Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Laughter, Humor and Mirth - Lachen, Humor und Heiterkeit

Oh dear, yes, the times are so wild right now. If we are among the humans who watch the news every now and then or read the newspaper, then we know very precisely how really bad it is in our world. The intrigues, the lies, the power plays of the “Chiefs”, the shallow dramas and acts of the great stars and not so great starlets. We can read up on it very clearly, how horrible it all is! Then we do have the option to believe it all, we can enter that field and nod. We can clench our fists and react with disgust, we can hate it all. We can further fight against it and end up feeling helpless and powerless when we are again confronted with the “reality”, which seems to not change at all. At some point, we calm down and become compliant. We take the things as they are – all of us do that, except some really strong warrior types – they are still fighting, and even though the heroes are getting tired, they are just not giving up.

That which really goes down is the following scenario.
The world as we know it is a construct of illusion. We (the humans as a collective) have created it that way and now that we are slowly waking up, we see what kind of a world it is that we have created. In the great style of duality we now fight against this creation. The Universe ALWAYS delivers that which we want. That which we want must be that which we give the most attention to. It is that which we give all our energy to. Yes, it must be that humanity is wishing for that, for it keeps bringing all its energy towards it – and so the Universe delivers, no shipping and handling, free of charge that which resides in our heads. That’s the way, we keep on re-creating this not so desirable world of ours, every day anew – we get a fresh copy of the old – how great is that!!

I scratch the back of my head and ask myself, why don’t we use our greatest gift anymore? Yes, of course, we have heard quite a bit about love and such things like joy, happiness etc. I didn’t meant that though. What I’m talking about is the best gift of all gifts tha we humans bring into this world. It is humor, dear ones, humor is when you laugh despite it all.

With this blog, I would like the reader to take the attention away from the dreadful world out there. I am not a comedian, far from it, but laughing is such a wonderful activity, that I cannot help but remind everyone of their ability to laugh. So many of you have forgotten what it feels like to laugh from the depth of your bellies until you cramp up, hold your stomach gasp for air and have tears rolling down your face. Yes, laughter like that is so freeing. I’m certain most of us have experienced this kind of laughter on our way to joy already. What if there is nothing to laugh about ? I have a good idea. I have a friend from the angelic kingdom who is absolutely bored because we have almost stopped laughing. He is a great connoisseur of comedy, humor and mirth. He tickles you until you laugh. He is offering his services, just because he’s so bored and he would love it if you called on him by name. His name is Alessaro and he would love so very much to laugh with you.



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