taken. Those moments can be called "growth", but all in all, it's just a point on anyone's journey, and who's to say if that is "beyond" or "behind" anyways.

Another saying that works for me is: "Everything is as it is supposed to be". Embracing that statement has brought many moments of peace and has gradually diminished my need to measure myself against anyone else on my journey. For measuring is such a notion of the 3rd dimension of polar opposites, it's got competitiveness written all over, judgment follows it right away and the result is either victory or defeat - Great drama too... Not one of these things may be actually true though. The last ones will be the first - I truly believe that my journey, arduous at times has also caused many twists and turns, that I was of course free to explore, but were they necessary for my spiritual development? I am not even certain of that - it may be so, but it may also not be so. What I do know, everything I have experienced up until now makes me the person I am today. (and no, I haven't come up with this statement on my own either, it's borrowed, but it holds true for me, so i use it :))

What I have figured out and hold as my belief is, that with the frequency accelerations, transformatory processes are available at a much quicker rate as well.  (Did you notice time running really fast these days, every year passes seemingly quicker than the one prior? - No, it's not that we grow that old that quick ! ... )
This is great news ! It took me decades to change and integrate some things in my life 30 years ago. Now, the very same transforming processes can be achieved before dinner is served! - That's the great advantage of the frequency acceleration that some of us have actively been working with since the 80s.

I'm going to try and be very pragmatic, to return from my million miles beyond to the "right here, down to earth" place ... One thought, one intention from the heart that is your desire. One decision to change a certain thing, to overcome a lifelong pattern, a fear what ever else, you may want to change in your life. One thought is all it takes and things are instantly set into motion. You will see delivery of what you need to be doing come your way, before you have time to reconsider. Wavering is out - you intend, you get! - What do you get? Well, I hate to disappoint you, most of the time, you'll get whatever lesson or situation you can best work through, accomplish, learn through, in order to get the result of your intention. The good thing however, and believe me when I say, processes like this took years some times, it can be accomplished very fast.

I have a suspicion that critical mass had to be reached on this topic too, for the potential to be available to anyone now to transform towards a truer version of who they really are. It takes no million miles, but just a small (heart felt) step towards the wish to be true to your very essence to become authentic. (or spiritual, for our authenticity, our nature is spiritual).

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Infinite Possibilities

As the world wakes up to another day of the same old, same old; as I wake up into my own world of same old, same old, I cannot help but wonder why it is that we as a totality re-create the same world over and over again. If we take a very close look, we may find some comforts in the way we live, we may even find moments of joy, but there are also those issues that just don't go away. Of course they are varied - but ultimately, at the core of things, the common denominator is: it's the same issues we had for such a long time. Re-created daily - automatically. There is a lot of stability and a sense of security coming from that action of re-creating one's world exactly the same as it was the day before. Not everyone has it in them to pick up and go and do something drastically different every day. Most people are complacent and "quite happy" or worse yet, "quite content" with their personal worlds.

I read and hear from different sources that we have "infinite possibilities", that anything imaginable can come forth in physical form. Is it that I have trouble fully believing in the infinite range of possibilities, or are they just not in my reach ? How come, I haven't manifested at least some of the infinite possibilities ? How come I am re-creating my world every day anew- alike the day before ?`Am I that asleep ? I look around me and see people who walk through their lives like zombies - they are truly asleep - half dead really. Oh, it isn't my place to decide who wakes up and when. I am fully aware of that. What worries me, is this: am I, who thinks that she is more awake than some people around her, really awake? really ??.... I mean wide awake ? - I think not. For if I were, my creations would be decidedly more fruitful, more yielding and more infinite.

This should not be the end of things, however. If you have read other posts, you may see a pattern in my musings - I look at a situation, then check within how the state of affairs is inside. Then I do not rest until I have found a way to change whatever I deem needs changing inside myself. Such is my drive of "seeker-dom".

So, I'm thinking "infinite possibilities" as a term is really appealing to me. I believe this, wholeheartedly! Yet, I re-create my world daily with the belief patterns that have shaped my experience up until this point. Some things have changed, of course, I'm not static after all, but on the whole, apart from a different location, I've always taken myself along for whichever ride I was going on. This means, I, with all my beliefs am the only constant factor in my own process of creating my worldly experience. This means further, that since I am the only constant factor, I have access to changing that factor. I have the ability to change - constantly change - to make the premise of infinite possibilities come true for myself. A thought comes to mind: how can a being (myself in this case) hope to create out of a pool of infinite possibilities if he or she perceives the self to be limited, far from infinite?`

I have mentioned before, that our experience in this world is one of looking into a mirror. So if you have the same issue like I do, of seeing your world's experience to be one of same-ness, of daily same-ness, far from exciting infinite creations drawn from the pool of infinite possibilities, then what you are seeing is but a reflection of yourself. In order to change that, there's something to be changed within. I look at this belief that I hold of myself. Yes, I do believe that there are indeed infinite possibilities, but is my belief in myself strong enough to include myself in this pool ? Am I truly part of this thing ? Am I as infinite as the possibilities I am trying to tap into? In truth, yes, I am that infinite. It's really strange - I have this sense that i truly am that infinite. Yet... I also hold the belief, that in order to use that power, that skill, I cannot be in a physical body, for a physical body limits my experience and my abilities to co-create. There we go ! It's not my understanding of what is in the energetic make up of this world. My lack of connecting with infinity has to do with my belief of how limiting physicality is. Bingo!

I am certain, I am not the only person on this planet having that belief and I am told, that this belief was put in place on purpose. The purpose being that the "descension process" of old couldn't have fully taken hold otherwise. Now at the brink of the turning point of going into ascension, this belief becomes brittle. There are people who have successfully ignored this belief and they are creating things that are "out of this world" truly! They are reaping success and creating what their wildest dreams suggest. I wish them well - no, I bow to the pioneers of this as I stumble after them on the path they plowed before me. All is well. My epiphany today is a far reaching one - this belief of "physicality is limiting" is one that was set in place to ensure learning and experiencing in the lower dimensions. The deep sleep that belief had induced was absolutely divinely purposeful and necessary. I can live with this. Upon waking up to this, I am however really keen on changing my innermost belief. It's time to do this now, at least in my life.

The physical body, as nature intended, is defined. It is therefore by proxy limited. Not as limited as we all believe in the sense that we HAVE to grow old and gray, but still, some limitations apply, according to the laws of physics and nature. This does however not mean that my abilities to create are limited, for my essence is limitless. My essence is in and of itself the very pool of infinite possibilities that I was talking about. Therefore, the belief of limitation is dependent on my sense of identification. Who am I ? Am I my body? - No, I am not my body. My body is my instrument through which I experience they physical world. Who am I ? I AM the pool of infinite possibilities and to draw from this pool is but natural.

With this strong identification, this statement of heartfelt intent, I am no longer energetically bound by the belief that was put into the consciousness field of the earth experience so many eons ago. Things shift - I shift! .... Will you shift?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

An Opportunity to Recognize

It has become quite a rhythm now. I sit here daily thinking of what to write next and I am realizing that I don't really know what would be the "right" thing to write about. As I throw out the potential wisdom of my experiences and epiphanies out there for you to read, I am often wondering what, if anything, comes of it. Of course, I do know that this curiosity comes from a place of ego. My ego says: "Might as well know what you're working for and get some acknowledgment"! - Truth is, in all reality, I don't really need acknowledgment in order to continue writing. (PS: or so I thought as i was beginning to write this post!)

Of course, it's nice if folks read this and then tell me that they really liked what I had to say, there's no denying that. These are but mere pats on the back for the ego. So how can I go about not needing these pats for  my overall well being? I find that there is still attachment within me to the "outcome" of my actions. In the last 30 years, I have worked "behind the scenes" so to speak and helped gear this planet and the people for the shift in consciousness. It wasn't just work, I had ample opportunity to learn and grow myself, which was evidently part of the overall deal.

One thing that eluded me to this day, is the joy of seeing a work complete and be recognized for it. I will want to figure out as to why that is. Is it simply a lesson in humbleness? Could it be, that I am just not recognizing my own skills ? Does it even matter, if what I do is recognized ? Could it potentially be recognized by others, but that fact never reaches my awareness? Oh, that last one is a good one - there are a number of life times, where I experimented with that one - Recognized, but only after death? Recognized but nobody ever told me ? Recognized, but I was too much of a recluse to notice ? ... Yeah, the list goes on as I am flooded with images from back when...

