Monday, September 19, 2011

It's Also a Part of Me

While musing about the economy and good ol' money with a friend, I've found a sought after puzzle piece for my own little life puzzle. The journey through the depths of survival patterns and fears had brought me to this place, where money just was not an issue anymore. I had created a place where there was enough, but no real divine flow of monetary units (the exception being the flow that is outward bound).

I understand that in spiritual circles, most often, people are voicing that money is too tight to mention. I've studied this abundance issue and have seen how my attitude changes create situations and a reality in which I am feeling very free and unlimited. Yet, the money still is flowing out more than in and there is a discrepancy between giving and receiving. That however, wasn't the problem for me. I have realized meanwhile that I had given money it's own little box. I had accepted money to be a means of facilitating the exchange of goods and services. I have made money a non-issue. I had deconstructed thought forms that had suggested that money was bad or evil or anything of the sort. But money was so much of a non-issue in my life, that it has all but disappeared. We all know that even I have to go to the store and buy the food I cannot grow myself, so money disappearing isn't the best scenario I could have wished for. Thanks to my innate understanding that I will always have enough, I just always had enough.

What I had not realized, was that money too is made of unconditional love, like everything else on this plane of existence and that money too was part of who I am. I had tried to distance myself from money and I had succeeded. It had become something quite alien to me. With that creation of distance, I had given money a notion of "undesirable" without knowing it and the universe has agreed to reflect that kind of reality back at me.

It is with a sense of utter relief that I embrace money today, as part of myself. It is almost like re-uniting with a  long lost friend. That beautiful feeling of bringing a missing part into my own fold of unity and oneness is where it's at for me. I cannot say, how the financial aspects of my reality will unfold from here on out, but I can feel that this reconciliation with money as an integral part of who I am is a very natural thing. After all, in the 5th dimension it's all about integrating and creating unity and oneness. Enough of all that ostracizing the "undesirables".

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