Thursday, September 15, 2011

All That and More

I'm not a religious person, but can respect anyone who is. I can respect anyone who isn't too. I can respect all atheists in the same manner. To me anyone whatever their religious beliefs, whatever their personal convictions, whatever their spiritual journey, is part of a greater field of consciousness.

I have been asked periodically about my beliefs. From time to time, I get asked whether I believe in a God. It's tricky to answer, because there is such a stigma and the cry "blasphemy" would surely sound from one or the other listener. I boldly go as far as to say: "I am God"... well... of course only in the understanding that God is me and quite some.... In short, everything is God, the One, Source, Creator etc... whatever name anyone is comfortable with. I also know that to know God fully with the current limitations of the human mind/brain, even if we take all the other perception channels into the mix is simply not possible. We can know aspects of God perhaps, but the whole totality is so overwhelmingly huge, brilliant, shines so bright, overwhelms one with untold amounts of unconditional love that we can only take it in in increments.

I believe that in this human existence we are moving from one paradigm, the one that says there is a God outside of ourselves (or there is no God at all), to a paradigm that is more unifying, one that says that we are part of God, (or whatever you want to name the totality of all consciousness.) One thing I know with certainty, however I cannot prove it scientifically, because I came with all scientific talent locked up. I know that everything, everything down to the tiniest particle is made of energy and that energy which is in various states of vibratory speed is called unconditional love. So all, every single person, ever plant, every atom, every little or big thing is made of that energy. And then, imagine the absolute totality of every creation ever made and all the future ones and the myriads of worlds and people on them and the incredible amounts of realities, dimensions etc... it goes on and on and on and the human mind reels. All that and more is God, the One, Source of all that is.

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