Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Alignment with All-That-Is

We may be tempted to keep looking through the lens of what we were used to and keep seeing our world and environment as we have before. We may be tempted to keep saying that there is a positive way and a negative way. We may wish to teach our children only one way, the one we have undoubtedly identified as the good way, the way everyone should go. The way children should be taught. God forbid we teach them wrongly.

The inherent flaw in this kind of old patterned thinking lies in the simple fact that since everything is pure positive energy, this kind of polar thinking just does not compute. Through the understanding that everything, every atom, every vibration, every particle, everything physical and everything non-physical is pure positive energy it becomes very clear that there isn't one way that we need to go. There isn't a certain way we have to teach our children (aside from the fact that our children do not need taught at all, as they come into this world far closer to the leading edge than we are.).

Still, energies on this earth are still pushing us to experience the contrast of the polarity, the contrast of good vs. bad. Other than being patient that this is just the way it is, I have nothing else to offer. I cannot speak against the trend that there has been an uprising of newly awakened people proclaiming this way (their way?) to be the right way. In the daily onslaught of political debates, where I cannot see anything wrong with any human being in the first place, it becomes a bit more difficult for me to remain centered in my being. I do this by simply not taking a side, by simply accepting the unfolding of everything as it is. This brings peace for sure, yet there is the internet. There's my blog. I have for many days and weeks not posted anything new. Mainly because acceptance is not really conducive to bringing about a specified opinion in either direction and isn't that what we are all doing in the first place? Standing our ground and deciding what is right for us, and some of us feel the need to talk about it. To applaud all those who think alike, to guide all the erring ones to find the (their) right path?

The more I ponder this interesting dynamic, the more I realize that at the bottom of any opinion that either emphasizes the good or harps against the bad (or vice versa) lies nothing other than judgment. Some may call it discernment, others their right of speech and others still will call it God given and therefore inherently true. It matters very little what we call it - in either case, at the bottom of it, we find judgment. We decide that judging is the way to go and we can have that experience but it will never bring peace into our hearts. It cannot, for peace lies in vibrational alignment. That at the core is the alignment with the very nature and energy pattern of the universe. In this "true" alignment everything expands, becomes very vast and allows every little thing to exist. It does exist anyways!

With this allowing, I feel a veil of silence descend upon me. There's nothing left to say in that moment of alignment. There's nothing that is wrong, nothing that is right, there is nothing that needs changed and there's nothing to work for. It is complete trust and the release of all that is to be as it is anyways. This little exercise holds the potential for such tremendous relief that I need to watch it and refrain from suggesting to anyone to try it out. When you stumble upon such a desire to figure this out, you will find the answer all by yourself and that will be your answer all to yourself and have no bearing on anyone else - such is the sweetness of alignment with the nature of All-that-is.

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