Friday, December 2, 2011


There was a day, when I too had believed that there is such a thing as an "initiation". Of course, I've spent tons of money to pay for a chance to get initiated, the carrot on the stick it was though and that long sought after initiation was refused, even if my connections to Spirit had told me "you're ready". for months on end pretty much every day. I was so confused in it all and realized only later that the confusion was the signal that was meant to wake me up. Wake me up to the illusions that I had bought into. There is nothing wrong really with playing these scenarios out here on Earth. This is after all the place, the stage upon which we have come to do just that. Play pretend. There are no limitations as to what kind of plays we can put on. It truly is "pretend-play-heaven".

Initiation as it is being used and frequently offered here on Earth, in the wisdom traditions of old and the not-so-wise traditions of new age, is a form of protection that may have been needed at some point, but I'm not even sure about that. It has evolved into a tool of spiritual abuse and serves to foster dependency on the "guru" as well as a money-making tool. Ultimately, no human being can bestow onto another that which they already are. No human being (or soul) can open doors that cannot be opened by the person to be "initiated". To think that there is need for another person to do that for us is to give away personal power. It is allowed, as so many other scenarios are allowed to be played out but I'm calling it what it is: It is an Illusion.

The energies on this planet are currently resonating at a frequency which has thinned the veil of forgetfulness (of who we really are), which in turn allows instant access to the higher self, their essence. There is no work needed to connect consciously with that which we already are. There is no special religion needed, no path, no technique and most of all no money to reach the essence of who we already are. Who we are, the soul essence of our innermost beingness is our birthright and as such it is sacred, universal truth. Who we are is accessible instantly by the mere intention to connect with our Higher Self. This mere thought will set everything into motion to grant that conscious connection, for the connection is there already, it may just not have been experienced consciously. It is one of the most natural things we could be trying to "achieve" - for it is nothing other than who we already are.

Anyone "offering" for good money, time, effort, etc "Initiations" into any spiritual awakening is playing out an illusion, which we can choose to buy into (literally) or we can choose to ignore. Time has come to step into that which we already are and it is available, free of charge, instantly, effortlessly as an absolutely natural process of embracing within our hearts the full alignment to our Higher Selves.

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