Friday, February 17, 2012

(Hu)Man's Fascination with the Contrast

In my imagination, we(humankind) have been at this "Creation through Contrast - Business" for a few eons now. Polarity and density levels in the 3rd dimension are the tool through which we are guaranteed ever more ideas on what to do next, on how not to be bored, on how to grow and expand through the wishes of our hearts, which instantly come true in the non-physical realms.

I would call this way of fishing for more and more ideas quite ingenious. Being immersed in the physical reality myself, I have of course not always the advantage of the broader perspective of my non-physical self, but ever so often, I come quite close and get glimpses of what this drama here on Earth is all about.

I have a very logical mind, even if I busy myself with the energetic (perhaps foo-foo) things in life more than the actual matter bits, but there is one thing that I've practiced so very often, that is yet so illogical to continue doing and that is the fascination with the contrast. Just the other day, while driving past a car accident, I realized anew that the traffic jam wasn't due to the collision per se, it was due instead to  each and every car slowing down and the folks driving most certainly got a good look at the scene of the accident (me included)...

The fascination with the contrast is visible and hits me on a daily basis and by writing this blog, I realize that I'm utterly fascinated with this fascination with the contrast, which for me in turn IS contrast, i.e. the opposite of that which I know to be true from the broader perspective from my higher self. Duh - caught in the very act that I'm so frustrated with (chuckles). Even though I am bound in the same games as everyone else, I just don't quite understand that fascination that drives us to share mainly bad news, to alert each other of the ills of the world. I don't understand why logic doesn't take over and thought patterns can still wreck havoc with this planet.  And in that sentiment, I admit, I've stepped fully out of the alignment with who I truly am and I've every so slyly bought into the contrast program - The good part is, that with my disgruntled discontent over this fascination with the contrast, I've shot rockets of desire for this to change into the non-physical plane and I've instantly grown and expanded. Truly, I ought to be grateful now for that silly contrast that I've experienced.

I realize that instead of shouting out my discontent over the contrast, I can choose to see the value in the contrast, however, I don't wish to dwell on contrast too long, I most of all don't want to get stuck in the wheel of re-creating that which I've identified to be contrast. Instead, it remains my (logical) choice to move back into the NOW - where I've already created a world without such strong attachment and fascination with contrast - where peace and thoughts that make me feel good abound.

As I voice this intention, I can feel the expansion in my heart, my emotional response that tells me that I've reached a place of comfort, of alignment with the expansion that I've created just a little bit ago. Peace is flooding through me in the knowing that it is my choice alone what I decide do with my experiences of contrast, that nobody is doing anything to me, that no government, no politician, no authority figure or anyone at all can directly create my experience. It is absolutely clear that I'm most certainly the only one creating that which I am experiencing. Also, in this point of broader perspective, I realize without a doubt, that even contrast is positive, as everything in this Universe is positive and good. In this point of alignment, it is so very easy to make peace and I fully expect that this peace has an effect on the whole of creation - one day, somewhere....and since it is my own creation, I can confidently say: "And so it is!"

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