Since I am holding the belief, that my experience here on Earth is based on what I believe, I have got to take responsibility for myself and look within. There is no room to blame anyone besides myself and I even shirk away from that self-blame game, for it serves no real purpose other than to dramatize the events. What remains is a deep seated sensation of: "If there is recognition, you will not see it, don't deserve it, it could cause power to take ahold of you!" Yes, there is a warning against the potential of the ego to puff itself up and play hero...hmmmm been there... yeah! lesson learned !

So it is fear of ego taking over, of power getting ahold of me that does not allow me to take in any recognition for my skills. I'm actually glad it's not about "recognition isn't needed on this planet" or something like that - for I believe recognition is actually a  lot like being loved - quite necessary to carry on doing what one is doing so well. Since the actual pattern that keeps recognition from reaching my awareness is nestled a bit within other stuff, I'm going to check and see if I can isolate the main sensation. I can tell that all I want is "the right amount" of recognition, not too much, not too little - but what is that right amount? I believe that level to be in synch with how much recognition I can give myself. Dang - it always boils down to something I do to myself!!... Onward then - let's fix it !

I check the online Thesaurus for the anthonym of "recognition" and lo and behold - i found my pet peeve number 1 "ignorance" ...isn't that just swell ?? 2 flies with one hit! - Now it becomes clear why I get so insanely irritated when I find ignorance sneaking across my field of experience! So the very thing that I hate most is what I am doing to myself ...ok - got it !

I am now viewing various incidents in my life which contributed and cemented this belief that I am not to be recognized - (happens automatically for me to see those connections - I guess strange neurological connections come in handy some times). Fact is, that I've ignored my worth, the wealth of wisdom and insight that I have heaped onto my plate over eons and not given it proper amounts of recognition. (I most certainly have given it improper amounts of recognition at times - some long time friends can attest to that !)

I must check what else is hindering me to give myself the proper amounts of recognition. I have already found the fear of ego taking me for a ride (fear of getting full of myself). There is also a fear of random people talking to me because they recognize me for who I am and what I'm capable of. (I am a notorious introvert - so go figure). During my inner work, I weigh the importance of these fears. Both have had their place when I was younger. Now, in the age of purple hats and such, I feel it is time to shed these shackles, for they have kept me hidden for a long time. I feel a need, that is building deep within - a need to be seen (yikes ! who would have thought!!).

So for one I meet the fear of being seen, of having people talk to me because they see me. Yes, the fear is there, it is understandable why it is here - but it no longer serves a purpose in line with my authentic self. I gently let it go - I bid farewell to this fear by intending to be seen anyways and most of all by giving myself recognition here on the spot and then every day a bit. The lesser concern of becoming an egotistically full of myself person again is not very large, for I've been there, seen what it does and feel that I would recognize if this one would rear it's head (or my very good friends will let me know for certain!).  Yes, folks, I think I can now risk it - risk to be seen and with that intention I feel something deep within shifting, something else coming alive - a light has switched on and I'm just ever so curious to witness the manifestation of this personal shift.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Time Travel

It's 80's week on facebook. Some folks including myself put up a picture of themselves that was taken in the 1980s. I want to speak of the effect this had on me. I put up a picture of myself and was instantly taken to that time frame. I ended up identifying with myself as if I was 28 years young again. There was no difference. I felt as I had felt then, I had lost the sensation of how I feel today. I was immersed totally in the time of 1989. After a day of really feeling young and reckless as I had back then, I put up an even younger picture. That one was taken in 1984. Again, I felt transported into that part of my life. Not to the exact day, but I had absolutely vivid memories of what music we had listened to then and who had taken the picture, etc. The people of that time were in my life as if they had never left. I was not in the US anymore, I was in Switzerland, in my old apartment and I felt like I did when I was 23.

Of course it all left me emotionally a bit shaken, as some parts of my life then were really difficult to handle then - and still. There are still questions open for me, and I believe they will remain that way. That aside, I realized that I had left my place of now and had moved into the past very easily. It was really an instant time travel so to speak, not physically, but definitely on all other levels, i.e. emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I stayed in the past a whole day. I had glimpses of the now throughout my day, but my focus point was definitely 1984. It was amazing how many memories surfaced, as if it were very fresh. I believe that it was more than just memories. What it felt like was like time was inconsequential. In my consciousness I visited the past and saw everything, felt everything and relived everything as if I was immersed in that time as my now. It was as if the focus on the 1984 spot on my timeline was where I was and therefore the light was shining on that place and I could access all that had happened then (minus the physical players of the drama).

Today, upon waking, I had carried on through the night the not so nice emotional state of that time and was affected by it. I could hardly get my kids fed and sent off to school. Everything felt so entirely wrong. It was like moving through a sea of glue. Every little thing I had to do, from making breakfast to getting dressed was just absolutely bizarre. My heart ached and I felt very intensely that I was out of synch.

After a while and a good sip of home-made heart elixir, I realized that it would take a conscious effort to get me back to my now, where things flow freely. So I intended to be in the now and pulled myself up out of the past and am currently feeling very relaxed again. It is my conscious thought that directs where I reside on my time line and I am responsible for this every day anew.

This experience showed me that time is indeed an illusion - all happens now. The loss I suffered back in 1986, which pertained to the events beginning in 1984, is not really a loss. All is still there, in place, ready for me to revisit if I truly wish it. Just without the bodies involved, which shows very clearly that we are way more than our physical existence.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Gift of Letting Go

Have you ever observed young children in their daily activities ? Have you seen how purposeful they march from one thing to the next with absolute confidence in themselves ? Be it that they go from one activity to the next or from one person to the next. I observe Kindergarten age kids how they march from their classroom to the pick up spot. Each one of them has a sense of purpose, they are in the moment of "we are now walking from our classroom to the pick up spot" and that is all they do - there is perhaps some goofing around, there is perhaps some kids dreaming of other things, those are easily picked out, but they are no less purposeful than their peers who are busy walking. It is with that sense of purpose that one is geared from early on to go through life. It is that unshakable trust that what one is doing "right now" is the right thing. Doubt is not part of their script. Doubt is only instilled in them, if they are told one thing and perceive another. Then confusion sets in and with it doubt. Confusion about whom to trust - the tusted adult who tells them one thing or themselves with their own intuition, that tells them another. This is the birthplace of doubt. I have not seen a doubtful young child yet. I have seen doubtful kids who are in school however.

One could however make the point that doubting is a mental faculty, that doubting is the development of the mind, where reasoning sets in and that that be the cause of the beginning of doubtfulness. I have observed school age children who were allowed to be who they are - at home as well as at their Montessori school - Those children are not doubtful. Those children may raise concerns, they may raise issues, they may point out things, but self-doubt is not part of their life script and I believe that those children will in turn raise their children without the self-effacing trait of self-doubt. I am downright ecstatic about the prospect of the evolution of mankind into a more purposeful stance, where self-doubt is replaced by awareness and consciousness of one's true blueprint in life.

If I advocate purposeful living, in line with one's true life purpose, then I have to adjust some things within myself. I have to be prepared to let go any expectation of anyone - I have to let go of any preconceived idea of what another person is meant to be or do in their life time. I have to allow and step aside. This is a rather humbling process, but the only one I can see that honors another's true purpose. I have to ask myself: "Who are you to decide anything for anyone else when it comes to their mission in life ?" Only when we come to this place of non-attachment to any outcome, when expectations in other people ceases to put parameters on relationships, only then can we call ourselves aligned and free - even whilst being in relationships with everyone around us, and ultimately with everyone - period.

In my life I have often put my life's purpose before any other person, before any other interest, professional development, career, family even. I have picked up my things and left from one day to the next, moved halfway across the world to settle where I knew I had to be for the next phase in my life. I just did this. I didn't ask anyone for permission - I didn't hesitate to leave behind family and very dear friends. I am sure that with this seemingly self-absorbed behavior, I have hurt people. Through my actions, which were in line with my life's mission, I have lost some friends - I have alienated some family members and I have gained the true friends that were already part of my group of friends, but showed themselves to be in that place of absolute acceptance, if not understanding for my journey. They have shown me how it's done on the "other end". They are continuning to be my friends, they are continuing to be supportive and every encounter remains positive. Such is the power of love and letting go - letting others be who they need to be, because their blueprint in life demands it of them.

