Friday, December 23, 2011

About Love

Undefinable, this energy has puzzled many a poet, scorned lover, new age lightworker and so on. The expressions of love are so manifold that it would take up the space of many pages in a book would I attempt to list them all. Love has been the cry ever so often. The cry of the peoples of the Earth. Humanity at large, ever so often cries that cry of love. It finds then expression in song, poetry, imagery, art in general. Logic is defied by the energies of love. Power crumbles and finds no reason to exist on its own once it has tasted the influence of love.

Christ consicousness was the seed of love that had been planted over 2000 years ago. That energetic ray has been anchored into the Earth in a spectacular drama that had unfolded the way it did, not the way it has been written about. It isn't so that love wasn't here on Earth before that anchoring, but the energetic ray and the subsequent matrix of consciousness of love (Christ consciousness) were only the beginning of the spread of love consciousness on Earth. Love was so sorely misunderstood before that time, and the corrections that were made in that understanding have all to do with Christ consciousness. Since then, the incline in love consciousness has been slow, but quite steady. Today, there are communities, linked through the internet, that cry love as their "battle cry" - still not quite understanding its real meaning, or essence, but at least understanding that it leads the way. The way into alignment with ourselves, our higher selves that is.

Yes, love is a way - one of many. One could argue if it's the best way. I don't like arguments like that so I'm just putting it out there vaguely. Love is a way. For one such as me, who has predominantly chosen the aspects of power to bring into physical form, love is there, but not as the main energetic signature. Love becomes an odd sort of energy then and although I too have tried to march on the path of love, I have found that marching to that drum is still marching to the drum of another. True alignment was not to be had and therefore I realized, I was not able to truly love myself, the very basis of what we are supposed to learn here, for if we do not truly love ourselves, how can we then love another?

I tread on difficult ground here, for self-love's jealous brother is found in the egotistical expression of self-importance or self-aggrandizement. Both meant to gloss over some perceived or real deficiencies in the areas of self-love. It's so very easy to slip into those expressions and cause a wreck any old day.

I've been letting review pass on my own relationships that require love. There is something that is common to each and every one of those relationships. It becomes very clear to me in hindsight, that it was a teaching - a life long teaching, or at least life long until I opened my eyes to see. At a very early age, I was confronted with the need to let go. Let go of people I loved. Pretty much every significant personal relationship I had entered into has lead to that very same point: having to let go. I have not once been able to hold a grudge. Not in my deepest grief, nor in my most ugly scenarios. All that I have been left with was pure love in my heart for the "departed" be they alive or not. It is significant in my opinion, to note that that love is purer than the love I had felt while being in these relationships. The love that remains is one that sings in such a high frequency, is so utterly self-less and clear that all I can feel is a deep sense of truth that love in and of itself is giving, yielding, fluid. To fear loss of love has become all but impossible for me because of that realization.

So many of us fear the loss of love. It is feared so much, that we compensate that fear with the very understandable reaction of hanging on, not letting go, not yielding, but holding, grabbing, taking. That clearly defies the very notion of what love is and how its energy behaves naturally. It is the very opposite of love, yet carries the name of love (unjustly).

The freedom that comes from letting go in love, from yielding from giving, is so immense that one is filled with tremendous amounts of unconditional love straight from the universe and in that flow of unconditional love it becomes clear that liberation has happened. That alone is lure enough to try living love purely. This process of letting go, surrendering one's will and power to the flow of love is the very essence of who we are on our soul levels. We still get to hang on to everything we possibly would like to or could imagine, we get to have that experience, the love from the source of all things is such that without a plan, everything is allowed. That in and of itself is the image of what pure love is. No plan, everything is allowed - trust that we are love in essence and will find our alignment with that in time.

Even for one who's primary expression is male, powerful and active, love is the base. However to align in love isn't an expression of self-love for those folks. To align in the power with the full experience of self-love (not self-aggrandizement mind you). is more fully an expression of self-love than to solely align in love.

Perhaps I'm mincing words here, but I do feel that there may be that sense of confusion out there for some who feel more drawn to power than to love. Allow power, yet temper it with love. See that power is the primary alignment if that is your expression, for only the acceptance of who you truly are, (i.e. power if that's what it is - or love if it is love) is the truth and therefore self-love.

A word perhaps to address all these primary love relationship concepts out there, from simple couples to the soulmate ideas and then finally the more fateful twin-soul concepts. The moment a thought creeps in that does not set the other (whoever that might be) free to be who they truly are, the moment a concept tries to give one or the other partner an identity, that moment, you've stepped outside of the energy of love. The moment you lock into a concept and try to make your own relationships fit that concept, you have deviated from what love is.

There are undoubtedly souls who feel so fatedly attracted to each other, that they believe such concepts and ideas to be true. However, even in the face of such intense attraction, there is only one true love and that consists of letting go, letting both parties involved be fully who they are without locking down into a preconceived idea what that is. Love cannot be grasped, it cannot be fully held, for it is fluid, it's ever changing, it's yielding it will mold into that which you make it; that which you believe it should be, for I say it again, it's ultimately yielding. You are all true with your experience of love, for love will become that which you want it to be. Pure love, however soars and will never harm anyone when it's left to be what it is and when all attempts at defining it have ceased.

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