Friday, November 25, 2011


With the courageous act of embracing and fully allowing the experience of uncertainty, you will in turn experience absolute limitlessness. (The Elohim)

Thursday, November 17, 2011


For as long as you see yourself as a pupil, student or whatever else you call yourself, you will experience just that identity. There is a place in which you can reside in your full power of who you are, yet still be humble and learn from every thing, every person, no matter what they declare to have to offer, or even from those who just are - there is always learning going on, which does not mean your light is to be dimmed in order to receive the teaching.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The Implications of 11-11-11

I'm not a fan of organized holidays, special dates and all that jazz that many humans find so fascinating. True, there is a mesmerizing quality to see the number 11 three times in a row in today's date. 11, so the numerologists, has a greater significance than other numbers ..... in the third dimension that is, for in other dimensions, this kind of judgment just isn't happening.

So humanity and the lightworkers ahead of all others have created this wonderful "gateway" of 11-11-11 ... or so some of us think. Again, the linear quality of this "event" and the journey up to it and through it and out the other end.... a third dimensional view that has a timeline and a sequence that it apparently follows. This is of course allowed, but I'm a stickler for awareness and as always, I hold to the premise: "Awareness is Everything".

In the expanded awareness of the 5th dimension, where this or that becomes this and that, I smile. It may look or be interpreted as a condescending smile, I assure you that it is only a smile that comes from the understanding and awareness of where I have come to. 11-11-11 isn't more special or less special than any given moment in all of eternity. It may hold a specific quality, mainly because a lot of people have attributed a specific quality to that day and thus created it to be so. To me it is important to point out, that in making this day more "special" than any other moment in time, we create separation. We create potential fears, of those who "missed the portal". In my experience, the universe will open its "portals" and allow a transition into a higher frequency at any given moment. There is no need to wait for a specific day, even if the next specific date and hype around the numbers is surely to pop up tomorrow. The universe will embrace each and every spark of the One on their own individual journey, in their own individual timing. There is no greater opportunity than seizing the now. Moving beyond the human-created significance of such dates and markers will bring joy, equanimity, remove fear and attachment to grand schemes. Ultimately, ascension isn't a mass event one can go to - I'm sure there are even events that sell tickets just so we can celebrate a special day! -

Celebrate the moment, enjoy the moment, live in the moment and ascend your own personal vibration to the higher frequencies in your own timing and as it is comfortable. Nobody who has not "gone through the portal" today will suffer a devastating loss - there is no boat that we can miss. All these concepts are fear based 3rd dimensional thought forms that we can leave behind at any given moment.

If nothing else, take this "special day" and realize that every other day is just as special, experiencing the glory of nature's unfolding according to the seasons, the climate of where you live. All is in divine order, and that includes the many who have decided to play and create their experience around this date. It  is allowed, granted and blessed by the One Source of all that is, not more and not less.

I am wishing everyone a wonderful experience this day and any other.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


It is of course allowed to stay in the dream of your own experience, even if you are not happy with it. This is but a reminder, that the energies on Earth have reached frequencies where change and even the new creation of a totally different reality is almost instantaneous. It might be time to take advantage of this and stop re-creating that which does not make us happy. The decision for change lies with every individual. Thoughts, emotions, beliefs and patterns are the building blocks for the many wonderful creations. It's that easy!