I have recently had to say good bye to a friend who followed her path to a different place. It wasn't easy, it was painful, yet having been given the gift of being allowed to walk my path, it was not fathomable for me to not pass this gift on to the next friend. In the sense and knowledge that letting go is the only way to perpetuate the love that binds the friendship, I have indeed found myself happy that my dear friend is now where her life's journey has carried her. Do I miss her?  - absolutely! Do I know that my gift of letting her do her thing is going to support her next phase in life ? - absolutely! Am I thus helping another person be who they truly are and need to be ? - absolutely !

Saturday, October 23, 2010

It's Natural !

I have spoken before about how children are open to the unseen worlds when they are very young and how that ability to perceive and communicate, to tap into the universe's wisdom shuts down around age 7. For some children, this shutting down process is not automatic. There are many reasons why children shut down and some are doing so quite consciously.

One of my kids told me that she was simply too scared of hearing people talk when their lips weren't moving. She was clearly telepathic and could hear other people's thoughts. Going out in public with her was always fun, we always said that she had an excellent "BS detector" when it came to people. She knew with certainty who was trustworthy and who wasn't. However, each outing was met with an hour long session of crying, shouting, freaking out and acting up once we had received the safe confines of our home. This behavior began very early in her life and presisted through age 5 or 6. Then she was less verbal with her discernment about people and whew, didn't throw a fit after getting home anymore.

I knew that her fit throwing wasn't personal. It wasn't that she misbehaved - it was just release from sheer overload. What happened at this young age was that she had shut off her ability to perceive peoples' thoughts. She simply had managed to turn her mind on like a radio so that it would chatter so loudly, that she wouldn't hear the thoughts that weren't hers anymore. Thus, she was prepared to be in a room with 20 other kids without problems - yes, school !

What I see today, is how mind chatter gets created by a child. Simply turn on the mind - sounds very simple... just like a radio. I have asked her how she did that and she said, I just moved to thinking about the future continuously. There we have it - move out of the oneness connection, out of the HERE and NOW and whoops, the mind begins chattering to drone out the extra-sensory perceptions that are naturally inherent. No wonder wisdom traditions admonish us to meditate, meditate, meditate.... to get back to what ? ...something that is natural ! something that we once knew how to do, but had no guidance with. (Some children share and you can guide them, some don't share and take action for themselves without you knowing and there may be a reason for that).

So what's meditation actually ? I've meditated many times in my life. Yeah the 80s held a clear renaissance for meditating and so meditating I did. Clear the mind - no toughts... I managed to achieve a state of "thoughtlessness" and it stuck, it's natural again, but I failed to see that by releasing one thought at the time (yes, the hard way) I moved closer to the now, away from my attachment to future or past. Away from drama, away from excitement to the neutral point of NOW, of balance, of quietness. Whilst meditating and achieving this goal with arduous practice, I failed to see that it could have been a lot easier had I fully comprehended the connection between the mind chatter and being removed from the balance point of now. Perhaps, (refering to my previous post "Critical Mass") it is now easier for people to come to the point of balance, the now, than it was before.

If you have endless mind chatter and have grown so accustomed to your state, that it is "normal", know that you may perhaps not be in the now. In the now, things are quiet, they are simple, neutral, there is no attachment, no desire - yes, for drama-driven people the now is rather unattractive, even boring. However, in the true now, the exact point of neutrality, balance, there is no attachment, no desire, no suffering (one of the bhuddist tenets) I find it rather remarkable that by moving into the now point, one can achieve these lofty goals of different wisdom traditions and achieve this natural (child like) state. Not just wisdom traditions speak of this - I'm not one to quote the bible often, nor have I really studied it, but I recall this phrase from my childhood visits to the protestant church in Switzerland: (I quote the International  Standard Version 2008)

"Then he said, "I tell you with certainty, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom of heaven."  (and we all know who is meant by "he").

I am aware that there could be many interpretations of any bible passage. I am absolutely not informed what the current interpretation is of this passage in any given church, country, or what have you. My personal interpretation is this: Become like you were as a child, sitting in the point of NOW, being open to spirit (kingdom of heaven) - it's natural !

Friday, October 22, 2010

Get on Track

 Yesterday I have spoken of how the whole becomes dis-eased when the parts are asleep or not "working" according to their blueprint, according to their given purpose. I've likened it to cells in a body not quite doing the right thing they are supposed to be doing. Today, I feel it is but natural to talk about this "purpose" thing. How does one recognize or wake up to one's purpose. I'm assuming, we all want to be healthy "cells" who know what to do at any given time.

I am not the master at always doing what I'm supposed to be doing, and most of the time, I haven't got the faintest clue, whether what I set out to do is really in alignment with my purpose on this plane of existence. Writing this blog for instance is such a thing. I sit here every day with the intention to write "something" - Usually the good ideas come to me in the afternoon, not when I sit here. So literally, I've sat here some days for more than 15 minutes with my fingers aligned on the keyboard, ready to type with absolutely nothing in my mind - blank - not the faintest clue.... until I write some random words that pop into my mind and then the flow comes and the topic sort of shells itself out into something that actually has a beginning and somewhat of and ending - and some paragraphs in between.

How can I know that writing new posts every day is what I'm supposed to be doing, and what is the actual purpose of it. I let you in on a secret - I don't really know. All I know is that after each post, there is a warm glow, a feeling of "this feels right". After each post, I feel I've done my work for the day and am on "free time" - well, you know the time when you get to do the household, go grocery shopping, mow the lawn, run the kids around, cook dinner, read a book and finally play online Scrabble with a great opponent...Yeah - folks, that's the "free" time ... ! Anyways, I really don't know what my purpose is for sure, but I have a sense of how it feels when I'm "on track" and since this is such a good feeling and since I have an addictive personality, I seek what feels that good - I seek the moments when all things just flow, when nothing seems "against" me and when I feel wonderful after having done that "something" (whatever it may be). This stance requires an openness to anything.

Knowing the makings of the Universe the way I do, I can most certainly, with wholehearted conviction actually, say that individual purposes for people never have to do with harm for anyone involved. It is never the purpose of a lifetime to cause harm, to hurt others or oneself. I do not believe in the excuse of "oh it was my life purpose that I did this "horrible" thing". However, words have sometimes come out of my mouth unbidden in the past, and they did cause harm. They triggered deep seated patterns and issues in the person they were directed to. Was it my purpose in life to say the words just then, the way I said them, just to trigger the person so that they could embark on a journey of personal growth? I would like to think yes, but in all honesty, I don't know. It may not have been in the blueprint of my higher self to do just that little thing, but sometimes, we are tools for a greater purpose. I feel writing these posts goes into that category of being a "tool". I believe the difference in my example would be whether the words came out unbidden, automatically, from a higher place, or whether I'm using the knowledge that that sometimes happens as an excuse for a  verbal attack - It takes deep thought, and brutal honesty with oneself to answer that question.

So what if nothing in your life feels "purposeful" or makes your heart jump for joy? What if there isn't any particular wish that has been burning in your heart for ages ? What if you draw blanks when thinking about the words: "what's my purpose" ? Well, that's certainly possible. Sometimes we are really not quite ready to know the purpose, but we can still embark on getting into the groove that would lead us to our purpose. I am content with the groove, for when things just roll, when  there are no real obstacles, when the ideas I have just flow, then I may not know what my purpose actually is (it may not be defined), but I certainly know that I'm "on track" and that's good enough for me.

What if you have a heart's desire, but just cannot find a way to make it happen? There could be a number of reasons. One could be that your heart's desire is just simply not in your blueprint. It's not in the plan you came with. Going after your goal neverthesless would be an uphill struggle at best. There would be road blocks at every turn, obstacles to overcome. There are people who love those kind of challenges. Another possibility would be that your heart's desire is indeed your purpose and your higher self is pushing you to get there, but you don't believe you could do it, or don't believe you deserve it that your wish be fulfilled. If that is the case, I urge you to work on changing those hindering belief patterns and go for your dream. You will see that roadblocks move magically out of your way, if indeed your dream is in alignment with your higher purpose in life.

How have most people come to be so far removed from knowing what they want in life, what their purpose is? I clearly want to blame someone or something here. Bottom line is that the intuitive faculties children bring into this world are being clogged, disallowed, distrusted and devalued pretty much at every step of the way. Thus the one most important instrument for successful navigation through a lifetime is crippled at best, or even lost. If you can still be in a child's life, even an older child, if you have any influence at all - try to notice the opportunities where you can be a pivotal person in their life, when pointing out their correct intuition will reinforce their understanding that they actually have what it takes to successfully steer through the winding paths of their life. If you, yourself have trouble accessing that inner voice, that gut instinct, if you hear it/feel it, but can't really trust it, do check your beliefs around this issue, for it IS the absolutely best instrument we have to find our real purpose in life, or at least to get "on track".

