Friday, July 6, 2012

The Gift of Love

The very idea that unconditional love needs to be channeled through one's heart, given specifically to any one person, directed, shaped, fashioned or anyhow else altered, indicates that love is misunderstood and rendered conditional.

Unconditional love, the essence of all that is is perfect in and of itself. It needs nothing, it does not belong anywhere, it is a flow, a stream of energy that will be directed by the laws of the universe and find attraction where unconditional acceptance and non-judgment is practiced.

To experience this kind of love means clear understanding that all is in perfection and nothing needs healed, nothing needs altered, nothing needs changed. Only few allow the full flow of this vast energy through their human expression, but each day, each moment, the opportunity is given for any one being to find a way to tap into this flow. The journey for each human being from allowing a trickle to full flow of unconditional love is personal, untouchable and sacred, it is best left to develop on its own.

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