Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Ever Evolving Realizations

I've known for a few months now that my initial very ambitious plan of blogging every single day until December 21, 2012 was a great way to get me started and at the time, I really thought I had that much to say. It turns out however, that I've begun repeating myself, as in the process over the past year of daily blogging, things have become so much clearer for me. It has turned out to be a great journey and of course, I chuckle now at ever having thought it was anything other than my own personal journey. Grand ideas of sharing that which moves me along with incredible notions of creating a following great enough to change the world are just some of my internal jokes now. That obviously wasn't in my stars. It has never been really in my stars and who's to say, who all keeps reading this blog. It isn't just the regular readers that make it worth while writing up my thought processes. It is also those inexplicable events, when someone clear across the world has a computer do strange things and land on one of my blog pages, just for that person to realize that it was exactly the message necessary for them to continue on their own path, or just the answer they were seeking. Stuff like that makes it all worth while for me and I am tickled pink to have reached people as far away as Vietnam, Malaysia and Russia for example (and many more locations).

The Elohim have accompanied me on this journey as they do on every journey of mine. Their wisdom has leaked through in a poignant fashion and I am eternally grateful to have been given the opportunity to be their conduit. My blogging project isn't all over today, one year after I have begun writing on a daily basis. All I see that needs to change is the (mandatory) "daily" part to which I had adhered to in admirable fashion thanks to having Saturn in Capricorn in my natal chart.

Writing just for writing sake, without having anything particularly interesting to say, just does not seem like a lot of fun. I will keep writing when I have something to say, or when something worth sharing moves me. In the meantime, I will keep pushing on and dream up a world worth living in. I will do that in the fashion that I have described in some of my blog posts. That has been my deepest passion from early on and nothing will change that. I thank all my readers for sharing in this journey with me so far and know that there will be more tidbits to come between now and that ominous date in 2012. There will be new epiphanies, experiences and most definitely different viewpoints as I spiral through my own vortex into ever evolving realizations.

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