Thursday, March 21, 2013

What Now?

Have you noticed how time has sped up yet again? Have you noticed that some days flow in absolute perfection, whereas others are seemingly made of contracting energy, drawing everything back onto one point? I have had these experiences and mused over how to navigate through these energetic currents. I was wondering about the cause of these energetic fluctuations and found an answer that resonated within me. Apparently this is a phase of active magnetic pole reversal. This shift isn't going to happen in a few days. It takes years to complete. It has been going on for about a decade already. It seems to me that these past few weeks have shown these energetic, magnetic changes strongly.

When I think of a magnet, when I think of positive and negative poles of a magnet and I think of how these poles are in the process of swapping places, it becomes clear to me, that in order to swim with the currents, so to speak, we are called to apply a different focus on our daily lives as well.

In general, the action journey has been the modus operandi here on Earth for the past 26'000 years at least. We make things happen. We are warriors, fighting for whatever we believe in - or are we? The action journey is clearly powered by the masculine/yang energies. The opposite pole to that would be the feminine/yin energies. Of course, it's never exclusively all masculine or all feminine. I'm well aware that we apply a mix of these polar opposites in our daily lives and sometimes we actually manage an even distribution of them and those are the glorious days of balance.

Since we are mostly very aware of how to live from the point of the masculine perspective, I believe we have the opportunity to go through a pole reversal individually within our own energy systems. The return to the feminine principle may turn out to be what we are called to do in order to manage the energetic currents that be.

In my understanding, the feminine principle, which has been associated with "love" (as opposed to "power" for the masculine principle) draws its power from the non-action of yielding, of allowing that which is to be as it is. There are of course many more qualities we can attribute to the feminine principle, but I want to focus on what I believe to be an initial step towards embracing more of it in our lives. The idea of this yielding energy is to steer away from the flawed belief that wants to tell us that we get more of the unwanted things in life if we allow them. However, based on energetic patterning and principles, the more we give energy (thought, focus, emotion) to something, the more we draw that very thing into our experiences. When we learn to yield, to allow, to be ok with things as they are, we stop the fight. When we stop the fight, we stop being resistant to our own energy flow. We can then realize that the fight has only been going on within ourselves in the first place. When we stop the fight, we turn away from that which we do not want and therefore stop giving it our energy, our attention. When we do that, the unwanted will perhaps not vanish over night (I'm pretty sure it doesn't), but we can side-step out of the engagement that has existed before and it will become less prominent in our lives and affect us a great deal less than before.

I am not proposing that we all now drop all action and become passive. What I am saying is, that in order to navigate the magnetic pole reversal's energetic demands upon our human existence, we are being pressed by these intense energy currents into reversing our own inner energetic poles from mainly masculine towards more of the feminine, so that at the balance point between the two opposites, the life journey will be first an inner, emotional journey, with inspired action at the intuitively perceived right (for the individual) time.

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