Sunday, September 11, 2011

So Very Close

If you notice that suddenly you find yourself expanding in consciousness. If your "I"-dentification is no longer with your body alone, but reaches and expands into the whole of the cosmos, then perhaps zooms back in and enters your body just to find the inner realms also to be very expansive and but a reflection of this greater cosmos that you may have glimpsed, know that this is a normal evolutionary experience of the spiritual kind. It is normal for one who is conscious in the manners of the 5th  and/or higher dimensions. It is not the everyday stuff of 3rd dimensional living however and it may take you by surprise when it happens. The body may react to such "travels" and suddenly expanding states of consciousness with headaches, tiredness, nausea or other minor discomforts. This is a sign that the physical cells are adjusting and vibrating at a higher speed themselves, which is a considerable amount of work for them.

The expansion of awareness and the re-identification with a greater "I", the higher self,  is why we are currently here on Earth accompanying her on her journey from the 3rd dimension into the 5th. I do feel that she is very close, our mother, our biosphere. Close to finally reaching the energetic frequency of the 5th dimension and I am very excited about that. On the journey through these vibratory frequency levels, there will be what I call the "toggle-phase". I have seen this manifest quite a few times already in the processes of some courageous souls who are on this journey with full awareness. This toggle-phase is the wobble between residing in the 5th dimension and the "old" 3rd dimension. The frequency is like a radio station that looses its signal (focus) and pops back in clearly, just to drift away again. It will take a while before Gaia will anchor fully into the radio station of the 5th dimension. As for exact dates, this is but a guess of mine, but I believe that anchor date to be the famous 12-21-2012. If not, then it will be on another day, but one thing is clear to me. It is very soon that Earth will reach the 5th dimension. Her physical body, the actual planet is also needing to adjust to the higher frequency levels and the best you can do to assist her process is to look after your own process with kindness, self-love and awareness. If working directly with Gaia is on your radar, you will know what to do and when. There is no sense in doing what others do, if you do not feel drawn to it, for our journey of ascension leads to our own authentic essence, whatever that essence may be.

Increasing one's frequency has a few side-effects. The veil of forgetfulness is thinning (majorly!) and the perceptions that are called "extra-sensory perceptions" are going to be surprising people more and more with their accuracy. There is no need to hide these perceptions any longer. They are going to be the new way to perceive, the higher dimensional experience cannot be fully experienced without these perception channels.

There is however only one thing we need to remember and that is that the new base for the next higher dimension is the heart, the high heart to be specific. The energy that is governed by the high heart chakra (energy center) is unconditional love, the base energy of all of creation. To anchor and base everything in your life in that focal point of unconditional love will suffice to ensure a great ride into the new Earth of the 5th dimension.

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