Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I Choose Love

The last few days has again seen a dip into the old paradigm's ways of life for many. I feel that these energetic dips are points of opportunity and with each dip, there are a few more people who realize that they have not lived in their hearts, that they have shut it down in order to protect themselves and that they have given fear and suffering all their power. These dips are energetic moments that bring about the states of fear that are deeply buried and most of the time unknown. They bring them about in a fashion that does not allow denial anymore, or if denial is managed, the next day, that very same issue is on the table again. It's unavoidable anymore really.

It is a glorious moment in time, for when the fear reaches levels that are hardly bearable anymore, or when the awareness and awakening processes go so deep that the fear that has been tolerated and experienced as normal comes to the light and is for once seen in all it's gruesome glory and magnitude, there is that moment that brings even the strongest protector of one's heart to his or her knees. The ever increasingly attractive choice is voiced: "I choose Love", and the awakening begins in earnest. This intention that is voiced (even in moments of desperation), is being taken very seriously by the Universe. I experience it as if the Universe is just exclusively waiting for more and more people to make this choice: "I choose Love". That's as simple as it gets and it is the ticket to board a train. A train that carries the decision maker away from fear and into a new way of experiencing life, through the filters of love.

Initially, as with any train that starts its journey, there may be rocky moments. The choice may well be re-intended over and over, as the fears try to rear their head. (Including the fear that the first intention wasn't strong enough). All it is however, is the awakening, the awareness that grows. The fears were there all along, one was just not as aware of them. With the choice, the awakening begins and therefore the fears are being perceived for what they really are. Also, opening of a heart that has been shut down for decades due to emotional pain, sorrow, disappointments etc, will cause most often some tears to well up. Since feelings do not know time, they may be as fresh as when they first were suppressed. It is ok to feel them briefly and then move on, to the next until the heart only brings about love, joy, gratitude, harmony, peace and all those other cozy feelings. I bow in recognition of the choice that is being made more and more and my heart sings.

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