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dormant Cells

The continuing experience of "this and that" / "this or that" is a major reason why the perception of the oneness is difficult. How can all be one if all that we see is the different parts, and we don't even see all of those. How could one really embrace oneness. In order to integrate that concept, we can look at our own physical bodies. There are countless numbers of cells, doing what they are supposed to do (in most cases) and maintaining a viable body to inhabit. The body itself is viewed as a "whole". It has its distinct barrier towards the outside world (the skin) and is autonomous. Of course we have learned to have good hygiene and we are also committed to nourish our bodies with healthy foods most days. We have indeed learned to take care of a "whole".

It goes without saying that this seeming "whole" is just a part of a greater "whole". Let's move out with our photo lens to a more bird's eye viewpoint. In our mind's eye we can easily see lots of people, lots of bodies inhabiting the planet. That is in essence the same as lots of cells "inhabiting" the body. We nourish the little piece, take good care of it, yet the whole is ailing. It's out of control, its growth rate has exceeded the amount of available resources (per capita) a while back and it keeps growing - ("it" being humanity as a whole). One could almost envision a halloween-type horror movie here, but let's not...

One cell is not responsible for the whole - or is it ? If one cell functions badly, another may pick up the slack. If one cell is lazy and decides not to do what it came to do, it may not be so problematic for the whole body. The body can still live, renew itself and continue it's physical existence. The same applies to one human in the whole of human kind. Not a big deal - it's almost as if creation had accounted for that possibility. Imagine a  lot of cells in a human body not doing what they were designed to do and you get problems for the existence of the physical vessel. Those rogue cells are usually called "cancer" in terms of pathology. Apply the thought process now onto human kind as a whole and you can easily see that if many many humans don't do what they were "designed" to do, you get the same result for humanity! yes, let's call it cancer ! The "rogue" humans who do  not know why they are here, what they are supposed to do with their lives, what their purpose is,  are in fact the cancer of human kind.

The problems humanity is facing on this planet are huge. Mainly, because the cells (individual humans) have no clue what they are supposed to be doing here and the whole "machinery" has gone awry. This statement is a bold one, for it carries in it the assumption that there was a plan in the beginning. I believe that there was. I believe that the plan was to see whether we could stick to the plan whilst having free will choice, which I believe to be the "prime directive" of human kind. This free will choice is something funny. With enough awareness, free will choice becomes a non-issue. One does what one is supposed to be doing (like the good little cell...) Trust me, being a good little cell has it's downside - it's very tempting to become a  rogue, but the implications that follow if one strays from the path, are just too great and as an aware little cell, I don't feel the need to keep trying to become a rogue.

In my scenario, rogue cells are dormant cells. They just are asleep. One could wake them up of course, but they have the free will to go back to sleep, hit snooze so to speak. I've tried the drill sergeant approach, but that didn't yield many more awake cells (souls)... Smoothly working cells do take over the job of the rogues, of the sleepers, for a time, and for a certain amount. It's just what they do. The job becomes increasingly huge though and I believe by taking on others' jobs, one is actually perpetuating the snooze-phase, for if it gets done anyways by those picking up the slack, one could sleep a little longer. Personally, I've all but stopped taking on others' jobs. Taking away jobs isn't a nice thing to do, even if it's well intended in the beginning. Since I'm done shouting at the sleepers to wake up, I'm pleading with the awake cells to stop doing the jobs of the sleepers. When need finally takes over, those dormant cells just may decide it's time to start doing what they came here to do and begin working towards healing the whole.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Current developments at my kid's school bring up a topic that is very much linked to the state of the world. We are experiencing on a relatively small scale what ails us globally.

At the core of the problem we have identified the issue of "exclusion". Along with exclusion goes prejudice. Exclusion is executed judgment at its best. It is very detrimental to the environment and has deep reaching effects on all human beings involved. The most common reaction to this is to exclude the excluder, which in and of itself may appear to be a state of hypocrisy.

Given, children should not have to endure a prejudiced, judgmental adult who disrespects their human rights as well as their environment and their individuality, but I cannot help but realize that by just sending that adult away, the topic of exclusion isn't done with. It's there, in my face and I'm wondering what would heal this situation.

For the children, the healing process is mapped out, the idea of the clear opposite state (inclusion), is there, in place and will hopefully be carried out to its fullest, thus healing the hurt that has been caused by the exclusion. The question is now, how responsible are we as a group of parents for the healing of the "excluder" ?

I draw upon my homeopathic training and realize that efforts had been done to show this adult the way. She has chosen not to be open to the mentoring and wasn't able to change her fundamental belief system. She then has become the maintaining cause of the "dis-ease" in the classroom. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann quotes in his Organon that first and foremost the maintaining cause of a disease has to be eliminated (well, removed in this case, we're not eliminating people really....!) Then a similar remedy has to be found, or in this case the exact opposite (inclusion).

I am confident and very hopeful, that the healing process through inclusion will be successful and that health can be restored to the classroom.

Spiritually seen, what is the responsibility for the "maintaining cause", the adult person who had to be "removed" ? - We are all one, that person mirrored something to each one of us. Clearly, we got very upset with certain things. Funny enough it wasn't the same things that triggered the parents or children. It was rather individual. Since we cannot hope to "change" anyone other than ourselves, I believe we owe it to the soul who has taken the role of "maintaining cause" in this scenario and honor her really hard work for the bunch of us, by going deep within, by looking at exactly what got us irritated the most. Then, once we have found this issue that irritates us so, that makes us so angry, we have the opportunity to heal this bit in us - by simply accepting that we have the very same trait inside us, that we carry exactly what this person showed us so clearly, so blatantly. We have it in us and deny that we do, that's why it irritates us so.

It is not up to me to do the work for anyone other than for myself. Perhaps the irritating trait is something we do to ourselves, we would never do it to another human being, because, you know we're really quite aware as human beings and don't do stuff like this.... ummmm..... yeah!.... right!....

Once the irritating issue is recognized, embraced (included!) and owned, we can bow towards the soul of this person in recognition: "I am THAT too" - I hope i won't choke on that one, but I know from experience that I will breathe easier afterwards as I see the irritation fizzle away into balance and health.

Thus we have a chance to complete the healing that we wish for our children, we can do justice by our own demand for inclusion and include that soul who was brave enough to show us our issues so blatantly as the gift towards greater awareness, greater wholeness and greater sense of inclusion of all that is.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Critical Mass

I'm going out on a limb today:

My friend Kryon tells me today, that humanity has reached a milestone. Many people have had a sensation as if things were stopped, as if the world was holding its breath for a few days now. Yesterday, there was release. The exhalation has begun. It is these energetic peaks that are palpable for the attuned or sensitives.

The rush of the exhalation is one of joy. Joy over having reached this milestone. This crossing of the threshold, this wonderful shift in energy that you may have noticed was a raise in mass consciousness - critical mass has been crossed in certain topics and the ripple effect has gone around the globe, allowing everyone instant access to the knowledge and the desire to integrate it.

I am being shown that an incident last night was a direct result of this shift in humanity's consciousness:

One of my daughters came to me last night in emotional distress. It was deep, it was real - yes, it could have been "hormones" but I realized that it was deeper than that. She had suddenly realized that she had lived in the future all her life, short as it may be and her despair and regret over this "mistake" was expressed with the repeated sentence: "It is so WRONG" (to live in the future). There was the deep inset understanding of the implications of that choice to live in the future and she was wavering on how to find the NOW. I assisted her with a very simple exercise: I asked her: "Look around you and tell me where you are at this very moment". She did - then I asked her: "What time is it?" - she said without hesitation: "Now!". (and instantly calmed down)

Along with her concerns about past, present and future was the big question: "what is my purpose here ?" - this may also have been part of the shift in mass consciousness. More people than ever before may ask this question now.

Mind you, I am not indoctrinating my children with what I know. I keep quiet, unless they come to me with questions. It is not my place to make up their mind about spirituality. They are not exposed to any formal religion, however they know about some things from their peers. So how was my daughter coming to this sudden realization and dawned understanding that she's been out of synch with the now ? - I don't know for certain, but from what I hear out in the energy fields beyond the veil, it is because this one threshold has been reached and humanity as a whole has begun to understand that being in the now is where it's at, that living in the future or in the past is painful and not very energy efficient.

