Tuesday, September 6, 2011


For me it seems that it does take a stance of being bold, bold beyond measure perhaps, in order to affect profound, lasting change within one's life. It is always a situation where well-being isn't exactly achieved that gives rise to desire. The Buddhists see desire as one of the causes for suffering and when dwelling on desire, it truly is. Nothing on this Earth is without a grain of good though. It just depends how one deals with it. As with guilt or fear, desire is not something to dwell on, but  it can absolutely be the spark, the ignition to change.

The drive for most people is to have a desire and then go out to do something about getting it. Or, if that seems too hard, more often, the choice is to just stay in the feeling of desire and want of that which they desire which leads to perpetuation of that want and the keen perception of the discrepancy between have and want, which usually is usually experienced as suffering in one form or another. One could go about abolishing desire altogether, but abolishing something doesn't usually give rise to change. It means that we are still attached to that which we are trying to get "rid of" and therefore keep re-creating that very thing.

I have this notion that desire is but the spark. The spark that gets the engine going within me to do something about that desire of mine. As with an engine, the sparks repeat and continue and the engine runs. The desire can lead to a number of continuous sparks, which find expression in dreams of that which I desire. If I am smart, I can let that which I desire become a vision, I can let that which I desire become a mental construct infused with emotional good vibes. I can make it as real as I possibly can, I can taste it, feel it, hear it, sense it, touch it. Such is the power of my imagination. Most folks dealing with conscious creation have heard of the law of attraction. This is one way to attract something and the actual mental construct is bringing that which we desire into our field of vision. Let's say, at that point it's hovering just outside of physical manifestation.

Often times, we keep dreaming thus, yet our desires still never fulfill, i.e. manifest. We still have the chance to "end our suffering" and exercise non-attachment, like the Buddhists recommend. That's one avenue. The step from visualizing and creating that which we desire to seeing it manifest is where most desires stay unmanifested. We humans haven't quite learned yet how to allow that which we desire into our reality. This is also a form of letting go of the attachment of the desire, it's however not abolishing the desire, it's allowing the desire to be part of who we are. This form of allowing is a passive thing and therefore rather difficult to "do". It is a state of mind that defies any restriction that we may have within. It is a state of mind that knows and aligns 100% with the incredibly beautiful being that we all are. We are Source, Source is Love, we are Love. When we are in this sort of alignment and able to hold it and allow it, when we are able to embrace this simple fact, our desires will manifest.

The attachment we have then let go of is that simple attachment to the illusion that we are limited beings. For unlimited we truly are and by allowing that unlimitedness to be our default state, the state of "normal", by allowing ourselves to be that spark of Source that we already are fully, we are in alignment with Source energy and when we are in alignment, well-being and the manifestation of anything we may desire is a given.

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