Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Relationship Affected by Ascension (addendum)

Every single day since the initial post entitled "Relationships Affected by Ascension" has been posted here, I have had visitors from all over the world finding it through their Google searches.
Somehow, I seem to sense that, although my post may be very well received, there is a sense of wanting to learn more. It is obvious that relationships are quite possibly the one thing we all either struggle with, find perplexing, or at the very least keep seeking.

From my point of view, being in relationship with others is not only necessary, desired, wanted, but clearly, inevitable. Most people fret over the deeper, more meaningful relationships (if they don't go the way they wish). Romantic relationships may be the winners when it comes to how deeply a relationship affects us. I think I could browse for days among the libraries or bookstores for books giving advice, depicting relationships, or simply drawing from the drama that can be had when we go through relationships. The material available would fill many storage facilities for sure.

I have said it before and will admit this freely to the public at large. I have no stellar track record when it comes to peaceful, functioning and healthy relationships. Really, I don't. I've left a trail of destruction in my wake and have cried many tears along the way. One thing my journey through my own relationships has shown me, is the realization that the most important relationship I need to tend to is the one with my (higher) self.

No matter how I improve on my interpersonal skills, if my relationship within me isn't what I want a relationship to be, I will not be able to have a romantic relationship that brings me what I most desire. There are ways to tend to one's own inner relationship that range from meditation to self-talk. In addition, I have found one tool that has worked miracles and kept me going. It is humor. Most people live with the tendency to take everything way to seriously. I have learned to laugh about myself. I have learned to poke fun at the not-so-wanted scenarios I create from time to time. I laugh at the drama that unfolds before me and own that I am the common denominator in all of it. I focus on being easy with myself. I let myself off the hook a lot and when I can't, I even take a time out from myself for a while and focus on other things that please me.

True, love is important in anyone's life. Usually, we look at others to buck our current of self-deprecation and hope that they love us despite of it. There are some lovely souls who see beyond the energy patterns of our not-so-loving beliefs we hold for ourselves. Praised be those who manage to keep their eyes on our source alone and love us through it all. However, ultimately, it is imperative in my eyes to learn to love, laugh, and live happily within ourselves, even if we find ourselves without a romantic partner at times. Whatever else comes our way in ways of (romantic) relationships after that will surely be very pleasing.


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