Wednesday, September 14, 2011


As the frequencies rise, the abyss between the higher frequencies and the lower 3D realities begins to widen. The bridges are crumbling and it becomes increasingly difficult to have a foot in both worlds. That is fine this way. Although I do not focus on the world of polarity that often, sometimes I am presented with viewpoints that see very clearly, almost in a sense of prophesy, how the world is going to hell in a handbasket. I have long since abandoned futuristic visions that lead to that point of dark age, destruction and armageddon. There is however a large population out there, that still sees (and fears) that scenario.

In my understanding, they are correct. This will come to pass in a very dark sort of way. However, parallel to that unfolding of that reality, there is the reality that rises up, offers humanity the opportunity to reach unity consciousness. That reality is equally in the making. Since free will choice is the prime directive here on Earth, both realities (and variables thereof) are allowed. They are choices that have to be made and sometimes, not making a choice is making a choice (to stay where you are at).

I can simplify this choice to the one repetitive mantra - it's a choice between fear and love. Each one of us human beings has the ability to love, to step into the love, to live love and to be that which we are - LOVE. At the same time, we are still in 3D after all, there is the opposite state, a state of fear. We can choose to buy into the illusion of that state and keep living in the world of separation. This world of separation is not really going to hell in a handbasket, even if it looks that way, but the self-destructive elements in the 3rd dimensional experience are such, that a new cycle will begin. It will begin after a point of destruction has been reached with the period that could be entitled "A Dark Age". Every cycle within the many cycles of rise and fall of empires etc have crumbled into that period of dark age and from that point, history begins anew, it repeats itself in a new cycle of opportunity and learning.

Not everyone will choose the 5th dimension. That much seems to be clear to me. Not everyone will choose to stay in the 3rd dimension however and those who choose love will move on. It's a choice that holds no judgment when seen from the point of view of the One. The important part in my opinion is that we have that choice, the dice are still rolling, nothing is set in stone. We still have the choice to switch sides and step into the "side" which isn't a side at all. The view from the 5th dimension actually includes the 3rd dimension. It isn't about choosing sides when you view things from the 5th dimensional consciousness. The experiences of the 3rd dimension are all nestled within that of the 5th, they are an integral part of the 5th (and higher dimensions). It may help to think of the dimensions not as linear (2-dimensional) layers or sheets, one next to the other or on top of one another, but rather a spiral form wherein the lower dimensions are part of the higher ones. It's all about inclusion anyways in the 5th dimension. Taking it in, embracing it (whatever "it" is).

Those who keep fearing the doom and destruction, the darkness and the deceit. Those who fear the power games of the world "as we know it", they are living in fear, creating exactly that which they fear the most. It takes courage to step away from fear. It takes courage to see that scenario to be a place that is no longer suitable for what we wish for ourselves. It takes courage to meet the fear head on and say no to it. It takes courage to embark on a journey into something that hasn't been experienced in a very long time and by some souls not at all (yet). It takes courage to come from the world of duality and step into a world of unity. But once in the world of love, unity, peace and harmony, it becomes clear that the world of duality is still part of our experience, we just look at it differently and see through the illusions it creates (it is pre-ordained to create, for it to work the way it does).

Personally, my attachment as to who chooses love and who chooses fear has lessened considerably. I am aware that some souls will make choices that create another cycle of 3rd dimensional experiences. I am fully ok with that, because I know it is not the only choice that can be made and I will have to say goodbye to those souls who choose thus, but I will do so with only love in my heart, without judgment and with the knowledge that time is of no consequence and there will be a moment when they have played in 3D enough they will end up choosing to be that which they already are - LOVE.

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