Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Indispensable Tool

Faster and faster can I notice the changes that occur when I focus on a situation that needs improvement. In the past I would focus and focus and forget - then focus again and forget again - focus some more and finally months later realize that things have changed.

It's absolutely thrilling to focus for about one night on something that seems dire and find changes in places where I could not have foreseen emerging beautifully the very next day. I could of course be egocentric and say, this is my development. My ability to focus and create has gotten so splendidly powerful. Yeah - that would be great, but I think it isn't that at all. I give all credit to the faster vibration on Earth. The biosphere is nearing the vibration of the 5th dimension with enormous speed now. Things are manifesting within hours. Thoughts good or bad that is. It is scary to think of what our not so nice thoughts can produce that way within the scope of our own experiences. It is however very soothing to see that once we detach from specifics and bring unconditional love as the base of any creation/alteration etc. into play, we cannot go wrong. We may not know the way in which a situation will improve, change or disappear, but if we use only unconditional love to  blanket the situation in question with and trust that all is as it is supposed to be, the outcome will naturally follow the path that is in greatest alignment for the benefit of all involved.

I find that it becomes simpler as I go along this path and in this simplicity, one thing pops up as a universal tool and that remains the same for every situation we may find ourselves in. That tool is and remains unconditional love. It carries the power and the wisdom of all that is within itself.

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