Sunday, September 18, 2011

Those who Place Seeds

In every time period there are those who walk the human existence without ever being recognized for that which they are doing. Their job is a nifty one however. They work on themselves in private, they have ideas that they bring into manifestation and they create new ways of living, channel inspiration for new discoveries. They tirelessly create new thought forms, thought patterns and perhaps quite wildly follow their own dreams. Sometimes, those angels are here to help a more visible incarnation succeed. Sometimes it's for the whole of humanity, that these changes are being cast out in that manner into the field of mass consciousness of humanity.

Have you ever wondered, why all of a sudden, certain ideas take hold ? Have you ever wondered, why certain discoveries seem to flood a time period? - Those are but two ways of recognizing the seeds that have been placed in the field of mass consciousness by these souls who walk among us as very simple normal people. Their names are not widely known, but their genius is always spiritual in nature and their understanding of human nature is uncanny. They are love based individuals and are usually very selfless. Their job does not get understood nor acknowledged, the discoveries that people make and become famous with were originally theirs and their own discoveries won't ever be successfully marketed, even if they try that route. This is simply because it's not their plan, their mission in life to become visible with a new invention or some such. Their job is to figure things out, cutting edge, and their soul essence's vibration is such that it hsa the power and the reach to transmit that new discovery straight to the mass consciousness field, where anyone consciously attuned to it can pick the new idea up and claim it as their own. 

Here is my personal acknowledgment and eternal gratitude to those souls who have come into a body thus in Divine service to the Creator. It is they who fill the field of mass consciousness selflessly with their personal ideas and discoveries, so that other souls may have a large enough pool of inspiration to play out the various scenarios of inventors, wise men, healers, musicians, physicist, mathematician, etc... 

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