Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Creative Masterpieces of Limitation

Not long ago, I was pondering the nature of creativity. I ran through a whole number of different points of perspective until I found one that strongly resonated with me:

It is indeed a creative masterpiece to bring about the complete illusion of limitation, while in truth being in essence limitless, infinite consciousness. The greater the experience of limitation, so I found, the more ingenious the application of creative powers. Those who find their way back from limitations into the unending freedom of their true nature of limitlessness are those who have indeed found a way to truly savor the game of life.

Abundance is a law of nature. It is the normal state of affairs. When we allow ourselves to take the focus away from our self-created illusions of limitation (oh it feels so very real at times, doesn't it?) and turn it instead towards the true unlimited nature of our being, we will (so logic has it) turn things around and experience a normal state of abundance instead.

Truth be told however, sometimes, I admit, I think that I am almost a bit enamored with my ingenious self-created illusions, even if they are experienced as limitations here on Earth (or perhaps rather because they are...)

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