Friday, October 1, 2010


The concept of mirrors is a well known one. I am not aware, who came up with this analogy for the first time, but I shamelessly use it, for it works for me. To the one or many people who have thought of it initially goes my deep gratitude and recognition.

My conscious journey through this concept began in the mid to late 80s and is far from over. It was the "hip" thing of the decade I believe, but it is Universal truth in my opinion and therefore has not lost any of it's power or effect. If I start at the premise that my soul has clad itself in this body, to experience the physical world, to find out more about itself, to gain recognition, awareness and consciousness, then lo and behold, the concept of mirrors has been the most helpful tool - like EVER!...

This concept can be used for anything really. Interaction with the world around you will bring more than enough fodder for learning to recognize who you are, what you are, what you are doing. Literally, the universe is set up to provide you this exquisite experience on an ongoing basis- free of charge (well almost). It is tailored to your unique needs, it is fail safe and fool proof. Some of my readers know exactly what I am talking about, for the others, I will expand a bit further.

The concept goes as follows:
Everything you experience, and I do mean literally everything, is a reflection of WHO you are at any given time. So look around and see yourself, reflected back at you - good and bad - all of it is you (especially the things you deny on the spot as "that can't possibly be me") The greater the aversion you experience against something, the more you can bet everything you own on it, it is a reflection of you, you're just not ok with accepting this that way. Oh, it's a fun little exercise to go through all the nice things we experience. Our egos are very eager to pile up the good things in our baskets of "that's me".... Go ahead, get your fill, all the fun, good, nice, benevolent traits, that are you - I bet there are tons of them. Now, just for the sake of balance (My birth chart has libra rising after all), for the sake of justice (libra again), for the sake of experience or sheer curiosity... check out all the things you totally despise, you absolutely abhor and also those things you claim that you NEVER ever would be that way.... look at them, list them up and try me out on this, allow yourself to say: That's me too! - I am that too ! ...and that .... and that as well... and that !... that's ME!

Yeah, I know, it's a lot to swallow, some things are just so horrible that it may take a while to allow it even into our thoughts. You have now allowed yourself to raise your awareness (of yourself) and that's so cool!

If you observe your next few days a bit closer, you will find that some things just don't irritate you as much anymore. It is exactly because you have accepted them to be who you are, it's integrated, you don't need the quirky reminder of "irritation" any longer. Life has just gotten a bit easier, hasn't it ?

Of course you can turn the whole concept around and make it a daily project to observe the things that irritate you. Oh, they're there... lots of them, every day, you know the mad driver that cuts you off, the road crew that tore open the brand new road that your taxes financed and force you to backtrack on your journey without prior signpost to alert you of the road block ... the check-out clerk who is as slow as they come... those are my pet peeves - still !.... So every day, the world around you gives you flashes of irritation, mirror images that haven't been accepted yet. If there are many in your life, go easy on yourself, deal with one a day - or two a day ... you know pamper yourself a bit, be kind, gentle, patient. The concept is in place your whole life, you don't have to worry, it won't ever go away.

One little word of caution regarding "Mirror Bashing" ... Sometimes the irritation is so great we tend to try and bash our mirror, try not to! a) it won't go away that way and b) you'll have the mirror shards to clean up afterwards, which is always more tedious than accepting the mirror in the first place.

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