We may well find many people from now on, who understand that they have either lived in the past or the future and had forgotten how to live in the now, where the only true quality of life exists, where anything is a possibility and where one resides in alignment with one's true power and purpose. It may also be a phase of slight confusion, where people feel that what they have been doing is "wrong" - it may have to do with this shift. Gently assist your friends, if they approach you with similar concerns at this time.

I am being told, that indeed this energy shift has happened, the consciousness of humanity has taken a big step towards integrating what it means to be in the moment. Along with this, perception of time will change world wide. Over time, things will calm down considerably, as people don't rush after what they focus on in the future anymore, or at least not to the degree we have seen before. This shift in perception of time had to come at this time, as the energetic vibration of the planet earth keeps rising, the perception of time keeps accelerating. If one does not find the timeless expanse of the now, things become very stressful for the human mind. Hence the shift we all  have been working towards as a group, whether we were aware of it or not.

Of course, one incident of one epiphany in one person does not provide proof that indeed critical mass has been reached and the ripple effect of knowledge has touched the rest of humanity. It would be very interesting to see what happens elsewhere. If any of you had similar things happen to you or to people you know since yesterday, then please feel free to add a confirmatory comment below.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Utopia ?

A friend of mine asked me whether I could write a blog for people like us, those who have already gone through the motions and adjustments of living in the 5th dimension. It occurs to me that I could be a chicken and write such a blog, just for a select few, or i could just face my fears of ridicule and write about it right here, for everyone to see. So if you read stuff here that you have no idea what it is, or how come I'm all of a sudden addressing topics that seem far fetched, well just take what appeals to you and leave the rest for those readers who will leave the stuff that appeals to you. I have obviously a broad audience - or so I just assume.

Here is a tidbit for the few (no, this is not an elitist statement, it has nothing to do with any kind of competition, that would be the viewpoint from 3D ...)

I have spoken of the "tall order". Normally, I don't pay attention to gateways, numerology, special looking dates etc. This one I looked at in retrospect, i.e. the day after it occurred to me that I had brought down a tall order on 10/10/2010...
Let's take a closer look at this tall order, shall we? - I have not dared to speak exactly of what I saw, but I will now, since there was a request for "more" or "deeper" ... which ever way you want to call it.
The tall order I was talking about has to do with a very deep understanding that dwells inside of my essence. It's exact location I cannot pin point, but it has a sense of "central". In this understanding, I know of my purpose here on this planet. The purpose why I chose to go through with all that physical stuff, the being born, growing up, learning professions etc... Anyways. I caught a glimpse of what my purpose is right now. Yes, timing is a funny thing. Stuff lies dormant until it wakes up (I guess those are the gateways some people are talking about).

This urge popped up and with it the absolute knowingness that in my little (or larger?) efforts I am here to sow seeds. I sow them, I have sowed them for a long time, but the seeds have changed. The seeds that I am spreading now are about changing the world. It's big, it's really really big and of course my ego does backflips and shouts its warnings. It's about as much as my tamed ego can take without blowing itself up again in self-aggrandizement. Yes, I'm still human and that possibility is distinctly given - I am very aware of my tendencies and this temptation, thus feel that I've got a grip on it. (hoping !)

So it boils down to changing the world as we know it into something that we also know, but haven't seen in physical form yet on this planet. We have seen similar things in physical form on other planets during other incarnations, but this time, we're doing our job here. We (it's not the royal we) meaning the "away teams" of a few souls that are in physical form now to assist this change of the world. Assist whom ? - well, there are many takes, shall we say, there are helpers who are not living with physical limitations and thus have kept their overview of the monumental task at hand.

There are studies that show how once 100+ monkeys on an island learned to rinse off their sandy bananas in the ocean, learned and passed along by the monkey see - monkey do principle, monkeys of the same species on a different island, who have never seen these monkeys rinse their bananas all of a sudden knew of this skill and used it. What happened was that the consciousness (and belief systems) of the monkeys reached what is called "critical mass" and that way, all the monkeys knew to rinse their bananas.  I do believe we share the same "oneness" that the monkey tribes share. All is one and if world wide, fools like me ...(did I just say that?) ... ummm.... like minded people like me will inspire many more people to change their beliefs and thus their experience of this real world, we will reach critical mass and people who never heard/read or were exposed to any information about this shift in other ways, will change their beliefs and be able to create a new world right along with us.

Being the first to do that is perhaps an attachment the ego would cherish. Personally, I don't really care if i'm even reaching just one more person with this, i'm contributing to this critical mass hypothesis and that's worth it for me. For me, it holds true what I have been told to get "over" so many times by so called self appointed "teachers" in my life: I am here to change the world. .... so, now it's out.... whew... do with it what you will, it's my calling, it has been for as long as I can remember and now, in the era of mid-life where purple hats can be worn without risking to appear weird, (or just a little) it's OK to be bold and to know what I know.

As with anything really aligned with universal truth, the concept is very simple. The power for this shift has to come from the heart center (yes, 5D!) and a sense of being one with everything.

A dear friend of mine has come up with a very good mantra. He says: "I am that too!" and he is right - it's that simple!

So, in that context, I want to speak a bit of the world I see when I look at the point in time "after the critical mass has been reached" After all, it's nothing but fair to know what it is that you work towards - no ?

Of course the view of this world is individual for every person, as the perception of it is based on their inner landscape. However, I dare say, the essence of what this world will be like remains the same:

The new world is one where oneness is a basic understanding. People stop hurting each other, because once you fully integrate that all is one, you just cannot do that anymore. Karma (or the old understanding of karma) is instant - you reap what you sow and will then quickly adjust to a different behavior automatically. (no, this is not a threat). Every person is potentially in alignment with who they are in essence, their higher self is living vicariously through their physical bodies. The ego is still there, but it yields easily without a fuss to the more universal/divine concepts and intentions. People come with various talents and since they are not forced into learning something just to get a job, they will enjoy their existence on Earth, because they do exactly what they set out to do. Work is thus shared and the understanding is on the focus of the greater good for all.
Competition and insistence on being right/wrong, wars, judgment and exclusion fall by the wayside. Compassion and patient understanding become common place. With the higher selves living through the physical bodies, understanding about things is much deeper and more truthful. Sustainability will be common place. Sharing will be common place - Ideas of "mine/yours" will cease their grip, greed will fall by the wayside all in the understanding of "I am that too".

There you are .... a glimpse of what is to come. Utopia ? Not really, for if just one person can dream of it, it is possible.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Preserving the Glow

When I was a child, I had a very beautiful outlook for the world. It was nice in my world, people did not hurt one another. Everyone knew what they were supposed to do and did their tasks willingly, with joy in their hearts and praise on their lips. It was a world that only I saw. My siblings and my parents, as well as my friends could not relate to my world. In my world, I knew things. I knew how the pyramids had been built, I knew why certain flowers grew, even though the adults called them "weeds" or in German "Unkraut" which translates literally to "un-herb". It was so weird to me, to call a beneficial plant with a specific purpose an "un-herb". I recall knowing how to talk with trees and rocks and how crystals in particular were answering back to me. I recall playing with the faerie folk and I knew how to recognize and respect their dwellings. I understood many things before I was even 5 years old. Then, Kindergarten began, which was ok, because my Kindergarten teacher was a very kind elderly lady, like a grandmother to me. Her heart was as big as the Universe and that worked well for me.

This lasted 2 blissful years and then I was eager to continue learning in 1st grade, to be shocked into the "one size fits all" schooling model of the 60s, which included being hit on the back of the hands with a wooden stick, for important stuff like untidy handwriting, too many sideways communications and many other "infringements".  I abruptly had to shut down my openness to the energetic world (s), because being open meant experiencing pain. There were many discrepancies that I had to first learn about, in order to finally, somewhat "fit in". Needless to say, my intelligence allowed me to slide by academically, but the "learning" about people was very difficult and filled with many tears. I missed the harmony of my world, which I had marginalized out of sheer need for survival.

