Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Creators that we are!

Since the Earth's frequency has reached the 5th dimension and is toggling back and forth between 3rd dimensional "memories" and the new 5th dimensional first tentative steps, we are reminded ever more that our thoughts, our emotions, our beliefs, our behavioral patterns, yes, even the genetic and socio-economic miasms of our race, our upbringing etc. are factors that immediately affect our realities. We are individually creating our reality. This is not new, we've always done it. The difference these days is that we are perhaps seeing these connections a bit clearer than we have in the past.

5th dimensional realities and the life within that frequency band requires of us that we step into a place of the "adult". The time for whining and carrying on, bemoaning our bad luck, the time for being a victim in short is over. Of course, you can decide to remain in that mind-set, but it's very clear to the outside world, that with one single thought that leads away from that old pattern you will find yourself stepping outside of that experience of victimhood.

There are no victims! - I know, this statement will perhaps even create an uproar in the face of countless victimized people. Yet, today, the truth of that statement pushes itself into the open. No matter whether I am henceforth unpopular, it's not important. What is important, in my view of things is that each and every soul on this planet who decides to play in the new 5th dimensional realities has their "luck" or "fate" in their own hands, mind, emotions etc. Stepping into that understanding is a very self-empowering sort of thing. However, asking for help along the way, is still very much allowed and required. Nobody has to navigate all by themselves, if they don't want to. However, asking for help is so very different from the place of being, living, breathing and accepting that we are a victim (which we are not!). Asking for help, isn't whining about the bad luck we have or the lot we carry in life. Asking for help allows compassion to flow from one to another, which in turn enhances the whole fabric of reality, for compassion is so very much akin to unconditional love, that it invites the latter into the mix in an instant.

With the simple step of turning away from a stance of being a victim into a place of taking responsibility for one's own experience, we can step into our own power. This power allows us to see clearly that it is in our hands, minds, emotions etc to create that which we desire most.

It pays to get very clear about what that is these days, for manifestation happens so fast - (careful what you wish for!).... However, manifestation happens so quickly, that changes can be applied and manifested at equal speed, if we find ourselves in an experience that hasn't turned out exactly how we wished it to be. In fact, looking at our lives, how they unfold, the perpetual things that irk us, aren't "quite right" and so on, can be so very rewarding in determining our own state of mind, the beliefs we hold become so very clear, when we are look at what we have been creating so far. Very soon, we will no longer be able to shirk this responsibility for ourselves, our creations, our realities. Every time I feel like whining, bemoaning my silly fate, I therefore remind myself that I'm in fact the creator of the "mess" that I'm experiencing. (or the messy bits of an otherwise wonderful life!).... It feels good to grow up, stretch our abilities and create a better experience yet.

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