Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sovereign Existence as Creator Beings

We experience something at any moment in our lives. This can be something new or the same old stuff that we have experienced day in and day out for all our years. We are here to experience our reality. From the moment of the first breath as a newborn, we begin our physical experience. We are the creators of our own individual realities

Each one of us has surely had the feeling or experience before, that someone else has done something to us, or that there were circumstances that were simply against us. Humans are very practiced at complaining. Yes, we are really very accomplished in that regard. Almost daily, we manage to complain about this or that. Very often, we complain about other people. Just look at the arena of politics for example, there is so much that we can complain or whine about. That’s alright! All this is, is an experience of powerlessness. In and of itself, this is not a bad experience. No experience is a bad experience actually. In each experience lies the seed for another experience, perhaps even an experience that is completely opposite the one we have just experienced.

With thoughts that arise from the contemplation of our experience of powerlessness, we create the basis for the next experience of powerlessness. It happens very fast. We are also very practiced at creating a new experience based on the one we have just experienced. We do that with almost every experience automatically. It is because of this cycling, that we experience most things to come at us from outside. It is this type of perception, which keeps us from true conscious creatorship. Each time, we decide that our experience has come from outside, we give away our power to the circumstances, or to other people. We may of course operate this way. It is absolutely allowed to do that. Nobody will ever be punished for this. The Universe will very patiently bring us the repeated experience of powerlessness. In this manner, we travel the same cycle over and over again and do not create much of anything new.

A truly conscious creator will create new things and experiences. A creator who stands in his/her power will not create experiences of powerlessness. A true creator will take full responsibility for his/her creation at any time. He/she will stand at the center of their  own creation and will see without the slightest doubt each and every detail, from the smallest to the largest, as a result of his/her own creative forces. To accept the full responsibility for one’s own creation means nothing other than to consistently cease to blame others or complain about anything. The whining is done. Only when we are able to recognize everything to the last detail as the result of our own creation,  can we step into the place of sole creator of our own reality. In that place, we stand in our full power and can begin to see our creations with spectacular clarity. Furthermore, such creations will match that which we actually desire to experience.  

At the point where we are ready to take full responsibility, we can exit the cyclic re-creation of that which already has been experienced and enter our rightful place of powerful sole creators of our own reality. This sovereignty brings us into the full alignment with our source. From this place of alignment and clarity, we step out of the unconscious floating among the masses into the conscious existence of a responsible and accomplished creator being. 


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