I'm going to leave my account of my earlier years on this planet with these vague descriptions, because this is not about me really, it's not about provoking pity. In fact, I've come to peaceful terms with my past and it's really OK now. So why am I sharing this ? Because I bet that there are many more kids out there who have been able to preserve their harmonious world. Who know things before ever having been taught anything. It is the never ending quest for awareness that drives me to shed some light onto the possibility, that kids are actually smarter than adults, because they have NOT been stuck into school yet. Their levels of creativity are unquestionably huge and they do not think within the box, if left to their own development. If you know of such a child, if you have such a young child in your family, among your friends, and you hear that child talk about something that is "not of this world", PLEASE don't destroy the magic of the tale. Don't belittle the child for it's immense capacity for imagination. Please listen to him/her and try to be unprejudiced. Listen as if you would listen to a wise old person, a sage.

One moment, one contact with an adult who is a bit aware, at least aware that he or she knows potentially less than a young child, can shape that child's experience and let him/her hang on to the inner knowledge for a bit longer.

Developmental studies show that around age 7, a child becomes a logical thinker. This happens naturally and it is ok that way. However, in the past, the capacity for logical thinking has taken over the creative faculties and it takes a long time to unearth the creative mind again later in life, when we embark on spiritual journeys as adults. I have a child who, like me, lived entirely in her own harmonious world. She brought in lots of information and knowledge, wisdom from her higher self. It was heart wrenching to see the logical mind take over at age 7, right on time ... She cried bitter tears one day and said: "Mom, I have lost contact with my faerie friends". I had given her all the support up to that moment, so that she could have conscious memories of her early years to draw from when she would be older. Yet, even with the most ideal support, my baby had lost contact... I cried along with her and then we came up with a way (there's always a way!). I let her choose a big crystal and that is her "cellphone" now. For about a year, she took the crystal to amplify the communications and now, she has carried the ability to communicate with spirit over past the threshold of her logical mind. I cannot say, whether this is a good thing or not - all I know is that whilst she was in pain and grief over the loss, she is now centered within herself, her abilities are what they are and she functions just fine in the more logical world of academics.

Best of all, the spark in her eyes, the glow of her soul that she brought into this world as an infant is still alive and well, when it potentially could have been withdrawn (to hide) at age 7. I measure my "parenting success" not by how well behaved my children are (although it does help if they behave;) ... but by how strongly that spark still shines through my kids' eyes, or in other words, how little they have been removed from who they are in essence, how little they have been compromised.

Saturday, October 16, 2010


These days, one can read a lot about compassion. HH, the 14th Dalai Lama keeps bringing this message to the people world wide - Be compassionate ! - Be patient!

I have tried to be compassionate (and patient) for a rather long time and although being compassionate has its very distinct results of greater happiness and joy, just as it is promised, I've often wondered how to spread more and more compassion in this world. I've asked myself "what's really required to become a compassionate person?"

I'm sure a lot of folks have their individual and unique approaches on their personal journeys and those are absolutely valid and most certainly allowed. For me, compassion, altruism and understanding share a core sentiment and that not to judge, or in other words, to allow the spirit of inclusion and diversity into one's life. When I realize the necessity of polarity, which is a given on this physical plane, when I look at the fact that without experiencing one point, I would not recognize it's opposite point, then I realize also, that in the basic polarity driven way of experiencing and integrating experiences, I need to judge, to discern one thing against the backdrop of the other.

Yet, judgment, although so intrinsically woven into our earthly experience, is the one basic cause of exclusion and conflict, thus the cause of a non-peaceful state of existence. We can see this all around us. We can see it when we study history. At the base of every war or conflict lies judgment and with it exclusion.

Judgment per se is neutral, but it can wreck havoc in its wake.

How can a human being make experiences based on judgment/discernment and at the same time cultivate compassion and be peaceful because of it? I believe that the answer lies in becoming an uprejudiced observer. That is a goal that every homeopath strives toward. And, yes, it's a rather lofty goal.

In my practice, it helps me a lot to think that I know nothing at all. I am like a blank page, a clean slate. Instead of trying to find out "why" a certain state exists, I focus on observing "what" this state is. This is a very curious, childlike state of open mind and there is definite absence of judgment. Anything goes, the experience has potentially just widened considerably, lost it's attachment to the polarity and because of the inclusive nature of this frame of mind, creates peace. (And whoops - we're in the 4th dimension again, not driven by polarity, but realizing the oneness of all that is.)

The peaceful feeling that such an approach to any experience brings is wonderful and in this space of openness, the heart vibes compassion with every beat - automatically! In the scope of experiencing life, all is allowed!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Past, Present and Future

I'm sitting here, trying to bring my thoughts into the written form. I have a pressing topic, based on developments at my daughter's school, but as I erase that which I had already written, I am realizing, that my personal "agenda" has just no place in today's blog - another day perhaps. I will write about it, when it draws me again and the words will flow. Meanwhile I sit here wondering what else will be the topic for today. As you know, I'm writing random things, without agenda, without a plan, trusting fully in the Universe, that what I write is exactly what needs to be written today.

Such is staying in the moment - doing what's right before me in full alignment of who I truly am, in alignment with my universal (higher) self. Before I can speak of how it feels to be in alignment, in the moment, I can possibly speak easier about how it feels when I am not in alignment, not in the moment. The second, i try to do my lower self's agenda, propose to the readers of this blog that I actually know what to write, I am moving away from the alignment, the automatic greater knowledge and all I would write about is just my opinion. (not that that opinion is necessarily worthless, but nevertheless, it's just an opinion). In my case, where I am fully committed to reside in the heart, reside in the moment and be aligned with my higher self, with my greater purpose in this life time, I am finding that I run into roadblocks every time, I stray from the correct alignment. These "roadblocks" are rather subtle, they are tiny sensations of things just not working out the way I thought they would. These subtle obstacles to the freeflow of being aligned can be described as pebbles in the way of a creek, that make the water flow around them. Nothing major, my life would certainly go on just fine, and I would find back into the greater alignment at a moment's notice. Still the disturbance is there.

Practically it looks like this: When I try to complete something that is born out of the ego, the lower self, things don't flow. They are hard to accomplish, tedious. They feel entirely wrong. It's like sensory alarm bells going off in my system. I have ignored those alarm bells for years. Today, I yield, I pay attention when they sound. I freely admit that "hey, yes, my ego wanted to do this, but it happens not to be in alignment with the greater purpose or plan of my universal self". I even broadcast that moment of ego-centric behavior on this blog ! ...Talk about accountability for my actions !
Anyways, the admission of my egocentric behavior frees the path to a more universe-centered behavior and all is well again, the flow of my waters have ran past that pebble in the creek of my life's flow.

Interestingly, the action of reverting my attention back onto the universal flow brought about the sensation of being fully in the moment. That is the most yielding, most satisfying and most heartfelt place I could dwell in. The past holds a lot for me, some really good moments, some amazing feats and also quite a bit of pain. No need to dwell on that - I take the pleasant memories (isn't that how the brain works anyways) and the bad ones fade with time. The future is filled with anxiety of the unknown. It takes a great amount of energy to be either in the past and endure the memories again and again as it does likewise to dwell in the future where anxiety is but one of the symptoms. (yes, of course, there could be anticipatory excitement and drama and so forth, which are highly desirable to some of us). Anyways, I find that my experience of time is also very different when I am residing in the moment and it has clear health benefits. In the moment, that very moment where you can look at yourself and say: "ok, I am sitting here, typing my blog" (in my case) and everything else is just not there - just not perceivable. This sort of focus makes the perception of time expand to extremes - actually, in my experience, it expands to exactly the time you NEED for the completion of the task you are focused on.

Time is a strange entity, it isn't linear at all - I haven't been experiencing time in a linear fashion at all while sitting in a new moment every moment, come to think of it. I am pretty certain there are scientists out there (quantum physicists?) who would be able to give a scientific explanation. I cannot, I am ok with the empirical one.

The energetic cost of oscillating between the past, the present and the future is enormous. I find it far more fuel efficient to reside and operate from the present moment. I bet that the use of less energy to live my life with, will be a health benefit in the long run. I will accomplish things without expending a lot of energy, almost effortless. I am joyous in the process and all that sounds ominously like wellness to me. 

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Questions - anyone?

It seems to me that many sources speak of change, of "the consciousness shift". I have heard reference to the 10/10/10 date and indeed, my  post "It's a Tall Order" came into this blog that day (unplanned, I swear!) - I try not to pay too much attention to dates, as some of them are hypes, they are just simply "man-made". I don't even want to dwell on the 10/10/10, but as it is a coincidence, I cannot totally dismiss it.

