Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pain or Pleasure

Here I am now, faced with this world where I can look around and carve out things of beauty to be grateful for, to take in as pleasurable, yet the essence, the root of the problem is that my innermost belief cries out: Watch out, there's pain to be experienced here !....

I am realizing something deep. There are these things out there, books, tapes, courses and all that New Age Jazz, where you are supposedly taught to learn how to create things. How to shape your reality. And I also realize that these things, that are wonderful in their approach, are but bandaids. I am making the mental connection to the orthodox drugs that don't really heal the sick, but make the symptoms go away - for a time, but the core illness stays the same. Since I'm in the alternative healing field, I will bring in concepts that I have learned there.

One of these concepts is the direction of cure. If something is on the way to real cure, which involves not only the going away of outer symptoms, but clearly a state of increased overall health, there are certain signs that can be seen on the outside, which indicate this "direction of cure". The ideal direction of cure is from within to without. That means at the beginning, outer, smaller symptoms do not go away right away, but the health comes from deep within, from the core of the human being. Then, it can be compared with the ripple of a pebble tossed into a still water, the effect, the movement of the healing energy goes outward and eventually the outer symptoms disappear, leaving the organism healthier than before.

With this knowledge in my mind, I could not avoid looking at what I had done for the past 25 years or so of New Age "activity"... the "Love and Light - Movement" as I call it, has wonderful amazing bandaids - drugs - whatever you choose to call it. And yes, I was part of that movement too and hadn't understood a thing as I'm finding out now. All the "Love and Light" in the world will not create a better world, because it's only a bandaid. The world ails deeply. The world is experienced as painful by many people. It has to, because look at the world we are creating - as a collective !.... it's one of pain, which is the opposite of pleasure. Those are the base drives of human kind. It's either pain, which we don't want or it's pleasure which we want. It's as simple as that. However we're trying to put images (bandaids) of pleasure onto a world of pain. There's something deeply wrong with this picture, at least for me.

Ideally, the cure of the world (yes I know, I'm thinking way big here) has to come from humanity. Humanity cannot hope to cure a world that it believes to be painful. Instead, the cure has to come from the core - the core being that my belief as that of many others is based on my experience here, it's one of pain - not always, but overall, it's the only permanent recurring essential experience I can see. Since the world is my mirror, the world I see (which is of course not the same you see), is a reflection of my beliefs, it is up to me (and each one of you who feels drawn to it) to change that core belief. A paradigm shift is needed, a shift in essential belief from pain to pleasure. It's the same energy anyways, being that they are a pair of polar opposite points connected by one energy line.

I'm getting really excited at the possibiliy here, which I will have to achieve first of course before I could even try to convince anyone, but it's quite sound logically I believe, and also in line with one of the fundamental principles of health - the direction of cure.


  1. Your life is a fascinating journey. I love to watch you grow and hear your thoughts. How will you make the paradigm shift? In what ways will you change?

    Matt W.

  2. that IS the pivotal question, isn't it ? - I'll keep you all guessing a while longer, mainly because I have a feeling that things will unfold as I write. Meanwhile, my only hope is to keep you entertained a while longer :) patience is a virtue !