Sunday, September 4, 2011

Fabrications, Drama and Illusions

I've noticed lately, that "problems" that have been created and aren't really a problem have a vibration that is akin to having an itch and not being able to scratch it. These drama-related little tid-bits seem to be brought to my attention at the most inconvenient hours and are so far fetched that my mind ceases to be able to support the stories these little "problems" are wrapped in.

Were they really something important, it would have a totally different feel and I'd be all ears overflow with compassion and never falter in being there for whoever brings the problem to my attention. In this little example lies a kernel of truth that has to do with the shift in my opinion. It just seems not possible any longer to entertain, support or prolong (through giving my energy to it) something that isn't really truth based. I dare say these fabricated stories are cover ups for some deeper issue and my sensory perceptions are all going haywire if they are being sold as "real" to me.

I think times are such that we are required to be as authentic as we possibly can and in turn we react to authentic things in a much different fashion as well. Fabrications, drama and cover-up stories, illusions so to speak just don't have a hold any longer and I feel unable to "buy into" them anymore, even though I do recognize their makings, sometimes see their deeper cause and most of all (humbly) recall having had my own share of them. However, in the experience of higher consciousness, of a thinner veil, we are required to stick to the truth as closely as we possibly can, for the illusions are but soap bubbles that will have no long term existence and can be as irritating as a buzzing insect, if we don't realize right away what we are dealing with.

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