Monday, September 26, 2011

The Quickening

The viewpoints described in this video are to a large extent how I have experienced my journey. The one thing that does not vibrate as a possibility any longer for me are the prophesies of a New World Order and the 3rd World War scenarios. Also, not all earthquakes or other natural disasters have to occur in a devastating fashion. There are many lightworkers strategically placed, holding the space and with their energies balancing and soothing the areas where earthquakes are most likely to happen. Even when serious quakes shook the Earth before, I believe that it would have been far worse, had the relentless workers not done their job, consciously or unconsciously. At the very core of the message in this video, I see the premise that "all is in Divine perfection" and "everything is as it is supposed to be". The next shift in global consciousness is before us, whether it is on Oct. 28 or not, matters very little. I feel the wave pushing and I know that many will find themselves in a different state of consciousness and in that new state of consciousness, different and new scenarios will unfold, history will repeat itself only for those who choose not to flow along with the earthly shift in frequency and that too is in Divine perfection, sanctioned and purposeful. Every little decision that is being made is Divine, for every person who does decide is a spark of the One. To see otherwise is to separate oneself from All that is.


  1. I have had an amazing awakening experience too, I have written an article on line describing my journey and amazing experience that I had at the time named it a Kundalini experience but when it happened I had called it a Quickening.

    I to would like to learn more on that powerful experience I had and if you would like to share experiences and also ideas then please visit my article called Kundalini Rising a journey to an awakening, or press my website link if it shows?

    I would really like it if you could share your thoughts on my experience, thanks for the video and website, as I to feel it and know it has already begun and is in full swing, we are all flowing to time line 1, the creator’s timeline.

    1. Hi Mark,
      Thanks for your comment - we could discuss things further via email if you wish :)