Thursday, September 30, 2010


Before I can hope to dive into talking about the actual paradigm shift that I feel is needed not only for my own personal life, but for the planet at large, I want to speak of what I know about polarity. In this earthly experience, the One has chosen to identify itself through the means of polar opposites. True recognition is gleaned from this system and I find it uncanny but in its own way really ingenious. The understanding I have of this world of polarities is the following:

Each and every thing has its polar opposite. Everything we experience, we can experience on either side of the polar see-saw, or on different degrees along the imaginary beam of energy that makes the see-saw a see-saw. Midway between either extreme is the pivotal point of balance. At this point (physics can easily confirm this) is inertia. In order to have movement, the see-saw needs to tip one way or the other.
In this way, inertia is overcome and motion is created. With motion comes energy flow and energy flow is life. The understanding of that life came for me through the understanding of Sir Newton's 3rd law of motion: "Action and Reaction are Equal (in force) and Opposite (in direction)"

If you desire a more nerdy explanation, you can link to Wikipedia's page:

Don't worry, I am not going to dive into a physics lesson at this point. Dear Isaac figured this out a while back and I am applying this daily in my work as a Homeopath, where energy follows the very same physical principle. Just that the "action" can also be energetic and not only physical. Ever since I can remember to think, I have been drawn to figure out the spiritual implications of everything around me. It is therefore just a hop, skip and a wee jump to assume that this law, which is so central to the healing method I use, drew me in and I just had to find out what it's implications were on a spiritual level.

For me, it is rather easy to jump out of my skin (almost literally) and dive into my Self and experience everything around me on an energetic level. Yes, I have been called "helium balloon" very often, but it's ok, once an airhead, always an airhead :) With this "skill" I have learned that the action of this law of motion can be anything - a simple thought can propel energy into a direction and cause a ripple effect that very soon gets so large that one's mind cannot logically think through all the implications it has. Just to then get a reaction equal in force in the opposite direction. Once I figured this out, the next step was to fully and wholeheartedly agree with the Eastern traditions that say: Meditate! ... Quiet the Mind! ... Yes ! I agree ! Only with a quiet mind can we begin to hope to have any guided and directed influence on the world. Just imagine this for a moment, each thought from every person on the planet creating a ripple that runs unhindered through the fabric of creation and causes a reaction of equal strength in opposite direction and  I imagine, you'll begin to meditate on the spot out of sheer necessity. It becomes a no-brainer !

Of course that is easier said than done, I had a very active loudly chattering mind in my youth, I began meditating and quieting this mind of mine down way ahead of these revelations caused by Sir Newton's law and the mind boggling implications. I did that out of sheer necessity not to go insane. Each morning, I would wake up and it felt like "just put a match to me and i'll go off like a rocket" - yes, it was that busy in my head. Now, luckily, it has quieted down to long periods of "nothing" unless i truly focus my attention on something of my choice. Life has gotten perhaps a bit more boring through this, but I certainly do feel a wee bit less responsible for the chaos out there.

To sum it up, every little thing has it's polar opposite. They are buddies, they co-exist, they define each other. So if something is experienced as painful (see my earlier posts), it has inherently the potential to be pleasurable, because it is in essence the same energy, inert at the balance point of the see-saw and split into the polar opposite experiences on either end. Recognition, awareness and thus expanded consciousness of anything involves one point of the polar duo versus the other.

Without this polarity, there would not be the experience and understanding. All would be one happy blob of oneness, undivided, unexplored, static, inert. In order for that oneness to find out about itself, so goes my theory, the system of polarity was set in place and a myriad of sparks (us) of the One were sent out to experience all the possible "this and thats".

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