Monday, August 22, 2011

Back and Forth

The pull of the old paradigm of thinking and expressing, of experiencing and judging is alive and well. For a little while longer, as we approach more and more the slow dissolution of the absolute boundary that separates this or that. 3D (duality) concepts have creeped back seemingly with a vengeance. I see expressions, reactions and discussions around me that are based entirely in this old paradigm that we are about to transcend.

It seems to me that there is a sense of desperation in it all. I can see fear pop back up where heart was reached. I can see judgments made, where acceptance had been found. I can see misunderstandings reappear that had disappeared. (Mercury is of course still retrograde and contributes to this). I feel desperate attacks launched where the misunderstandings caused feelings that seem to warrant these attacks.

I decide to remain steadfast. I name that which I observe, I try to name it gently and I know that I am more often than not risking to be the elephant in the porcelain shop. It's ok. We've had these energetic fluctuations before, quite a few times already. The energies that pull back into 3D vibration are quite strong right now, but it is not impossible to remain in a 5D paradigm. It is not impossible to laugh when realizing that the old concepts are active and decide to step back into love energy. It is not impossible to be stubborn and go one's path. It is however allowed to dip back into 3D as well. There is no judgment where one resides. Some physical bodies actually may need the old energy frequencies for a while longer before the transition into the new dimension is possible. All is as it is supposed to be. It's a wild ride to be thrown along with the "birthing" waves of Mother Earth. It's also very fascinating to see it all unfold.

The anchor for peace and harmony lies in the heart. When the fears, that come as the polar opposite of love appear, know that you're dipping into the dimension of duality. It is most definitely not a bad thing. It just is what it is. We are not on a path where we flee from one dimension to the next. We are on a path (along with Mother Earth) where we journey in harmony with her own development. Any attribution of good or bad to one dimension or the other is a sign of duality thinking that is active. Breathe and find the heart. In the heart, all dissolves into oneness. That is the base for the next breath. As sure as the energies have pulled many of us back into the 3rd dimensional experience, they will propel us onward again with the next labor push.

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