Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Life on the Leading Edge - A Traveling Companion

For a while now, my writing efforts have not found their way onto this page. Instead, a different venue was more appropriate. There are a number of blog posts on "Epiphanies, Experiences and Viewpoints" that have no text anymore. These were some of the quotes that were inspired from my Higher Self and I have gone on a journey to collect them and illustrate the meaning they had for me and my journey in a collection. This collection is now available here:

I am very thrilled to announce the launch of my first book. In just a few days it will also be available through Amazon in the US and Europe (links will follow). Signed copies will be available in Eugene, OR after May 6th through Quantum Perceptions LLC. 

I invite comments onto my Facebook Author page . It would be lovely to get a wide distribution and spread with many "Likes". 

Off I go, there's work to be done - the translation of Life on the Leading Edge into German is well under way, as is a new sci-fi novel ... stay tuned!

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