Thursday, March 1, 2012

Ornery Little Buggers

Ahhh how I've come to relish in the beautiful triggers that come my way in my experience. These ornery little buggers in my field, who challenge my perceptions and present me with downright elaborate plays of non-compliance and irkdom. They are so ornery, they just insist on remaining in their experience as they have laid it out and guess what - no matter how much i try, they just don't budge!.... Dear oh dear!

It is of course their good right to insist on their way of experiencing their day, moment, life. None of my beeswax really. Yet - what are they doing in my experience then? - Of course, I've attracted their ornery presence, it cannot be otherwise. They have lent their views and irksome input to satisfy this law of attraction and all is in perfect order. But then again - what is their purpose other than being attracted by my matrix of thoughts and emotions? This question really got me to ponder and I've not stopped pondering until it hit me.

The flood of appreciation that has reached me the moment I realized that their contrast is just simply in my experience to point out my thought patterns and also to highlight and enhance the beauty of my own life. Of course, they haven't planned on doing that, on the contrary, sometimes, I cannot help but imagine that they're out to get me, them ornery ones in my experiences.... Well, they're not really out to get me. I breathe easy and simply look at the contrast experience that has been so elaborately unfolded before my eyes and in that contemplation, the enhancement of the good things that I can be grateful for is so overwhelming that it catapults me straight into alignment with who I am.

I would like to take this moment to express my eternal gratitude to ALL the ornery ones in my life, who have steadfast provided me with contrast that so highlights all the good in my life. Your work is flawless, your contribution to the beauty of my experience is priceless, my heart expands in waves upon waves of gratitude for the ornery ones in my past and also present and those who are yet going to enter my field of experience. May your service to me (and others) be praised forever more.
And so it is !

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