Rather than focusing on the actual numbers (i'm a language person and not too focused on numbers), I would like to look at the "mood" out there in the world. Is there really a change in sight? Another very often proclaimed date pops into my mind, it's the ominous 12/21/2012  number combination, (21.12.2010 for Europeans), yes the "end" of the Mayan calendar. I'm no expert on Mayan culture, but again coincidences need to be noticed and observed.

It seems to me that all around me there are messages that talk of the "needed change", "needed shift" or something of that nature. If the end of the Mayan calendar is indeed the potential (or planned ?) beginning of the shift in mass consciousness, we have about 2 years and 2 months to get there. Not a very long time, but certainly doable. It must be doable, for currently, the push of the Universe does feel very much like "hey, get going, you gotta be on your way now..." to me.

Questions rise out of this assumption: "on my way to where?" - "and then what?" - "what is required of me?" are just a few of the many that I could dream up. I'm sure you may have one or the other as well. Feel free to write comments or ask your question in this thread, or email me if you feel more private about it.

There is a saying that denotes: "if you are able to formulate the question, you already have the answer inside you" That's why questions are so important in my opinion. Ideally, as a group of people contributing to mass consciousness (which we most certainly are, either on one end of the belief system or the other), I feel that asking questions (even if we only ask them of ourselves) is an absolute must. For without questions, there will be no answers. Without questions, there will be no new ideas that could lead to answers. Without questions, we will feed on the known, on the boring, on the dysfunctional stuff. That's the stuff i'm trying to outlive, trying to change, trying to overcome. It feels like I'm in midst of this sea of common belief systems (current mass consciousness) trying to climb out of it into a new, more exciting version of common belief.

I'm "realistic" enough to know that my own ideas of this new consciousness are not going to be "IT" - again, i'm not here to preach, nor to suggest what that new consciousness should look like, I'm just finding myself over and over again in the position to shout from the rooftops: Go to your hearts, seek the experience of the 5th dimension (as explained in previous posts) and then decide what mass consciousness should look like. In the grander scheme of things, I'm but a quiet little bird who has begun it's song, but If i dont' say what I have to say, I'm going to choke on it one day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flu Season?

It's "flu season" - what a belief ! Well it is, flu shots are being administered and my unvaccinated kids come home from school with symptoms like runny nose, sneezing, tired limbs, low energy, headache, sore throat, the works. Luckily they got a mom with homeopathic training and a whole bunch of (OTC) homeopathic remedies lined up to help out. They willingly take the remedy I give them and usually feel better within hours. They know to tell me right away of their symptoms, it makes my job a lot easier.

One of my dearest friends keeps telling me that disease is a "phase-out-model" and I do believe her. Although it may even be counter-productive for my source of income as a homeopath, i cannot help but spread the news. As a homeopath, my foremost focus is on getting people healthy. So how is it, that a person like my friend has this inclination to say that disease is soon redundant as a means of growth and learning? Her approach to life and healing is empirical - she has tried it out ! If it works for her, it can work for anyone. Although she is indeed a very special person,  the biology and physiology of her physical body does not differ from that of other people. It is her belief patterns that differ and she is sticking to them, because in her reality, it has worked. So what does she do at the onset of physical illness ? - At first, she told me that she would simply align her energies with those of her higher self. Easier said than done for most.

Since self-prescribing is a rather difficult task (one is so enormously blind towards one's own issues !) I've taken to "enduring" colds and sniffles, just living through them with teas and lots of bed rest. After hearing my friend's accounts of her great self-curing feats, I decided to try it. I was left with the very simple sentence (belief) of "just align your energies with those of your higher self". Simpler even, just "align"... would be her one word she had offered. Given, I'm possibly a bit more analytical, a bit more inclined to communicate these things so I decided to try to find a "way" as to how to align ... It's as difficult to define as "going to sleep" - The good part is, it's as easy as going to sleep, as natural and I believe truly, if more and more people would try, they could balance their energies out at the onset of disesase and never even get that full blown cold/flu this season. Soon enough, there would be no more flu-season, that belief that there has to be a flu-season is then redundant as well and can be ditched.

I for one don't believe in any "disease-season" - viruses are everywhere around us, continuously. True, when the weather changes and the cold seeps into my bones, I tend to feel a bit more vulnerable. This is the indicator of my body to "align"... to strengthen the physical self with the energy of the higher self.

I will not talk here of what a higher self is, or how it looks like, or anything close to that. I think the best I can say is, the higher self is that "sense of self" that is not immediately "attached" to the physical body. I don't know what your impression of this sense of self is, but I know that each person has one, whether they are aware of its existence or not. Inputs from the higher self are intuitions, those gut feelings that guide you. That's the communication channel of the higher self. It's quite an "altruistic" sort of self and it is not as attached to what you do or how you do it as the ego (lower self) may be.

There may be as many ways to align to the higher self as there are individuals. I can let you know how I do it and then you can try it out for yourselves if you've never tried, and see what works. You can get really creative with these little inner "rituals" - whatever works for you is good enough!

I focus my attention on my heart center and let that energy expand farther than it currently is. (some people call that "activating"). I dwell in that energy for a while before giving intent to align my physical body's energies with those of the higher self. Then I am quiet and sense what is happening. I normally feel a slight shift and that wonderful sensation of expansion sets in. I feel how the energy of my higher self flows into my physical body and illuminates every single cell. I feel how it clears out energies that have become stuck, it's like an "internal shower". I let the "gunk" flow into the earth in my mind's eye. This is a great opportunity to reaffirm my belief that I am more than my physical self and that there are infiinite possibilities for me to explore. Even the possibility of overcoming disease by balancing myself out. I am usually filled with thoughts like "this is what taking responsibility for one's physical body is really about".

I know that exercise practices such as Yoga or Tai Chi have similarly cleansing effects and I applaud anyone who has enough self-discipline to embark on such a daily practice. I have in fact studied Yoga in an Ashram about 15 years ago, but somehow, keeping a daily practice alive just hasn't been easy for me. So yes, I'm lazy and through that laziness, I am forced to find different ways, lazier ways perhaps.

I am not telling you "do this and you will be healed of whatever ails you" (I think I would get into legal troubles if I did, so I am not making this claim at all !) - all I am saying is: try this exercise, see how you feel doing it. If you like it, make it a daily habit, or if you are more like me, use it at the onset of symptoms of disease and see how it goes for you. I can let you know a little secret: the moment you let your higher self into your physical existence, you'll find that it will enrich and reward you with insight, spontaneous joy, inspiration and further guidance, so aside from the possible health benefits, it's really a nice thing to experience - and it's free !


For some reason I am drawn to emphasize one more time:

 Please be reasonable and use common sense. If you experience a disease that is potentially life threatening, then don't hesitate to go see a doctor! We want you to stick around a while longer !

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Shifting Dimensions

I am wondering whether some of you have actually decided to lead a life based on your heart energy, a life in what is also called the 5th dimension. Of course, I have no way of knowing this, nor do I know how many of you have intended for this shift into 5D years ago and are well under way to lock into this dimension. There may be some of you who have no idea that there are multiple dimensions, let alone that we can travel from one into the other easily, in fact, that we very often do that anyways, during our sleep.

Last night for example, I dreamt (or perceived?) that I was slipping and sliding all over the map, through worm hole type tunnels, it was fun, it wasn't scary and in every place I "landed" there was something else that I experienced. It wasn't very easy to keep track of it all, but the travel to and fro was what stayed with me this morning. I had thus quite a time to adjust to this world again, as you can imagine. Travel while in our dream state can be experienced as being on a train, or plane or more old fashioned with horse and carriage - or by foot. Travel with a brain like mine often brings images of UFO's, of sheer energy shifting and as I said above, the slipping and sliding sensations of dimension shifting. The universe is manifold in my opinion and anyone can travel it at random (thought and intent being the navigation control). Whether we can bring our experience into the waking state is a different question. Here again, as with anything we experience, belief systems are the parameters of what we allow ourselves to live through.

There are many incidents of shifting that have happened in my life. It has become so dire at times, that those around me even entitled me as "unstable" to say it in the least offensive way. Perhaps that is so, perhaps I do have too vivid an imagination. It could also be my love for fantasy novels that create such imagery and beliefs and experiences for me - or it could be the other way around. Perhaps my love for fantasy novels is born out of experiences of worlds that are not in this 3rd dimension, this Earth experience. (I do believe the latter to be true.) Anything we can concoct in our minds has a potential source, can potentially become "real".

