Friday, September 30, 2011

Prime Directive

The pattern that I have observed over the last week is one where people are facing issues that are like their last demons in the closet or something of the sort. Also very clearly, there are those who are not just reluctant to make the step into the higher frequencies along with mother Earth's development, but those who outright refuse. The refusals to step onto the train that carries one into the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension are outright, straight up and very clear. The refusal can be interpreted to be personal, but I do not believe that it is. It is directed point blank towards those who are able and whose mission it is to elevate others, be it by mere contact with their own elevated vibration or through whatever means they practice that helps folks reach a greater understanding, heart based focus of unity and simply brings a higher vibration of well being and health to the other.

The refusals may be cloaked or they may be served straight up. They may be frank, polite, honest or downright rude. It doesn't matter what form these refusals to accept help or invite the vicinity of said lightworkers and their talents takes. What does matter is that these refusals are a very clear statement. They are a decision that has possibly been reached prior to incarnating. This decision can be as intense as to support a soul contract, or simply be that decision of a helping soul to stick around in the 3rd dimension to help those who are not making a conscious decision, but are not ready to increase their frequency along with the biosphere. What does matter too is the fact that since the beginning of Project "Humanity on Earth", there is one prime directive and that is "Free Will Choice". This prime directive is to be honored and respected by everyone, including the most skilled "helper" out there. There is absolutely nothing anyone should or can do, for nobody truly has knowledge what anyone else's path, contract or decision contains in the larger plan for the whole.

In that sense, I urge all those who are facing these kinds of rejections at this time to put their "greater knowledge" into play by simply respecting and honoring another's free will choice and decisions, even if their hearts yearn very strongly to bring every single soul along on the ride they're on. Fact is: there is no separation really, and even those who decide to continue to play in 3rd dimensional realities are part of the One. Let's all rest easy and live that which we preach - there is only ONE whole and all is in Divine order already. Those who choose a different path at this pivotal time of choice between 3rd dimension and 5th dimension experience than we do, are as much part of us as those who choose the same path we have chosen.

Separation is illusion, an illusion necessary to grant the 3rd dimensional experience, regardless of what any single spark chooses. Illusion cannot be judged, illusion is not something to push away. Consciousness and awareness is what brings us into the balance point where "this or that" become "this and that". I bow to all those who at this time choose to stay in the 3rd dimensional experience and know that there will be a time when all see through the illusion and register the eternal truth of who we all are - a myriad of expressions of the One, the One consisting of unconditional love.

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