Monday, September 5, 2011

Thought Spirals

Being one who is quite eager for change, eager to drop the linear time-based, third dimensional thought processes in order to see them replaced by unity and harmony creating spiral thought forms, I find myself, alas, in a position where the linearity sometimes seems to find a back door and sneak back in to have another go at recreating that which was so interesting to me for so long. Sometimes, yes, it still happens probably to everyone (I'm assuming), these spiral thought forms, which are fueled by the heart, seem to be on vacation, or perhaps it has to do with server maintenance, BETA testing or some such.

The only explanation I have when I am reminded by wonderful helpers not to re-create something that seems "logical" in the linear fashion, but irrevocably will bring about that which I really don't want. I'm reminded to stop going down the well trodden tracks of logical thought patterns and defy them. I can do that quite readily, for in the logic of the greater picture, this all makes a lot of sense to me. However, I'm finding it still rather curious that there are moments when the linearity seems to take over still. Moving in and out of the old thought forms isn't that hard. It takes a bit of stubborn attitude and a certain amount of internal defiance. The refusal to keep thinking as I have thought before. Then it takes the intention to step into my heart center and let the balance that is automatically created there be the basis for any and all further thought patterns. These will then not be linear, but spiral when I imagine my thoughts. The thoughts pop up along the spiral light threads as dots of light and with that image I do see how related these individual thoughts are, but the pattern is not that of one thought strung linearly next to the following thought. Rather it's a dance of hopping from one thought to the next, seemingly without logic, just to find the whole thought form emerge in what makes total sense again. This way of creating thought patterns must by default bring about a different creation of reality than the linear chain of thoughts.

The one thing that I have to completely abandon is the idea that thoughts are bound to linearity, they are not. Frequently, lateral thinkers and people diagnosed with ADD for example, have this ability to think in spirals, but instead of giving in to these thought patterns forming all on their own, based on the thinker's heart energy, they compress that which is naturally wanting to assume a spiral shape into a linear form, in order to conform with what is thought of as "normal". It is quite possible that the old normal is going to fade away at some point and make way to a new normal and I bet a lot of folks will find relief from their mental "disorders", when they are actually allowed to let their thought patterns take flight along the spiral networks that have their root in the thinker's heart.

Knowing that every thought is a creative catalyst. Knowing that every thought pattern will create part of the fabric of reality, heart based thought spirals have a way of creating something new, whereas old fashioned linear strings of thoughts will re-create according to the logic and pattern of old. It comes literally down to a choice what kind of reality we wish to create for ourselves. There cannot be judgment as to how a person thinks. It is after all a world of free will choice. I for one am choosing heart based thought spirals.

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