Wednesday, June 6, 2012

True Abundance

Yes, the notion of need vanishes once the source energy of my inner being flows through me. I logically offer thoughts like "I don't need anything" as a result of this revelation - and I have, for a while now. There's a little snag here however that I'd like to explain. The words "I don't need anything" contain an energy signature, a vibration of: "don't bring anything to me please - it's not needed". And thus, the Universe presented me exactly with what I was thinking of. The more hidden thing is that I didn't feel any lack, I  couldn't pinpoint the "flaw" that lay inherently in these thought constructs. Therefore, it simply became part of my makeup and the resulting life experience was one where the outflow worked really well, but the inflow of abundance was but a trickle.

After thinking this through, I've come to realize, that true abundance, the true flow of source energy through me morphs into a state of "becoming" that flow, becoming abundance and the resulting picture changed quite a bit. The more I aligned with the newer thoughts of abundance, flow, ease and source energy, the more offers I got for things, services, help, kind words etc. Some of these offers are still utterly strange to me, because there had not been any wish, want or desire for any of it. I paid attention to the strangeness of the unfolding events and found that it triggered a clearer understanding of what's going on.

In an experience of true full flow of abundance (i.e. source energy), absolutely anything can present itself in my reality. The absolute pinnacle of feeling this abundance is to stand before a buffet of things, flowing towards me. A steady and ongoing flow and to have the freedom to pick and choose on a daily whim which things I wish to accept and actually receive. There is no need, it isn't a need based sort of concept. However, within this absence of need, the flow of general abundance cannot help itself but bring any and all possibilities to my awareness (to the extent that I allow them in).

Standing presented thus with a pretty spectacular buffet of a vast variety of abundance, I feel like a kid in a toy store with no concept of cost. It feels so utterly natural, so pure, so real and so true that I am seeking the emotional confirmation of my thoughts here - yes, there's bliss in my heart, my inner being agrees. This is the making of absolute true abundance - I become the flow, I AM the flow, the flow is me and it becomes my reality.

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