Tuesday, September 28, 2010

There is no Linear Beginning

Although there is possibly a time line in which I have experienced, learned and arrived at my current viewpoints, it is a rather difficult task to sort it all out and put it into a sequence. Hence I'm going to go with my inner flow and begin with something, even if it's not "in line" with that silly notion of time.

I must say, that the thoughts I hope to publish here are residing in my brain, however not all of them have been born there. I intend absolutely no plagiarism and will naturally quote sources wherever I am aware of them.If I happen to omit one and my readers realize it, please know that It is an oversight and not done so on purpose. I will correct such oversights if and when it is needed and most importantly pointed out to me. 

The main reason for this blog is that my head cannot possibly hold all the information I have gathered in the last 40 or so years and I have not enough people to share my thoughts with, because some of them (the thoughts) are quite "out there" and perhaps a bit whacky, (let's be frank, I would run  the horrible risk of becoming friendless within 2 weeks if I unloaded onto my dear friends) I have learned not to alienate folks too much, when I pick my kids up from school, where I'll talk about "regular stuff". However, this all creates this backlog in my head that is by now screaming for release - Paper (or virtual paper) is quite patient I heard and many things have been written way ahead of their time (oh fool me ?).  Based on that premise I have now gotten into the spot of courage (or call it desperation?) from which I will let the thoughts flow that reside within me. ..... watch out...

It is my vision that after my initial posts, comments will come forth and I could see myself entertaining some questions as well. Mainly, I hope for a dialogue through comments and bring this blog into it's very own state of flow. 

As a last disclaimer, I would like to say that as a teenager, I've decided to abdictate any form or formal religion and seek my own way to what is termed "enlightenment" (big word, vastly misunderstood). I am not affiliated with anyone or anything. What you will read hereafter are my very own perceptions and understanding of "how things are...work...flow... react...etc." I will draw from everything I've learned in this lifetime and from glimpses beyond the veil as well for which the only "proof" is your own experience. I ask you to only take to heart whatever resonates within yourself as "right" or "true" and to kindly leave the rest to the depth of virtual bloggerspace. I have experienced a lot of attack on my views in the past, and hope that with a sense of curiosity and lack of prejudice and judgment, I can keep my blog peaceful and informative. I do not intend to change anyone's mind, but you may find that it changes on its own.

Onward then, done with disclaimers and explanations - ready for the first real tidbit,

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