You may wonder, how one can live in such a shifting world ? - Where realities blur into one another, when things are real one moment and not anymore the very next. When dimensional focus is on 3rd dimension one moment and then 5th again the next, or 6th even? I am in 5th dimension when I write these blogs - truly focusing on my throat chakra's energy and connections, bringing in the "message of the day". I do not experience myself to have locked into the 5th dimension yet, meaning that I travel back and forth from the 4th dimension (heart based existence) to the 5th dimension. Last year, I have made the conscious choice to lock into the 5th dimension and am not really able to live and experience the 3rd dimension the way I have before. 3rd dimensional energy is painful to my physical body. The energy vibration being a frequency that is no longer compatible with my locked in 5th dimensional state of being. This may sound all very technical. Alas, I did not chose science to be my avenue this lifetime, but art, so you'll have to bear with me with my rather clumsy approach to an explanation:

I see these numbered dimensions not one above the other, but rather next to each other, in a way that radio stations are "next" to each other in frequency. If one dials a radio station's exact frequency, you hear (experience) the station's program crisp and clear. As soon as you dial away from that station it becomes fuzzy and eventually you'll "lose" that station, to find another one further up or down the dial. None of this explanation is based on judgment. It is more a matter of "taste" whether you like the classical station better or the "oldies"... Personally, I feel happiest in my "station" of 5D, but I do visit 6D now and then. I grew tired of the music that plays in 3D and don't listen to it much anymore, that does not mean that 3D isn't playing it's music anymore - trust me, it surely is!

The main focus of these dimensions is like the lens through which the daily events are witnessed and experienced. In 3D, the focus point are the issues inherent in the Solar Plexus Chakra, they have to do with power, greed, right and wrong, polarization in order to determine the winner over the loser. It is a very competitive sort of experience. I've never felt that it was true to who I am in essence and I was ever so happy to leave this "lens" behind to fnd the focus of the 5th dimension to be my new "lens". In 5D, the focus point is the high heart - the chakra between the heart chakra (4th chakra)  and the throat chakra (5th chakra) being the lens. The high heart chakra governs energies of love, generosity, compassion, yielding in the salomonic way, the greater good of all other than the greater good for oneself. In this focus, the ego, which is a predominant and necessary player in the drama of 3D simply loses importance. It becomes a tool to balance check books, but it won't rule the everyday experience as it does in 3D. Things become more focused on what is good for everyone involved, rather than what benefit "I" could get from my actions as it would be and most certainly was while focus was in 3D. The experience of time in 3D is also more pronounced and linear than it is in 5D. In 5D, the view becomes more encompassing and involves greater awareness.The experience in 5D allows for unprejudiced and therefore more peaceful existence. 

Currently, the energy frequencies on the planet earth are such that a shift into 5D is allowed and possible for anyone voicing heartfelt intent. I believe the transition from 3D into 5D to be one of having a "grace period" where the adjustment allows for going back and forth, as the situations demand. Nobody is asked to leave everything they've known so far behind in one moment and shift into a completely new perspective of their life over night. The person brave (or desperate?) enough to utter the intent to shift from 3D into 5D will most definitely be presented with challenges, with things to look at and let go, before the final shift into 5D is locked in. It is mainly a period of personal growth, but a rewarding one in my opinion.

A lot of people have shifted into 5D simply because that frequency harmonizes more with the energetic frequency of the essence of who they are. There is no "personal growth" involved, it is a mere gentle adjustment into a more suitable perspective. You may find yourself already in 5D without even knowing. Just look at the brief description I gave and see for yourself, what your focus point is, you'll know !

There are certain shortcomings of residing in 5D when it comes to talking with people whose focus point lies in 3D. It may be that you say things to your friends, and they will turn what you have said into something you did not mean at all. That can be attributed directly to the different points of perspective. Something that is meant compassionately can be misinterpreted as something that has a flavor of challenge and competition. You may be called "arrogant", because the ego based experience of the person residing in 3D cannot fathom nor understand what music is played in the dimension of the heart, unless they go visit there. Above all, it's a great exercise in experiencing the gems of 5D - compassion, patience, non-judgment and love. (all traits that a person focused in 3D will find rather annoying and offensive).

Communication is difficult across the dimensions, but it will always be easier for the person who traveled from one dimension to the next, thus having experienced both the trademarks of 3D and 5D. Therefore, I believe it is up to the more experienced person to yield, be compassionate and understanding - for he or she can !

Monday, October 11, 2010

From Healing to Love

The other day, I've demonstrated on the blog how to "heal" a belief that had manifested for decades in my system. It took me a couple of days to catch on what exactly took place. I believe to have come to the conclusion. To sum it up again, I had first become aware of this belief that no longer serves me. It was in and of itself allowed, had a purpose, I understood why I had kept it alive. However, it also was extreme and locked me down in an unhealthy fashion. It did not allow me to be who I am in essence, therefore it was causing a subtle form of dis-ease. (well, not so subtle at times!)...

This means that the belief I had held was the core of this particular disease. According to homeopathic principles, in order to heal, this would have to be matched with something similar -  or the exact opposite. (Samuel Hahnemann, §22, the Organon).

In nature, the exact opposite of the totality of a person's symptoms is often so very hard to determine, that homeopathy has found it easier and more successful to focus on "Like cure's Like", on finding a substance (energy) to produce a similar symptom. When we deal with thought forms (energies of the mind) with beliefs, we are fully able to find the exact opposite! (how exciting) and thus the creation of the exact opposite belief did not propel me into the abyss of the opposite (equally diseased) state, but balanced my energies (belief) out to leave behind a healthy state. 

That is true transformation, not the various "band-aid techniques" that cover up the actual problem for a while. True transformation is here to stay. Once achieved, it does not revert back to the old "groove" again. It will remain balanced. With this true transformation, I have also done something far greater for myself. It was an act of self-love to free myself from a belief that no longer serves a purpose. This form of self-love is altruistic, it isn't ego-driven. It is just a simple, quiet form of: "I love you, you deserve a better experience, you are worth way more than you believe!" This form of self-love opens the heart with a very quiet "click", lets the heart energy pour forth that has been held there for so long (yes since childhood, where we were like that naturally).

As I type these words, my heart is open, my love for my existence is flooding through my physical body and beyond. It isn't a moment of self-aggrandizement, for it holds the knowledge that with this open heart, with this flood of wonderfully sweet energy flowing through me, I reach out beyond the limits of my physical expression into the energies of everything (and everyone) that is around me. And I mean EVERYTHING. This heart energy, this love is impersonal, it is universal. It is what creates, it is what brings the awareness of the connection with all that is. Not just empty words, but palpable intertwining with ALL that is - yes, ALL! - yes, beyond this earth too - into our galaxy, into further galaxies beyond that - and you will see that there is no end to love - it permeates ALL and brings the understanding of oneness.

If you have already had such experiences, you know what I am talking about. If these words bring such an opening of your heart to you, revel in it - I mean, this is your chance to do some "cheap wellness"... no massage needed, no mudpack on your face, no scrub down of your physical body, no hours meditating, no "pretzel poses" in fancy yoga classes ... just love - simple, huh? It raises one pivotal question for me - if it feels this good, if it rejuvenates us this much, why don't we focus on it more often? Like daily ?...

It raises more questions still - if we are connected like this through the energy of love, if we ARE one, if we ARE this large ...yes it's a lot to embrace!... then why don't we apply it to bringing the changes we seek? (Assuming that we don't, well I know I don't always, I am human too, I know I keep sometimes forgetting that I am that large, hey such is the illusion of physical experience.) What I do know is that in this love, in this energy lie infinite possibilities - anything goes.

Some of you may not have experienced the exhilarating rush of this energy, you may say: that's a bunch of New Age Quackery - well, It's not. The rush of this energy comes when you intend to live in your heart, it takes but that, a simple aware intention of: "I wish to reside in my heart". The universe will then present you rather swiftly with all the obstacles that you still have to overcome (and there may be none!) before you can actually reside in your heart full time. Don't despair, it's not going to be "whomps, here is your baggage" an all-in-one dump of obstacles - they do come one by one, most often and are never more than you can manage. So if you are presented with a lot, with a big obstacle, you have to take solace in knowing that it is EXACTLY as much as you are able to handle. If you feel that it is more than you can handle, your view of yourself may be somewhat distorted.