Tuesday, May 8, 2012

You're Simply the Best (better than all the rest)

It may be of interest to embrace the simple fact that your inner being adores you so much, loves you unconditionally and supports you as its very own personal champion. Always, without fail and ever more. Yes, in the "eyes" of your source, you are simply the best, (better than all the rest). Just one little thing - each and every non-physical being, who has sent a part out to be in a human body thinks of their physical human that way. So when feelings start showing up, when you feel that you're just so much better, know that you are - you are in the eyes of your source and that is nothing other than that lovely, heartwarming, expansive feeling of touching upon your source's frequency. Nothing to worry about, nothing to prove to others, nothing to shout out about - yes, you are simply the very best and when you feel this way, you feel the connection - it's natural, just bask in it. No need for competition under these circumstances, is there?

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