Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pushing Away

It is the innate quality of the experience of polarity to find the place where something is not desired and resolve to pushing it away. This "it" can be people, circumstances, things, opinions, etc. We do it pretty much on a daily basis, this pushing away thing. I do it and I think most people find themselves doing it now and again at the very least.

Without a doubt, in the human heart, one of the more painful experiences is the scenario of being rejected, being pushed away. It takes a strong personality to push another person away thoroughly enough so that he or she will feel rejected. It depends very much on how the rejected person is balanced and centered, or whether such a person has made him/herself dependent on acceptance through others. The moment someone has made themselves dependent on outward expressed acceptance from others, they have given away one of the greatest gifts. It is a power that we are born with. The power to accept ourselves regardless and aside from any opinion that may prevail outside of ourselves. To be accepted (by the One) is a given. It is a truth that will never falter, never vary. We are all accepted by the One. Always. Yet, so many feel rejected for so many reasons.

The only way I can see out of this place of rejection is to go within. We cannot hope to ever sway the rest of the world to accept us, but we have most definitely the ability and the power to accept ourselves and let the "rest of the world" adjust to that in due course. (actually once self-acceptance is practiced and fully permeates our being the outside world will "adjust" rather quickly).

Again, as with so many things that we are trying to change in our lives, we have to only change it within ourselves. The intent to do so is a catalyst powerful enough to set our sails and push our boat into that direction. The journey itself becomes a meandering individual one and cannot be foretold. What it does take in my opinion, is to step outside of the mindset that feeds on the "experiences" that we may have had prior to this point. The voice that wants to say: "but I've always been strange and never belonged", is a voice that buys into a linear unraveling of events. We can choose to abide by that linearity or step outside of it. Both choices are valid, both choices yield a different outcome and it is up to each individual to decide what kind of experience comes next. A completely new one (with kind of exciting prospects) or the repetition of the foreseeable, based of the already experienced past.

This is how I deal with personal aversions. I acknowledge their presence and then go within to create something new inside. This is how every "problem" out there can be tackled. This is the freedom each and every person has to change the(ir) world and their personal experience. We can decide that we are powerful enough to do this, or we can buy into the past experience of  "I am but one little voice, I don't matter, or I'm not strong enough". Truth is - every spark, every person on this planet is strong enough to make personal changes inside of themselves. Now imagine these many many personal changes switch from "I don't matter" to "I do matter" and see the whole world change through that ! It does not even take a demonstration or a rally, it can be accomplished in the privacy of your own home or street corner if you don't have a home. This would be the change in the core of mass consciousness!

When the repetition of past experiences has been lived through enough times, perhaps then, we tire of them enough to decide to step into a different way of thinking - perhaps.

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