Tuesday, November 30, 2010


The difficulties some folks experience at this time, is not even with themselves. At home, they do just fine. In the groups of their closest friends and companions on this journey, they thrive. When it comes to mingle with other people, in big crowds, things become a bit more difficult. At first, depending on the level of introversion or extroversion a personality came with, it may just be fine, but once back in the soothing surroundings of one's home or friend circle, there is a lead-like heaviness that seeps deeply into every cell of our body. The exhaustion that follows even short "outside events" is disproportionate to the consciously expended energy. This can mean that there is a great amount of expended energy that we are not consciously giving out, but automatically, or subconsciously.

Whatever the makings of the social events, if we come home exhausted from the encounters, there has been a loss of our energy. It is ok to let that energy leak out even if it leaves us exhausted. It is ok, that we empathically feel every negative thought form in our physical bodies. It is also evident, that it is our eleveated frequencies that open these perceptions up for us and make "normal" life quite difficult to cope with.

I have experienced most of these things all my life without knowing what it was. Lately, it has become more pronounced and I do not believe that to be because of my increased age, but rather my increase in energetic frequency. As with radio stations, in order to function in the remainders of the 3D environment, I need to "dial down" my frequency a bit. That happens automatically, most of the time, but it is becoming more and more difficult to dial "all the way down". What occurs is the energy that can be compared with sitting between two radio stations, neither of them coming in all the way - not a very nice energetic sound.

It appears that if I am truly in my "radio station" where I feel most comfortable, I begin to see people who are physically there, but energetically not - that is a rather strange phenomenon, but I do believe it has to do with energetic frequencies. There is a place where the dial just doesn't go any further (as with the radios we know). Those frequencies below or above our personal scale are just not perceived. This is not negative, nor positive, it just is.

I've further studied the energies and have come across a simple visualization that allows me to restore my energetic frequency quicker than before. It has to do with what I call the "crystal grid". This grid is in place and envelops the energy fields of planet Earth. The centers of this grid (the poles) are connected with 2 enormous crystals, one pink, one blue. You can visualize the blue one at an approximated "center" of the Earth and the pink one out in space (it will do). Then visualize and imagine your heart center to rotate, open up and fill your body with the love of your own heart. Now with one thought, one intention, hook your heart into the energy of the crystal grid. Connect with the grid and re-energize your physical body. Let the energy of the grid adjust your radio dial to where it needs to be (according to your individual level of consciousness) and you will find yourself feeling a lot better almost immediately.

I have done this little visualization before going to bed, and I wake up quite refreshed that way. The grid is in place, it is anchored, it is being maintained and it is ready to take on the amplified connection of those who wish to consciously connect with it.

I am open for more questions, feedback etc. - it's good to hear from you.


  1. thank you for writing this blog - I am a fan already - and today reminding me of the crystals and their colors .... big hug over the sea from Lenka

  2. I see you on the map Lenka - Spain is one of my listed visitors ... always good to hear from you. Never forget the crystals! Love you ! Alaniya